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.. to your backoffice:

We are always improving our FEEDYA systems, on the front end (what you see and do), and on the back end (what you cannot see)..

Here's something that's "coming soon"..

You will be able to add your OWN products to your backoffice, so you can offer "bonuses" to your new referrals when they signup under you in FEEDYA.

Example: "Sign up at Feed Your Audience under me, upgrade your account, and you'll be able to download my [course/ebook/templates/whatever] as a bonus for signing up!"

This will be a huge benefit for YOU by increasing the value of FYA based on your OWN brand, or your own offers.

Think about it.. make your own offers in addition to what they'll get at FEEDYA, you make more sales and generate recurring income, while keeping your referrals in line with YOU as the leader and expert..

.. and we take care of file storage, fulfillment, billing, etc..

Almost like having your own membership site..!

Cool, yeah? Yeah.

This will be a CREATOR level feature, so make sure you're upgraded.

.. and there's more cool features on the way :)

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Have a great day.

Any questions let me know:

~ Geoff Stephen / FEEDYA.CO Admin

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Updated on 24 January, 2023