Earn MORE money with your FEEDYA pages..?

Created on 26 January, 2023 | FEEDYA Product Training | 963 views

Here's how to add to your income..

It's really quite simple..

As a "CREATOR" level FYA member, you have the option of adding payment "blocks" to your pages, which allow you to sell.. anything.

You can setup payments for any SERVICE you offer (page design, coaching, car detailing, landscaping, social media agency work, web traffic, any service...)

You can setup payments for any PRODUCT you offer (downloadable courses, ebooks, templates, PLR, cheat sheets, copy, anything you can zip up)

All you do is

1. setup your payment processors in your backoffice (step by step instructions are included).
2. create a FEEDYA page (unless you already have one ready).
3. Add your payment block to your page and configure it.

After purchase, your customer will automatically receive an email with their download link (too easy).

.. and that's it, you can collect payments directly, and automatically, from your FEEDYA pages.

UNLIMITED payment blocks, on UNLIMITED pages.. Nice!

More money for you. :)

So.. head into your FYA backoffice and get upgraded to CREATOR to take advantage of this HUGE benefit.

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Have a great day.

Any questions let me know: geoffishere@gmail.com

~ Geoff Stephen / FEEDYA.CO Admin

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Updated on 26 January, 2023