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Created on 20 January, 2023 | FEEDYA Updates | 398 views

What everyone will see FIRST

You may have noticed a couple new links at the top of your backoffice page when you login.

What we've added is 2 "Welcome" videos that will quickly introduce new members to what FEEDYA is all about, as well as how affiliates can get started quickly.

Login and check them out yourself, it's what is at the top of all members backoffice dashboards.

Also, there is a link next to the videos for our Facebook group that is a combo GlobalNPN and Feedya group for any kind of related marketing discussion.

If you're new, request membership and introduce yourself.. If you're already in our group, re-introduce yourself to our community.

Side note: I've added a link in the top menu that will take you to our updates blog so you can stay informed (and can get there easily).

Let's go!

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Have a great day.

Any questions let me know:

~ Geoff Stephen / FEEDYA.CO Admin

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Updated on 20 January, 2023