Create Content for Mobile First

Created on 10 November, 2022 | FEEDYA Updates | 1,066 views

Always create your content with cell phone users in mind.

When creating content of any type, it is essential to design from a "mobile first" perspective.

If you're not doing so, you're missing out on engagement and probably sales.

The data doesn't lie.


The analytics in the video is just part of what you'll have access to inside of your "Feed Your Audience" backoffice.. soon..

Note: Any content or pages you create through will be created from a mobile-first standpoint.

You'll see.. ;)

Oh, and to answer a "FEEDYA" question I had this morning..

Yes, in order to build your list with your "FEEDYA Pages" you'll need an autoresponder system. GlobalNPN's MMPro will integrate right out of the gate. So if you're in GlobalNPN, you're gold.

~ Geoff Stephen / FEEDYA.CO Admin

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Updated on 10 November, 2022