Infinity War shall be upon us soon, and with it, fan hype is rising quickly. Artist Kode LGX paid tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this incredible looking homage to The Last Supper.

Like  Da Vinci's The Last Supper, LGX's The Last Shawarma (a humorous reference to the post-credits sequence of the first Avengers film) is packed to the brim with details for those who look closely. Look long enough and you might just find an insect-sized surprised.

You can look at the full-sized piece of art right here:

If you dig the illustration enough and want a print, you can grab it here.  You can find the rest of Kode LGX's work here.

[Source: Artstation]

Now that Monster Hunter World is out and seemingly quite successful, millions of players have gone through the character creator and made their own hunter. Capcom, however, is thinking about whether people should be able to remake those designs after they've started the game.

There has been a rash of players who have created their hunters only to be surprised at the result in the game. When Game Watch Impress brought this up to producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, it seems like the idea was not one he had considered.

"You can’t redo it, but when making a character you can check their expressions, so you might want to do that first while making a character," Tsujimoto said in an interview translated by Gematsu. "However, if there’s enough demand for it then I’ll put it under consideration."

Since the game's release on Friday, some Japanese players have been complaining online that they have spent significant time in the character creator but the actual facial animations and lighting in the game are not well represented in the character creator itself.

Monster Hunter World is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC version planned for Autumn of this year. You can read our review of the game here, where Dan Tack calls World "the best game in the series."

[Source: Game Watch Impress via Gematsu]


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I usually just keep my helmet on, but yeah, the faces can look really weird when animated....

The popular mobile version of the long running TCG will launch on PC free of charge.

In a press release from Konami, the company reveals that the latest port of the mobile TCG will be available for free via Steam starting November 17. Players can also retain all of their progress made through the mobile game as well as compete with both mobile and PC players in competitive duels.

Launched in January, Duel Links is the latest video game iteration for the popular manga and anime TCG series Yu-Gi-Oh!, allowing players to compete in digital versions of the card game portrayed in the series. Since launch, the game has had over 55 million downloads via the App Store and Google Play.


Our Take
Since its inception in the early '90s, Yu-Gi-Oh! has had impressive staying power. Our own editors even recently took part in a duel for Extra Life. This could be the perfect time for any fans, past or present, to get in on the series' latest bump of popularity.

Warface, the free-to-play online first-person shooter from Crytek, is joining in on the battle royale craze thanks to the success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Crytek announced today in a blog post that the "new, experimental PvP” mode is coming to the shooter for a limited time alongside the next update.

The new Battle Royale mode is strikingly similar to PUBG, where everyone fights for survival until the last one standing, and also features a shrinking map. 

Crytek is the studio behind the upcoming shooter Hunt: Showdowns, which is currently requesting players to sign up for the alpha. In 2016, Crytek shut down five of its subsidiary studios, which you can read about here.

[Source: Warface Official Website

At Blizzcon, Blizzard has announced a new expansion for World of Warcraft and that they are bringing classic vanilla servers as an option for players.

The new expansion titled Battle for Azeroth includes a new continent, Zandalar, along with new dungeons, raids, and uncharted islands. Players are tasked with dominating warfronts and rallying all the allies in the Alliance Vs. Horde war.

Additionally, Blizzard also confirmed long time rumors that they are offering players the chance to go back in time and play World of Warcraft as it was a decade ago. After the company shut down player-owned vanilla servers, speculation arose that Blizzard planned to reintroduce the idea themselves in an official capacity, which they have finally done.

Check out the Battle for Azeroth overview below, and the WoW Classic announcement just below it.

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Blizzard's latest Overwatch short offers everything we've come to expect from the vignettes; incredible animation, deeper dives into characters' backstories, and touching moments.

The newest short, shown off at this year's Blizzcon and titled "Honor and Glory," looks back at Reinhardt's origin story, detailing his past as a overconfident Crusader (a group of futuristic knights who protected Germany with the help of modern military forces), how he became part of the Overwatch initiative, and, most importantly, how he lost sight in his left eye. We don't want to spoil the entire short, so just go ahead and watch it below.

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During today's Blizzcon opening ceremonies, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan revealed Moira, the newest hero coming to the enormously popular shooter.

Moira is a support hero, but she appears as though she can take care of herself, as the highlight reel shown off on stage shows her sprinting into battle. She appears to have a stealth attack similar to Sombra's hacking ability that deals damage, however she can also blast a healing orb that restores the health of nearby teammates. Similar to Hanzo's scatter arrow (Moira even uses his line, "simple geometry"), Moira can hurl damaging orbs around corners to hit enemies. For more direct combat interactions, Moira has purple damage bursts, as well as yellow healing bursts. She also has the ability to teleport around the map. Her ultimate is a beam that deals heavy damage to enemies, while healing any teammates in the path of the attack.

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Moira will hit PTR before receiving a wide release on consoles and main PC later.

Kaplan revealed Blizzard World, a new map featuring a theme park based on Blizzard's various properties. Blizzard World is a hybrid map, which means it's part assault and part payload. The map is hitting PTR soon, with an expected wide release of early 2018.

The developers of the augmented reality Pokemon game has taken in a new team known for social media app development.

In a new announcement, Niantic CEO John Hanke reveals that the developer has acquired the startup team behind Evertoon, a recently established mobile animation app, in order to expand the social media functionality of its games. Founded in 2016 by Niniane Wang, the startup company has raised $1.7 million to date from a variety of publishers through their film sharing app for social networks like YouTube or Twitter. 

The full statement can be read below:

Hello everyone,

The Niantic family is growing, and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome a great group of people who will help evolve, challenge and grow our company in new ways. Today I am excited to announce that we have acquired the Evertoon team, who bring with them a wealth of talent and experience in mobile products, tools for creativity, and community building.

Niniane and her team have been exploring innovative ways to add social mechanics to digital products. As our products and platform evolve, they will help build social systems that will benefit our entire community. We are also excited to have Niniane’s engineering leadership and team management skills, as our team grows.


While the specifics of Niantic's plans for the developer haven't yet been revealed, the acquisition has resulted in the planned closure of the Evertoon social media app on November 30. 

[Source: Tech Crunch]


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The final set in Hearthstone's Year of the Mammoth is an ode to RPGs past. Kobolds and Catacombs is a 135-card set focused on finding loot, avoiding traps, and fighting bosses in labyrinthine underground corridors.

The expansion's Dungeon Run single-player mode appears to play out like a choose your own adventure dungeon crawler, as you choose which directions to go and deal with whatever may be lurking that way. Each time you venture into the dungeon, eight random bosses are selected randomly to appear in that catacomb. You start with a 10-card deck, but each time you defeat a boss, you earn new cards that go directly into your arsenal, increasing your power each game. If you lose, your deck is thrown away and you have to start over with a brand new deck. This mode is free, and you don't need to own any cards to play.

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Kobolds and Catacombs also introduces new deck mechanics. The new “Recruit” keyword can be used to rip minions out of your deck directly onto the battlefield, and should create interesting deck building choices – will you put just a few specific minions in your deck to ensure you hit your critical targets, or tailor your deck around recruiting minions of a certain cost? Each class in the expansion can gain access to a potent legendary weapon over the course of their journeys as well. 

Marin the Fox, the first card in the...

During the Blizzcon 2017 opening ceremony, Blizzard revealed a cinematic that confirms Overwatch's Hanzo and World of Warcraft's Alexstrasza are being added to the game.

Hanzo, obviously serving as an archer, is described as a "nimble ranger who can deal damage from afar." Alexstrasza can heal her team and, when the chips are down, transform into a dragon to really real damage to the rest of the team. Hanzo retains his Overwatch super of the twin dragons, as well, so the field will just be full of so many dragons.

Hanzo joins other Overwatch characters like Tracer, Ana, Junkrat, and more in Heroes of the Storm. He and Alexstrasza are part of the 2018 gameplay update, which also includes quality of life improvements like performance based matchmaking that matches people based on how they play.

Check out the cinematic below.

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In a couple of weeks, you'll be able to play most of StarCraft II without paying a dime.

Speaking at this year's Blizzcon opening ceremonies, Blizzard President and co-founder Mike Morahaime announced the RTS will be going free-to-play starting November 14. Once that date hits, players will have access to the full Wings of Liberty campaign (if you've bought WoL, you will receive the first expansion, Heart of the Swarm, for free), the game's full ranked multiplayer ladder, and access to each of the game's commanders in the co-op mode until that character hits level 5.

To augment that co-op mode, StarCraft II will be adding a new co-op commander, though it's technically two. Mira Han and Mat Horner will help you lead your units to victory side-by-side, acting as a single commander. Finally, a new co-op mission, "Part and Parcel" will soon be made available. No specific dates were given for when these two additions hill hit.


Our Take
I've long since stopped playing StarCraft II after finishing all three expansions, so I can't say this speaks to me much. However, this is still a great change for the game. Hopefully, Blizzard will announce something more substantial in this universe soon, because I'd love to jump back into it in the future.