In the heart of Virginia coal country, the people of Buchanan County gave candidate Trump some of his biggest majorities, and they remain loyal. The big reason: A local rebound.
Small liberal arts colleges could take a hit from a new federal tax on investments, while some wealthy universities will likely avoid payments in the near-term.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged above 26000 for the first time but gave up those gains as shares of energy companies slid along with oil prices.
As coal and nuclear power plants close due to competitive pressures, the number of people employed in making electricity for the U.S. is shrinking.
A top Ford Motor executive said the company will now spend $11 billion on electrified vehicles through 2022, increasing its previous estimates as it races to catch up on battery-powered cars.
Vikings quarterback Case Keenum connected with receiver Stefon Diggs on a 61-yard touchdown as time expired to stun the Saints 29-24 in Sunday’s NFC Divisional playoff game.
Car makers plan revivals of some of their best-known truck and SUV nameplates, bringing a wave of roomy, updated off-road vehicles to the U.S. market—a sign that consumers’ passion for oversize vehicles hasn’t faded.
Toyota’s choice of Alabama as the new home for a shared factory with Mazda marks a major shift in U.S. vehicle manufacturing, with foreign auto makers poised to build more cars and trucks in America than the Detroit giants.
President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he was optimistic that an immigration deal could soon be reached and agreed with lawmakers to limit talks to four policy areas during an extraordinary bipartisan meeting at the White House.
Donald Trump called himself a ‘very stable genius’ and ‘really smart’ after a new book said White House advisers have had concerns that the U.S. president wasn’t fit.
Established, traditional order is under assault from freewheeling, networked disrupters. But society craves centralized leadership, too, writes Niall Ferguson.
As the Trump administration and congressional Republicans push a variety of higher-education paths, including more vocational options, we take a look at today’s college student population.
Domestic car companies collectively reported lower U.S. sales in December, signaling the auto industry’s 2017 tally fell short of the record set in 2016 and represented the first annual decline since the financial crisis eight years ago.
Technology shares jumped in the first trading session of 2018, pulling major U.S. stock indexes higher.
When is the best time to exercise or do creative work? Research on the science of timing has answers.
Renny Harlin, known for big-budget B-movies, has become a dedicated instructor in China’s push to become a global cultural force, helping the country build on its huge domestic box office to find that elusive overseas commercial hit.
Since 2013, the price of a 40-year-old, off-patent cancer drug in the U.S. has risen 1,400%, putting the life-extending medicine out of reach for some patients.
Banks are closing branches and paring credit in rural America, focusing instead on booming urban markets. That leaves communities without the friendly faces of finance that once sustained them, and worsens an already tough economic environment.
Novelist Mick Herron spins a story of nine Santas, profit-hungry Whiteoaks Mall, a Saint Nick impostor and a big, illegal plan.
Bob Bowman, long considered one of the most influential executives in media and sports, was pushed out by Major League Baseball after allegations related to his workplace conduct.