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The last of three MCU movies on the way this year is Ant-Man and the Waspwhich will expand the mythos of Marvel’s smallest hero in some interesting ways. In particular, Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne will finally get to suit up as Wasp (following the post-credits tease of 2015’s Ant-Man). What’s more, Michelle Pfeiffer will be joining the cast as Hope’s mother Janet, the original Wasp who was said to be lost in the Quantum Realm in the previous movie.

With Pfeiffer’s inclusion, Ant-Man and the Wasp now features at least two veritable legends of Hollywood, as we also have Michael Douglas, who’s reprising his role as the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. Even though he’s appeared opposite some very fine actors in his time as part of the MCU so far, star Paul Rudd is still taken aback by working with talent of this calibre.

While talking with Variety, Rudd – who plays ex-con turned superhero Scott Lang  – explained how “tremendous” it was to work with the pair.

“Well, she’s, you know, she’s absolutely tremendous and it was really cool to see Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas just on set. You look over and go, ‘Oh my god.’ Legends. So, they’re both really lovely people and it was a thrill to get to work with them.”

Ant-Man And The Wasp Team Up In...

After a few snaps that had appeared here and there, Marvel finally released one of the first official images from Ant-Man and the Wasp the other day, giving us our best look yet at the suit worn by Evangeline Lilly. Unfortunately, however, fans quickly noticed something quite surprising about the outfit.

See if you can spot it for yourself in the photo below, before flipping through to the next one:

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It’s official: The Strangers: Prey at Night has received an R-rating this week from the MPAA for “horror violence and terror throughout, and for language.” Not that this should surprise anyone, mind you, given the content of the film and the fact that the original was also rated R, but it is nice to hear nonetheless. After all, in an age where so many horror movies are watered down for mass consumption, it’s exciting to see that they won’t be holding back here.

Set for a release on March 9th, this new effort will act as a soft reboot for the series, given that it’s made room for Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, Lewis Pullman and Martin Henderson, who play a family on a road trip. Unfortunately, though, things don’t go so well for them, as three dangerous psychos – Emma Bellomy as Dollface, Lea Enslin as Pin-Up Girl and Damian Maffei as the Man in the Mask – decide to pay them a visit.

Behind the lens, Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) has taken over directorial duties in lieu of Bryan Bertino, who’s still credited for the script, alongside Ben Ketai. Speaking of which, the story will mostly unfold on a “secluded mobile home park,” which is really just asking for trouble.

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The season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead introduced an intriguing narrative device: flashforwards depicting an apparent vision of the future which saw Old Man Rick with his children, Carl and Judith, in a happy Alexandria. These scenes were rendered even more perplexing, though, when Carl was revealed to have been bitten by a walker in the midseason finale.

When the show returns, though, it looks like we’ll find out the answers about these mysterious flashforwards. That’s because we’ve now been promised that the midseason premiere will closely tie into the opening episode of the season, which was also the commemorative 100th installment of The Walking Dead.

While talking with EW, showrunner Scott Gimple explained that there will be a “deep relationship” between the two episodes.

“Though it’s not the end of the overall story, in many ways its relationship to [Episode 8×01] is pretty important in terms of how it does end certain things and reveal certain things. There is a deep relationship between the two episodes.”

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Inhumans has been doomed from the start, it seems.

Originally hatched as a big-budget addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, during which time the likes of Vin Diesel and other Hollywood stars were tipped to climb on board, the beleaguered project was later repackaged as an eight-part TV series, one which still retained its cinematic DNA through those much-hyped IMAX scenes.

Of course, the journey to the small screen wasn’t without problems of its own, after the first wave of Inhumans reviews deemed Marvel and ABC’s latest venture to be a “visual bust.” Those knee-jerk reactions began to surface soon after the show’s IMAX premiere, which took place in September, when Marvel rolled out the opening two episodes across participating theaters.

Following that, the show struggled to find much of an audience on television and not too long ago, we learned that it was most likely going to receive the axe. Granted, the studio hasn’t made an official announcement just yet, but even more evidence has surfaced today which leads us to believe that fans won’t be seeing a second season.

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Legends of Tomorrow has featured no shortage of important historical figures over its three seasons so far and that’s not about to stop anytime soon. In contrast to other time travel series, Legends isn’t afraid to showcase celebrities from recent years, too, as it’s already given us Star Wars creator George Lucas and later this season, we’ll see the Waverider crew encountering a young Barack Obama.

TV Line revealed the news that the 44th President of the United States will soon appear on The CW series. Casting is currently underway to find an actor to portray Obama for an episode set in the mid-70s, when he was a student at Occidental College, and the episode is written by Keto Shimizu and James Eagan, with a premiere date locked in for April. No plot details have been revealed just yet, but fans are already speculating about how Barack may fit into things.

Of course, Obama won’t be the first POTUS to appear on the show. George Washington featured in a couple of episodes of season 2, memorably striking up an unlikely friendship with Mick Rory during the War of Independence. Ulysses S. Grant also turned up in another episode of that scene set during the Civil War. Finally, Lyndon B. Johnson appeared in an episode of season 3 based around the...

If you’ve been around for a while, then you surely remember the time that separated 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace from 2006’s Superman Returns. Long story short, Hollywood burned through many scripts when trying to resurrect the Man of Steel for the big screen, with none of them coming to fruition. There was one that came dangerously close to doing so, though.

We are, of course, talking about Superman Lives. Set to have been directed by Tim Burton, it would’ve starred Nicolas Cage as Big Blue and was all but ready to begin filming before the plug was pulled by Warner Bros. Now, we could probably discuss this all day, but for the most comprehensive source out there, it’s best you consult the documentary that chronicled the ill-fated flick, as it really is a fascinating watch.

Anyways, while recently speaking with Variety at the Sundance Film Festival this week, Cage was asked about the doomed project and if he still has any hopes of playing Superman, given that the Man of Steel is his favorite character. Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately? – Cage has now let go of that dream, saying “No, not at all” in regards to if he could still see himself suiting up as the Big Blue Boy Scout one day.

Though he didn’t...

The Crown season 2 will be the last run of the acclaimed royal Netflix drama to feature the original cast led by Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Philip. A few months ago, it was revealed that Olivia Colman will be replacing Foy as the Queen from season 3 onwards and now, it looks like the identity of the new Philip has been revealed, too, as he’ll be played by Avengers star Paul Bettany.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Bettany is currently in talks to join the series, with the actor reportedly very close to clinching the deal. That said, Netflix and Sony Pictures Television have declined to comment on the situation. If it all goes through, though, then Bettany will likely play the Duke of Edinburgh for the next two seasons of The Crown. Creator Peter Morgan has previously promised six seasons covering the Queen’s entire reign, so we can expect a second recast with new actors for seasons 5 and 6, covering the last couple of decades of Elizabeth and Philip’s life.

Nothing has been said about any potential wages, but Netflix must be forking out a hefty paycheck in order to acquire Bettany’s services. The British actor has been a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception, as he’s voiced Tony Stark’s trusty A.I. JARVIS from 2008’s Iron Man onwards. Starting with 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Bettany was upgraded to a live-action role, as android hero Vision.

Man of Steel 2 is in active development, make no mistake about it. The sequel to Zack Snyder’s divisive franchise-starter may have invariably slipped down the pecking order over at Warner Bros. – who are still in the process of whipping their DC Extended Universe into shape after the disappointments of Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and, more recently, Justice League – but it is on the way, as was confirmed by a report just yesterday.

When it will arrive is obviously unknown, but if it wasn’t for the poor performance of the aforementioned team-up flick, we may have already received an official announcement from the studio. That’s because the original plan was to reveal Man of Steel 2‘s release date, and who will be directing it, this month. So, what happened then? Well, like we just said, Justice League ended up disappointing and that threw everything off track.

Mario-Francisco Robles of Revenge of the Fans has the scoop (as he so often does these days), claiming that Warner Bros. were high on Superman after test screenings of JL showed that audiences were responding well to the character. Not only that, but they assumed the Snyder/Whedon pic was going to be a hit and planned to “ride the positive wave” it would have created right into “an official announcement for Man of Steel 2” this month.

With Ash vs. Evil Dead due to return to Starz in February, it feels like a fine time to take stock of The Evil Dead franchise. Though it now encompasses a TV show, a couple of video games, various comic book crossovers, a pretty good remake and a bunch of other multimedia projects, the roots of the franchise lie in Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic – the original ‘video nasty.’

Shot on a shoe-string budget and crammed full of dynamic camerawork and neat gore effects, the film was such a hit that it spawned two bigger budget sequels in the form of Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness. Now, perhaps to amuse himself or to cater for those without much free time, Vimeo user Jorge Torres-Torres has recut the entire trilogy into Evil Dead Revision, which he describes as “a 72 minute, black & white ballet of gore.”

After watching it myself, I can definitely say he’s succeeded in what he set out to achieve and that aforementioned description is certainly appropriate. This is indeed a greatest hits compilation from the original trilogy.

Despite the obvious effort that’s been poured into this though, it’s still a stupendously unnecessary and wrongheaded re-edit. First of all, the original films are hardly ponderous: The Evil Dead clocks in at 85 minutes, Evil...

In case you weren’t aware, Hollywood is full of really shitty people. Whether it’s the actors/actresses we love watching on screen or the directors/producers who work behind the scenes to put everything together, the industry is full of some pretty awful human beings. But that’s not to say that everyone who makes millions of dollars and lives a lifestyle we can only dream about is an absolute scumbag. Far from it, in fact. Case in point: Avengers: Infinity War star and all around awesome guy Robert Downey Jr.

Any self-respecting Marvel fan can tell you that RDJ has shown, on numerous occasions, what a wonderful person he is and now he’s done it again, going out of his way to thank the entire crew of the aforementioned blockbuster by buying each and every one of them a pretty sweet gift. As seen in the gallery down below, the actor bought them all personalized cast chairs, complete with their names on it and a message from Downey Jr. that reads: Heart felt thanx from the center of my arc reactor.

Patrick Istorico, a film grip who worked on Infinity War, recently shared the following pics, showing off his new gift from one of Hollywood’s most respected talents, and we’ve gotta say, it looks awesome!

Robert Downey Jr. Bought The...

For the past few weeks, Marvel fans have been combing through one Avengers 4 set photo after another, hoping to find some clue as to what the Russo Brothers have planned for 2019.

Because make no mistake, their untitled Avengers sequel is arguably one of the most secretive Marvel movies yet, as self-professed MCU scholars pore over story scraps and other clues pertaining to the studio’s cinematic universe. It’s a search that continues unabated, especially now that time travel and alternate realities have been thrown into the mix, but thanks to Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., we’ve got one more pic to feast on.

From what we can tell, it appears to be taken from the same scene that’s been depicted in a number of other recent set photos. Though the context of what’s going on is unclear, we do know that it’ll involve Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man and the Hulk, and they’ve seemingly gone back in time – or perhaps ventured into an alternate reality? – as Rogers has his classic Cap suit on and Tony’s rocking a different hairstyle, with speckles of blonde and grey peppered across RDJ’s new do.

Check it out in the gallery down below, along with those aforementioned set pics that surfaced the other week, and see what you make of it:

Carol Danvers is officially reporting for duty – and it’s about time!

Now that both Infinity War and Avengers 4 have wrapped filming, Marvel Studios is starting to put things into motion for some of their other projects – namely Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and the Wasp. The latter MCU flick is already deep in production, and will deliver some much-needed comic relief soon after the arrival of Joe and Anthony Russo’s superhero extravaganza, which will apparently “bring to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time.

For Captain Marvel, it seems as if the project is finally about to get off the ground. Mississipi Grind duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have been brought in to direct, while Marvel’s casting department has been busy locking down the likes of Jude Law (Walter Lawson/Mar-Vell), Ben Mendelsohn (?), DeWanda Wise (?) and Samuel L. Jackson, whose Nick Fury will seemingly be much different to the S.H.I.E.L.D. leader that fans are familiar with from previous MCU films.

And they’ll all report to Brie Larson. Yes, the Oscar winning actress is ready to take flight in 2019 and she’s already doing some homework, as evidenced by her recent trip to the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. A few photos of her visit surfaced just yesterday and now, we’ve got even more, which can be seen down below.

Now that Peter Capaldi has regenerated into Jodie Whittaker, as seen in the Doctor Who Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time,” we’re officially in the era of the Thirteenth Doctor. That said, we’ve still got to wait a large chunk of the year before season 11 arrives at some point this autumn. When it does finally materialize, however, the new Doctor hopes that her adventures through time and space blow fans’ minds.

But just what will those adventures consist of? Unfortunately, we can’t answer that just yet, as absolutely no details have been revealed about the plot of the upcoming episodes. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few intriguing theories floating around the web, though, and Radio Times has today compiled a fairly compelling report which outlines what they think may be the opening plot line for the season.

If you recall, in “Twice Upon a Time,” Whittaker’s first moments in the TARDIS found the ship blowing up and throwing her out the doors, disappearing as she plummeted down to Earth. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about that situation, but Radio Times believes that the first few episodes might see the Doctor stranded on present-day Earth as she attempts to track down her missing TARDIS.

Jodie Whittaker's Time Lord Looks To The...

There are few films that have gripped me quite like In The Mouth Of Madness. A marvellously weird feature brimming with an assortment of otherworldly imagery, head-scratching intrigue and apocalyptic dread, John Carpenter’s sixteenth movie is – at its heart – a lovingly crafted love letter to H.P. Lovecraft’s heady and cerebral cosmic horror literature. What’s uniquely surprising about the film is that it absolutely nails its heart-on-sleeve inspiration, and is arguably one of the finest adaptations of Lovecraftian horror to the big screen. No small feat.

Starring the fantastic Sam Neill, as the captivatingly unhinged insurance investigator John Trent, the movie’s central plot revolves around some really fascinating and challenging philosophical questions: What actually is reality? Can fiction become reality? If enough people believe in an idea, can it override the truth and become everyone’s reality? Before we really get into it, let’s first touch on the pic’s overall narrative. And it’s as deliciously bonkers as it is memorable.

The aforementioned John Trent is committed to a psychiatric ward in the opening act, and the majority of the feature focuses on Trent retelling his personal story of how he arrived there. Sent to investigate the disappearance of a world famous horror author, dubbed Sutter Cane (an obvious homage to Stephen King), Trent becomes embroiled in what he believes to be a publicity stunt set up by the author’s publisher in a bid to sell more copies of his titular forthcoming novel In The Mouth Of Madness.


The times, they are a changin’ over at Warner Bros. and in particular, their DC Films division.

As you no doubt know by now, the studio is already beginning to implement a major shake-up, beginning with the appointment of Walter Hamada (ItThe Conjuring) as president. Further down the chain of command, Geoff Johns and former DC Films head Jon Berg will now assume different roles entirely – the former will work alongside Roy Lee (It: Chapter Two), while Johns is expected to hold an “advisory role” within the DC Extended Universe henceforth.

Not only that, but WB will no longer operate under a greenlighting-by-committee policy, with Warner Bros. Pictures Chairman Toby Emmerich expected to answer to “no one but Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsujihara.” Furthermore, Sue Kroll, a 23-year veteran of the studio, has parted ways with Warner Bros., leaving the power to green-light future DC movies solely in the hands of Emmerich.

Speaking of which, there’s been much debate over which films we can 100% count on seeing at this point. The studio seems to have a habit of announcing projects for their cinematic universe only to never follow through and bring them to the screen. Ask any self-respecting DC fan and they’ll be able to name you at least...

It’s pretty safe to say that Kevin Spacey‘s 2017 did not go the way he’d planned. He began the year riding high on the success of Netflix’s House of Cards and his upcoming performance in Ridley Scott’s All The Money In The World. He ended it universally vilified after a series of sexual assault allegations (including one against a 14-year-old boy), compounded by a ham-handed apology that he tastelessly combined with his coming out.

This all stems from a series of allegations against Spacey from his time at London’s Old Vic Theatre, with Scotland Yard receiving 20 allegations of inappropriate behaviour relating to him. They led to a police investigation being opened that specifically looked into a claim of sexual assault in 2008. That was quickly followed by another claim of assault in 2005. Now, a third investigation has begun, also stemming from a 2005 incident.

The Metropolitan Police said the following in a statement to Deadline:

“On 1 November City of London Police referred an allegation of sexual assault to the Metropolitan Police Service. It is alleged a man assaulted another man (Victim 1) in 2008 in Lambeth. On 17 November we received allegations that the same man sexually assaulted a man (Victim 2) in 2005 in Lambeth. On 13 December we received an allegation that the man sexually assaulted a man (Victim 3) in 2005 in Westminster. Officers from the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command...

To say that Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 has been placed on the back-burner may read as something of an understatement – Marvel still has Black PantherInfinity WarAnt-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel to contend with, after all, and Peter Parker’s second solo outing isn’t due to arrive until July of 2019.

Nevertheless, director Jon Watts is already hard at work developing his Homecoming follow-up. Case in point: That Hashtag Show brings word today that Watts and his team plan to cast a European actress, around 20 years of age, to play what’s being described as a “femme fatale.” Now, it’s important to note that we heard just the other week that the hunt for someone to bring Gwen Stacy to life was also underway, though you certainly wouldn’t describe the character as “femme fatale,” so unless Marvel is going to be taking some pretty big creative liberties here, there seems to be another option.

Yes, we’re referring to Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, the very same one who’s set to get her own spinoff in the form of Sony’s Silver & Black. Though her and Peter Parker do have a long history in the comics, it’s also important to keep in mind that Sony’s Marvel universe is apparently completely separate from the MCU, so having Black Cat show up here, ahead of her own film, might be a bit confusing for viewers.

Though we’ve already seen Henry Cavill’s Superman in three out of the five DCEU movies to date, there’s still so much more of the Big Blue Boy Scout’s mythos to bring to the big screen. As such, Supes fans are forever calling for Warner Bros. to give us a Man of Steel 2.

Early last year, we heard various bits and pieces about the movie, including that Kingsman‘s Matthew Vaughn was in talks to direct and that it could see Supes go up against Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. However, lately the trail has gone cold, leaving the future of the project in question. Thankfully, then, Mario-Francisco Robles (who’s establishing himself as an interesting source for scoops these days), has an update for us, claiming that Warner Bros. is going to make Man of Steel 2 official soon by announcing a release date and director.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any further details on what to expect, but this isn’t the first time Robles has claimed that the studio is still very keen on moving forward with it and given that Superman is currently one of their biggest properties, it’s easy to see them handing him another solo outing. Not to mention that Justice League gave Supes a much needed makeover, providing the hero with a renewed sense of hope, which is what most fans wanted to see and is something that should certainly be built upon in a potential Man of Steel sequel.

The last few episodes of Arrow have seen the Emerald Archer’s band of vigilantes torn apart, with the old guard of Oliver, Felicity and Diggle breaking away from newbies Rene (Wild Dog), Dinah (Black Canary) and Curtis (Mister Terrific). Us viewers, though, know that this is all the work of scheming ubervillain Cayden James. And it seems he’s not yet done with manipulating Oliver’s life, if this new synopsis is anything to go by.

In the upcoming 13th episode of Arrow season 6, titled “The Devil’s Greatest Trick,” Michael Emerson’s hacker will attempt to bring down his hooded enemy for good by going straight for Oliver’s heart and attacking what he holds most dear. It’s also clear that the team will not have regrouped by the time this episode rolls around, with Oliver pondering whether he needs all the help he can get.

CAYDEN JAMES LAUNCHES A FULL OUT ATTACK — Cayden James (guest star Michael Emerson) discovers a secret about the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) that pushes him over the edge. Knowing everyone and everything he loves is in danger, Oliver must decide if he can do this alone or if he needs to turn to his old teammates for help. William (guest star Jack Moore) starts to demand more of Oliver’s time. JJ Makaro directed the episode written by Sarah Tarkoff & Emilio Ortega Aldrich (#613). Original airdate 2/8/2018.