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Welcome to the world of lists where everyone has a complaint and everyone has an opinion. When it comes to the top cartoon characters of the 1990’s you can be sure there will be generational squabbles about which is the best. Some on the list are original creations, while others have a long history on television, one of them going back to the 1940’s. There are a number of characteristics to the shows that made this list. Some aim at educating the viewers (of all ages) and creatively manage to educate and entertain at the same time. When you can

The Top 20 Cartoon Characters of the 90s

Ah Dorkly, where do I start with The Empire Strikes Back vs. The Last Jedi? Believe me there’s a lot of good points made, but there were just as many made against ESB back in the day as well. The movie didn’t make any more sense than TLJ did for the fans of this era. But if you learn nothing else from the Star Wars mythos it’s that the story goes on and on. For a long time now we’ve been fed the tale that the Jedi, the Empire, and of course the Skywalker and Solo angles have been all

The Empire Strikes Back vs. The Last Jedi (Comic)

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are going to see Ridge punch Bill in the face for what he did. It doesn’t make things any better for Bill when he tells Ridge that he loves Steffy and he wants to be with her. Bill may think saying this to Ridge will make things better, but it’s only going to make it worse for Ridge. He will be infuriated by this admission, and he will punch Bill right in the face. We think there is a chance Brooke might show up and put a stop to thinks like this, though. She’s

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Can Brooke Stop Ridge?

Quentin Tarantino is a funny guy but it tends to be obscure and dark humor that he works with more often than anything in movies. Really the guy seems to be on another level when he’s acting and doesn’t always seem capable of being innocent with his comedy no matter how much he tries. That’s what a lot of people tend to love about him too, since he doesn’t make apologies and he doesn’t stop just because people are uncomfortable. His type of comedy is meant to slap you in the face and wake you up a bit. After all

The Five Funniest Movie Scenes Starring Quentin Tarantino

Just because Shaun decided to stay at St. Bonaventure Hospital, doesn’t mean things in The Good Doctor‘s world will go back to the way they were. In many ways, Shaun is still Shaun. If he sees someone make a mistake, he points it out. If he sees someone lie, he points it out. He deals in facts, and facts only. The closest Shaun has come to thinking with his feelings are with his brother, and more recently with Lea. He did so because he felt safe enough to do that. Now he is back to fact-only thinking, but that is

The Good Doctor Review: Did Dr. Murphy Cross The Line With His Patient, AND His Boss?

Library scenes in movies don’t seem like they’d be that intense. There’s no running, shouting, screaming, or even loud whispering allowed in the library. I get the feeling that someone forgot to mention that in a few of these movies. At least in one of them the main character in the scene is being respectful, but then that’s kind of an anomaly since in a lot of movies libraries are rarely quiet places and don’t tend to be utilized just for their books and other resources. In fact in some movies the library is one of the prime places for

Five of Our Favorite Library Scenes in Movies

General Hospital fans know that Lulu is frustrated. She’s working so hard to make things in her life right, and they just don’t seem to work for her all the time. She was elated last week, and this week she’s back to being frustrated. Her husband is constantly distracted and still not entirely on board with her relationship with Charlotte. She can’t seem to win in that situation. He refuses to stop helping his father skirt the law, and that also annoys her. She’s done dealing with Valentin and all his drama, and with Nina and all her mothering of

General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu’s Frustration Mounts

The announcement has been made that Peter Jackson will be making a documentary about the First World War, which makes sense because 2018 will see the centenary of its conclusion. Some people will be excited because Jackson was the director of not just The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies but also a number of other well-known movies as well, meaning that he brings considerable expertise and experience to this latest project. However, it should be noted that some information has been released about what interested individuals can expect from the documentary, which sounds rather interesting. For example,

Peter Jackson To Direct First World War Feature Documentary

Days of Our Lives fans are going to learn some shocking information come Tuesday. It turns out things are never quite what they seem for people, and we are all going to get a very hard lesson in the truth of that. It turns out that Steve’s condition is only getting worse. He is not feeling well at all, and things are not going well for him. He has some health problems he cannot seem to get over, and he is sure something is going on. He is going to share this with Kayla, but she’s unable to find a

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: You Won’t Believe Who is Poisoning Steve

Hacksaw Ridge was probably one of the most powerful war movies of this generation. So often it’s said that a good soldier is one that will bravely defend themselves and their country with every tool they are given and every advantage they can take. But one man found a way to save his fellow soldiers and never once lift a rifle or other weapon to save himself. Desmond Doss was a combat medic in World War II that adamantly refused to pick up a rifle based on his religious beliefs and because of personal reasons. He was harassed, beaten, and

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hacksaw Ridge

Some of the most iconic movies are being recreated with the iPhone X’s animojis, and it’s kind of amusing really. How hard would you have to struggle not to laugh if you saw the animoji face of a puppy dog asking you what Marcellus Wallace looks like? Would you scream or bust up laughing if a talking pig face said “Heerrre’s Johnny!”? Animoji’s have been around for a while it seems like but using them like this is kind of hilarious but it also seems like people are just getting bored enough to get inventive. I won’t knock this kind

Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated Using iPhone X’s Animojis

Someone’s got a dark sense of humor to pair the Wii music with Final Destination and just up the intensity by a factor of ten. Okay, yeah, I get it. Out of all these scenes in any of the Final Destination movies this one is somehow the hardest to watch. The blood, guts, and excessive gore that these films have to offer use to be as commonplace in my mind as anything, but there’s something about a person getting folded up like a pretzel that just, yeah, is kind of disturbing. Death is whimsical it would seem and doesn’t care

Someone Put Wii Music Over A Final Destination Death Scene and It’s Pretty Tense

Remember that time when Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley roasted each other on Oprah? NBA players are notorious for getting on each other’s nerves. They trash talk, they get technical fouls for certain actions and they generally just make each other’s lives a living nightmare when they’re on the court. It’s funny then to realize that some of them are actually pretty good friends when they’re off the court. Take Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan for instance. Ever since their playing days they were always on opposing sides and no doubt had their fair share of issues, but when they

When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other for 20 mins on Oprah

The sound of a mountain lion screaming is one of the most terrifying things you might ever hear. This sounds like something out of a horror movie where you might see the young man get mauled at any moment. To think that any creature in nature actually sounds like this at any given time when they’re not in pain or seriously angry at something is kind of creepy. But then you’ve got to remember that mountain lions are not some friendly little house cat that will purr at you or whine in their own distinct way if you do something

The Real Sound of a Mountain Lion Screaming is Absolutely Terrifying

“Fort Rozz” is one of those classic TV cases where I absolutely love the concept of an episode but am disappointed with its execution. Tonight’s female-centric Supergirl features a women-only, outer-space mission to a Kryptonian prison, where Kara has no powers and must use and embrace her humanity in order to fight and survive. On paper, that’s right up my alley; however, “Fort Rozz” lacks much of the power and substance that I was hoping to see from this episode, probably due to the fact that I think Supergirl never actually shows enough of Livewire’s rehabilitation to earn her redemptive sacrifice near the end

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 11 Review: “Fort Rozz”

After three long weeks of waiting, the Devil is back at last. In this week’s episode of Lucifer, the former Lord of Hell tries to get back into Detective Decker’s good graces. That, and getting her to help him investigate Pierce/Cain, of course. Amenadiel also deals with certain health issues that might put a damper on his relationship with Dr. Martin. The case of the week centers around a professional surfer named Manny “the Moondog” Taylor. Someone strangled him with a surfer leash on Carbon Beach, which doesn’t sit too well with the wealthy homeowners nearby. Detective Decker then heads to the

Lucifer: Amenadiel Has Health Issues. Cain Makes A Deal With the Devil.

There really aren’t a lot of clips for this one so I’ll do my best to explain. The United States Coast Guard is in fact considered an armed force and are specialized men and women that serve on the high seas and in the air on occasion. They do protect the US and attempt to stop smugglers, pirates, and others from invading our borders while also seeing to safety and regard of those that are out at sea. Their duties are in some ways to monitor the seas and coastlines of the US and make certain that no one is

Five Things Movies Get Wrong about the Coast Guard

On the Road Again by Willie Nelson is one of the best songs ever conceived. It’s such a classic song that many people find themselves humming it or singing it aloud in the car on a road trip or just when they’re walking down a corridor at work. You could even find it playing in your head for no reason at all other than to hear something pleasant and comfortable. That’s the most basic draw of the song in fact, the level of comfort it brings to the listener. It’s hard to deny that this song is just like a

The Top Uses of Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again” in Movies or TV

One of the bands on the forefront of the American indie rock scene is, no doubt, The Decemberists. Hailing from Portland Oregon, this band has released seven albums so far – their latest is called What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World and was released by Capitol Records in 2015. Their lyrics typically focus on historical events or folklore. They are known for interesting live shows that place a heavy emphasis on audience participation. They have even been known to reenact certain historical events during their performances. In recent news, the band has decided to release a new album,

Five Things You Didn’t Know about The Decemberists

Jessica Chastain has had a very wide number of roles in which she’s excelled quite easily it looks like. Some of the roles she’s had that are listed below might not be recognizable as the movies they belong to didn’t do all that great in the box office or were there and gone in a very short time, but they’re still some of her best. She’s been performing since she was still a young girl and has worked her way up ever since. She has a love for the theater and can still be seen in stage productions now and

The Top Five Jessica Chastain Movie Roles of Her Career