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Watch this new Avengers Infinity War Trailer RIGHT NOW!  STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  Do you understand me? Take the food out of your mouth, stop typing at the keyboard, tell the kids to go play, and sit down and WATCH!! I’ll update this post with discussion and analysis after ... [Read More]

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Lara Croft is back in this new version of Tomb Raider starring Alicia Vikander. There’s typically been a lot of negative stigmas around movies based on video games. Namely because they haven’t been adapted well in film. Well, Vikander took up the challenge to follow in the boots of Angelina ... [Read More]

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“A Quiet Place” opened the film portion of the 25th year of the SXSW film festival. It was John Krasinski’s (“The Office”) directorial debut, starring opposite his wife, Emily Blunt, and featuring 3 children, played by Noah Jupe (Marcus), Millicent Simmonds (“Angelic,” “Wonderstruck”), and Code Woodward as Beau, the youngest—-until ... [Read More]

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I just watched a movie that could have been really stupid. Really silly. Really mindless. And done as an offbeat dramedy is typically tossed out to us from Hollyweirdworld, it surely would have been. But the bunch behind “Brigsby Bear” clearly determined early on that this is what most would ... [Read More]

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Black Panther is not letting up when it comes to making the news. With each milestone reached in the box office, it may be time to ask a very difficult question: Could Black Panther be the best comic movie ever? If you are like me, then you probably believed that ... [Read More]

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A Wrinkle In Time, directed by Ava Duvernay, depicts the story adaption from the 1962 novel. Storm Reid stars as “Meg” who is on the search for her father. She encounters three powerful beings who send her on a fantasy like adventure to help her in her journey. A Wrinkle ... [Read More]

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The late George Harrison was labeled “The Quiet One” among the members of the greatest rock group the world will ever know. The iconic songwriting team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney blasted The Beatles into the highest stratum of eternal superstardom during the 1960’s. But the music of Harrison ... [Read More]

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Black Panther made a huge impact in the box office with his still ongoing record breaking performance. That was then followed by even more great news from Marvel Studios when they announced that Avengers: Infinity War was going to premiere a week early worldwide.  (April, 27th,2018) The Marvel cinematic movies ... [Read More]

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My Cousin Rachel stars Rachel Weisz who plays a now widow (named “Rachel”) who must go live with the cousin of her deceased husband. Through a series of distrust and mystery, a romance brews between them. However, there seems to be more to Rachel than meets the eye. My Cousin ... [Read More]

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Captain America’s superpowers apparently don’t extend to keeping secrets. During a recent press tour, Chris Evans revealed that a Black Widow solo movie, likely starring Scarlett Johansson, is on its way. Evans was speaking via video to ET Canada about Black Panther and its box office success. Evans said that ... [Read More]

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Matt Damon takes on the role of a man going through a mid-life crisis trying to figure out his purpose in life. Part of that journey begins with the new innovation of downsizing. With this new lease on life, his perception on life begins to change. Downsizing Trailer: The Good: ... [Read More]

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If you love a good story, then chances are you’re a fan of the convergence of book and film. While the Academy Awards is celebrating its 90th birthday this year, booklovers around the globe are celebrating some of the best page to screen adaptations that have swept up a handful ... [Read More]

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Annihilation is in theaters now and it’s certainly making an impact in the sci-fi genre. Based on the Southern Reach book trilogy, Annihilation stars Natalie Portman and a pretty well rounded supporting cast. It’s also directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later) who is known to really take ... [Read More]

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Watch as I butcher the pronunciation of Hosha! The Dora Milaje are borderline enigmatic to the common film viewer so I took some time to share some of my comic knowledge on the group in video form. The Dora Milaje are an ancient order of guard to the king of ... [Read More]

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The games are dirty and the stakes are high in the new drama Submission. Stanley Tucci (sporting a toupee that doesn’t look half-bad) is as solid as ever as Ted Swenson, a dispirited college English lit professor in desperate search of a follow-up to a successful debut novel. Addison Timlin ... [Read More]

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Black Panther has been breaking record after record left and right. Tons of people are flocking to the theaters to go see the film to this day. Recently, New York resident Frederick Joseph started the campaign #BlackPantherChallenge. In this challenge, he called on others to start their own GoFundMe campaigns to ... [Read More]

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There are many casino movies out there and most of them involve some sort of insane skill, be it in gambling, in stealing or even hacking. The most interesting ones are those that involve the memorizing certain things. So let’s see the list of top 3 casino skills in movies. ... [Read More]

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With a lot of hype and anticipation, Black Panther has a huge bar to leap for many comic book fans. It appears to have all the right pieces in place from the actors, director, writers and producer to make this film great. I’m going to explore the aspects of the ... [Read More]

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There’s something lurking through the pass on the other side of the mountains. Who, or what, is it? This is the mystery that you may or may not solve if you choose to venture “Beyond Here”, a most unconventional and arresting independent production from the Czech Republic. Basile and Lea ... [Read More]

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Black Panther is receiving a ton of positive reviews. When it initially was able to be rated on Rotten Tomatoes, it received a perfect 100% Tomatoes rating for a while. Since then, the film’s rating has gone just a smidge, but it still is relatively high. If you haven’t heard ... [Read More]

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