Fox News has apologized for including a photo of Patti LaBelle in an on-air tribute to the late Aretha Franklin, who died at 76 on Thursday. The network featured a photo of LaBelle in the upper right hand corner of a montage to the late singer, and people on Twitter were quick to … More »
Here, from the parenting listserv of parent-friendly Park Slope, Brooklyn, is a soon-to-be dad’s alt-rock dilemma: Is it okay to leave your eight-months-pregnant partner at home while you travel out of state to see Pearl Jam for the 19th time? Whatever your initial reaction, this turns out to be a question on which … More »
Phish were scheduled to put on their 11th festival, named Curveball, this weekend in Watkins Glen, located in western New York, but they've had to cancel the event due to the state of emergency that has been declared in the area as a result of recent severe flooding. "With a 14 county State … More »
Billy Corgan answered some fan questions on his Instagram story today and, as Exclaim points out, when asked if he had ever seen Shrek, he responded with a fun fact, which is that the Smashing Pumpkins were apparently originally offered the end credit songs for the film, but that their offer was withdrawn … More »
French pop singer Héloïse Letissier is getting ready to follow up her 2014 breakthrough Chaleur humaine with a new album called Chris. It'll come in two versions, English and French, and we've already heard both versions of two new songs -- the Dâm-Funk-featuring "Girlfriend"/"Damn, dis moi" and "Doesn't Matter"/"More »
At first, Korn were a myth to me. When they released their self-titled debut album in 1994, I was 11. I may have glimpsed their spooky dreadlocked scowls in magazines or TV ads, or wherever I found out about new music in that nascent internet era. But for a suburban Christian kid who spent his … More »
I had tickets to see Aretha Franklin at Radio City Music Hall once, a few years ago. The show was cancelled, and the make-up date was inconvenient, so I opted for a refund instead. Part of me has regretted that decision every day since. More »
Issaquah, Washington singer-songwriter Whitney Ballen is getting ready to follow up her two EPs with a debut full-length, You're A Shooting Star, I'm A Sinking Ship. Her meditative indie-rock has a way of quietly cutting deep, and we've already heard two excellent songs from the collection, "Go" and "Rainier." Today, she's … More »
In The Number Ones, I'm reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart's beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present. More »
The great Baltimore hardcore band Turnstile, whose live show is the sort of thing that you really need to experience, came out of the DIY ranks earlier this year, releasing their big-label debut Time & Space. It's a great album. And now Turnstile have used their newfound powers, or at least … More »
Aretha Franklin’s "Respect" is eternal. Anyone born after its release in 1967 might assume the song had existed since the Big Bang; it's the kind of music that you cannot pinpoint hearing for the first time because it sounds like it’s always been there. But if you were alive and listening to the radio the … More »
A little over a year ago, Guerilla Toss released GT Ultra, which turned out to be one of the best albums of 2017. And last month, we got the news that the achievements of GT Ultra wouldn't slow down Guerilla Toss' steady output; its followup, Twisted Crystal, arrives this September. We … More »
When a truly iconic music figure dies, a eulogy can never tell the full story. Sometimes, you learn more about this person's impact on the world when you dig through the flotsam -- random TV performances, soundtrack appearances, half-forgotten duets. We've collected moments like these in the past for recently departed musical legends like More »
When Minnesota slowcore legends Low first announced their upcoming album Double Negative, written and recorded in heavy collaboration with Bon Iver producer B.J. Burton, they billed it as their "most brazen, abrasive (and, paradoxically, most empowering) album ever." The triptych of singles they shared the next day, "Quorum," "DancingMore »
Right now, police in Sacramento are investigating Mike Ness, longtime frontman for the legendary California punk band Social Distortion, for punching a showgoer at a gig at Ace Of Spades last month. The fan, 30-year-old Tim Hildebrand, is saying that Ness spat on him, then jumped offstage to punch him. And, as TheMore »
The soul and gospel legend Aretha Franklin has died after a battle with cancer. Her publicist confirmed the news to the Associated Press, stating that Franklin passed away today at her home in Detroit. She was 76. More »
Kurt Vile’s last full-length b’lieve i’m goin down was wholly awesome. But that was in 2015, and we haven’t heard much from him since besides last year’s joint venture Lotta Sea Lice with Courtney Barnett. Back in April, when Vile’s longtime label Matador posted a photo of custom VileMore »
Philadelphia's Nothing are a curious case: A shoegaze band that never actually gazes at their shoes. The members of Nothing come from their hometown's legendarily nuts hardcore scene, and they come off as bruisers, not wallflowers. Live, they throw themselves around stages with abandon. On record, they love an intricately constructed all of guitar-fuzz as … More »
Madonna turns 60 today. Happy birthday, Madonna! The iconic Queen Of Pop's big day is coinciding with the first Supreme drop of the season, and the hypebeast brand is commemorating her birthday by giving Madonna her very own Supreme shirt. More »
Lately, Jimmy Kimmel Live has been doing something cool with the show's musical performances. When artists play on the big outdoor festival stage, they have the option of playing more than just a song or two. Sometimes, they do full mini-sets for the fans that come out to see them. And then the show films … More »