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Woody Allen will write and direct his first television series for Amazon. “I don’t know how I got into this,” the indie filmmaker quipped. “I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. The half-hour series will be available to Amazon subscribers with Prime Instant Video in the U.S., Britain and Germany. It […]
File “F for Fake” under truth in advertising. After all, this is not a real Orson Welles movie — at least not in the sense of “Touch of Evil,” or even “The Magnificent Ambersons.” Welles took an unfinished documentary shot by someone else, tacked on some hocus-pocus at the beginning and end, mixed in spicy […]
The main event in streaming video looks to be HBO vs. Netflix. The veteran pay cable service confirmed plans to offer a standalone HBO streaming service in 2015. Time Warner’s HBO currently offers an online-video service, but viewers must be subscribers via cable or satellite. “It is time to remove all barriers to those who […]
Dennis Hopper, the actor, and Nicholas Ray, the director, had crossed paths before. In 1955. When Hopper played a punk kid in “Rebel Without a Cause,” Ray’s melodrama about teen alienation that starred James Dean. Down the road, both found themselves blackballed from movies. Ray’s fall came in 1963 as he infamously had to abandon […]
“Time, it’s going to take what it’s owed,” we’re told repeatedly in the latest reincarnation of the “12 Monkeys” tale. Perhaps time feels it’s owed more camera time. Starting as a short but remarkable film by France’s Chris Marker, the time-travel tale morphed into a full-blown Terry Gilliam feature starring Bruce Willis. Last season, “12 […]
Life is indeed a game of inches, Krzysztof Kieslowski appears to be telling us in “Blind Chance.” The film, perhaps more descriptively titled “The Hand of Fate,” explores three possible outcomes of a young traveler’s attempts to catch a fast-moving train. Paranoia runs deep in this, among the most political of Kieslowski’s films. Made in […]
Three and a half decades on, “My Dinner With Andre” remains a succulent piece of filmmaking. The ultimate talkie has lost none of the charm, mystery and wisdom that turned it into an indie hit back in 1981. Somehow, the film about two intellectuals talking in a Manhattan restaurant became a cultural sensation — this […]
“The cycle is complete,” the not-so-great Calvaro says in Charles Chaplin’s “Limelight.” It was more than a line from a self-pitying clown. Chaplin’s 1952 film completes the circuit between the pure joyous comedy of his youth and the time-weary art of his advanced years. Chaplin, fully expecting “Limelight” to be his last film, made it […]
“I’ve led kind of an unusual life,” says Bob Weir, in a moment of understatement. “I’ve seen stuff that no one has seen,” the guitarist adds, bringing to mind that “Blade Runner” replicant in the rain. And yes, Weir says, quoting himself: “It’s been a long strange trip.” The rhythm guitarist for the Grateful Dead […]
“Satyricon” is advanced Fellini, a film seemingly made with little regard for its audience — going so far as to end mid-sentence to stress its fragmented nature. The idea was to “upset viewers,” says one expert on the film. Fellini, of course, succeeds at upending the cinema as few filmmakers could. Difficult and frustrating as […]