Hi Xbox fans! :) I'm the French solo developer of Demetrios (remember that silly adventure game also on Xbox?) Recently I've ported (and improved) the roguelite platformer "Xenon Valkyrie+" to consoles, which released today on Xbox One! I thought this was a good opportunity to do an Ask me anything :) Trailer : Store page : NB : The game was originally developed by Diabolical Mind (Daniel Fernandez, a Spanish solo developer) He's less fluent with English but feel free to ask him questions too and I'll post the reply :) submitted by /u/bretonf
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cant launch any of my digital games even tho my xbox is my home xbox.... edit: memberships just showed back up but still not letting me into my games EDIT: IM BACK IN!!!! submitted by /u/RuneSlayer4421
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Bought my XB1S last summer and came with these free codes. I have zero interest in the game and never redeemed the codes. Figured somebody on Reddit might find it useful. I’m giving it away, for free of course. All you have to do is comment with your top 3 favorite games of all time (regardless of platform). Within the next couple of hour/by the end of the day(I’m in the USA) I will randomly pick somebody and will notify you via replying to your comment and PM you the codes. Once a winner is picked, I will edit the original post with the winner as well so that everybody knows the giveaway is over. PLEASE respond to the comment reply/PM informing me that you got the codes. If not I’ll have to select another winner. What I’m giving away is: Minecraft Xbox One Edition. Which includes favorites pack + builders pack. Upvotes on the post would help for visibility so others have a chance to win Good luck! Edit: Thanks for the responses everybody. The giveaway is over. Fellow Redditor u/RaceCeeDeeCee is the winner. Congrats! submitted by /u/gamer087
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I don't usually like puzzle games, or more passive games with less action. I feel like one of the minority that didn't like Brothers too much (that's also on Game Pass). But RiMe was beautiful all the way through, and has become one of my favorite game experiences this year. The visuals really make you feel like you're in a children's book, which is cool, but the music and atmosphere also add some gravity and heartfelt emotion. The ending felt a little abrupt, but the journey there felt well worth the playthrough. It feels unique from any other game. I didn't expect a lot going in, but the world, puzzles and feels were really good. And if you're an achievement hunter, it should be an easy 1000 Gs. I don't think there's anything you can't get in one playthrough, as long as you use a guide for the missable ones. Or it seems you can go re-visit stages once you've finished the game. I played blind, got about half the achievements, and it took a little over 5 hours. submitted by /u/supeerlazy
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9.95 GB Patch downloading now. Version submitted by /u/WillMac67
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Newegg is offering Xbox Live 3 month codes for $12.99 if you use a promocode of EMCPRRP53. When redeeming the code on, it asks you if you want an extra month free for enabling Auto Renew. You can do this every time you input a code. So essentially, buy 3 of these codes for 12.99 each, ensure "auto renew" is enabled every time you input a code (it asks every time), and pocket the 3 extra months. You can disable autorenew immediately after and still keep the free months. Myself and others have confirmed this over at /r/gamedeals. Happy gaming! EDIT: I don't know if the auto renew option for an extra month is available when renewing through the console itself, but it does work on submitted by /u/NakedMuffinTime
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My Xbox One controller suffers from stick drift right out of the box. I'm thinking of sending it back to get a new one, but I'm not sure how bad mine actually is compared to others. It would be interesting to gather some numbers. If anyone has connected his controller to a PC, could you please go to and test your analog sticks? Look for the Axis 0-3 values. Tap each stick with your thumb a few times to make sure it's centered, then write down the highest value you get on each axis. My values are: Axis 0: 0.10 Axis 1: -0.01 Axis 2: 0.02 Axis 3: 0.11 A value of 0 would mean perfectly centered. A value of 0.1 or -0.1 means a drift of 10% in that direction, so you'd need to set a deadzone of at least 10% to avoid drift. My left stick constantly drifts to the right and the right stick to the bottom. For reference, my old Xbox 360 controller was a lot better. It only has a maximum of 0.03 in any direction. submitted by /u/asdf922
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tldr: Have multiple Xbox Ones and only the One X has lag spikes. Tested in various networking configurations and confirmed that this is an issue with the wireless adapter in the Xbox One X. I currently have an original Xbox One, an Xbox One S, and I recently purchased an Xbox One X. I have all three connected via an Apple AirPort Extreme wireless router. When I started using the One X in December, I immediately noticed that it would experience intermittent but consistent extreme lag spikes while playing Overwatch. My ping goes to 500+ for about 3-5 seconds and everything, except my character, would stop moving. When the lag subsided, I was usually dead and you could see that I was actually the one that stopped moving in the death cam view (the view from the player that killed me). The other two Xbox's in my household do not suffer from this issue. I can be playing with my son at the same time (we sit back to back) and my ping would skyrocket to 500+ while his would stay at 30-40. I have tried everything that I can think of - rebooting xboxes, modems, routers, firmware updates, changing from 2.4 Ghz to 5 Ghz, etc. Nothing changes the issue with the Xbox One X and neither of the other two consoles have this issue. I then ran an ethernet cord to the One X and the issue stopped occurring. I rant it this...