So if your an AV person and susceptible to judder you know how annoying it is to be forced to watch content at 60Hz and not at it's native 24Hz. While Blu-ray gets 24Hz support streaming apps don't and it was assumed this was a software limitation of UWP apps. Well credit to IGN who did some digging & turns out it wasn't, in fact UWP supports 24Hz switching just nobody ever bothered to enable it or even knew about it which tells you how apathetic developers are towards UWP. They even made a demo app to prove it works which I tested on my XB1X and indeed it auto switches refresh rate properly. Netflix have said they have no plans to support it. Of course other media platforms (AppleTV/Shield) do have streaming apps 24Hz switching so... on the one hand MS do in fact support all the necessary bits to make it happen but no-one cares it seems in pushing it. submitted by /u/coldtires
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Been an Xbox owner for around a decade. Just upgraded my Xbox one to the X. 200 mb download, literally never lagged in the last 5 years. Get my X hooked up in the exact same place as my original Xbox one, Rocket league and Cod are just pure lag fests. It's awful. Is this a known issue, what gives? It shows I'm 2 bar in cod, my Xbox is 15 ft from my Nighthawk router in an open room and I'm suddenly 2 bar on the X. What gives? 500$ I definitely expect more. Any help or advice is appreciated. submitted by /u/GraysonCRB
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Please DICE/EA! submitted by /u/TheHardGospel
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So i've recently picked up a used copy of Watch Dogs 2 and have been playing it for around a week now. Whilst playing it, i've encountered an unusual stutter (game would freeze, but the audio would have that glitchy stutter sound) in the game that would make my game freeze and turn off my console. The thing is, when it begins to stutter, i can still quit the game and go back to the xbox dashboard, but my console turns off a few seconds after i get onto the xbox dashboard. Anyone have similar issues? submitted by /u/RT1028
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So I was playing FM7 Multiplayer and suddenly got booted. No big deal. Then party chat disconnected. Now suddenly my NAT type is giving me a Teredo error which makes 0 sense because I have had no issue for years with my Xbox One. Now I can't do Jack. Yes I cleared the MAC Address. Yes I reset The Router. I even Factory Reset the Router. Yes I have troubleshooted every damn thing. Yes my ports are fine they have been since I got net. Running IPV4 as always. I literally don't know what to do. Please help. submitted by /u/MidwestJTK
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So everytime I submit a gamerpic it changes to the new one and then immediately changes back with the message "Don't worry, we still have your picture. You'll see it again once we verified it's OK.". So I did the logical thing and waited a couple of days and still it hasn't uploaded. I tried with a couple of gamerpics and it still isn't working. Can anybody help me with this issue? submitted by /u/vSemblance
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Every time the hour changes or the show becomes a new one it crashes and sends me to the home screen. Is there any way to fix this issue submitted by /u/mynameisrainer
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I tried looking through threads, but I could not find an answer. Has anyone found a fix for the lag spikes when using an Xbox One X over WiFi? I am beyond irritated with this thing. submitted by /u/scorpiones
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Just checked the Service Pages at Microsoft for something else and noticed that my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition has "lost" its warranty! Anyone else seeing this as well? submitted by /u/rosenkrieger360
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Seasons greetings Xbox fans! It's that time of the year again! For the FOURTH time running, we call upon you to unleash your inner fanboy as you vote for that one game you like in every single category it appears in (objectivity be damned), in order to help us decide what you want to be declared the 2017 Xbox One game of the year! The "official" awards have already come and gone - But remember that this is the organisation who never gave the greatest game of all time, Pool Nation FX, its due. This is the most important thing you will do all year. I guarantee it. Here are links to the previous years: 2014 - Sunset Overdrive 2015 - The Witcher 3 2016 - Overwatch How to vote for this year: Simple! - Just follow the link below, and fill out the survey to register your opinion. CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE /R/XBOXONE 2017 GOTY AWARDS Remember that we will be reading all the entrants in the "other" category, so those votes count too! Your opinion is the only valid one there is, and everyone else is wrong. We understand this, and will do our best to make sure the truth comes to light. submitted by /u/delicious_cheese
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