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If you think that raising your hand for tasks you’re not really into will pay off at some point in some way, think again.
When your father, who’s in his 60s, is engaged to a much-younger woman, it’s not crazy to be concerned. But things could also work out just fine.
Three-quarters of parents underestimated the total amount of sugar in common foods like juice, yogurt and pizza.
Turns out that in surfing, as in life, fear of falling can lead to more falls.
Far from seeming narcissistic, undertaking a self-obituary can be a form of summation and of caregiving for those who may be in need of direction after we are gone.
On this week’s podcast, the actress and comedian tells the story of a woman’s 2,650-mile road to recovery after her sexual assault.
Allow yourself to be transported to some of California’s most spectacular vistas and take a moment to meditate on the tranquil sights and sounds of nature in this 360-degree experience.
Men tend to get heart failure more often than women do, but women are more likely to die from the disease.
How ticks became the hottest topic of the summer.
The answer could depend on how we feel about stretching and what kind of exercise — and stretching — we intend to do.
What if we advised young people to check for nothing less than enthusiastic agreement from their sexual partners?
The size of the dose and weight of the patient may have significant effects on outcome.
A teenager in love worries that following her ambition and going long-distance will jeopardize her relationship.
Adolescents who got enough sleep had a lower risk of metabolic problems.
Suddenly at midlife, the gut instinct I had long relied on to make important life decisions left me. Here’s how I learned to get it back.
Cancer often can mean no more trips to the spa or five-star meals. That’s all changing, thanks to these resorts and the nonprofits that trained them.
The question of what you leave behind can be especially fraught for people who do not have heirs.
The F.D.A. announced that batches of a widely used generic drug, valsartan, made in China, might be tainted with a probable cancer-causing ingredient.
Many medical experts said that relapse is part of recovery and a symptom of disease, and shouldn’t be punished with jail. A court disagreed.
Advantages for children include being physically active, spending time in nature and getting away from screens. And fun.