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Mr. Holmes, a comedian, has a broad range of tastes, from his own painting of comic book reconciliation to a photograph of Joseph Campbell.
Late-night hosts discussed the most recent accusations against the Trump administration’s pick to lead the Veterans Affairs Department.
The 10-episode series “Cobra Kai,” debuting May 2 on YouTube Red, picks up the “Karate Kid” story more than three decades later. The grudges remain.
Priyanka Chopra returns to fighting baddies across the world in “Quantico.” And prep for “Infinity War” by watching “The Avengers.”
Ms. Markle, who is retiring from acting to become a full-time royal, was a subtly influential force on a pulpy legal drama that quietly had one of the most diverse casts on television.
The show crossed several Rubicons this week.
After 12 days of testimony, seven men and five women began considering whether Ms. Cosby is guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman.
The “Broad City” star tells the story of woman who is wooed by a bread maker.
From the first scene, Season 2 of Hulu’s Emmy-winning drama tests the limits of how much suffering its characters, and its audience, can take.
Mr. Azaria’s portrayal of Apu, the thickly accented convenience store owner on the show for nearly 30 years, has been called a racist stereotype.
Ms. Wolf, a comedian from the world of late-night TV, is honing her set for the White House Correspondents’ dinner and preparing a new Netflix series.
More than 15 years after he met the woman who would accuse him of sexual assault, Mr. Cosby again finds his fate in the hands of a Pennsylvania jury.
Jimmy Kimmel saw President Trump’s displays of affection for Emmanuel Macron as over the top, saying, “He gave him the full Stormy Daniels there.”
“The Handmaid’s Tale” returns to a bleak future. And Meghan Markle ties the knot on “Suits.”
Mr. Dorough worked with Miles Davis and many others, but he’s best known for his songs for the educational cartoon series “Schoolhouse Rock!”
Though it revels in the fast-paced seductions of the New York restaurant world, this new Starz show is a more of a slow-burn story.
Winners in the news, public service and radio/podcast categories were announced, and CBS’s “60 Minutes” is being honored with the Institutional Award.
The prosecution will present its closing arguments later Tuesday and are expected to focus on the women who say Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them too.
The prime-time host, who is the top ratings draw in cable news, has a longer leash than others at the network.
Mr. Corden said, “The boy is now fifth in line to the British throne — right behind Harry Styles.”