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The Competition and Markets Authority said the deal, announced in December 2016, was “not in the public interest” because of “media plurality concerns.”
Mr. Musk agreed to stay as chief executive for 10 years, with compensation tied to $50 billion leaps in Tesla’s valuation. Otherwise, he makes zero.
The trade pact’s future hangs in the balance. As negotiations begin this week, so do the futures of many products that we think of as quintessentially American.
Six weeks after firing the former congressman, Morgan Stanley said the dismissal wasn’t due to sexual misconduct. Mr. Ford had been a polarizing figure at the bank.
A weekend blizzard was still filling the mountain valley with more snow on Monday night as heads of state and C.E.O.s tried to gather for the World Economic Forum.
The company is being absorbed by Uber Eats, the restaurant delivery app operated by Uber.
The issue is taking on added urgency with new regulations to fight money laundering and foreign corruption set to take effect in May.
Officials appear to be warming to the idea of imposing the country’s first national tax on homes to cool a market subject to wild booms and busts.
The Trump administration said it would impose steep tariffs on imports, the first major step by the administration to erect the kind of barriers the president frequently threatened.
Prosecutors have charged five former KPMG employees and a former government accountant with plotting to help the auditing firm get a leg up in a regulatory review.
The order would forbid broadband providers with new or renewed state contracts to block or charge higher fees for faster delivery of websites.
How will President Trump’s protectionism go over at the elite World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which draws leaders who believe in globalism and free trade?
Energy and technology companies are advancing Monday as U.S. stocks continue to rise, and smaller companies are also making gains after the Senate reached a short-term deal to end the government shutdown. High-dividend stocks are also higher as bond yields decline, but industrial companies are falling. Yields had climbed to their highest level in more than three years last week.
As Facebook undergoes a renovation focused on improving its users’ well-being, the company could take inspiration from an app it already owns.
After years of delay, the Falcon Heavy — a beefed-up version of SpaceX’s workhorse Falcon 9 — could launch in the weeks ahead.
Marilyn Hartman has successfully sneaked onto three flights since 2014 and attempted to breach airport security at least a dozen times.
As the World Economic Forum convenes in Davos, the powerful are feeling optimistic because of waning worries about populism and global economic growth.
The surprise $3.4 billion offer from the Swiss conglomerate came nearly three years after Yoox and Net-a-Porter merged in an all-share deal.
He is a populist president, but if he attends the World Economic Forum (a big if, given the government shutdown), will he provoke division or stress unity?
The $11.6 billion deal for Bioverativ would bolster the French pharmaceutical giant’s portfolio as it faces falling sales for its diabetes drug, Lantus.