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Netflix has released the first two official photos from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and if these photos are any indication, it’s gonna be dark and lovely. Are you as excited as I am? The first photo gives us our first glimpse of Kiernan Shipka  as Sabrina Spellman. I’m loving the Little Red Riding Hood […]
Over the last two months, I have brought our readers a new series of articles, focusing on my dream casting if the Fool’s Gold book franchise by author Susan Mallery were ever to be made into a TV series. If you haven’t done so already, please check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this […]
Claws ended season 2 with a bang (Puns. Can’t stop, won’t stop), and it did not disappoint. With so many things up in the air, it was hard to imagine how it was all going to come together. The second half of the season dug deep into some of the characters, particularly Ann and Polly, […]
The power of Her Universe's fashion show is not just geekier fashion for all, but the idea of taking time to show your fannish pride.
On TAKE TWO this week, Sam takes a trip down memory lane when her and Eddie’s latest case involves the accidental death of ’90s sitcom star, Ava Day, who a 12-year-old Sam starred alongside in her acting debut. However the investigation reveals some dark truths that will have Sam re-evaluating her childhood memories. Here’s what we thought […]
Roz looks back at her love affair with The OC, just after the show turned fifteen.
As the proverb states, “still waters run deep.” Unfortunately for the small town of Millwood in the Canadian import Burden of Truth those still waters are actually horrible sludge-filled barrels which were dumped and buried underground in the field used by the high school girls’ soccer team. It would seem that Joanna and Billy have […]
Watching the season finale of The 100 on The CW last night was quite the emotional journey especially that surprising ending, but let’s first take a look at what lead to that unexpected final scene. The Battle for Shallow Valley There was a lot of blood and death in the aftermath of the battle for […]
One month from now the Paley Center for Media will hold its annual PaleyFest Fall TV Previews in both Los Angeles and New York. The ten-day festival to be held at the Beverly Hills location of the Paley Center will begin on September 6 and will run through September 16. The Los Angeles events will […]
Claws continued to build towards the season finale this week and everyone’s feeling the pressure. While the other gals get into wedding planning, Polly finds herself facing her past. While preparing for her fake wedding, Desna learns Ruval has a few more assets than she realized, and she wants it all. I think Zlata is […]
Catherine Bell and Cameron Mathison fall in love in Fiji during A SUMMER TO REMEMBER on The Hallmark Channel.
On Take Two this week, Sam and Eddie wake up in bed together, naked, with no memory of the previous night. Of course, they can’t help but wonder what did or didn’t happen. Roz’s Thoughts: The Good: Jewel Straite! I adore her so much so it was great to see her, even better to see […]
The second episode of Burden of Truth, the Canadian import airing on The CW this summer, aired on Wednesday finding Joanna Hanley still in her small hometown after proving that her firm’s big pharmaceutical client was not the cause of the mysterious illness afflicting a handful of teen girls from Millwood High School. In fact, […]
The first part of the season finale of The 100 aired last night on The CW, bringing to culmination the war for which Wonkru and the prisoners of the Eligius have been heading since Wonkru was rescued from their underground bunker by the miners. Shallow Valley has been the goal with both sides prepared for […]
Timeless is saved once again! Some details of the show’s two-hour finale were released today.
As we enter into the last month of summer very shortly – say it isn’t so?! – there are lots of great viewing options on TV in August. The following are my top choices for next month: SUMMER LOVIN’ As is tradition, the Hallmark Channel has its “Summer Nights” movies set to air throughout the […]
Desna is at a crossroads, but is she selling her soul too? Claws forced everyone to make hard decisions about where they stand and with whom. The crew has started a war and, with just two more episodes in the season, the battle lines are being drawn. The ladies are in panic mode when they […]
Mynda and Cay attended a taping of the Conan O'Brien show at San Diego Comic Con
Get your squee on Outlander Fans! Yes, we are suffering through another long Droughtlander until the show returns for its much anticipated fourth season on Starz, which will happen in November. Today, the first teaser trailer for that new season is now available. Enjoy it below:
On Take Two this week, a bounty hunter asked Eddie for help finding an escaped prisoner, but he was hesitant to work with her again due to their tumultuous past. Sam felt a strong connection to her and turned into her biggest fan. Meanwhile, Monica and Berto partnered up to help with the case. Roz’s […]