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It was one heck of a dramatic week in the ONE CHICAGO world this week! Read on to find out what went down with the leading ladies of CHICAGO MED, CHICAGO P.D. and CHICAGO FIRE… Sharon Goodwin: Following the incident that went down last week with Dr Reese, Goodwin ends up calling Dr Charles to her office for a status […]
We finally made it to the real Bad Place! Join us as we discuss this week’s episode of The Good Place, in which our heroes face their demons. Literally. First let’s talk about our heroes’ fake identities. Which was your favorite? Melissa: Tahani with her American accent and outstanding improv skills was my favorite. Why […]
Riverdale returned for the midseason premier last night, and though the shows typical high drama was somewhat subdued, there’s plenty for us to talk about. First, Southside High is closed, which means Jughead and some of the Serpents are at Riverdale High now. The Lodges are behind the shutdown of Southside High, and they’ve bribed […]
CW juggernaut Supernatural has been on the air for thirteen seasons, and as is the way of the show, characters come and go as needed. This season, the show’s been focusing on a few issues that are leading into a backdoor pilot, Wayward Sisters, which airs tonight at 8PM. The Wayward Sisters are women from […]
We discuss The X-FIles episode Plus One
This Is Us dealt with the aftermath of last week’s Pearson Family therapy session, finding your passion, understanding other’s pain, and an ugly cat named Clooney. Join Mel and Ange as they discuss this week’s episode. Melissa: That darn cat. They got me right from the beginning with the mangy, scrappy stray cat running around […]
This week the team heads to Colombia to deal with former FARC rebels who have taken a plane full of passengers hostage. With Patricia gone, Noah is in charge in DC and Hannah heads back into the field. Mari Diaz, a former FARC rebel, has taken a plane full of hostages and is demanding a […]
It was 20 years ago yesterday that the short-lived science-fiction TV series Prey debuted on ABC. The series starred then little known actress Debra Messing (of Will & Grace fame), who had starred in the comedy Ned and Stacey as well as the box office film A Walk in the Clouds prior to landing the […]
Victoria returned last night, just one month after the end of last season. As we ended that season, Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman) gave birth to her first daughter, and in the premiere we watch her adjust to motherhood. Let’s just say, it’s not an easy process for Queen Victoria. For one, her own mother is […]
Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams gives us an anthology of visions of the future that reflect on the present, and though not all episodes are equal in merit, overall it’s an impressive interpretation of Dick’s work. The anthology series Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams premiered on Amazon Prime on Friday (originally released in the UK […]
Riverdale returns on Wednesday, and there are a few things I expect to see in the second half of season two. After you read what I expect (and even hope for), let me know what you expect/hope to see in the second half of season 2. I was already excited for the return of Riverdale, […]
Two weeks into 2018 and we’ve got some pretty strong on-screen performances. Read on to find out which leading ladies wowed us this week… NOMINATED BY LEAH: NATACHA KARAM AS JAZ KHAN ON THE BRAVE Mine is Natacha Karam as Jaz on The Brave. She went through A LOT this week. Jaz was captured and tortured. […]
Join Nice Girls Roz, Leah, Rueben and Lisa as they discuss the Blindspot episode titled Hot Burning Flames. We find out what happened to Jane’s daughter and there was a lot of nail-biting action. Let’s dig in! Kurt shared with Jane how her daughter died and it was an accident on his part (as we […]
A new episode of season five of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aired on Friday, finding nearly all of the team being reunited and attempting to escape to the surface in order to find May. The official tagline for the episode entitled “Together or Not At All” is as follows: “Just as the team reunites, it […]
The ONE CHICAGO leading ladies were certainly taking charge this week and we approve! Read on to find out what went down with the women of CHICAGO MED, CHICAGO P.D. and CHICAGO FIRE this week… Sharon Goodwin: It’s all about budget cuts again this week for the ED Chief Administrator with head nurse Maggie pushing that they are understaffed and need […]
Having escaped Sean and the actual Bad Place in the last episode, our heroes are now faced with the task of getting to safety. Join us as we discuss this week’s episode of The Good Place. The humans are getting out of here! Michael has a plan, and a beautiful golden hot air balloon, to […]
The second episode of the new FOX drama 9-1-1 aired last night, focusing on people who – like the title states – “let go.” As the episode opened, we saw two guys waiting in line to ride a roller coaster at a state fair. One friend was very excited about the ride, but the other […]
We all knew it was coming. Brother against brother,  lover versus lover. The conflict between Viking factions is finally here. Choices were made and words were spoken in tonight’s episode of Vikings that could never be undone. Amidst the turmoil there were three shocking moments that stood out. Astrid’s Proclamation During the attempted last ditch […]
We discuss the first two episodes of season 11 of The X-FIles
When we last saw The Big Three on NBC’s This Is Us, each were going through a rough time – Kate had just miscarried, Randall reluctantly said goodbye to Deja as her mother returned for her, and Kevin continued to spiral and make bad choices which resulted in him getting pulled over for a DUI while […]