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Let’s get one thing straight. Crazy Rich Asians is not an Asian romantic comedy. It’s a romantic comedy that happens to star Asians. That may sound like a distinction without a difference, but it’s a vitally important aspect to consider when watching this film.

I won’t be the first to remind people that Crazy Rich Asians is the first major Hollywood film since The Joy Luck Club to stars a primarily Asian-American cast. Nor will I be the first to mention the immense pressure that the film is under to be a box office success. The cultural significance of this film far outweighs most movies in a genre that gets the dismissive nickname of “rom-com.” Asians across the United States have rallied around the #goldopen hashtag, buying out theaters and watching the film multiple times in the hopes that a big box office result will lead to more Asian-American stories in Hollywood.

But no amount of Asian solidarity would be enough to save a film if it isn’t actually good. Which is why I am thrilled that Crazy Rich Asians is not only good, but the new gold standard for modern romantic comedies.

Directed by Jon M. Chu (Now You See Me 2) and based on Kevin Kwan’s international bestselling book of the same name, Crazy Rich Asians follows the story of an NYU professor, Rachel Chu (a...

Pure action films are a dime-a-dozen in this day and age. Now, Hollywood’s version of an action film is a superhero film… Not that we’re complaining. However, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a pure balls-to-the-wall type of action film. Enter Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg. Their latest film, Mile 22, marks the return of this particular type of action film. But does Mile 22 mark the triumphant return of the subgenre?

When it comes to the action, the film delivers on all fronts. It’s a film that’s chock full of action and excitement. However, the film doesn’t provide anything else but action and excitement.

Mile 22 follows an elite American intelligence officer, James Silva. While in Asia, a mysterious police officer has vital information that could save hundreds of millions of people. Now, Silva and his top-secret tactical command unit must smuggle the officer out of the country while a corrupt government is set to take him down.

Although Peter Berg has been on a tear as a filmmaker lately, those films were based on real-life events. Mile 22 is not. As a result, Berg seems to revert back to some of his bad habits. There’s an ADHD quality to the editing of the...

There have been so many films about the relationship between man and dogs for many years now. Some films depict the dogs being friendly to humans, like Lassie or Benji. Then there are times where the dogs are vicious to humans, like Cujo. However, not many films have covered the origin story about this sacred relationship. This is the premise of Albert Hughes’ latest film, Alpha. But does Alpha tell a good story about the first meeting between humans and dogs?

Although Alpha could easily be another heartwarming tale about humans and dogs, ultimately, it is not. It’s essentially a film that is more style than substance.

Alpha follows Keda, the son of a tribal chief. When the tribes goes off on a hunting mission, Keda is seriously injured and thought to be dead. However, Keda survives and goes on an incredible journey to make it back home while discovering the friendship between man and dog along the way.

One of the best things about Alpha is in its stunning visuals. Which isn’t a surprise since director Albert Hughes is no stranger to stylistic visuals. In fact, that’s his greatest strength. But Hughes seemingly takes great inspiration from two particular films: 300 and Terrence Malick’s Voyage of Time. 300‘s cinematic use...

We live in a time where social media is the enemy for those not wanting to be spoiled when it comes to their favorite TV shows and movies. Many people have avoided going online when Avengers: Infinity War came out for fear of spoilers. The same goes for those watching Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead as they air. Well, Steven Parker, the creator of Game of Thrones: The Musical, has an answer for those who enjoy spoiling things right away – and that’s to spoil everything. The music video is being released by a new company called Fun Serious, and it plans to create hilarious music videos inspired by popular TV shows and films.

Anyway, check out “Spoiler Alert!” below:

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NBA 2K19 is coming next month, and rapper Travis Scott has revealed on his Instagram that he’s the executive producer while also being the curator for the basketball game’s soundtrack. It will include songs from his new album Astroworld along with other songs by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B, Migos, Fall Out Boy, Alison Wonderland, Keys N Krates, Marshmello, GTA, Partynextdoor and more.

You can listen to the NBA 2K19 soundtrack on Spotify below.

There’s a saying that music is the food of the soul, and it’s interesting to see what feeds Scott’s soul with his picks. Aside from hip hop music, he also includes EDM songs from Marshmello and Alison Wonderland, and rock music from Black Veil Brides, Fall Out Boy and Ball Park Music.

“This is an honor. I always like the chance to curate music to fit a lifestyle and 2K is definitely a lifestyle.” – Travis Scott

NBA 2K19 will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 11, 2018.

Check out the video below where Lebron James interviews Travis Scott about his role in the game.

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2018 has been a very good year for romantic comedies. So far, we’ve had Set It Up, Crazy Rich Asians, and Love, Simon, just to name a few. But Nick Hornby is a man whose book adaptations are a welcome sight to those who love romantic comedies. Fever Pitch and High Fidelity are key examples of some of his best work. Although Juliet, Naked isn’t as good as the other cult classic films, it’s still a charming and hilarious romantic film.

Juliet, Naked follows Duncan and Annie, a couple who have been together for many years. However, Duncan has another love in his life: Tucker Crowe. His obsession with Tucker leads to a series of events where Annie meets Tucker and begins to fall in love with him.

When it comes to a film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s work, you know what you’re going to get. Basically a sweet and heartwarming film. Now, the latest adaptation is no different. There’s just something inherently sweet about Juliet, Naked. Much of that is due to the character development of the two main characters.

These characters have layers and a ton of issues. After all, nothing says “I have issues” than a drug-using aging...

Sona is an upcoming sci-fi series from creator Ashley Clements (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries), who will also be starring as Lieutenant Belyn Sona. The scripted drama is set in the future and follows a United Earth Space Corps officer who has an alien husband. The problem is that Earth doesn’t want aliens around anymore. The series is acquired by Geek & Sundry, and it will be airing on Alpha, Legendary’s streaming service, next week.

Check out the trailer below:

Synopsis: SONA’s eponymous protagonist is Lieutenant Belyn Sona, a United Earth Space Corps officer in a future in which aliens are no longer welcome on Earth, including her husband. The story finds our heroine trapped in a malfunctioning escape pod, uncovering through flashback the events and decisions that led to her isolation. This survival tale features a dramatic tour de force as we examine her psychological struggle against themes of mental health, immigration and betrayal.

The series started out as an indie project where the team turned to Kickstarter to help with the rest of the funds. The space shuttle set was handcrafted by Clements with help from director and co-star Brendan Bradley in her one-bedroom apartment. The crowdfunding project reached its goal in less than 4 hours, and it helped the duo with visual effects, sound design and original music.

“The experience of SONA, both...

At the end of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, the Discovery was hailed by the U.S.S. Enterprise with Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) at the helm. If you know Star Trek canon, you know that Spock was an officer on Pike’s ship. Ethan Peck, the grandson of the legendary actor Gregory Peck, has been tapped to play Spock this season.

This season will have the Discovery and the Enterprise working together. Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), foster sister to Spock, will also be on a quest to find Spock. In the trailer, we find out that Spock is not on the Enterprise. Pike tells Burnham in a voiceover, “He took leave. It’s as if he’d run into a question he couldn’t answer.” If this is giving you ‘The Search for Spock’ vibes, don’t worry. He’s very much alive and stays alive.

CBS All-Access released a statement from executive producer Alex Kurtzman regarding the casting:

Through 52 years of television and film, a parallel universe and a mirror universe, Mr. Spock remains the only member of the original bridge crew to span every era of Star Trek. The great Leonard Nimoy, then the brilliant Zachary Quinto, brought incomparable humanity to a character forever torn between logic and emotion. We searched for months for an actor who would, like them, bring his own interpretation to the role. An actor who would, like them, effortlessly...

For many kids out there, today marks the end of summer, as they pack up their backpacks and head back to school. For the last couple of months, kids across the country felt the privilege of waking up late into the afternoon and filling their days of nonstop video games and TV shows. Kids are going to be looking towards another long school year, and for some, it’s going to be hard to adjust back into that mode of homework and studying. Luckily enough, the folks over at VRV have compiled a list of some school themed TV shows that can help kids ease back into the mindset of higher education.

VRV is an online streaming service, created by the same company that brought us Crunchyroll. The show’s they’ve curated range from Anime to horror and even some drama. Check out the list below:

The Substitute – Sixth grade has a new substitute teacher, and she is not the substitute they are used to. Apparently, she can read the children’s minds, and when she is alone with the pupils in the class, she is downright malicious. The children immediately make a complaint about her, but she succeeds in convincing the parents that she is fantastic – though the class claims that she is an...

Netflix has revealed two photos from its upcoming series titled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina featuring everyone’s favorite teenage witch, Sabrina. Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is writing the series, and if you’re familiar with Riverdale, then be prepared for Archie characters becoming gloomy and edgy. It will be a dark coming-of-age story following Sabrina the Teenage Witch as she deals with horror, the occult and witchcraft. The tone is described to be similar to Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist, and Sabrina will be struggling with her being half-witch and half-mortal.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was made popular by the live-action series in the ’90s starring Melissa Joan Hart. It was a sitcom that aired during T.G.I.F. that followed the teenage witch as she deals with high school drama and being half-witch. It even spawned a made-for-TV movie.

Aguirre-Sacasa has been known to change the tone of the Archie comic books with Riverdale, a live-action series on The CW where Archie Andrews and the gang are dealing with a murder mystery. With him behind Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, don’t expect the happier tone from the ’90s show. (See the opening above for an example of the tonal shift.) The photos released is...

Going into episode 3, The Council has a lot to lose. Firstly it has to continue its strong story, then it has to keep the gameplay just as engaging as the previous two episodes. Needless to say, the game does this impressively. By avoiding the pitfalls of the third episode lull, the game not only manages to stay entertaining but pull off a huge twist.

The Story So Far

Episode 1 does a fantastic job of setting up the plot. Louis de Richet comes to the island of an eccentric philanthropist, Lord Mortimer, in search of his mother. He is introduced to a large cast of characters, all of whom are based on important historical figures. From George Washington to Napoleon Bonaparte, you can feel a sort of awe from interacting with them. As the story progresses, new mysteries unfold, and more people are added to the cast. For instance, in the first episode, Louis meets Elizabeth Adams, daughter of Vice President John Adams. The game doesn’t shy away from allowing you to be in control of the story either. While there are two major outcomes for each episode, the game still lets you know the various paths it can take. In my case, the first episode ends with Elizabeth Adams being murdered.

Then episode 2 begins with Louis investigating her murder. As he questions the other guests on the island, the mystery of...

Fear the Walking Dead had a big presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 including a press conference. The talent included showrunner Andrew Chambliss, writer Ian Goldberg, AMC’s chief content officer Scott Gimple, and cast members such as Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Lennie James, Maggie Grace, Garret Dillahunt, and Jenna Elfman.

One of the first questions was asking, “What was it like to join the show as a newcomer?”

“Like moving into a new neighborhood. It was so warm and friendly when they went out of their way for us. And I will say a little shocking when we lost cast members very soon thereafter. I had no idea. But yeah it couldn’t have been greater for the cast and crew welcoming us, including the fans too.” – Maggie Grace

“Yeah, it was great. It’s not the first show I’ve joined mid-process. It’s the best introduction I’ve ever had, and I’m having a blast.” – Garrett Dillahunt

“I’m honored that I was given this opportunity. It’s been a big learning curve for me, just in the mythology, and learning it and understanding it. It was really important to me to make sure I understood it. Just artistically it’s been really stimulating and a really great adventure. I am really excited for everyone to see the second half.” – Jenna Elfman

What is the theme of this coming season?

“I think there’s a few....

By Amy Nunag

Freshly cast in Batwoman, Ruby Rose, is quitting Twitter amidst increasing fan backlash

Mere days after her casting as CW’s Kate Kane, Ruby Rose has announced (in a post that is no longer available) that she is quitting Twitter, due to increased backlash from fans. The 32-year old, Orange is the New Black star was ecstatic at being accepted into the television DCU (Dc universe). Congratulatory Tweets from Stephen Amell, Laverne Cox, Janelle Monae, and Mariah Carey came rushing in as quickly as the tweets of distain.

Sadly, fans griped of the CW not casting “an openly gay actress.” Others shared their displeasure with the lack of Jewish representation, or...

Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV) and his team set out to create an immersive theatre experience that started with The Tension Experience. Their goal was to make the guest the main star of an immersive and interactive play, where no two experiences are the same. The show then continued with The Lust Experience, but the team is breaking away from that this October and is going for a standalone show called Theatre Macabre. Bousman and co-writer Clint Sears chat with Nerd Reactor to explain why it’s going to be a standalone show with no ARG elements, what their plans are, and what emotions they’ll try to bring out of their guests.

Nerd Reactor: With Theatre Macabre, will this continue the story from The Tension and Lust Experience?

Clint Sears: This is going to be a standalone event all by itself. There’s not going to be any ARG elements. We want people to come in and feel like they’re in a different place and a whole different setting. That is important for us.

When you say “No ARG,” this isn’t a trick, is it?

Clint Sears: I know we always do that, right? Who knows what might wind up happening, but that is the plan right now. It is completely self-contained for those hours that you’re under our roof. There’s a couple of different reasons, but the main thing is that...

Magic: the Gathering has come a long way, from its humble beginnings back in 1993, to becoming the world’s most played trading card game. Fans from around the world have made this game a staple part of their tabletop game nights, myself included. We got a chance to reconnect with Mark Rosewater, Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering, to talk about what the future holds for the outstanding trading card game!

Nerd Reactor: How are you? Are you having a good (Comic) Con?

Mark Rosewater: I’m doing good! I always have a good Con! San Diego Comic Con is fun!

NR: Obviously, there’s been a lot of change in the last couple of years. 

MR: Yeah.

NR: You went from your most typical mechanics that have been the game’s mainstays, to ramping things up with mechanics like vehicles and ascend. And now there’s pirates and dinosaurs in the game! How do you feel about the shift in the direction Magic (:the Gathering) is going?

MR: Well, I think Magic is always reinventing itself. That’s normal. The biggest change, really, is behind the scenes in how we make the sets. Every set is going to have new things, they’ll do things we’ve never done before. Some of it sticks around, and some of it comes and goes.


Hey, Reactorites! We’re back with another escape room review, and this time we went back to LA Dragon Studios in Van Nuys, CA, to try out their new Hydra Squad VR experience. We have been to this location before and enjoyed the Knights of the Round Table escape room, so we were excited to see what they had in store for us, especially since this was our very first VR Escape Room experience. During our visit, we were able to try one of the two VR escape room games, Depths of the Osiris, as well as one of their haunted VR experience, Hospital of Horror.

Depths of Osiris

Depths of Osiris is an underwater escape room adventure where you and three teammates solve puzzles to uncover a hidden treasure. Using the Vive Pro, each person wears a portable laptop backpack, so we don’t get caught up in all the wires that are normally synonymous with VR headsets. If you’re like me and you wear glasses, fear not. The googles easily fit over your glasses, and you can adjust the headband so it’s not too tight.

Once the game started, it was a little disorienting at first. One of...

Photo: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images for Taco Bell

During San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Taco Bell held a pop-up restaurant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Demolition Man. The pop-up invited fans to enter the film’s version of Taco Bell, a futuristic world where the restaurant won the Franchise Wars, essentially turning all restaurants into Taco Bell. Imagine going to the taco fast food chain and experiencing fine dining. And at the pop-up restaurant, fans were able to do just that.

As a fan of the film (my nickname is John Spartan, after all), I was pretty stoked to enter a Taco Bell that offered a four-course meal. The two-story restaurant looked futuristic with a robot moving around to help the waiters. The color purple spread across the establishment with the Taco Bell logo glowing at the very center. The top floor had a pianist playing and singing classic tunes, which got all the patrons excited and joining along. When he took a break, songs like “Particle Man” by They May Be Giants can be heard in the background.

The bar held drinks inspired by the film including the San Angeles (tangerine juice, agave nectar syrup, triple sec, fresh lime, and club soda) and Mellow Greetings (hibiscus, blackberry shrub, fresh...

PlayStation 4 users who pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 had the chance to play the Multiplayer Private Beta this past weekend. And starting this weekend, the Private Beta going to open up to PS4, Xbox One and PC users.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Private Beta will start at 10 a.m. P.T. on Friday. It will end on August 13th.

For the PC, the 10th will be available for those who have pre-ordered. However, Activision will open up the Beta for all from the 11th until 10 a.m. PT on August 13.

The different multiplayer modes include the classic Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, Control, Domination, and Kill Confirmed. Players will get to choose and customize different classes, which opens up at level 5.

And there will be 10 specialists available including Ajax with his Ballistic Shield, Battery and her grenade launcher, Crash with the health boost, Firebreak with the flamethrower, Nomad with the attack dog, Prophet and the tactical rifle, Recon with the Vision Pulse, Ruin and the Grav Slam, Seraph and her deadly revolver, and Torque with the Barricade.

Also, if you want to play the Blackout Beta, Call of Duty’s own...

Fortnite, the popular battle royale video game from Epic Games, is launching this week for Android users. However, if you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you will get a chance to play the game today.

If you have the following Samsung devices, you can get into the action right now:

Samsung Galaxy: S7 / S7 Edge, S8 / S8+, S9 / S9+, Note 8, Note 9, Tab S3, Tab S4

And there’s a new Galaxy outfit for those who have the new Samsung Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4.

To play the game, visit and start downloading. And if you don’t have a Samsung device, you can sign up to join the invite list. Access for other devices will roll out in the next few days in waves, with instructions being sent out.

Here’s the list of other devices that will be able to play Fortnite Beta:

Google: Pixel / Pixel XL, Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
Asus: ROG Phone, Zenfone 4 Pro, 5Z, V
Essential: PH-1
Huawei: Honor 10, Honor Play, Mate 10 / Pro, Mate RS, Nova 3, P20 / Pro, V10
LG: G5, G6, G7 ThinQ, V20, V30 / V30+
Nokia: 8
OnePlus: 5 / 5T, 6
Razer: Phone
Xiaomi: Blackshark, Mi 5...

Prison is not a place you should end up in at any point in your life. It’s an incredible rule to try and follow. Yet if you should ever go to prison then try not to do it in a foreign land. The results are never pretty. Unfortunately, Billy Moore didn’t listen to this life lesson and ended up at a Thai prison. Afterward, Moore wrote a memoir of his brutal time in prison which eventually became an international bestseller. Now, that memoir is now a feature film.

Unfortunately, A Prayer Before Dawn is a film that’s not for everyone. It’s definitely a film for patient viewers.

A Prayer Before Dawn follows Billy Moore, a drug user that is sent to prison in Thailand. As things begin to look dire, Moore begins to find new life through kickboxing. Now, he must fight in Muay Thai tournaments in order to earn his freedom.

Easily the biggest problem with A Prayer Before Dawn is its incredibly slow pacing. The film moves at a snail’s pace before it gets to the kickboxing portion of the film. Not to mention, there is very little dialogue and zero music to grab your attention. It’s a...