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Elina delivers a solid power piano ballad with a distinctive sound. The Swedish singer-songwriter who has written for artists like Zara Larsson and Astrid S. says her new song Wild Enough centers around self doubt; “It’s ironic that a song about self-doubt is the reason I stopped doubting myself”. Although an experienced songwriter, nevertheless a new artist, she’s been already nominated at this year’s Denniz Pop Awards, as ‘Rookie Artist/Band of the Year’.

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Axel Mansoor releases Father Time, the first single off the acoustic EP Somerset.  The EP which has a classic sound was recorded in his bedroom studio with a $150 USB microphone and a DI for the guitar. Mansoor quietly made his debut in 2017 with the debut track Wasted My Love which eventually clocked over a million streams. With tracks like Out of My Head,  I would place Mansoor in the genre blending category. Like Ed Sheeran, he could walk the path as a mainstream misfit. Give it a stream!,

Good sounds coming from Northwestern Europe. The popular Norwegian producer ÅSN who has worked with artists such as Hanne Mjøen has teamed up with emerging singer Inga for the electro-pop track “Glass”. The fun upbeat track is about longing back to a time where things were less complicated, reflecting over how a love-struck a couple can be replaced by annoyance over small trifles in everyday life. Give it a stream!

ELA Lindsey reveals her indie purism in both of her recently released debut tracks  YCLMI and Healing Me Slow. Moving from Florida to Nashville was when the singer-songwriter began rooting herself in the music scene.  With any true indie artist, both tracks are melancholic and reflective in nature.  ELA notes “I didn’t realize it at the time I wrote it, but ‘Healing Me Slow’ pretty much sums up my life”. Because I had a traumatic childhood, and I’m human, I spent many years closed off, bitter, and hurt. I had to learn to open up, pursue healing for myself, and forgive. Check out it out!

California based singer-songwriter Denny White recently released the track Alone With You. Is it Dream Pop, Synthpop, Pop/Rock, Modern Rock, EDM? I don’t know. This is a record labels dream though. It’s faceless music that could find itself on any Spotify’s popular playlist. But if the music seems almost perfect, it’s because Denny White has been called to collaborate with heavyweights like The Fray, EDM producer Tiësto and OneRepublic’s Brent Kutzle. Check it out.

Canadian born singer-songwriter Susie Yankou also known as BARKLEY recently dropped the new track 3AM along with a music video. The LA/Toronto based singer cites electro pop artists Lorde, Charli XCX, and Tove Lo as influences. Featured on a flurry of tastemakers, ‘3AM‘ is a well crafted pop anthem that everybody can relate to. With lyrics like ‘Why you always chatty when it’s 4am? Thought that it was time to go, Barkley explains “You roll your eyes when they hit you up every Friday night, but you know you’ll probably have a magical time, until it’s over and they ignore you for another 6 days.” Check out the track.

Mavenne releases the catchy single Beating Drum. Although her debut track is very commercial, the 16 year old songwriter and producer likes to consider herself more electro-pop and alternative. If you think about it, dream pop which came out of the 80’s, has rarely birthed mega HITS and big stars with the exception of artists like Lana Del Rey. Why? Maybe because the songs are a bit depressing and the lyrics are existential. That’s why Mavenne could take it to the next level. Simply, the Ohio native is creating radio-worthy dream pop that has big choruses and hooks. Additionally, she plans to roll out more tracks in the coming months.

KROWNS releases the debut single High While The World Ends. The track is a nice blend of alternative and electronic borrowing from the hit ingredients that made Twenty One Pilots successful. And it sounds like a SMASH! The alternative three-piece from Canada sound like a mature outfit probably due to the production that was helmed by the seasoned Stephen Kozmeniuk (Nicki Minaj,Kendrick Lamar) and Todd Clark (Phillip Phillips). Check it out!,

Wander Marchal releases her debut single Sacred.  It’s definitely a great introduction and refreshing. The vintage soul track is not overly-produced and is laced with horns and a electric guitar. This track is all about the vocal, and it’s stellar. Marchal isn’t just revealing her singing chops but she is bearing her soul the minute the song opens.  Marchal notes, “Sacred is about lost hope in a deteriorating un-holy relationship. That moment when boundaries of trust and respect no longer exist. My ex and I devolved into an emotional free-for-all, as we began to hurt each other in ways we never expected. Through our downfall, we uncovered the ugliest parts of ourselves.” Check it out!

Nashville indie act Birdtalker appears to be an artist on the rise. Their track Heavy that came off their first full length clocked over 22 millions streams without any major music label support. Now, they just released a new track Outside The Lines that has timeless melancholic melodies reminiscent to Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence, but lyrically more thought provoking.  I think the ‘The Sound Of Silence’ appealed to the masses because of the hooky melody coupled with simplicity of words. With Birdtalker, you may need to pick up college reading material.  I do think this band could achieve wider appeal, but the preachy-sophisticated topics could keep them in the same circle of songwriters. The band just wrapped up performances in Brooklyn, NY at Rough Trade and Nashville’s The Basement East.,

Christian Navarro known for his acting in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why teams up with NJ based singer-songwriter Evangelia.  Together they wrote a contemporary pop folk  song Hello Again inspired by the series itself. Evangelia notes, “I grabbed my guitar while we were on FaceTime and started playing some chords. I wanted to create something with Christian to help him get into his character’s headspace before filming. We talked about the core emotions of his character and then started writing lines that reflected that. Before we knew it we had a melody too”. Check out the music video that already has 10k YouTube views.  It would be interesting to see if this duo releases more tracks in the future because they may have found chemistry.

We first featured Grace Ackerman when she released her debut single “Feels Like Home” in 2017.  Now, the upcoming pop artist just released a music video for the track new track Faith.  It’s not your typical pop track.  Think indie pop meets art rock, reminiscent of Florence + The Machine.  Ackerman has already garnered support from tastemakers at BBC introducing, BBC R1 and R1Xtra.  Moreover, she was the former lead singer of UK popular 4 piece Chasing Grace.

Up and coming pop singer Cammi Summer releases her debut track Stranger which is about love gone cold. Originally from Argentina, but now based in Atlanta, she lists Demi, Avril, and Ariana as influences.  Breaking in the pop market has challenges, but after talking with Cammi, she is determined. In her Instagram bio she quotes “If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” With a growing presence on Instagram, she also has several covers on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views and a cheesy vocal-only video covering Selena Gomez ‘Wolves’ with 19 million views. Cammi tells us that a new single will drop shortly.

Blake Banks releases the new single, “No Chaser”. Over the last couple years the Rockford, Illinois native has caught the attention of Post Malone and Famous Dex, creating his underground buzz in Los Angeles. The dark melodic trap-style banger follows suit with the rest of Banks’ catalog produced by his in house production team, The Ambulance Factory. Banks will release the EP Risky Business at the end of the Summer.

Kings favorite California indie act Sleeplust release the new track Unfiltered.  Continuing down the path of writing and releasing radio worthy tracks, the band explores a new lyrical theme dealing with complications of social media.   The band notes, “Unfiltered is about how we only show people our highlight reels through social media. Digging deep and really getting to know someone, beyond all of the shimmery parts, builds a concrete foundation and enriches the lives of both parties. It’s an anthem screaming that it’s okay to open up and show more of what’s really going on because everyone is way more similar than they think and they aren’t alone. Connect in the flesh and swap battle stories while showcasing your scars”. Having their tracks on MTV’s Teen Mom or MTV’s Real World and Road Rules, they’ve also been featured on Billboard, Vents Mag, and Unclear Mag. You can check them out June 26th at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles.

Singer-songwriter, Kellie Anne releases her debut, electro-pop single ‘Not The Girl’. The 15 year old, Canadian artist, living in NJ notes, “The uptempo electro track is about empowering people to stand up for themselves against bullies and to believe in themselves.” Influenced by Sia and inspired by Ed Sheeran, the pop songstress has achieved a popular social media following with her covers, photos, and videos. Additionally, she participated in ‘The Voice Kids’ Canada in 2016, performed the National Anthem for Canadian Embassy’s and US veteran events, has been featured in ‘The National’ UAE, musicmoneypr,,, and unsigned hype. Having just wrapped up performing at the Jersey Shore Music Festival, she plans to continue performing and rolling out several new tracks in the coming months.

Up and coming singer-songwriter Chelsea Gilliland releases All Night. Originally from San Francisco, but now based in Nashville, she has written thousands of songs and released five albums. In 2017, she won the John Lennon Songwriting Award for her debut pop song “Fire.” Is Gilliland an artist? Not sure about that, but she is definitely a songwriter.

Having just performed at The Great Escape Libby Whitehouse is back with a new track Cut It Off. The 18 year old released three tracks in 2017, landed on the Spotify UK Viral Chart,  and was the most streamed artist in Brighton. She’s been compared to Dua Lipa meets Zara Larsson and I think that’s pretty accurate. Check out the latest track.

Corbin Edwin releases the electro-acoustic rock track Take Me. Reminiscent of the nineties radio rock, his debut single ‘Take Me’ is a recount and conversation with his love trying to appeal to a sense of melancholy from the good times in their past but after hearing his second single ‘Perfect Now’ it clearly didn’t work.  He calls his genre Indy-Synth Folk-Pop which is confusing but actually pretty accurate and he says his writing style mimics the male club-winged manakin… because he’s a sarcastic jackhole. With a whopping 28 monthly listeners on Spotify I’m sure he does birthday parties but to be fair, his promo photo is kinda cool.

The indie rock trio We Are Funhouse release the radio worthy track Vibrations. This could be an indie rock smash and the indie rock world needs this, especially this time when all eyes and ears are on R&B/hip hop. The previous track Way 2 Long was premiered through New Noise Mag and will be in full rotation throughout Journey’s stores nationwide in July 2018.  They’ll headline Space Jam Music Fest in WV on 6/30.