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It is my firm belief that there will be a dating simulation game for everything imaginable one day. Today, Otters have been added to that list with the creation of Otter Of My Life. Taking place in a high school setting, you'll be able to attend certain classes that suit your interests while forging friendships with lovable otters with intricate lives.

You're late for school and you've got a big choice ahead. What program do you want to enter? In Hikori High School, you'll have the option of art, music, theatre, media, or dance. Try not to get overwhelmed and choose which interests you the most, at least for your first playthrough. More interestingly, there are five otter teens to meet, each with their own quirks, hobbies, and love interests.

With 6 endings to discover based on the level of friendship with the otters, you'll have to go through more than once to get your fill and learn all about this charming cast of cute animals.

You can check out Otter Of My Life on here. You can also follow the developers on Twitter here!

Kabounce will have you pinging all over a map of bumpers and flippers, bouncing off of every surface as fast as you can in order to shift the objects in the field to your color by smashing into them, and keeping your opponents from doing the same by smashing into them.

Up to four players can locally hammer into one another, or eight players online, all joining in on some high speed rolling at once. You can whip around the field, guiding your ball as they build up speed and try to strike various targets all over the course. Hitting something changes it to your team's color, and this also works on something your opponent has already hit, so you'll want to get in the last blow on every one of the bumpers and other objects on the course. With some handy powers and other useful abilities, you can hopefully knock your opponents out of the way while you're at it, taking over these futuristic pinball tables by force.

Not all ball will look the same, as you can unlock many, many customization options for your spherical character, giving them shades, floaties, and other silly decorations. You can then have these creations battle your friends and online foes, or tackle the game's time attack mode, working through complicated courses. Feel free to join friends...

Calling all adventurers in seek of their next big challenge, Incredible Mandy wants you to brave its puzzle and boss gauntlets! With eight levels to prove both brain and brawn, players will be tested with all manner of challenges across varied, colorful worlds. After all, when it comes to saving someone, it's usually not easy, and Incredible Mandy is full of hurdles to overcome to save the one you care for.

In this brightly-colored sci-fi world, you play a young man who wants to save his sister. The only problem? He must overcome some really bad dreams to do it, each with their own set of puzzles and foes. Luckily, the dream worlds have given him a fair fight and you'll be able to defend yourself with a bright sword of light. You're going to need it against some of the large bosses that appear at the end of each dream, too, facing all manner of monstrous plants, laser-shooting machines, and other irate wildlife.

Can you best the 8 dreams and save your sister, or will you just be (oddly) daydreaming about your own clumsy demise?

You can find Incredible Mandy on here. You can also check out the developer's Discord server!

Ever catch yourself humming along to the background music of your favorite game? One Hand Clapping would love to put your voice to use! Using your microphone and headphones, sing away to the world of One Hand Clapping and watch as it changes to reflect your song.

One Hand Clapping is all about sound and how a simple hum could brighten up your day, having you sing along with characters in the game to overcome danger, make friends, or reshape the world around you. In the hostile city, you'll have to prove yourself with your melody by hitting cues and not getting too microphone shy. If you're not too inclined to sing your heart out, you're welcome to hum or whistle, too. Any little musical note will change the world around you for the better.

If you want to enjoy a soft-hearted musical journey, or if you just want to relive your RockBand glory days, try One Hand Clapping.

You can check out One Hand Clapping on here! You can also follow future developments on Twitter and Facebook!

Adrian takes players into the trenches of World War One, tasking them with delivering a message to Colonel Coreau after communication has been cut off due to German shelling. While doing so, players can talk to the soldiers who've been trapped in this cruel stalemate for years, learning about the experiences they've had as they sit in perpetual fear, anger, and sorrow.

Adrian lets players deliver their message through the gloomy, foggy trenches, stopping to talk to the faceless soldiers about their experiences as they make their journey. In doing so, they can learn about their personalities and feelings surrounding their lives, getting to know the people who might never make it home as they wait, constantly on edge, for an enemy push into the tiny hole in the dirt that has been their home for years.

Showcasing the people affected by the horrors of this particular war, Adrian looks to capture the humanity in war time, and the incredible mental cost paid by those who have to live in constant fear that their lives are about to end.

Adrian is available for whatever you wish to pay on For more information on the game and developer barta, you can follow them on

Overwhelm's goal is right there in the title. At a glance, it has all the trappings of a pixel-art action-platformer, but playing Overwhelm is a different story. From the game design to the sound, its sole purposes is to overwhelm the player through tense gameplay, limited resources, limited lives, atmospheric audio, and aggressive foes. It's a action platformer about making you feel like you're fighting against increasingly challenging odds, with only your skill and agility to succeed.

That design tenet is most evident in its blunt description of "enemies get power-ups and you don't". As you guide your gun-wielding knight deeper into Overwhelm's blood-red hive, each boss defeated imbues the creatures around you with new abilities. What was once an easily-killed bat is now an aggressively-charging flying beast requiring precise movement to evade, and that pattern applies to every enemy in the game.

But it's not just the inverted power fantasy that gives Overwhelm its unnerving tense pacing. It's how you only have three lives and only hit kills you. How every death reduces your field of view, swallowing the screen in inky blackness that allows enemies to ambush you more effectively. How the harsh alien tones that fill the air making it more challenging to pinpoint enemy locations as you descend deeper into the darker...

Nepenthe, on top of having a charming look reminiscent of all of the made-up video games I'd scribble in the margins of my homework at school when I was a kid, offers moral choice with its combat, letting players work toward saving the monsters and troublemakers that mean to thump them on the head. You know, if you want to.

Humans and monsters mostly get along in the kingdom of Carithia, but folks have been whispering warnings of something called 'Nepenthe' lately, and that's enough to get you starting fights with pig men and roaming ninja clans. As you explore this sometimes fun, sometimes creepy, but almost always funny, world, you may find yourself getting into battles with the irritable creatures. It's up to you if you want to kill them, though, as some monsters can be appeased with items or other means. Not everyone, though, although you can avoid these fights in some ways. You can be as pacifistic or violent as you like, although there may be consequences in your ending.

If the timing-based, shmup-like combat (where you weave around falling attacks in real time) isn't really your thing, you can set the game to story mode where attack options become text choices, allowing you to relax in your brutal tendencies and take in a story that makes gentle fun of games....

In this new virtual reality experience, Moss has players take on the role of a guiding light to a novice mouse adventurer. Join the small hero on her journey to rescue her Uncle from danger by using motion controls, helping her to navigate pathways by solving intricate puzzles or assist in combat by tangling up her enemies. Just try to steer clear of any mouse traps.

Generally, a lot of VR showcases a first-person view, but in Moss, you'll be watching the protagonist like a guardian angel. While Moss, the young mouse in question, is a brave adventurer, she'll need help with certain obstacles and plans on how to attack them without getting hurt. You can help by choosing foes to attack, routes to take, activating devices, and generally keeping her out of trouble!

Moss is a visual treat for players who are seeking a truly immersive adventure where they get a front seat to a wonderous journey, taking them to wondrous lands and gloomy caverns while accompanying the adorable heroine. In doing so, players just might find themselves forming a little bond with the character they're protecting on this exciting adventure.

Moss is now available on Steam, Oculus, Viveport, and the PlayStation Store. For more information about Moss, check out the official website!

Love is Dead follows a pair of kindly zombies just trying to reunite with their beloved pets. Your job is to ensure that the pair get across some dangerous locations safely, moving through graveyards, volcanoes, and art galleries (which can be KINDA dangerous) as you help this loving pair of corpses get back to their animals.

Coming back from the dead to snuggle your pets is a far better reason to revive than brain-eating, isn't it?

You'll be given a pair of zombies (with your choice of pronouns for the undead couple) who are placed in various puzzling situations that they'll need to escape together. Dogged by drills, ghosts, pirates, and many more problems across three-hundred colorful landscapes, you'll have to bring the couple back together despite these hazards, joining in love somewhere safe on the map. As you bring these two together despite all of the dangers and mishaps, you'll keep getting closer to the pets you've lost.

Love is Dead creates an affection for its seemingly-simple protagonists and their pets in a hurry, drawing the player in to their plight in this cartoonish, cheerful land. With its message of love surpassing death, it weaves a hopeful story of connections that can't be broken by anything. No giant drills will be keeping me from my dog, that's for sure.

You know you stepped into the wrong place when you're a dog at an all-cat rave. Navigate the cat-populated dancefloor in hopes of stopping Catastrophe Cate and her evil plans. You can show off your dance moves while dodging the over-sized henchmen, or focus on collecting some delicious bones for your stash. Either way, you'll need to follow the beat in A Dog Named Dave Stuck On A Rave.

Dave is a good boy. How can you not love that goofy face with the tongue stuck out? Well, maybe a cat, especially one hopped up on cat nip, might not. So, maybe keep old Dave away from the cats. You'll be in charge with how Dave gets through unscratched, but on top of that, you're also his his dance instructor. Using a left-click for movement, you'll have to click to the beat of the music in order to move quickly and with musical style. If you panic and rapidly click with no sense of beat, you will be getting nowhere quick.

On top of dodging the vision of just the guards, you'll have to watch for security cameras as well as alarm panels. Not an easy day for a pup. Still, when your adventure is packed with puns and good tunes, being stealthy can make for tons of fun. Just maybe not for...

Good Pizza, Great Pizza wants to teach you all there is to know about owning a Pizzeria - from both the cooking and business side! If you enjoy making it, eating it, and all things pizza - Good, Pizza Great Pizza will cater to your needs.

You'll be at the helm of this modest pizzeria, directly competing with your rival Alicante. In order to prove yourself as the better Pizza joint, you'll have to complete orders from over 80 customers - each with their own requests and personalities. Get them what they need and you'll reap the rewards. Skimp on the pepperoni for speed or to save costs and you just might regret it.

Starting with just a ball of dough, managing sauces and condiments (on top of the amounts of each requested), you need to make sure you nail each of these unique orders. Completing the orders with accuracy and speed will earn you money to keep your store open. Make enough profit and you'll be able to stock new ingredients and invest in better equipment, which further allows you to grow your pizza production abilities.

If you're really good, you might even make the news on PNN (Pizza News Network)!

You can find Good Pizza, Great Pizza on Steam, Google Play Store, or

Cosmic Snake doesn't have much to do with the classic game save for giving you a snake to control, although this one is more interested in digging holes and dropping ceilings on things than eating small bits and getting bigger.

In Cosmic Snake, you want to dig holes in all of that heavy, heavy dirt hanging over the heads of the creatures down below. Once you've dug enough to chop out a section of ceiling, it will come tumbling down, taking out as many creatures as the player can manage to catch in one go. The more the player gets, the better their score.

Folks, naturally, aren't keen on being crushed, so they tend to move around. They'll do this at varying speeds that can be chosen based on the player's needs, from high-speed struggles to catch anyone to a pace that moves in turns, offering plenty of time to consider your next move. Either way, Cosmic Snake offers an ever-moving puzzle where the most talented hole-digger can rack up those high scores.

Cosmic Snake is available for $9.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Mindware Co Ltd, you can follow them on IndieDB.

Signalis' atmospheric pixel art style promises a dark adventure into surreal sci-fi, of "melancholic mystery and...dystopian dreamworlds" tinged with cosmic horror imagery and elements.

Signalis places you into control of a "Replika" crash-landed on a mysterious planet, haunted by visions and discordant memories as she explores an abandoned facility. Old-school survival horror - resource management, tense combat against inhuman foes, exploration and puzzles - is Signalis' core, anchoring the challenging gameplay and narrative through a detailed isometric aesthetic that brings to mind games like classic Resident Evil and Fear Effect.

The trailer and Twitter GIFs tease more eldritch happenings beneath Signalis' sci-fi surface, with hints of ancient tomes, looming tentacled beings, and weird surreal landscapes and structures that look distant from the snowswept planet setting.

Signalis is expected to receive a Kickstarter later this year and consoles versions are also a possibility post-PC release; you can learn more about the game through its site and Twitter page.

Voyageur is about a one-way journey towards the center of the galaxy - a trip that will have you meeting varied peoples and cultures as you explore the generated planets that lie in your path. Will you collect artifacts, learn stories, and assemble allies along the way? It will be up to you what you do with the situations you come across and the folk you meet.

Voyageur aims to offer players a constant stream of new places to discover and people to meet, generating a series of planets as they hop across the galaxy. Each of these places will have its own created story and events, only asking that players be open to the stories they find and the surprising roles they have within them. With some luck, their trader vessel may find goods to carry or people to take along, building up a crew of allies who will, in turn, have their own stories to build together.

Voyageur looks to bring the player into a sci-fi story they create based on their decisions and travels, shaping events through what they choose to do and who they pick to join them. Combining this with the generated universe, the game looks to create a sense of personal stories and discoveries throughout its solar systems, creating a unique experience each player can take away from...

If death won't take you, what do you do? Unworthy features a protagonist who's risen from the grave, caught in the gloomy plane between life and death. It isn't a friendly place, either, with many monsters looking to take your life, and without being able to jump in this metroidvania, combat seekers may find their blood pumping against some of the opponents they encounter.

In this world with little light and only silhouettes to keep you company, you're on a quest for meaning. As you search, you'll have to take on some risky encounters with creatures that are scary enough just as dark outlines. Players will have to tangle with these foes using an array of weapons and some light footwork, always staying on the mood if they want to survive against Unworthy's brutal opponents.

If you keep your head on your shoulders (literally), you'll be able to uncover new weapons and abilities. You're going to need them in order to take on some of the more ferocious bosses of the world, but even if you do fall, you'll get to savor the bleak, but evocative, landscapes of this captivating, if lethal, land.

You can find Unworthy on Steam here. You can also check out the official website, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook!

Inspired by the artwork of Fritz Khan, Homo Machina turns the human body into a machine filled with puzzles, taking you through a regular day in the life of a person by helping keep their inner workings in top shape.

Turning the human body into a 1920's factory, Homo Machina gives you various puzzles as the person you inhabit goes about their day. From opening the eyes in the morning, eating breakfast, or listening to music, you'll have to help with the various machine representations of what the person is doing, from focusing the camera in their eyes to helping keep the pumps in the heart moving.

Homo Machina's puzzles, art, and musical style aim to create a cheerful, light puzzling experience that takes the various motions many of us make every day and gives them a charming artistic interpretation, reminding us just how complex these meat suits really are under the hood.

Homo Machina is available for $5.49 on Google Play and $2.99 on the App Store. For more information on the game and developer Darjeeling, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A dark mystery lurks in the deepest floors of the dungeons of Moonlighter. Having the right equipment to survive long enough to get some answers requires cash, though! Luckily, you'll be able to sell the rubbish you find in your dungeon crawling, and if you price it right, you'll be able to turn a profit and arm yourself to the teeth.

Will is a shopkeeper by day and dungeon explorer by night. Wanting to prove himself as a hero and solve the mystery of the dungeons, Will takes a shot at the dangerous area and quickly discovers he's going to need a lot of help (and funds) to do it. Basic equipment won't help Will last long in Moonlighter's top-down combat, so players will need to defeat who they can, gather the goodies they drop, sell them, and use the funds to gain better equipment that will increase their chances of victory in the end.

Acquiring items to sell isn't so easy (the rare ones, that is), as you'll get them by defeating monsters. With a limited bag, you'll have to pick and choose what you want to bring back from your dungeon exploration. Some items will be cursed as well, and you may have to make some hard decisions to keep them (like blowing up an item adjacent to the rare, cursed...

When you're in a dungeon, you may think that fighting your enemy is the only way to proceed. What about just getting out of there? Having a talk? In Sir Questionnaire, a turn-based hack'n'slash, you'll be given two options for every room you explore. Don't think the dungeon is just for monsters, though, as you're sure to encounter some interesting folk on your adventure through the depths.

There's quite a lot to behold in Sir Questionnaire, but it's up to you to figure out which of the two options you're given will take you further. As you walk through these rooms, you'll encounter monsters, people, and sights, and how you react to them is up to you, having players interact with the creatures and objects they find based on some limited decisions. Whether you take up arms, stroll by, or even snap a photo for your handy codex, it'd entirely up to the player to figure out if there's a better thing to do than beat things with your cane.

If you find yourself getting good at exploration, you can take up quests that range from easy to hard, gaining a special reward for the next game should you pull it off. As a single old man with a cane and monocle, you may need all the help you can get (plus there's also...

A dark lord has left your village in ruins. A plague of beasts roam the land, killing anyone in sight. Also, frogs, armadillos, and owls are killing people somehow too, creating a dangerous realm for a lowly, sword-swinging peasant in sidescrolling action game Lords of Strife.

You have to cross seven stages of devious jumps and shadowy monsters, leaping and attacking while keeping yourself from harm. Using your sword, you can attack most of the monsters you come across to keep them at bay, but the game isn't shy about throwing large groups of foes or huge swaths of spikes at you, so expect to die constantly. You aren't exactly a soldier, after all, so fighting ancient evil and jerk frogs is naturally a bit beyond your poor peasant.

Well, maybe not the frogs and owls and such. But they can be pretty mean. Just a heads up.

Lords of Strife is available for $3.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Revolutionary Interactive, you can head to the game's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.

Primordia followed a robot's journey through a rundown and weird mechanical future. Wormwood's next game Strangeland trades sci-fi for surreal fantasy and robot future for uneasily weird carnival, but the weathered worn pixel art style and sense of discovering a mysterious land remains.

A stranger finds himself in a strange land, a dark carnival inhabitated by equally surreal characters; that is the world of Strangeland. Described as a shorter game than Primordia but just as dense and polished, Strangeland follows your character as he attempts to prevent a cycle of death and stop a growing darkness within the gnarled funhouse walls of its mysterious carnival.

In classic adventure game style, you'll need to talk with characters, solve puzzles, and discover the secrets of the otherworldly fairgrounds. But the draw seems to be the unique setting, a broken and haunted amusement park home to a myriad of odd inhabitants: mocking ravens, an eyeless scribe, a living furnace, a mismade mermaid."

Strangeland doesn't have a release date yet; to keep track of its development and learn more about the game, you can visit Wormwood Studios' site and Twitter page.