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For the first time in 8 years, the Hardy Boyz return with WWE 2K18's Enduring Icons Pack.
Alongside the PC Edition, Square Enix has confirmed the existence of the Royal Edition for consoles; both editions launch later this year with a slew of hefty upgrades.
Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on PlayStation 4. Also available on PC.
Want to recreate the moment Gohan finally taps into his potential against Cell? Pit Teen Gohan against Cell in the Cell Games Arena to relive this iconic DBZ moment.
Pit Goku against Vegeta on Planet Namek and you'll be able to re-enact one of the most iconic scenes in all of Dragon Ball Z!
Sword of Fortress The Onomuzim is unplayable garbage. Who allowed this?
Bandai Namco is considering extending the beta past its original cut-off of Tuesday, January 16.
Quantic Dream has refuted allegations of a "schoolboy culture" of racism, sexism and homophobia.
As the series heads towards its 25th anniversary, franchise stalwart Tim Kitzrow says there are plans to mark the occasion with a revival.
The NVC crew share their thoughts on Dark Souls Remastered on Switch!
We get a look at the Dragonball FighterZ Beta Lineup, Xbox is fundamentally overhauling achievements, and you guys are pretty mad about this whole Metal Gear Survive thing. It's your top 5 news stories of the week.
Watch as speedrunner Kirua completes the classic Super Mario Bros. 3 in world record time without using any major glitches. You can check out more of Kirua's speedruns here at Note: Acquisition of this video was allowed by its original owner.
We asked pro Overwatch League players which hero in Overwatch they would remove if the could... the results were surprisingly conclusive.
Mario Odyssey's new mode is a big insult to the second-class Mario brother.
A Kitty Pride movie is in development, NASA releases some amazing photos of Jupiter, HTC announces a Vive Pro, and more! It's the top stories you might have missed.
We challenged three players (of varying skill) to try and win that illustrious chicken dinner.
Casey, Lily, and Miranda discuss their hopes for The World Ends With You: Final Remix, an update to the 2008 original for the Nintendo DS, releasing for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. They revisit 2012's iOS port, Solo Remix, to discover the changes made to accommodate a single screen and play through Day 1 and Day 2.
The zero death run through of Ninja Gaiden Black continues as CJ and Mitchell make their way through the labyrinthine Aqueduct.
James Duggan and Tom Marks discuss their preliminary thoughts on Overwatch League, and the challenges it faces in the future.
Destin, Fran, and CJ get together to discuss the major updates to Destiny 2 and why they are so important to the community and future of the game.