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Quantic Dream's latest, Detroit: Become Human, releases today, and we've got two hours on today's IGN Plays Live!
Lore expert My Name is Byf chimes in on how Bungie could improve Destiny 2's lore and the emote that the community is furious over.
DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson: "We want Battlefield V to represent all those who were a part of the greatest drama in human history."
Watch how one scene in Detroit: Become Human can be played out in different ways, resulting in different outcomes.
PlayStation 4 takes the sales throne for April, State of Decay 2 gets off to a fast start and will Overwatch come to Nintendo Switch?
Find out what happens when you let Connor's "Bad Cop" tendencies go unchecked in Detroit Become Human. What do we have to lose?
We unbox the Japanese limited edition twin pack of the new Persona Dancing games.
Welcome to Hot Keys. Today's show we're going to dive into Shared World Shooters. We will be chatting about everything we know about Bioware's new game, Anthem, as well as what we want in The Division 2. Also, Steven Ryu is going to play a little bit of Destiny 2's Escalation Protocol mission.
Take a look at the beginning of this metroidvania-pinball hybrid where you play as a postmaster.
This week we saw the launch of the jetpack...but Epic accidentally released an Eye of the Storm Tracker backpack. The team also discusses new features on the way and the $100 million tournament.
If you fail to act in Detroit: Become Human, it can cause a ripple that can alter your entire play through.
Recover all the cover from the evil Shogun in this 2D action-platformer.
The Wolf Among Us' delay is the result of a "few fundamental changes" at Telltale.
The free to play MOBA featuring 4v4 2D combat and a diverse roster is coming to Xbox One.
Love Heart, the captain of the skyship Elicion III, joins the 2 v 2 fighting game roster. SNK Heroines will be out on September 7, 2018.
The rare and legendary Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite is not a fan favorite and players want it buffed or removed.
Madden NFL 19 Announced, Release Date Revealed
God of War continues to perform incredibly well for Sony.
Madden NFL 19 Announced, Release Date Revealed
We've been waiting for the follow-up to The Witcher for years. Now is finally the time for CD Projekt to show it off.