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Creating an old-fashioned role-playing game that reminds fans of the classics they loved as kids seems like it would be a simple matter. You'd expect dated-looking graphics, a streamlined structure, and simplistic writing, all which demand fewer resources than a grand epic that slices the bleeding edge of technology. For a big company like Square Enix, it should be a breeze… right? Well, perhaps not, if Lost Sphear is anything to go by.

The second game from Square Enix's internal Tokyo RPG Factory studio, Lost Sphear, is another attempt at a brand-new role-playing game inspired by the company's classic games — specifically, Chrono Trigger. But, like its predecessor (2016’s I am Setsuna), this retro-style adventure borrows from the greats without ever quite finding its own identity. It certainly comes a lot closer to being a modern-day Chrono Trigger than Setsuna, but it’s far short of being a work on par with the games it cribs from.

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After over 4 years of being in Early Access on Steam, the survival game Rust is moving to the next stage in its development.

Announced in an official blog post Rust will no longer be an Early Access game as of February 8, 2018.

The post clarifies this doesn't mean the game is finished yet and urges players to "Think of it more like we're leaving Prototyping and entering Alpha."

Facepunch Studios also promises to keep releasing updates, though they will be on a monthly, rather than weekly, to ensure greater stability. There will also be a different version of Rust available, similar to a public test server, which will be updated daily but may not be as stable.

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This article contains major spoilers for the VR experience Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire and for the film Rogue One. If you have any interest in trying the VR experience out for yourself, I would recommend coming back to this at a later date. The story, and its surprises, are certainly worth experiencing fresh.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is a VR-based experience that recently opened in Anaheim, Orlando, and London. The experience is powered by The Void, a company that blends virtual reality headsets with haptic feedback suits, body tracking, and physical environments to create unique, immersive storytelling. For Secrets, The Void partnered with ILMxLAB, a division of Lucasfilm that works with experimental technology. Additionally, the story told through the experience was created with the involvement of the Lucasfilm Story Group, and according to them, it’s canon.

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It looks like the popular vehicular soccer game Rocket League is set to see cross-platform party support in 2018, building off of its cross-platform play functionality.

When asked on Twitter whether the feature was coming, the official support account for the game replied, saying "We’re actively working on cross-platform party support for a 2018 release."

This is in line with Psyonix's roadmap released towards the end of last year, in which the developer said it intended to roll out PsyNet parties, the game's party system, to all players in 2018.

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As a part of the Overwatch Cosmetics Update, Blizzard is adding a bunch of new cosmetics to the game.

A blog post on the Play Overwatch website shows off many of the new items set to release in the update, which includes icons, emotes, sprays, highlight intros, and most importantly skins.

The new skins feature five new epic tier skins for Junkrat, McCree, Reaper, Symmetra, and Zenyatta as well as twelve new legendary skins for other beloved heroes.

These cosmetics will release tomorrow (January 23) alongside the new Blizzard World Map which has cool promotional theme park art and is packed with references.

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Forza Horizon developer Playground Games is reportedly working on a new Fable game, and 22cans designer Peter Molyneux, who created Microsoft's fantasy role-playing series, shared with IGN what he'd like to see from the upcoming title.

"The Fable story hinted at a dramatic time before Fable 1 when the Guild was founded, this would be a perfect setting for Fable 4," Molyneux said, noting "the land of Albion would be much more primitive, the magic much more attuned to nature, the combat much more brutal."

With the first two Fable games hinting at the dramatic creation of the Guild, Molyneux said he could see this new title serving as a great opportunity to put players in the role of founding the Guild.

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It’s been nearly a decade since the last core Fable game, but the recent reports of Playground Games working on a new installment in the series have us dreaming of heading back to Albion. But what exactly do we want from a Fable game developed by the studio that delivers consistently great Forza Horizon games?

We gathered IGN’s resident Fable fanatics, as well as one special (that’s an understatement) guest to talk about what they want from the next Fable game.

I don't want Fable 4 because they've moved too far forward in the timeline for my liking. Plus, Playground deserves a fresh crack at the universe without any narrative baggage from Lionhead's trilogy. Thus, I'm hoping for a reboot. Call if "Fable" and let's start back at Fable 1 times and tell an all-new story in that era. It's got to have a dog, though; that was the single biggest reason (of several) why I believe Fable 2 is the best in the series. Offer different breeds, as Fable 3 did (Boxers FTW!). Good and evil is a key pillar that must not be forgotten; I should be able to play as evil as I desire and have the people of Albion respond to me accordingly. And for the love of all things holy, don't shoehorn any multiplayer into this. Keep a laser-focus on making an incredible single-player action-adventure-RPG...though I would be totally OK with co-op. -- Ryan McCaffrey, Executive Editor

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Following the success of SteamWorld Dig 2 on Switch, developer Image & Form games have announced that the original SteamWorld Dig will be arriving on Switch on February 1 for $9.99.

As learned from an interview conducted by the eShop Action Committee podcast with Brjann Sigurgeirsson, Founder and CEO of Image & Form, Sigurgeirsson stated that he hopes making the original SteamWorld Dig available on Switch will help fans see how much things have evolved in comparison to the sequel.

IGN initially reviewed SteamWorld Dig back in 2013 and gave it a 9.5, stating that it was "easily the best eShop game of the year, with an engrossing atmosphere, and exceptionally refined platforming action that lends itself to multiple play styles and playthroughs."

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Blizzard has revealed promotional art for its upcoming Overwatch map, Blizzard World. The map, featuring a Blizzard-themed amusement park, was first announced at BlizzCon 2017 and will be available to play on January 23.

Check out the brand new promo art below, which shows off the way Blizzard has incorporated elements of its other popular franchises, such as Warcraft, into the Overwatch map.

Don't miss our analysis of the Blizzard World map, which breaks down all the references and easter eggs Blizzard packed in.

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Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is set to launch for PlayStation 4 on March 20, 2018. This latest installment in the prolific series about Japanese gangsters, chickens, and karaoke promises to be the “final journey” for protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. For details about the story, setting, and gameplay, be sure to check out our hands-on preview.

If you’re interested in buying Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, you need to know which store has the best price, what editions are available, and what kind of preorder bonuses you can expect. We've broken it all down for you, so keep reading.

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Major League Baseball Advanced Media is developing R.B.I. Baseball 18.

First revealed by Polygon, the latest entry in the R.B.I. Baseball series is launching this March on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. The game is priced at $29.99 on all three home consoles and $6.99 on iOS and Android. Check out the announcement trailer below, which features the game's cover star Cleveland Indians shortshop Francisco Lindor.

R.B.I. 18 will include a full franchise mode, allowing you to trade players, call up rookies, and pick up free agents throughout multiple seasons. Another new addition is the Home Run Derby mode, where you can challenge friends or the CPU. Though Home Run Derby won't support head-to-head online play, it'll still feature networked leaderboards.

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With the theme park style Blizzard World map coming to Overwatch this week, check out our analysis of all the references and cool little easter eggs Blizzard has stuffed into the map.

Stay tuned to IGN this week for looks at all the new skins coming in the cosmetics update. And if you missed it, you can catch the original trailer below:

Brandin Tyrrel is an Editor at IGN. You can follow him on Twitter at @BrandinTyrrel.

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The Overwatch League slapped a member of the Dallas Fuel with a four-game suspension and a $2,000 fine after he made a homophobic comment about a member of the Houston Outlaws.

Felix "xQc" Lengyel made the remark on his personal stream following his team's 4-0 loss in a match against the Outlaws last Thursday. In addition to the Overwatch League's punishment, the Dallas Fuel has decided to suspend xQc for the remainder of Stage 1, which lasts until February 10.

"During his suspension, we will be offering additional resources, focus coaching, physical training and support to Felix to help him improve as a professional player who is reflective of the principles of the Dallas Fuel organization, his teammates, and of the Overwatch League," the Dallas Fuel said in a statement released on Twitter.

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Who’d have thought: matching one of the most iconic action anime of all time with one of the best fighting game developers in the business turns out to be a good idea. Dragon Ball FighterZ, from developer Arc System Works, successfully adapts the fast and thrilling pace of a Dragon Ball fight into a three-on-three 2D fighting game built around a beginner-friendly combo system and some of the most gorgeous and true to the source cel shaded art styles around.

Despite the visual chaos, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s mechanics are actually deceptively simple and easy to learn. There are just four attack buttons: light, medium, heavy, and a special attack button typically mapped to a projectile. There are no complicated special move input commands, like dragon punch, charge, or 360 motions. If you can throw a fireball in Street Fighter you can perform just about every single move and technique in FighterZ. That’s great, especially since you’re required to handle three characters at once.

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With so many new games and movies coming out, it can be hard to keep up. Lucky for you, IGN is here to help with a weekly round-up of the biggest releases each and every week. Check out the latest releases for this week, and be sure to come back next Monday for a new update.

Note: The prices and deals compiled below are accurate at the time we published this story, but all are subject to change.

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It is a dark time for the Cree Nation. Having failed to achieve greatness during the Ancient Era, we enter the Classical not with dreams of grand temples and expanded borders, but with the grim knowledge that all we can do is gather around the hearth fire and ride out the coming storm.

I’ve long been critical of historical strategy games for encouraging the player down an unimpeded path of snowballing progress. That’s just not how history works. For every great Roman emperor, you get a handful of terrible ones. Every civilization that has experienced a golden age of knowledge and military supremacy has also faced crisis and collapse. The system of Dark Ages and Golden Ages in Rise and Fall seeks to introduce some of that into the Civ 6 experience. And I actually had the most fun while I was failing.

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The newly revamped Hearthstone Championship Tour has come to an end in Amsterdam. More than 50,000 players competed to be one of the 16 finalists that qualified for the World Championship over the course of the last year, and now, after four days of incredible play and numerous upsets, Taiwanese player tom60229 has emerged victorious.

tom upset crowd favourite Fr0zen in the final match, coming back from 0-2 down to win three games in a row against Fr0zen’s Jade Druid, in an impressive performance. The USA's Fr0zen was widely tipped to win, having brought arguably the best line-up to counter the majority of the other players’ strategies – he was only one of two players that brought Control Mage - but ultimately tom’s composed play and next-level thinking pulled him through.

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Hearthstone’s competitive scene has evolved significantly over the last 12 months, thanks, in part to Blizzard actively trying to grow it as an esport. That has meant new competitions, globe-trotting events and higher production values. While all that changed, however, a handful of things stayed the same, such as the core casting personalities who provide insight into high-level play during tournaments, and keep the broadcasts entertaining when players are simply thinking.

Among those personalities is the UK’s Raven, who – usually paired with Sottle, also from the UK – has an easygoing style all his own. I caught up with him at the World Championship finals in Amsterdam (you can watch the final day of competition here) to find out how he became a caster, how he sees his role and what it’s like doing this for a living.

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Konami has confirmed Metal Gear Survive will require a constant online connection and include a microtransaction system.

As reported by GameSpot—after attending a preview session—the survival action game will require you to have an internet connection at all times, even if you're playing solo. According to Konami, this is to "support a seamless integration between single player and co-op," and enable the studio to deliver "ongoing content post-launch."

Additionally, Metal Gear Survive will have microtransactions through an online store where players can use real money to purchase in-game currency that can be used to buy things like Boost Passes. The virtual currency can also be acquired by simply playing the game.

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My reaction as I watched the reveal of Nintendo’s latest (literal) out-of-the-box idea, Nintendo Labo, was as follows:

“What the f...?”

“No way.”


I suspect I’m not alone in that, particularly among parents, and it’s probably exactly what Nintendo was hoping for. And while I haven’t yet physically tried Labo, on paper (pardon the pun) it’s an incredible idea that doesn’t just go a long way towards answering the question of, “After an amazing 2017, what will Nintendo do for an encore in 2018?” It also potentially adds a Wii-like level of mass-market appeal to a Nintendo Switch console that has already won over core gamers. In short, it is the best of both worlds for the Redmond-based giant, who, for better or for worse, never fails to surprise us.

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