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I remember the first week of April 2014 like it was yesterday. I spent most of my waking hours playing what was supposed to be the next big MMORPG, one that not only belonged to a legendary IP, but was made by a studio that knew what it was doing. Read more on

The Nintendo Switch doesn't have a large launch library, to a point where its software could be considered the console's greatest fault at launch. Many are willing to forgive this due to the inclusion of a Zelda game, but without much else to play until summer when Splatoon 2 comes out, some are worried that they will lose interest in the device shortly after purchase. Read more on

As many have noted thus far, it's easy to jump into Torment: Tides of Numenera and feel like the game is in Latin and you only speak Swahili. While not technically hard to play, like For Honor, for example, it's incredibly hard to understand. They'll throw a thousand terms at you, with maybe one or two of them really sticking, leaving you with only a muddled understanding of the rest. Read more on

Today marks the one-year anniversary for Stardew Valley. A year ago it debuted to relative anonymity, but grow a reputation quickly with those who purchased it, resulting in its number one ranking on Steam's top seller list. Read more on

It's been a while now since a large dump of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's datafiles occurred, but such things aren't thoroughly examined and combed through overnight. Recently, attentive Reddit users uncovered information of particular note regarding amiibo compatibility, as well as amiibo figures themselves. Read more on

In Horizon Zero Dawn, there is a skill tree system which expands with each level you gain. After concluding the prologue and learning a few basic combat moves, you’ll be ready to start leveling your skill tree and purchasing the best gear for Aloy to rock. Many players often have a hard time deciding which skills they should put their points in first, as leveling the wrong skills can have a negative impact later into the game. The easiest way to obtain skill points is by completing sidequests and leveling up. Read more on

It's become clear from the hands-on previews of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that its world is massive. But just how large is it?

A user on Reddit by the name noob10 has spent some time evaluating Breath of the Wild's map size. After factoring the time needed to travel from one side of the map to the other, the speed of travel, in addition to how much of the map can actually be visited, he came up with a final number that sounds as probable as it is impressive. Read more on

Yesterday, Halo developer 343 Industries announced that all subsequent Halo shooters will feature split-screen multiplayer. This is the right move that goes beyond appeasing customer outcry and works toward creating a more consumer-friendly future of video games. Read more on

After seeing tremendous post launch support, The Elder Scrolls Online has continued to hit significant milestones. Today, we found out more about the game's total player count.

Speaking to, ZeniMax president Matt Firor shared that The Elder Scrolls Online has surpassed 8.5 million total players. This figure is 1.5 million larger than the 7 million reported during E3 of last year, which was held in June. Read more on
I remember when I saw the first Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer during E3 2015 and immediately became fascinated once the harmonious music kicked in. It was breathtaking to see the mammoth-sized machines roaming a post-post-apocalyptic world that was once home to millions of people. The characters seemed mysterious and I wanted to learn more about the tribes that settled into these new lands. At this point, the questions started to run deeper and so did my imagination. Fast forward two years later and I’m itching to turn on my console so that I may resume exploring the complex world Horizon proposes to the player. Read more on
It isn’t often that a new IP releases in the gaming industry, especially one made by a veteran studio like Team Ninja. Responsible for Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, this iconic studio has admittedly played a minor role in recent years. That changes starting today. Read more on
Marking on of the first times I found use for a remaster, I only became interested in Gravity Rush when I played its remastered edition for the PS4, while I had a few issues with that when it come out, my interest in Gravity Rush 2 was nonetheless piqued. Especially considering that the main reason Gravity Rush needed a remaster in the first place was because it was originally only made for the Vita, I was excited to see a version of this game that wasn't obviously trapped in the confines of a system with the relative hardware of a toaster. Read more on
Dead Rising has traveled a long road since 2006, and, while everyone thought the series had officially gone off the deep end in the forgetful Dead Rising 3, Capcom had an A in the hole, so to speak. This a-hole's name is Frank West. Ever since his return as the protagonist was announced, all anyone has been wondering is whether or not the wise-cracking photographer would be enough to resurrect this undead franchise. Read more on
Almost a decade. That's how long people have been waiting to get their hands on The Last Guardian, and I left the game untouched sitting atop my PS4 for three days. I'm sure you want to know both why and how, but I have not satisfying answer for either question. Maybe I was worried it wouldn't live up to the hype, or maybe all the hype had died down over 9 years and two consoles of development, I'm not sure. Read more on