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The Scuf Vantage will retail for between $169.95 and $199.95, which is a steep commitment, but it has several bells and whistles that could take your competitive game to the next level.

Scuf made a name for itself designing custom controls with reprogrammable backpedals. Many professional gamers have navigated to Scuf looking to eke out every advantage on the digital battleground. Now, Scuf is teaming up with Sony to develop an officially licensed PlayStation 4 controller that has more customization features than ever.

The Scuf Vantage comes in two flavors: A wired version that retails for $169.95, and a version that can flip between wired and wireless modes that retails for $199.95. Otherwise, the two versions of the Vantage are nearly identical, and include a host of nifty features, such as:

  • Two removable/reprogrammable side buttons, called Sax Buttons
  • Four back paddles that can also be remapped to function like any of the face buttons
  • An audio touch bar near the front of the controller that can be tapped to mute your mic
  • Removable force-feedback modules that help make the controller lighter
  • A removable magnetic faceplate
  • Interchangeable convex or concave thumbsticks
  • Interchangeable D-pad/control disc
  • A host of different colors and design options

“This is something that we’ve spent many millions of dollars developing,” says Scuf CEO and co-founder Duncan Ironmonger. “We’ve built it completely from the ground up, we’re going to be producing them in very high quantities, and we’re really looking forward to getting it out to market in one complete Scuf...

Power Rangers: Legacy War, a free-to-play fighting game based on the sentai heroes from everyone's collective childhood somehow, are bringing in some world warriors for a crossover fight.

Legacy War is an iOS and Android game that has been quietly plucking along with surprising success since its release. Now, Street Fighter characters are coming in to help fight off villains like Rita Repulsa and her Ranger clones. Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, and Akuma are available for free through time-limited challenges, but can be purchased for $5 each or as drops in loot boxes.

Cammy and M.Bison (Dictator) arrive in mid-June.


Our Take
I would like to see the concept expanded to a fuller game, like Power Rangers DLC for Street Fighter V.


With Overwatch's anniversary event starting tomorrow, Blizzard is celebrating the two-year milestone for the game with a stop-motion video of a Tracer figure coming to life.

The time-traveling speedster is baking a cake to celebrate the anniversary but also trying to get a Death Blossoming Reaper into the holiday spirit at the same time. Check out the video below, which is the entire two-minute stop motion animation.

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After you've seen the short, take a look at how much work went into that thing, including a demo reel of Tracer and Soldier 76 coming to life.

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The Overwatch anniversary event begins tomorrow May 22 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

After its delay in March, fans have been asking when Jetpacks will finally make their way to the game's battle royale mode. It turns out that answer is May 22.

"Take flight to all new heights!" Epic teased in March, with promises that Jetpacks were coming soon. Sadly, they were delayed a day before their inclusion due to last minute design issues. It has seemingly taken the last few months to iron those issues out, as the jetpacks officially arrive with the 4.2 content update tomorrow.

Jetpacks are arriving as an item, and like most events in Fortnite is time-limited. You can start flying around using your flight machines starting May 22 at 8:00 AM ET. 


Our Take
I really wonder what the initial problem was and how they fixed it. It'll be interesting to see if it becomes a more permanent mode, too.

Dragon Ball FighterZ players eager for the next two DLC fighters to join the roster won't have to wait too long for their favorite unfathomably powerful characters.

Zamasu and Vegito Blue are coming to the game on May 31, with both characters releasing together but are buyable separately. These are the third and fourth characters of the season pass, following the previous set of Brolly and Bardock. All four of those character come with the game's season pass or are purchasable for $4.99 separately.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Our Take
So far the initial leak about the game before the DLC was announced has been accurate, which means the next few characters should be off that list. I wonder if the recent balance changes took these new characters into account.

Almost as if it has become standard procedure before every Overwatch event, the skins and other cosmetic items for the upcoming anniversary event have leaked the day before release.  This time, the leak comes from an issue with a Taiwanese server of the game causing the content to go live a day early. In the time it was up, screens were captured of the upcoming skins from the second anniversary event.  This year, the options available have a much wider range than the original event, with Sherlock Holmes Mcree and Tuxedo Doomfist offering some stranger choices for players. 

The event starts tomorrow May 22 and will last until June 12, and logging in at any point during that time will net players a lootbox with a guaranteed legendary item. On top of that, there will be returning brawls, a new map, and the ability to earn items from past holiday events. 

[Source: Reddit via VG247]


Our Take:
Once again, Blizzard has pulled me back to Overwatch just when I thought I could take a break.  Brigitte and Mcree's new skins alone have me ready to jump in and earn as many lootboxes as possible. It is unfortunate to always see the events spoiled by leaks, but that won't stop players from partaking. 

Ossic had grand ambitions to change what people hear through headphones – and its hugely successful Kickstarter campaign showed that people were eager for that 3D audio revolution. Unfortunately, those plans have been canceled. 

In an update on Saturday, Ossic announced that it is shutting down immediately. Though the company managed to ship some of its Ossic X headphones to the highest-level backers of its Kickstarter campaign, it will not be able to fulfill the remaining preorders.

"With funds from the crowdfunding campaign, along with angel investment, we were able to develop the product and ship the initial units. However, the product still requires significantly more capital to ramp to full mass production, and the company is out of money," the company says.

The update goes on to answer other questions, like how the money was used, and why Ossic can't ship the remaining units. However, the bottom line is that if you didn't already receive your Ossic X headphones, you're out of luck.

We had some ears-on time with the Ossic X headphones a couple years back, and you can read our impressions here.

[Source: Ossic on Kickstarter]


Our Take
Situations like these serve to remind us that you aren't actually buying anything when you back a Kickstarter campaign; you're just pledging your support in hopes that everything works out. However, it's especially hard to swallow when a company like Ossic exceeds its original goal ($100,000) by so much.  

Grinding Gear Games is the studio responsible for the excellent action/RPG Path of Exile. The game is published in China by Tencent, and that company recently acquired a majority stake in the studio.

Tencent is a Chinese conglomerate with interests in many industries – one of them being video games. It is involved (to various degrees) with companies like Riot Games, Epic, and Ubisoft.

Grinding Gear Games says that this acquisition does not affect its autonomy; it is still an independently run company. The company addresses many other potential fan concerns in this post, like whether or not it plans to add pay-to-win mechanics (it doesn't). 

For more on Path of Exile, read our review of the game's Xbox One version.

[Source: Grinding Gear Games via PC Gamer]


Our Take
Grinding Gear Games paints a pretty rosy picture about this acquisition, talking about how Tencent will not interfere with development, and how it puts more resources at the team's disposal. Considering the success of other franchises (like League of Legends) under the Tencent umbrella, this could be a good thing for Path of Exile fans. 

The Puma x Sega RS-0 Sonic and Dr. Eggman sneakers are set to release on June 10. Both sets will retail for $130.

The Sonic sneakers include a blue suede texture meant to resemble the blue hedgehog's fur, and red soles meant to look like his shoes. There's also a strip of pixelated green pattern in the back and a yellow checkered pattern on the side, representing the Green Hill Zone frequently featured in Sonic games.

The Dr. Eggman sneakers feature a bold red color scheme with red and yellow stripes on the side, resembling the doctor's Eggmobile. The red is a bit garish, but the design is generally a subtle enough Sonic reference to wear in public (unlike the furry blue shoes).

Each sneaker includes little gold rings near the end of one of its laces.

Sega and Puma originally announced the collaboration back in March.

Epic Games, the company behind the Fortnite phenomenon, announced today that it is providing $100 million in esports prizes for the 2018-19 season.

Based on the Epic's statement, the money is going to fund multiple prize pools for competitive play. No details beyond that have been announced, though Epic says they are coming in the weeks ahead.

[Source: Epic Games]


Our Take
Yeah, $100 million is a lot of money – but if Epic Games' goal is to keep interest in Fortnite sky-high, it could prove to be a very smart investment.

Ahead of the stream reveal on May 23, EA and Dice have dropped a strange teaser trailer that possibly indicates the setting for the upcoming Battlefield V.  The video is barely a few frames, and seems to be in game based on the indicators on-screen but it shows some rather interesting imagery for the series that usually plays things safe.

A man standing over you and "shushing" is the extent of the trailer, and seems to set a dark, if not a little more off-beat tone, for the possible story campaign. The apparel of the character onscreen points to another game set in the past, but it is the symbols representing the Nazis and Great Britain in the upper right that give away the probable WWII setting. The information revealed so far is in line with what has been previously rumored, and seems to directly confirm player suspicions. 



Our Take:
I am a huge battlefield fan, and Battlefield 1 was a breath of fresh air for the shooter franchise.  It is especially exciting to see where they go with the multiplayer and the war stories formula in a WWII setting. 

Just in time to sweat through your Ash Ketchum cosplay, Niantic is releasing a host of new Pokémon into the wild. 

Since its release almost two years ago, Pokémon Go has been steadily releasing new crops of the collectible critters for players to catch. This new batch hails from the Alola region, featured in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon on the 3DS.

The Alolan variants include some tropical flair; Exeggutor sprouted into a palm tree and grown an extra head, and Raichu learned to surf.

Niantic says the Pokémon will be out and about within the next couple weeks. 

[Source: PokemonGoLive]

Our Take
Pokémon Go doesn't have the fanbase it once did, but committed players will doubtless enjoy the new content. Simply adding new varmints won't solve the games more deep-seated issues, like the lack of trading and PVP – features that were promised long ago and still have not been implemented. 

We know that it's not technically summer, even though things are starting to warm up again outside. That isn't stopping us from calling our next crew of interns the Summer 2018 group – so back off. You'll be seeing their bylines a lot on the site over the coming months, so we want to introduce you to our three latest interns. They'll be covering news, gamer culture, and more as they built up their portfolios.

These three young writers come from a variety of places across the country, but they all have one thing in common: a love of video games. Fortunately, we're kind of into those things, too. We're still getting them acquainted with our site and how we do what we do at Game Informer, but we wanted to give you all a quick introduction before they begin in earnest.

Expect to see plenty of news, features, and more popping up on the website from Jacob Geller, Derek Swinhart, Camden Jones (click their names and get to know them better by reading their introductory blog posts). We're excited to have these fine folks on board, so please extend a warm welcome!

Are you considering a career in video games writing? If you’re looking to further your existing writing or journalism education through an internship at Game Informer, we’re currently accepting applications for the upcoming summer term. For more information, email me at the address below, or click...

Capcom Japan has announced that Resident Evil 7 (Biohazard 7 in Japan) is being released in that country as a streaming game. The so-called Cloud Version of the horror game runs off a smaller installed app, and gameplay is streamed online from there.

In addition to taking up less space on the Switch's storage, the Cloud Version also gives players a few different options on how to play. After downloading the free app from the Nintendo eShop, players can check out 15 minutes of the game at no cost. Once that time is up, players have the option of paying 2,000 yen (about $18) for a ticket good for 180 days of play. It includes the full version of the game and all of its DLC. 

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There's no word yet on whether the Cloud Version of the game – or a traditional complete download – is planned for release elsewhere.

[Source: Capcom Japan]


Our Take
I'm not sure what to make of this. It's interesting, to be sure, though I think I'd rather just download it once and get it over with – if I decided I wanted to play it on Switch in the first place. 

HB Studios has announced a significant addition to its Golf Club 2019 title – The PGA Tour license. This means that the August title (PS4, Xbox One, and PC) includes the FedExCup, six licensed courses at launch, and much more.

The game's PGA Tour Career mode starts at the Q School qualifying tournaments, continues through earning your PGA Tour membership via the Tour, and culminates in the Tour itself, which has the FedExCup Playoffs.

The Tour also contains six real-world TPC courses: Summerlin, Scottsdale, Sawgrass, Southwind, Deere Run, and Boston. The announcement's official press release also mentions that other licensed tournament courses will be added in the future.

Conquering demanding courses like these won't be your only challenge. While on the Tour, players will have sponsorship goals (each sponsor has three levels with multiple challenges) and Tour rivalries. The winner of these is determined by which player earns 20 points in statistical categories such as Front 9 Score, No Bogey Round, and Best Hole.

Since its start in 2014, The Golf Club series has been relatively license free, centering around its course creation options – which are still present in The Golf Club 2019. Competitor EA Sports last had the PGA Tour license in Rory McIlroy PGA Tour (2015), but since then EA's golf series has been silent. 

For more on the game, check out a Sports Desk Q&A with HB Studios CEO Alan Bunker.

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[Source: HB Studios (1),

The Fatal Frame series is a relatively obscure horror franchise, but its intruiging mix of horror, folklore, and photography have allowed it to endure with a cult following over the years.

Almost as intriguing as the games themselves, however, are the factoids behind the series. Youtube seires Did You Know Gaming has dug into some of the trivia behind the series, which originally tried to upend a few conventions of the horror genre, has used myths and folklore as the inspiration for some of is mechanics and locations, and even spawned some folklore of its own. It's also courted a bit of controversy.

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Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno has been stuck in the world of Ivalice for a long time. Many of the games he's been involved with (Tactics, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII) have taken place there, and he's currently working on the "Return to Ivalice," content for Final Fantasy XIV. In fact, he's even worked on projects in that world that never saw the light of day.

RPG fan site Nova Crystallis reports that during a recent NicoNico livestream, Matsuno talked about plans for a "Final Fantasy Tactics 2" that series Hironobu Sakaguchi was planning during Vagrant Story's development. The project was planned to be outsourced, but then eventually canceled.

However, Matsuno also had a few screens on hand, which show off not only character art, but how the sequel planned to stick to a 2D but implement on hexagonal grid.

You can find more screens of the canceled sequel here.

[Source: umadori0726 on Livedoor via Nova Crystallis]


Our Take
Subsequent Tactics games (Tactics Advance, Grimoire of the Rift) stuck to a square-based grid, so it would have been interested to see how the trajectory of the series would have changed had this hex-based sequel seen release.

With the Switch basically one-upping the Wii U in almost every way, you're probably not putting too many hours into the console nowadays. But if absolutely need to play Virtual Console games, or need to finally complete Champion's Road in Super Mario 3D World before you can move on, turning an old coat into a portable Wii U center is definitely one option to consider.

Youtuber My Mate Vince has retrofitted a coat of his into an all-in-one portable Wii U destination, which involves a process as invasive and convoluted as you'd imagine. In order to get the Wii U running on the go, Vince had to install a separate power supply (usually used for laptops) and cut a few holes in the interior of the coat and cover them with mesh to let the console's fan breath.

The coat also has a few fun bonuses, including a wireless sensor bar to play Wii games, a pro controller with an attached screen, and a hood-mounted projector so you can play on a big screen any time you happen to be near a wall. We'd like to see the Switch do that!

Of course, all these mods do come at a price: It makes the coat pretty dangerous to wear in the rain. But even Vince admits the coat is more of a proof-of-concept than a real project, so bear that in mind before you go cutting up your coat. 

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With this week's reveal of Black Ops IIII came a reveal that was more of a confirmation: Leaks and rumors had been reporting it would lack a story-based single-player campaign, due to that part of the game not coming together and being scrapped. While we know for sure the first part of that statement is true, the other one, not so much.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Treyarch co-studio head Dan Bunting said it wasn't so much that a campaign was being built and ultimately tossed aside, but more that it was never part of the plan. "Going back to the very beginning of Black Ops 4 development, we never had set out to make a traditional campaign," Bunting said. From the start, the Black Ops IIII set out to make something different that was tailored to the response players had to Black Ops III. Of course, this meant leaning more into the multiplayer offerings, but also experiment with the overall structure of the game. "Throughout the course of development we tried a lot of ideas, a lot of things that challenged convention, that might be a different kind of twist on how we might think of a Call of Duty game in the past, or a Black Ops game in the past," Bunting said. "As we did that, some things make it, some things don't."

Although many Call of Duty players either play and forget the single-player campaigns (if they bother with them at all), Bunting...

To The Moon, a powerful interactive story that made waves back when it released in 2011, is getting an animated feature film.

Kan Gao, the creator of To The Moon, will have a hand in crafting the film's script, as well as the entirety of the creative process. The funding was secured mainly by an unannounced Chinese company with help from Ultron Event Horizon and, according to Gao, this funding is more than for last year's anime hit Your Name. The production company making the film is Japanese but also still under wraps, though Gao says "they're pretty big players" in the animation, and that those familiar the industry will have heard of them.

Although Gao is involved with the film, he will still continue to make games and is already working on his next game, and promises that for fans of his games, "things are going to get pretty weird from here on." You can watch Gao discuss the announcement in depth below.

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