Konami's partnership with UEFA is coming to an end, which means Pro Evolution Soccer's 10-year run as exclusive Champions League rights holder for video games is over.

The deal ends after this year's Champions League final in Kyiv, Konami said.

The Champions League first appeared in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, which came out in 2008, while Konami later added the licences for the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup to the series. Here's how it looks in PES 2018:

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Once more, the good old PlayStation Network has set up a brand-new line of discounts for the coming week, this time including some rather high-profile titles in amongst its ranks. Most notably, you'll find Shadow of the Colossus for £19.99 and, perhaps even more excitingly, Yakuza Kiwami for £9.99.

Other highlights from the newly discounted batch include Dark Souls 3 for £15.99, Full Throttle Remastered for £6.19, Firewatch for £7.39, The Last Guardian for £11.99, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite for £15.99, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for £6.49, Persona 5 for £24.99, Yakuza Zero for £18.99, Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition for £15.99, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven for £11.99, and perhaps most importantly of all - Euro Fishing for £7.39.

This is all in addition to the already running offer that will get you 15 months of PlayStation Plus for the price of 12, as previously reported.

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Battlezone comes out on Nintendo Switch this summer, developer Rebellion has announced.

The tank shooter came out as a PlayStation VR launch title before launching on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Battlezone Gold Edition launches 1st May on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it's fully playable with or without a VR headset. The Switch version launches this summer, Rebellion added.

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Becoming a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves is incredibly difficult to do. Well, it's actually not that difficult - it's just a very, very long process of maxing out your merchant reputation.

Once you are there though - well, not much else changes. You get a new title and hideout to start the game in - but there's little with which you can show off your Pirate Legend status to other players, especially those out on the open seas.

Step up the first Pirate Legend exclusive ship - or specifically, a set of Pirate Legend sails, hull and figurehead you can purchase. Yes, purchase - so there's something else to grind for.

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The Doom original game soundtrack is coming to vinyl and CD this summer.

This physical release of Mick Gordon's composition is a collaboration with distributor Laced Records. The soundtrack comes in four formats: a Deluxe Double CD, a Double Vinyl, a Special Edition Four-Disc Vinyl and a Special Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set.

The box set is pressed on red 180g wax, and includes the Deluxe Double CD and a limited-edition customised Doom turntable slipmat.

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Perhaps inevitably, Microsoft is working to eradicate the eye-catching fan-made Halo Online mod Eurogamer reported on last week.

ElDewrito is (was?) a community-made mod for Halo Online, the cancelled free PC game based on Halo 3 Microsoft built for the Russian market.

ElDewrito lets you play multiplayer games in player-hosted servers, with multiple server browsers, player and emblem customisation, stat tracking and even ranked and social servers.

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If you're braving the economic storm to build yourself a gaming PC anytime soon, you can grab yourself a bit of a deal on an AMD Ryzen processor this week.

If you're an Amazon Prime member (or sign up for the free trial at least), you can currently pick up AMD's Ryzen 1800X 8-core, 3.6 GHz processor for its cheapest ever price - £229.97.

As previously mentioned, the deal is exclusive to Prime members, but even signing up for the free 30-day trial will get you access to the offer, so if it seems like your kind of thing, you don't necessarily have to sign up in order to grab one of these CPUs.

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Remember the giant meteor that Fortnite fans are convinced is poised and ready to smash Battle Royale mode's unloved Tilted Towers region to smithereens? Well, there's been a development, and the community is starting to believe that the meteor might actually be the work of aliens.

This latest theory is gaining in popularity as a result of subtle and not-so-subtle changes made in Epic Games' newly released Fortnite 3.6 update. Among other things, the patch adds a nifty sticky-grenade-like exploding plunger, called the Clinger, to all modes, and introduces the heavy energy weapon Noble Launcher to Save the World.

That, along with the new Self-Service Cosmetic Returns feature, which you can read about in the 3.6 patch notes, is great and all, but fans are far more excited about the update's considerably more enigmatic additions: the unusual, UFO-shaped stars hovering near the meteor.

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Next month Destiny 2 gets a big new update to coincide with the beginning of the game's third season, as well as the launch of expansion Warmind. Last night, Bungie showed off a raft of new features coming to the game the developer hopes will entice lapsed players back into the shared-world shooter.

The Warmind expansion adds a new destination to Destiny 2, but one that will feel familiar to players of the first Destiny. Players go back to Mars in an area called Hellas Basin. Rasputin, the super advanced AI we thought lived in Old Russia, actually lives in the polar ice caps on Mars. He's now awake and has set off a chain of events that sees warsats rain down on the area, melting the ice caps in the process. This has in turn unleashed new ice hive enemies to fight.

Story wise, you need to uncover Destiny's cradle of invention, the birthplace of the tech we know from the Destiny universe. This also happens to be the birthplace of Rasputin.

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While I prepare to spend a worrying amount of time playing through the freshly released God of War, I've also been scouting around the various corners of the information superhighway in search of this week's set of the best gaming deals. Welcome back to another roundup of those very deals.

As usual, we've got deals that'll work in the UK, deals that'll work in the US and some deals that will work in both the UK and US, as well as presumably many other places. Let's get started.

The boys are back, this time in full-on personal computer style. Right now, you can buy yourself a ticket to the royal road trip that is Final Fantasy 15 on PC for £27.99 (around $33).

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Psychonauts-themed VR spin-off Rhombus of Ruin is now available on PC, developer Double Fine has announced. It supports both Oculus Rift and Vive, and arrives, happily enough, on the original game's 13th anniversary.

Rhombus of Ruin debuted early last year as a PSVR exclusive, and is set immediately after the events of the first Psychonauts. Once again, you play as goggle-wearing psychic pre-teen Raz and must use your formidable mental powers to save the day. Instead of adopting the platform mechanics of the original Psychonauts, however, Rhombus is more puzzle-driven.

Most of the game sees Raz tethered to one spot, and, much like in the first Psychonauts, progress requires that you use your psychic abilities to slip into the minds of other characters. Doing so lets you manipulate the world around them, hopefully facilitating your escape from the titular, Bermuda Triangle-like Rhombus of Ruin.

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For Honor gets an impressive-looking training mode later today.

As someone who put a lot of time into Ubisoft's unique multiplayer-focused melee combat game at launch but drifted away a few months later, this new training mode is welcome. I can also see it being pretty useful for newcomers because For Honor has quite a lot of hero characters to contend with and plenty of mechanics that govern the combat to wrap your head around.

The new tutorial includes basic apprentice training and more advanced warrior training, which come complete with their own set of rewards. Usefully, the training includes timing feedback for opponent moves, which should help you master execution. There's also a media section, where you can watch tutorial videos.

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If you ever have to drive as much as I do, your mind begins to wander as your body enters autopilot. Somehow simultaneously, you consider each decision you make behind the wheel while thinking of everything else going on in your life. Sometimes you connect the two: will slowing down at this amber light make me late for my appointment? Will the car opposite avoid the cat at the edge of the pavement? And will I skid the car off the edge of the nearby cliff?

That final situation is where things begin in Far From Noise, a visual novel made up entirely from an interactive conversation. You play a nameless character, hanging from the very edge of mortality in a classic car, overlooking the sea.

It's immediately apparent that the tone of the game isn't anything close to what you'd expect. The cheerful conversation bubbles remove the need for voice acting and give you the choice of nervously uttering sarcastic remarks, or phrases revealing pure dread. What also struck me about the game's playful artwork is the heavy use of cyan and magenta at the beginning, a throwback to bipack colour photography that I've only seen replicated in Martin Scorsese's film The Aviator. It adds to the dreamlike question of whether or not we're actually in the position we find ourselves in.

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Wolfenstein 2 comes out on Nintendo Switch on 29th June, Bethesda has announced.

The Switch version of the bloody first-person shooter was handled by Panic Button with guidance from main Wolfenstein developer MachineGames. Bethesda said it includes the complete, uncensored Wolfenstein 2 experience.

Below is the first official gameplay trailer showing Wolfenstein 2 running on the Nintendo Switch. It looks pretty good!

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In a return for one of Amazon UK's most popular PlayStation Plus offers, you can currently grab a 12-month membership and get three months for free along with it. That's 15 months of PS Plus for £49.99 for the time being.

As mentioned, this isn't the first time the 15-month offer has appeared, but it has been notably absent for the last few months. If you've been without PlayStation Plus for a while, it's a good time to jump aboard. If you happen to be a member already, however, you can pick one of these up and add it onto your existing membership. Doing so won't cancel out any of your existing membership, it'll just add 15 months on the end for the price of 12.

This is, however, the standard price for PS Plus after Sony's price bump. If you'd rather skip the extra three months and grab a 12-month subscription on its own, you can grab one of those for £35.99 when you use the code APR10 at checkout over at 365Games. That's a limited-time offer as well, ending Thursday, 26th April.

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The Xbox One backwards compatibility programme has thrown up plenty of surprises so far, but this one really is quite remarkable - Microsoft's enhanced version of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is one of the best examples of the boost to image quality and performance that today's hardware delivers when running yesterday's games.

Helmed by the immortal Todd Howard, Morrowind is an important title in the history of The Elder Scrolls series. Beyond the quality of the game itself, this is the first time a large scale, PC-style RPG would be realised on console hardware. It's also is the game which helped pave the way for the likes of Skyrim and many other titles. With its built-in hard drive and PC-like hardware, the Xbox made a lot of sense as a target for a vast Elder Scrolls experience - at least on paper. You see, as ambitious as it was for the time, the problem is that Morrowind just doesn't run very well on the original Xbox. Out of the box, it's not great, but as the hours of play mount up, Morrowind's performance and loading times gradually degrade.

With the game's early hours at least, Microsoft's backwards compatibility technology can make all the difference. We've examined Xbox 360 games running on Xbox One, but original Xbox games receive an even greater boost - something which is immediately apparent when you first fire up Morrowind on Xbox One X. The leap in visual quality is impressive, but nothing stands...

Back when I was 17, I took a chance on a CD single I found in a record shop where I'd wait for my bus home from sixth form. The song was called Birthday and it was by a band called The Julie Dolphin. No, you won't have heard of them.

I was an awful indie kid. The mid-90s was the golden age for kids like me. We were emboldened by the rise of grunge and Britpop was about to explode. I say 'we'. Truth is, I lived in the countryside outside Ipswich and few of my friends were into music, which meant that my music lived entirely between myself, what the NME told me to think, and the few CDs I could afford. But I was fiercely protective of a taste I'd cultivated for nearly a whole year. So, knowing The Julie Dolphin were extremely obscure and finding Birthday (an enthusiastic blend of My Bloody Valentine (who I'd yet to listen to) and Pixies (a friend wore their T-shirt)) pleasantly jangly, I ordered a copy of Lit, their first and as it turned out only album. I was so proud. I'd discovered a band. They got in the NME twice, enough to be affirmation of my discernment and not enough for them to be remotely popular. The Julie Dolphin were mine.

I got the same feeling the other day when, mistyping a search, I stumbled across a game on Steam called Scavenger SV-4. Steam is...

One of the many enduring myths in modern games is that Sega's a spent force, its days producing brash and brazen blockbusters well and truly behind it. Which is bunk, of course - it's just that for far too long we didn't get to see much of them over in the west. Yakuza is a behemoth of a series, a triple-A blast of whiskey-soaked madness and meticulous detail all delivered with that unmistakable Sega swagger. Ever wondered where the Sega of old you once loved ended up? Take a walk on the streets of Kamurocho, the series' thinly-disguised take on Shinjuku's Kabukicho district, and you'll find traces of it everywhere.

Yakuza 6, which makes its way west next month having originally released in Japan at the tail-end of 2016, marks a new beginning for the series, as well as a significant end; this is the first in the series to be realised on an all-new engine, while it also marks the last headline appearance for Kazuma Kiryu, the star of Yakuza since its inception back in 2005. It all makes for a more streamlined, much punchier entry than we've seen in recent installments.

Indeed after the sprawl of Yakuza 5, with its multiple protagonists and numerous cities, as well as the 80s excess of the excellent Yakuza 0, Yakuza 6 can often feel a little threadbare. There are just the two main locations - Kamurocho returns, of course, joined by a lengthy detour to the slightly sleepier...

It's potentially a revolution in the console space - just as it has been for PC gamers. Variable refresh technology is a big win for improving the game experience, lessening judder and removing screen-tearing. It's a pretty simple concept really, levelling out performance by putting the GPU in charge of when the display should present a new frame. It's a game-changer. No longer are unlocked frame-rates a problem - in fact, 40-50fps gameplay can look almost as smooth as 60fps. It's a remarkable trick, but crucially, it works. Nvidia's G-Sync led the way, but it's AMD's alternative - FreeSync - that has been built into Xbox One, and we've finally had the chance to test the technology. Clearly it's still early days, but at its best, the results are quite remarkable.

Let's begin by laying out the basics. Microsoft's variable refresh implementation only works with FreeSync screens - G-Sync monitors are incompatible - but the Xbox version of the tech is bespoke, with some pretty big differences compared to AMD's rendition. There's strong compatibility though: you'll need a display that supports FreeSync over HDMI (as opposed to the more common DisplayPort) but on the Microsoft end at least, there's support for 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 4K outputs. We've had confirmation that both Xbox One S and Xbox One X are invited to the party, but the firm also told us that older launch model hardware also gets the upgrade.

Choosing a FreeSync display isn't as easy as you might...

For the next few hours, you'll be able to get yourself a copy of Far Cry 5 on Xbox One for its cheapest price so far since launch - £34.95.

Despite being out for under a month and being received well, Far Cry 5's Xbox One edition has already been discounted to its cheapest price yet as part of a limited time offer from TheGameCollection today.

This deal is only available for a matter of hours (at time of writing, around 12 hours remain) and while stock remains. If you fancy giving the midwestern murder simulator a go and happen to be an Xbox One owner, you may want to snap it up while you can.

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