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In the UK alone, £40 million is lost due to fraudulent activity every year. In fact, 30% of businesses in the UK have reported some fraudulent activity within their supply chain at some point. In this new day and age of technology, one advancement that can help with these problems is blockchain, a decentralised peer-to-peer ledger that can encrypt and monitor data end-to-end. It is so secure that people are calling it a panacea to many security issues that businesses are facing today.

For most people, blockchain will be associated with the hyped bitcoin currency, which was built on the foundation of the blockchain.

Bitcoin is great for businesses because it helps many companies streamline some of their biggest issues, such as PCI compliance and securing transactions. In fact, businesses ranging from food retailers (Subway, for example) to online commerce platforms like eGifter, and even casinos have embraced using bitcoin to open up their markets for growth.

But many people are now considering blockchain to be an even better solution to a host of operational issues for businesses. There’s a reason why ninety percent of banks in America are investigating blockchain’s potential to help curb the fraudulent activity.

In most instances, fraudulent activity is carried out by some third party interfering with a business. But 

If you’re someone who is technically-minded, and you think that a career in the tech field would suit you, then there are different approaches to take to get started. Certainly, if you want to begin quite young and prefer to learn essential computing skills on-the-job, being an apprentice is one route to take. Alternatively, you could be self-taught, which is challenging and requires more focus and determination. Advancing your knowledge to the point where you could take a Computer Science degree is another approach too.

Let’s now examine the options for a career in technology depending on your age and current circumstances.

Going the apprenticeship route

Being an apprentice is a well-worn path where you start at ground level, learn on-the-job and eventually graduate as an apprentice. The City and Guilds apprenticeships are some of the best-known with official apprenticeship standards that are closely followed. They support young adults who wish to learn and advance. Apprenticeships from City and Guilds are provided across the UK, but with differences between each country. So, England has a different set of rules or standards applied than Scotland or Wales.

In England, for instance, previous standards for learning and cognition, along with an understanding of the responsibilities of both the employee and the employer, are going through a transition period. It’s moving to...

Global pollution is becoming more and more of a problem, and as the land and oceans become increasingly filled with man-made rubbish, so the move to recycle as much as possible grows more important and urgent. While much concern is being shown regarding our overuse of plastics and the devastating effect it can have to marine life once it gets into our waterways and beyond, another equally large, though lesser known problem is with growing amounts of our used electronics.

We live in a consumer age, where phones are normally discarded for a newer model every year or two, fridges, laptops, the list of electronic items we throw away just keeps growing and many of those electronics contain dangerous elements like, cadmium, lead and arsenic, meaning putting them into a landfill is really not a good idea. Those elements can get into our water and soil and contaminate plant and animal life, which can find its way into our food supply. In addition to dangerous metals and toxins, electronics also contain many valuable resources and materials including precious metals, copper, plastic and glass.

Why electronics recycling makes sense

Given the average concentration of gold, in a gold mine, is about five to six grams per ton, while a ton of old mobile phones contains around three hundred and fifty grams, extraction of this...

Building a successful plastic surgery practice website requires more than simply information regarding the types of services you provide to patients. Knowing how to effectively launch and promote your website is essential when you want to maximise your online traffic and the number of potential referrals you receive.

Implement SEO

Search engine optimisation still remains a leading factor in determining a website’s success. Implementing SEO basics such as meta tags, keywords, and proper hyperlinks throughout your website pages and each new content post is vital to ensure your site remains within results of top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. If you are unsure of what SEO is and how you can take advantage of that, there are companies such as Solution21 that provide custom-build plastic surgery website design and SEO. Consulting is usually free for many of the agencies, so you can always contact a few different companies and get a better understanding.

Research keywords

Research trending and popular keywords or phrases that are most relevant to your practice. Learn more about various trends in plastic surgery to implement pieces of content that resonate most with your prospective clients who are interested in learning more about the plastic surgery services you offer.

Optimise your website with responsive design

Today, users are no longer browsing online...

The marketing of digital content is one that focuses on creating and distributing relevant content, valuable and consistent with certain strategic objectives, in order to attract and retain a certain audience through online media.

The digital content marketing is capable of generating new business, either as a way to get leads from potential customers, which can materialise in future sales, as well as becoming a promoter of sales forces, by providing commercial content that can help them persuade customers and do business. It can be concluded that if you’re able to find the best place to share and distribute your content, you’re on a right track.

Also, the content can help optimise the customer experience, by providing information aligned with their interests and that can help them solve their obstacles and challenges. The content can help to guide potential clients, enabling them not only to resolve certain doubts or concerns, but understand how the offer of products or services of an organisation can help them solve them, thus becoming a catalyst for future leads.

How to generate an effective digital content strategy

Although the creation of attractive content capable of generating the expected impact on the audience is not an exact science, there are some fundamental steps that must be taken to generate an effective digital content strategy:

Cheap, shared hosting is great when you have no traffic. Startups don’t have a high IT budget, and it’s tempting to go with cheap $5-per-month hosting, but you soon discover this is problematic when you start driving traffic to your website. You can’t customise server resources, and you could share a server with thousands of other webmasters. Shared hosting is adequate for a new startup, but here are the telltale signs that you’re outgrowing your current hosting solution.

1. Your website performance is unacceptable

Visitors will wait a second or two for a website to load, but after too long they bounce from your website. Visitors expect a site to load within a couple of seconds; if it doesn’t, they will leave. You can use monitoring tools to assess a site’s performance and identify if it’s too slow. Google PageSpeed Insights lets you enter a website and determine if speed is adequate for both desktop and mobile users. It even gives you suggestions for components of the site that you can optimise for better performance. If it’s just your code, you can change it to speed up load times.

For sites with severe performance issues, it’s usually the shared hosting that cases the problem. With thousands of other websites on the same server, you compete for memory, hard drive space,...

Startups and fast-growing companies face a major challenge in the digital business era. There is great pressure for them to be present on social media, app stores and to use the latest technologies like chatbots and AI services. Apps remain one of the leading ways to create a permanent connection with customers, use these key points when it comes to pushing for an app in your business.

1. Useful apps are forever

IT departments and developers will often argue over the best method to place your business services, products or information at the disposal of customers. Apps remain one of the most popular formats, with Statista data showing there are over close to 4 million apps on Google Play and 2 million on the App Store.

Of those apps, figures show around a quarter are games, 10% are business, 5% are utilities and so on. That means despite the huge numbers, there are likely only a few apps in your particular niche to compete against, and by using localisation and adding useful features to your app, customers will likely prefer it over generic apps.

Once an app is installed and used regularly, people are unlikely to remove it, create a key access point to your business on their devices. Apps also allow you to provide...

When talking up their chatbot products, major vendors like to highlight the cast-of-thousands and months of work approach to get their bots up and running for customers. That helps maintain the narrative that all technology is expensive and requires great, costly, expertise. In reality, anyone can build a chatbot, and while a good one takes some effort, specialist providers show it can be done without the need for great effort.

Do you want cloud fries with that?

Go to any sales conference around technology and the key trend is upselling. “Hi there, want a chatbot? Sure, let’s put it on our platform subscription, let’s get our (expensive) team involved to speed up development, and let’s charge you a few dollars a day for interactions, use of our cloud AI and long-term results storage…”

All of a sudden the costs mount up and what was a neat business experiment becomes a time and money sink for a growing business. Even if the costs are kept low, the vendor will want to lure you further into their ecosystem, and always offering new services or features (at a cost).

All of which will easily put off a business looking to add a chatbot to their social media or website. The truth is, much of the cost and complexity is put there...

Thanks to recent advances in virtual technology, it has never been easier to run a business from a location other than where you’re currently located. Considering we’re living in the fast-paced 21st century, businesses need to be able to extend their reach to remain competitive and on-the-go. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common virtual tools for working remotely.

Online collaboration platforms

If you’re working remotely, then you’re probably already familiar with a variety of online collaboration platforms. These include Slack, Wire, Onehub, Teamwork, Trello, Airtable, and many others. What these and many other online collaboration platforms have in common is that they allow you to work on projects in the same ways you would in a traditional office environment without being in the same room (or side of the globe for that matter). Delegating projects, communicating with staff and contractors via chat and video, version-controlling projects, organizing workflow — the list goes on when it comes to the capabilities of online collaboration software.

The trick, however, is to find a platform where your business’ needs are met and communication is trouble-free. There isn’t one solution that fits every business model. Experiment with different platforms and consider how your team would work best with each platform. For instance, Trello...

One of the primary goals of successful logistics is customer convenience and that’s often what we talk about when we are working to improve performance. We strive to find innovative and reliable ways of delivering exactly what our customers want, exactly when they want it, aiming to minimise the effort the customer has to make to receive their purchase.

But when you think about it, what we’re really talking about here is giving customers back time – and that’s the most precious commodity we humans possess. By getting delivery right first time (and with 90% of deliveries being made on time in April we are not doing badly) we can actually give customers back the time they would otherwise spend collecting parcels or waiting in for them.

In a bid to give customers back even more time, automation in the delivery industry can take things several steps further and the sector is booming. The latest market analysis suggests that the logistics automation market will almost double between 2018 and 2023, reaching a total value of $80.64bn, with the retail and ecommerce sector predicted to lead that growth.

When we think about automation we often think about robots, drones and artificial intelligence; futuristic solutions that borrow from sci-fi. However,...

The construction industry has already witnessed the use of artificial intelligence within its workplace. Machines are used to carry out physical tasks such as bricklaying, and are used to support project planning phases. Indeed, machines have their own complex form of understanding via algorithms that allow them to collect information and use it to solve problems and tasks. From design to construction, we’re with Oasys, specialists in column design software, looking at the ways the construction industry is beginning to use AI effectively to complete projects.   

Artificial intelligence: the four categories

We are exploring the four main components of artificial intelligence in use within the construction industry:

Design & planning

The planning stage of construction benefits from the help of AI, collecting data for plans. Autonomous equipment is considered as AI as it is aware of its surroundings and is capable of navigation without human input. In the planning stages, AI machinery can survey a proposed construction site and gather enough information to create 3D maps, blueprints and construction plans. Before the use of robotics, planning processes took weeks to complete. Now, it can be done in a day. This helps to save firms both time and money in the form of labour.

Project management

AI can also take on administrative duties, helping with...

Paper is stacked high in our offices and its becoming too hard to handle — businesses across all sectors are considering implementing paperless technologies in a bid to reduce costs and become more environmentally compatible. With research estimating that companies are spending around $8 billion annually managing their paper use, the switch to a digital solution is no surprise.

With the help of Maplewave, specialists in telco retail, we take a look at the possibilities that come with removing paper from the office while delivering remarkable results to customers in a bid to retain and acquire new ones.

The shift to paperless

Opting for paperless methods is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but 3% of businesses have already removed the use of paper from all processes within their operations — quite a bold move for a relatively new technology. However, 16% of businesses are actively looking at different methods that will help them remove paper from their procedures entirely.

Just like every other piece of technology in history, businesses will begin to adopt paperless solutions at a slower rate to remove disruption among workers. In contrast, these businesses actually increased their paper consumption by around 20%. This is due to three key factors; a lack of confidence in...

With twinkling eyes, shoppers wait for the festive season. Nonetheless it brings the charm of shopping vividly and gifting delightfully. All the 365 days of a year are scattered over a number of festivals. Especially the months from October to December bring a ripening fruit for online and offline retailers to give a healthy boost to sales. The “unbox Christmas sale”, may give a thriving boost to your website ranking. Thus, these events become the modus operandi of online retailers to lure the enthusiastic audience. Following this motive, they work towards creating a robust sale culture on their websites.

There is no argument over the fact that, “festive season” creates a merrymaking scenario for e-commerce retail. Here, the most focused part is the pre-Christmas period which is almost 60 days prior to Christmas. From the perspective of creating a sales boost, these three months are the most significant.

Since, we are reaching almost the climax of the series; this has got more reasons for you to get your portal ready. Make a delightful appearance in front of your users, every time they get to web. Your offer on website should show that, you are as much excited about the season as they are.

How much can a user-experience perspective help you?

It is important to build a seamless...

Brand authenticity is increasingly important for all businesses as social media becomes the front page for many company’s outreach efforts. Having a consistent and fun message is a great way for brands to get recognised, and in the chatbot age they deliver that message instantly and with the perfect tone.

Brand loyalty is an issue for every company, not only the Apple and Coca-Cola giants of this world. A Stakla report suggests it is important to 86% of consumers while Harvard’s Business Review reckons the difference between “emotionally connected consumers” and those who are merely “highly satisfied” is worth an extra 50% in sales, all while reducing churn and boosting advocacy from your customers.

However, companies with limited marketing resources can often to struggle to deliver a coherent social media message, wasting what is potentially free advertising. Many companies often share their social posting duties among workers, with people giving different messages or visions of what the brand means.

Other companies fail to do anything exciting with social media or saturate their pages. Apple may have 11 million followers of Facebook but has only ever posted a few product photos. While some small companies post about every nut and bolt of the business, drowning any potentially useful message.

Ways to...

What does the future hold for our shopping habits? Technology has had an enormous impact on how shopping patterns have changed throughout the years, but just how far will it continue? Research has shown that between the years 2015 and 2017, there was an 85% increase in search for footwear reviews — showing that buyers want to learn more before they buy.

Habits before purchasing your product

Search terms are becoming more specific according to Google, when people are shopping online. This is done to there being more specific search terms. Rising search terms between 2015 and 2017 included ‘kids light up shoes’ and ‘men’s Italian dress shoes’. This is possibly because we often know precisely what product we desire and are confident that our search will yield relevant results due to the vast amount of available information on the internet.

For an inspiration for a purchase, it is recorded that people are now heading online for ideas as oppose to psychically window shopping. Social media was the first choice when respondents were asked where they get online inspiration from for their purchases. This behaviour has paved the way for social media influencers and celebrity endorsements too. In fact, the search term ‘influencer marketing’ experienced a 325% increase in searches between 2016 and 2017 — demonstrating company...

The notable advancements made in mobile technology provide a wide range of phones for business users to choose from. Many users look at the security features, cost and value of different phones to make a suitable choice. The cost tends to be dependent on the phone storage capacity which is an important factor to keep in mind.

The processing power of different phones is also considered. The latest processors that Apple developed and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 range have had an upper hand over old phone’s processors. The Apple iOS along with the Android operating systems were also greatly preferred. Some users still opted to go for Windows and Blackberry phones.

Here are some phones that are widely used for their exceptional business capabilities.

The Huawei P20 is an affordable choice as it only goes for £599. Its battery life is incredible as it can last for close to 400 hours on standby. One gets to enjoy a storage capacity of 128GB that is coupled to a 4GB RAM. Its Octa-core processor affords you great processing speed of up to 2.36GHz.

The LGV30 is another great choice and it costs as much as Huawei P20. Its camera pictures are brighter thanks to the OLED...

Mobile apps have become synonymous with modern innovation. Apps can be created to achieve many different business goals. Apps provide an irreplaceable link between you and your target audience and thus help you gain endear your brand and products to the audience. Here are some tips for a successful mobile app.

1. Avail it in multiple platforms

The essence of an app is to reach as many people as possible. If you launch your application on Android, do not forget the iOS users. Availing your application in both of these platforms will effectively guarantee you of an access to over 80% of total smartphone users.

2. Make it authentic

You must also make sure that your application is original. Users are quick to receive an app that is authentic and provides a unique service. Just like any other product, the success of applications is also down to the consumer perception. A good interface, flawless design and great performance will guarantee you of success.

3. Consider mobile app testing

One of the most vital things to do when you want your app to be a success is to avail it for testing. Mobile app testing is the surest way of detecting and eliminating any inherent flaws that might exist in the app. Removing these flaws ensures a...

Whether we want to admit it or not, technology is the main currency of the business world, especially online. We use it to protect and secure our date and documentation, our finances and our personal identities. Never in the history of time has technology been such a selected host for all of our personal and business needs. We came from a generation of computers and we still are one, we just started to use smaller computers. No, I am not talking about laptops, I am talking about cell phones.

Whether you are using an iPhone, Blackberry or even Android, cell phones are the vehicle to the online world and to every destination in our life. It does not matter what it is that we need to do, or where we need to get to in order to fulfil our requests, our cell phone will take us there. We can pay bills, download music, transfer money, fire a client, ask your girlfriend to marry you or even locate your child.

Finding a cell phone carrier is like picking out a candy bar in a sweet shop, there is no shortage of them, there is always a deal and you pretty much have all of the big names memorised by heart. T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T to name...

Blockchain in the present day is the new form of digital currency. Nobody would have imagined the extent to which Blockchain would have impacted the current situation. The success brought about by the cryptocurrencies shows that Blockchain has more advantages which are a significant disruption for the real estate industry. Below are some of the ways that Blockchain disrupts the real estate industry.

1. Ease of transactions

Various industries that have taken advantage of the Blockchain has benefited from the service in many ways including the real estate industry. Previously, when one purchased an office building, they were required to go through multiple steps to complete the transaction. First of all, the insurer, lawyers, inspectors and regulators of the property needs to be involved in the whole process and are required to keep separate records of the transaction. The entire process of purchasing, verifying and recording the building can be expensive for the buyer and needs a lot of time to complete. When government entities are involved, it can even take longer than expected to have all the records verified and recorded. The primary reason why when government entities are concerned the process tends to take longer is that they are a high demand for the services from the people needing similar services. However, with the use of...

If you are managing a business then you are responsible to create and maintain a safe working environment for your team. It is important to protect their health and welfare, because every job comes with its risks, no matter if you are talking about a job position located in an office or outdoors. It is important to inform your employees that they have to meet multiple legislative requirements, and according to the specifics of the company, they also have to comply with certain organisational rules. Every state has its own regulations, standards and laws that focus on workplace safety.

Every company should have a health and safety program that should be tailored to their needs. In case you do not have one, you should make sure that you get in touch with your legal department to establish one. If an accident happens then it can have devastating effects on a company. Employees will not feel safe, and according to the extent of the accident they could even open a lawsuit.

What every manager’s role is?

As a manager you are the one who is responsible for the safety and health of your team. And if clients come to your headquarters then this responsibility also expands to them. You will have to set an...