Rawr! These little guys are so cute. I wish I had a safari party to bring them to. But alas… They’ll just have to hang out in my kitchen. Or maybe the den (wink wink) until I devour their furry faces.

So grab some cupcakes and buttercream frosting and let the decorating begin.

  1. Frost cupcakes with buttercream tinted light brown. I used a couple of drops of brown and yellow gel icing color for the lion’s fur.
  2. Gently tap the frosted cupcake on all sides in a small dish filled with powdered sugar.
  3. Then shape the frosting into a nice little dome using the palm of your hand if needed. The thin coating of powdered sugar will keep frosting from sticking to your hands.
  4. Finally, gently roll the frosted cupcake on a paper towel. This will remove most of the sugar and create a tiny textured pattern at the same time.

Looks kind of like short fur. : ) That was the intention anyway.

And, don’t worry about any last remaining flecks of sugar. They will eventually disappear from the moisture in the frosting.

Okay, now let’s put their faces on!...

Here’s a last minute easy Easter treat. All you really need to pull it together are some candy wafers in spring colors (or even just chocolate and vanilla). And don’t forget some fun Easter candy. Eggs, pastel candy corn, miniature chocolate bunnies, peeps, M&M’s. Customize the colors and candies and get creative.

P.S. Here’s another version without bunnies but still cute.

I decided to use a couple of my candy molds to make bunny ears and little letters. Fill the mold cavities with melted candy coating, place in the freezer to set and then gently pop them out until ready to decorate. The cool part about using molds and candy is that you can totally make the decorative pieces in advance to use them when you need them.

My molds are sold out, but you can find other letter molds online, and if you want cute bunny ears, you can substitute jordan almonds, pastel candy corn, or even pipe your own ears shapes on wax paper using melted candy coating.

Okay, so I spelled out the obvious… but duh… now I wish I had...

Check out these super cute chick cupcakes all dressed up for Easter wearing adorable eggshell caps. Cute on cute.

And they’re easy to decorate, too! You just need some cupcakes to get going.
I used this recipe for cupcakes because the tops mound nicely. BUT instead of baking them as mini cupcakes, I used the batter for 16 regular size cupcakes and baked them for about 16-18 minutes. And, here’s the basic buttercream recipe I used, too.

Of course, feel free to use your favorite flavor combo.

For the chicks, I tinted buttercream frosting a pretty yellow and then dipped the tops in a bowl of light yellow sanding sugar to smooth out the frosting. I like this technique because I have a hard time frosting my cupcakes without them looking all lumpy and once. Then, once they are coated with sanding sugar you can gently mold them into shape with your fingers if something is still off slightly.

After you top each cupcake with sanding sugar go ahead and add details for the faces. They will attach easier if you decorate the tops as you go...

It’s been a lazy day Sunday and I just wanted something simple to satisfy my sweet tooth. No frills or flowers or fluff needed. A simple slice of cake always wins with me.

And look at that slice … freckled with miniature chocolate chips equals perfection.

Chocolate chips just kind of make people happy. They tend to cheer me up anyway. I’ll take them in cake or cookies and of course, by the handful :)


Curious… do you guys generally grease and flour your cake pans or use a non-stick cooking spray. I like to go for the flour method. It’s comforting.

It’s the sweetest time of the year. And these adorable ice cream cone bears will surely brighten your Valentine’s Day.

I love these tiny cones! They make ice cream cake pops a lot easier. I usually just saw the ends of regular size ice cream cones off with a knife to get them small enough for pops. Like I did here. But no need with these. They are the perfect size. My friend Cupcake Julie found them in California at a store called Cake Box on Main.

Speaking of size. Here’s a visual to give you an idea how small they really are.

When rolling your crumbled cake and frosting together to make pops, the balls should only be around 1 inch in diameter to fit the nicely on the cones.

Here are my basic cake pop instructions if you need them. And instead of dipping with a lollipop stick, you can follow the instructions below.

Let’s go.

  • First, prepare a styrofoam block to use as...

Cake Pops turned 10 years old this week (can you believe it?) and today is also National Cake Pops Day! YAY!!! So, to celebrate I decided to make what else but little birthday cake shaped pops.

On January 28, 2008 I posted my first round cake pops here on the blog and then a few days later on February 1 of that year, I posted the first shaped cake pops. These cute cupcakes! They’re the ones that started the cake pop craze and inspired me to teach others how to make them, launching a decade of these diminutive desserts popping up all over the world … at parties, in homes, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, churches, schools and more. They’ve been responsible for creating a lifetime of unexpected and wonderful memories for me and I hope they’ve brought you guys some extra happiness along the way, too!

Below is a quick little video with a bunch of the pops I’ve made over the past ten years. Soooo much dipping and decorating… it kinda makes my head hurt thinking about all the hours I’ve spent consumed by these tiny treats. Hope you like this little walk down cake pop lane and if you have a fave, let me know in the comments below. It makes me smile to hear which ones made you smile.

Fun and freezer friendly! These crunchy french toast sticks from my sweet friend, the Pioneer Woman’s latest cookbook, Come and Get It are a perfect easy morning snack. And pretty delicious, too! Make and freeze a batch ahead of time and then just grab a few to pop in the oven whenever the mood strikes. I’d say breakfast, but these make a sweet late night treat, too.

Crunchy! That’s what we’re going for. So grab a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal. Crumble it up and use it to help coat these french toast sticks. That’s right… we’re breading some bread with cereal … oh and bread crumbs, too.

So, I’ve been buying this thick Sara Lee Artesan bread lately. I don’t really use it for sandwiches, but for buttered toast it’s awesome and I thought it would work great for these french toast sticks, too. Use a serrated knife to gently saw through the bread. If you slice and press down with your knife, the bread will kind of cinch together along the cuts and lose their squared off...

Who’s ready for this cold weather to go away? Me. Me. Me! I need warmth and sunshine and sandals. I could definitely be a warm weather girl all year long … But since we still have many more weeks of frosty temperatures before spring is here I thought I’d share some of my favorite snowy themed sweets. Check out these snow cute cookies, cupcakes and cake pops … they might even make you feel all warm and happy inside.

Drinks that are all dressed up. Check out these chill milk jar snowmen.

I made these snow globe cupcakes way back when using round plastic bottles. To help with the snowy effect, I coated the inside with a little sugar water spray and then sprinkled them with granulated sugar to help make it stick.

Here’s a friendly face from one of my favorite holiday shows. Frosty the Snowman Cake Pops!

Want to keep warm? Cuddle up with these cute sweater weather sugar cookies.

I want to squeeze the cheeks on these petite...

The College Football Playoff National Championship is Monday night right here in Atlanta and the Georgia Bulldogs are playing!!! YAY! Go Dawgs! It’s been like 37 years since Georgia has claimed a National Championship title, so needless to say, folks around here are pretty freaking excited about the game. Atlanta businesses are even shutting down early to make way for all the traffic and craziness to come. Now, I’m not really a big football follower, but I have a ton of friends that went to the University of Georgia and even more that are super fans, so I was excited to make these dawg treats to celebrate making it to the Championship game.

They start with this bulldog candy mold. I think I’ve had this thing for at least eight years and never used it until today. But oh what a good reason.

The mold is super easy to use, especially if you are just filling it with melted candy coating. You can use a squeeze bottle to fill the cavities and a toothpick to coerce the coating into...

Oh what fun is right! I made sweet sayings for the holidays using the cutest alphabet cookie cutters and just three royal icing colors to decorate chocolate sugar cookies four different ways.

The cutters are from my friend Sweet Sugarbelle’s product line and I love all the lowercase letterforms.

They make an adorable alphabet.

The sugar cookie and royal icing recipe I used is right over here. But, I made the cookies chocolate to accentuate the first design that’s below. Just substitute a 1/c cup of flour for 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa in the linked recipe.


Hoot Sweet! These cupcakes are owl-out adorable with their oreo eyes and plumes of buttercream.

And these cinnamon sugar cupcakes don’t hurt either. They’re the perfect canvas to decorate with just buttercream and a few edible add ons to make little owls. Want to see?

Start by using a small round #10 decorating tip. Pipe about 5-6 big dots of buttercream around the bottom edge of the cupcake top. Pipe and pull the frosting into a thin layer. Then pipe another row on top of the first row. Continue piping rows of dots into somewhat of a triangular shape.

For the wings, use a #18 tip to pipe frosting on either side of the owl’s chest (covering the rest of the cupcake surface) and then sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the wings for texture.


This is what happens when I buy too many bags of Reese’s peanut butter cups to hand out for Halloween. So instead of stuffing my face with those leftover little cups of peanut butter comfort, I’m stuffing them into these jumbo chocolatey chocolate chip cookies to share with friends.

Oh my! oh my! Look at these beauties.

Cookie dough ingredients! The dough also has a 1/2 cup of peanut butter mixed inside for extra yum.

And let’s not forget the main attraction. You’ll need a dozen regular size Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Mix the cookie dough and stir in half of the semisweet morsels. Save the other half to press into the cookies before baking.

Hip Hip Hooray! I’m celebrating ten years of tiny treats today. That’s right TEN YEARS of baking and blogging and Bakerella. I can hardly believe it. I mean when I started this blog a decade ago, I had no real intentions of doing anything other than keeping track of some baking attempts. The excitement I felt for decorating desserts kind of took over my entire being though. It was all I could think about and all I spent my spare time doing. I say spare time, because I’ve been doing everything over the past ten years while also working a full-time job. My excitement for creating and desire to make others smile has kept me inspired and ultimately led to some pretty unexpected adventures and experiences along the way that I will cherish forever. Want to take a stroll down memory lane with me? Okay, let’s go!

My first baking project
Just to give you an idea where things started, on the left are the first cupcakes I posted from Halloween back in 2007. Black cats – and beside them are some I posted just last week. Things have definitely come a long way since then. 

The First Cake and Cupcake...

Treat someone with these kitty cat cupcakes for Halloween. They’re decorated with cookies and candy, making them a purrfectly adorable spooky sweet!

Chocolate cupcakes are the way to go for these. You can use this recipe.

Frost the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and then dip the tops in a small bowl filled with black sanding sugar to give them a shimmering coat.

Such a sweet face with those big eyes and that bright yellow button nose.

Oh those. The noses are simply candy corn inserted into the cupcake so only the yellow shows.

And the rest of the feline features are easy, too.

Kitty cat recap:
Fur coat: black sanding sugar
Button noses: candy corn
Ears: chocolate wafer cookies, cut into triangles
Mouths: Jumbo confetti sprinkles, pink would make...

These cakes scream happy and not just from their big familiar smiles. Cute individual cakes decorated with bright colors and topped off with tiny candies to resemble trick or treat bags. What’s not to love?

These tiny and tall cakes were inspired by this rectangular mini loaf pan. The cavities are about 2 X 3.75 inches and I thought baking in them would make perfectly-sized small layers of cake to try and stack.

Grease and line baking cavities with parchment paper to help easily remove the baked cakes. Trim off the mounded tops with a serrated knife. These scraps are all yours to snack on.

Make and tint orange frosting. I used this frosting recipe and made two batches to be sure I had enough. (For the cake, I just used a chocolate cake mix.)

To prepare, place a small amount of frosting on top of a plastic cake board and add the first cake layer. The frosting will help keep it in place. Stack and apply a layer of frosting on the first three cake layers. On the fourth, carefully carve out the center to leave a depression for the candy before placing on top. This will help keep the candy from just looking...

It’s starting to get cooler outside (yay!). If you’re ready to begin the baking season, then I think you’ll fall for these divine mini muffins. I did!

Mini muffins packed with pumpkin, that is.

I don’t bake with pumpkin very often, but I think I should more often.

These little guys don’t look all that cute like this, but dunk them in butter and cover them in cinnamon sugar…  they’ll look like donut holes. And taste dangerously delicious.

The process get’s a little messy so you’ll want to wash your hands several times along the way and reheat your butter if it starts to thicken, but oh my. Worth every minute.

And look what a...

Hey Boo! It’s almost that time of year! October starts tomorrow and that means it’s time to start thinking about spooky cute treats. At least for me … I love baking and creating around Halloween. If you do too or need any ideas to trick out your treats, then check out my Cake Pops Halloween book.

I created this book a few years ago, but I still like to share it on the blog around this time for anyone interested in making people smile for Halloween.

The book initially started as an ebook only. But my publisher, Chronicle Books, also created a special print edition for me, offered exclusively from them. You won’t find this one in bookstores so if you want a physical copy then order yours from the link below. (Note: Unfortunately, Chronicle only ships in the US.)

The book features spooktacular cake pop projects like the above black cat candy buckets (a fave), creepy cauldrons, trick-or-treating ghosts and more. They’re not all the spooky variety though, some are just fun and fall-inspired. You’ll want to check out the awfully cute owls, caramel apples, sweet scarecrows, and candy corn...

If you’re a peanut butter fan like me, you’ve eaten your fair share of Nutter Butter cookies. Crispy peanut butter wafers filled with a peanut butter creme center. Yes, please. I decided to make them when I opened BraveTart’s new book for the first time.

The pages fell open right to a picture of her Nutter Butters and I couldn’t get my mind off making them. And that’s after flipping through more than 300 glorious pages of her incredible book focusing on Iconic American Desserts. There’s so much yum to make. We’re talking tons of classic dessert recipes inside plus recipes (and their origin stories) to recreate your favorite American brands like Twinkies, Oreos, Cracker Jacks, Pop Tarts, Fig Newtons, Snickers, Thin Mints and so much more.

Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts is a classic itself from the seriously sweet-minded Stella Parks. Check out her book and if you’re on Twitter, I highly recommend following her there @bravetart. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge and she has the goodies to back it up, too!

Okay let’s get baking.