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​Editor Mark Deming traces the career of the late Queen of Soul, from her roots as a preacher’s daughter to her rough start with Columbia Records to her breakthrough with Atlantic and subsequent torrent of iconic songs.

​On the heels of his freshly-released new album Time, the eclectic Los Angeles-based musician shares seven of his favorite underappreciated tracks.

​The country singer teases her first album in six years with a new interpretation of Joan Osborne’s track from 1995.

Our classical editors explored some biographical works in July, including compositions bolstered by the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and an opera about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs​.

The West Bay native discusses the mindset that went into recording his new album, Kill the Lights, which features 10 songs in 14 minutes, and manages to bring together the sounds of the Byrds, Love, and Thin Lizzy.

​The hard-boogieing trio from Memphis delivers a scathing indictment of our perpetual state of overstimulation on the title track from the band’s upcoming album.

​The Latin jazz icon delivers an expanded version of his classic track from 1971, featuring a guest spot from trumpet master and regular collaborator Brian Lynch.

​The Tulsa-born, Portland-based indie rock band takes lessons from loss and learns how to move forward on its debut album.

Established, revered performers and up and coming talents alike were featured by our classical reviewers in the month of June.

​The Boston-based musician and performer tinkers with experimental production techniques, ponders art made by difficult individuals, and embraces the world of ASMR on her latest album.

​On his third solo record, the former Dead Confederate frontman adds a hazy psychedelia into his country-infused garage rock.

​Brass and percussion instruments sneakily dominated the ears of our classical reviewers in April, who covered the work of some recent Grammy winners, along with new concertos and exuberant fanfares.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted keyboardist and songwriter discusses his early days, his place in Journey, and the universal power of the accordion. Also, stream The Songs You Leave Behind, a companion album to his recent autobiography.

​The definitive horn-driven funk band celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new collection of songs.

On the heels of the release of his new Netflix special, Warn Your Relatives, and a fresh wave of conversation around his documentary, The Problem With Apu, the comedian and former college radio DJ takes a breather to talk music.

​The piano-playing, high-energy singer talks about stripping back the artifice on Dirty Pictures, Pt. 2, the agony of playing at frat parties, and how working on his songs can take him back in time.

​The prolific Norwegian musician discusses his ever-expanding palette, why he’s still happy to make music using many of the same elements as Emperor, and his favorite ABBA song.

​The New Orleans-based singer-songwriter combines blues, rock and more into an easygoing blend on his latest album.

​Jonathon Linaberry keeps things ragged and rootsy on his third album as The Bones of J.R. Jones.

​The frontman of the Jacksonville-based rock band explains the ideas behind its latest album, a concept record about avoiding the automated, impersonal nature of the modern age