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Breath of the Wild has been consistently praised for its ability to grant players free license to accomplish its often-daunting challenges in any way they see fit, no matter how unconventional. In-game mechanics aren’t restrictive, and while the ability to manipulate the various Runes and environments made available to you might be enough for your average player, it seems it wasn’t enough for one person.

ATwerkingYoshi, a Twitch and YouTube streamer, has set out to complete Breath of the Wild using a control method of his own design. Through a rather complicated setup, which you can read about here, he has connected three separate Donkey Kong Bongo Controllers together, mapping each individual bongo to command specific button inputs. The process is hilarious, but for someone who once beat Dark Souls III using only bananas, nothing is impossible.

Check out part of his Breath of the Wild bongo playthrough below and see him deliver a rhythmic beating to Fireblight Ganon.

The latest entry in the Zelda book series, Breath of the Wild Masterworks, released in Japan just a few days ago but new information shared in the book has already been making waves online. In addition to the wealth of insight offered through the various concept art and information regarding the development of Breath of the Wild, it seems that there is an exciting announcement which fans will be delighted to hear.

According to a series of tweets from Source Gaming, series director Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that development is already underway for another Zelda title. Aside from that, there is no further information provided. Only time will tell us what the game might look like, or if it will adopt the open-world style which catapulted Breath of the Wild to its “Game of the Year” status.

It should come as no surprise that development has begun so quickly, as Breath of the Wild entered development almost immediately after Skyward Sword’s release in 2011. It’s extremely doubtful that we will learn anything else for quite some time, but it’s still exciting to know that there is more Zelda on the way at some point!

I always find fan remixes to be very interesting, and the Reed Trio’s rendition of the Korok Forest theme from Breath of the Wild is no exception. The Korok Forest features one of my favorite themes from the game, and this reeds-only rendition is an interesting take on a great tune. Most music in video games is recorded using an orchestra, so to see three people take a heavily orchestrated theme and make a good remix shows some serious talent!

Keep in mind that when it comes to fan remixes, I tend to be very picky. I don’t usually think about reeds often enough for me to even notice them. I stumbled upon this gem because I like the Korok Forest theme, not because I have a strong interest in woodwinds. The instruments I tend to pick up on the most are the ones commonly used in rock music (guitars, bass, drums, and piano).

Remixes like these take me out of my comfort zone and introduce me to something I don’t usually think about. In this situation, it happened to be reeds. Before this, I never thought about how suitable these instruments are to forest themes. I would easily recommend this theme to all fans of video game music!

In a recent interview featured on the News channel for Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi spoke about the origins of the Yiga clan, and their obsession with bananas. According to Mr. Fujibayashi, the Yiga clan were members of the Sheikah tribe, and he imparts his knowledge about the Sheikah’s own taste for bananas nearly ten thousand years ago. Additionally, he says that players can find an interesting nod to this within The Champions’ Ballad which, while small, is an interesting easter egg.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 2, The Champions’ Ballad. If you haven’t yet completed the DLC, read on at your discretion.

According to an intriguing video from GameXplain, Maz Koshia, the ancient Sheikah monk who presents Link with the many various trials taking place in The Champions’ Ballad, is drawn to bananas. This fits with the answer provided by Mr. Fujibayashi in the interview, and may well be the easter egg which he was referring to. Dropping a bushel of bananas onto the platform while fighting the monk will cause him to become distracted, rushing to scarf them down. You can only do this once during the battle. Despite that it is still a small fact, it further ties together some lore presented during Breath of the Wild‘s main quest. If you’d like to see this strange sight for yourself, check out the video below.

Mr. Aonuma and Mr. Fujibayashi...

When you raise the bar of a franchise as highly rated as Zelda to a new, seemingly insurmountable height such as that of Breath of the Wild, which is arguably the greatest game of all time in the eyes of many people, one might ask, where does the franchise go from here?

While Breath of the Wild is an undeniably incredible game on the back of claiming the accolade of Game of the Year 2017, there are of course, always flaws and areas to improve upon which in itself opens up opportunities to close that gap toward achieving the unconquerable perfect game.

It appears that director of the Champions’ Ballad DLC, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, is already conjuring up a recipe for the next direction for the Zelda series with a plethora of ideas and motivation simmering away.

Speaking to IGN, Fujibayashi stated that he is unsure whether the next game will be in sequel or continuation form.

Fujibayashi went on to speak of acquiring new ideas as the team worked through the development of the game and DLC, “It was a process of constantly getting lots of different, new ideas as we refined the game, and finding new things we wanted to do. “

“Even in situations like this, talking to people and finding out that people want to pet dogs gives me a lot of motivation, a lot of ideas for things we could put into the game,” he continued.

Eiji Aonuma described what his team learned from the recent DLC as...

As of October 2017, some 4.7 million people purchased Breath of the Wild, yet every single person played the game in totally different way thanks to their own unique approaches within this beautiful, expansive open world that allows you to find your own way through obstacles and puzzles.

Nintendo UK were keen to gain the perspective of fans on how they played the game and what stood out to them to give them that warm fuzzy feeling of Zelda-fueled enjoyment.

From rafts travelling skyward, diving into a lake to take on Va Ruta, destroying a Lynel for the first time and the simple act of travelling, the fans who feature in the video enchant us with their stories and bring memories flooding back of our own adventures through the vast land of Hyrule.

The video is a great motivation to pour some more hours into Breath of the Wild on the back of the Champions’ Ballad DLC Pack and a plentiful amount of time spent with the predictably addictive Super Mario Odyssey. What are your favourite #ZeldaMoments?

Just like how the GameCube had to follow the high expectations set by the Nintendo 64, the new GameCube Anthology — The Ultimate Book will have to aim to live up to its predecessor, The Nintendo 64 AnthologyLuckily the writer of the Nintendo 64 Anthology, Math Manent, is also writing this new book, which is currently looking for supporters on its Kickstarter page.

According to the publisher, the GameCube Anthology — The Ultimate Book took “over a year and a half” to research. This 360 page book will examine many different aspects of the GameCube’s life, focusing on: the origins of the console, Space World, the launch, winning back gamers and the legacy left by the GameCube.

Additionally the book will examine all the hardware options that were available for the GameCube and take a closer look at some of the collectable content available for the console. All of this will be printed on “35 gsm gloss coated paper” to add the extra touch of quality.

The Kickstarter also offers various awards for pledging towards the project, with a beautiful (but pricey) Zelda incentive too!

The estimated delivery for the GameCube Anthology – The Ultimate Book is July 2018. If the Nintendo 64 Anthology is anything to go by, Math Manent’s next book is set to be a must have for all Nintendo fans.

Apparently riding the awesome Master Cycle across Hyrule is not exciting enough for some people. Youtuber WillianZilv has modded the bike in to a variety of different things, including The Road Runner, Sonic and even CJ and Big Smoke!

“Beep, beep” your way all across Hyrule with the Road Runner:

Bring the gaming worlds together as Sonic travels across Hyrule:

Sadly for Big Smoke a recipe for burgers has yet to be found in Hyrule:

The Master Cycle will probably be modded a lot over the next few days, but for now WillianZilv has set the bar pretty high! Which is your favourite mod? Leave a comment and let us know.

While it might seem like Switch owners are getting all the Tips of the Wild (and they are), it seems that the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild hasn’t been forgotten about by Nintendo, even nine months into the lifespan of Link’s latest adventure.

Wii U owners will be pleased to see update v1.4.1 kick in and welcome “Various fixes to improve gameplay”. We are a bit sketchy on the details of what the fixes entail at the moment, however, it is fantastic to see that Nintendo are showing some love to both Wii U and Switch owners.

If any improvements are discovered, feel free to share them with us here at Zelda Universe.

Ever since I first played Twilight Princess back in 2006, Midna has always been my favorite companion for Link. She’s mysterious, snarky, and she has a lot of attitude to go with it. At the same time, I also enjoyed the idea of Link being a wolf, and although that form, in my opinion at least, was rather underutilized, it was still a cool idea and I enjoyed it for what it was.

This artwork of Wolf Link and Midna by GENZOMAN encapsulates that cool factor that I remember when I first played Twilight Princess. It reminds me a lot of a movie poster, and definitely gives off that promo art vibe you see for a game that really gets you excited to see what it’s all about. It captures the attitude of both characters in their respective forms as well, with Midna sitting atop Wolf Link with her typical flair, and Wolf Link ready to fight whatever baddie comes his way with the ferocity that surges through his canine form.

I also love Midna’s hair in this image as well, as the curved hand at the end of her hair looks like she’s about to wallop anything coming her way. It once again shows off Midna’s typical demeanor, but in a more subtle way.

I also really enjoy the background in this picture as well. There’s the typical Twilight Realm unease that permeates throughout, and that...

To celebrate Breath of the Wild winning Game of the Year and the release of DLC Pack 2, we’re giving away three copies of Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch signed by Eiji Aonuma himself, courtesy of Nintendo Australia.

To enter, tell us in 25 words or fewer what you would say to Mr. Aonuma if you had the chance. Enter using the form below or by emailing your answer to

Our favorite three entries will win this very special prize, and we’ll publish a selection of our favorites here on our website when we announce the winners.

Entries close at midday on Saturday January 20 2018 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (UTC+11. Convert to your timezone). Entry is open worldwide. The signed copies of Breath of the Wild are for Nintendo Switch and are the Australian version of the game, but the Nintendo Switch is not region locked. If you win, we will contact you via email. Winners must respond and provide a mailing address within 7 days of notification or they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you to Nintendo Australia for providing the prizes for this giveaway.

Good luck!


Throughout our Realm of Memories series, we have always examined our very favourite moments in Zelda. We’d be lying, however, if we were to say that there have been no occasional disappointments along the away. Even our most beloved games have their low points, and it’s about time I admitted to one of my lesser fond memories.

Wind Waker is one of my favorite Zelda games, but I often visit areas in the game that could have more depth. To me, Greatfish Isle is a good example of one of the game’s biggest disappointments. When Link visits the island, he finds it completely destroyed by a storm that Ganon conjured. Only the wreckage of a once-interesting location remains on the island.

According to a theory, Greatfish Isle was supposed to have a third dungeon for Nayru’s Pearl, but the idea was scrapped by the developers. Unfortunately, the island remains as nothing more than a missed opportunity for either a dungeon or a small town. Even a secret grotto would be better than nothing.

While Greatfish Isle bothers me somewhat, though, Islet of Steel is a whole other story.

Islet of Steel just outright annoys me. It would have been an excellent spot for a great naval battle, and the inside could have been heavily guarded with Moblins, Darknuts, and Bokoblins. Instead, the island, while looking like a great fortress, is surprisingly easy to enter. Sink the ship blocking...

There’s only so many times that you can blow into those old Nintendo 64 cartridges before they just stop working. Reggie Fils-Aime has suggested before that there may well be a wide selection of games available on the Switch’s Virtual Console, but for now N64 fans have been left (un)patiently waiting.

It seems that the video game company Hyperkin may well be working on a solution to that problem — though whether or not we’ll see a chance to get our hands on it is another story.

According to Ramon Davos-Moral, a Senior Account Manager at Hyperlink, they are working on a portable Nintendo 64 console.

Having the screen attached to the controller is an awesome idea: it looks great and perfectly links to the portability. Sadly, this is only a prototype and as the Facebook post indicates, it may not even make it to production. That probably won’t stop all of us N64 fans from building up our hopes, but if you’re looking for a nostalgia-heavy trip back to the days of the Nintendo 64 in the meantime, then Math Manent’s Nintendo 64 Anthology is the perfect book for you!

Players returning to Breath of the Wild to enjoy The Champions’ Ballad add-on content will want to listen up for this entry from “Tips from the Wild”!

If you’ve already begun this added adventure, you’re well aware that the initial challenge will require some extra finesse. Taking advantage of your surroundings and using stealth to pick off enemies without alerting nearby lookouts will be key to your survival. This update offers items to make Sneaky Steamed Fish, a dish which will increase your stealth during these crucial moments. Launch your game from the update to receive three Silent Shrooms, a Stealthfin Trout, and a Silent Princess and turn that stealth up to the maximum.

After cleaning the challenges on the Great Plateau, you can set out to uncover more about the unknown history of the Champions. The Champions’ Ballad adds new challenges, shrines, and nine new pieces of armor which will be scattered around Hyrule. The journey won’t be easy, but those diligent enough to take on this treacherous underpinning will be rewarded with the Master Cycle Zero: a high octane mount, and the best way to get around the expansive landscape of Hyrule.

The Champions’ Ballad is available now through the Nintendo eShop on both Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Good luck out there, and be sure to stock up on extra items for those difficult moments!

Get excited, there’s a new “Tips from the Wild” update! This time the update is on the small side but you’d be nuts to dismiss the healing capabilities here.

If you need to recover some hearts, cooking Acorns or Chickaloo Tree Nuts, either alone or together, can create a surprisingly helpful and healing meal. According to the update, fairies of the forest created this dish to welcome human guests. Neat!

This update will give you two Acorns and three Chickaloo Tree Nuts so you can try it out for yourself!

Check out some of our other articles about “Tips from the Wild” updates right here! Which tips or freebies have been most helpful for your adventure so far?

The hugely successful traveling Zelda orchestra tour may be winding to a close. Established in 2011 for the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, Symphony of the Goddesses has been delighting fans around the world in the sights and sounds of the Zelda series for five years. The tour spawned four incarnations, due to popularity, and constantly underwent change adding new suites and arrangements to the lineup.

Sadly, there are no currently planned dates for 2018, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen, but that nothing is in motion as of this time due to a hiatus.

In a recent interview with, Symphony of the Goddesses producer Jason Michael Paul expressed interest in moving on to other projects. Regarding the hiatus for 2018, Paul said he isn’t exactly pleased. Furthermore, Paul said, “Here we are on this high where we are doing over 70 shows a year with The Legend of Zelda, and then we’ve got nothing. But I am doing other things. I am working with Bethesda on the hopes of an Elder Scrolls concert. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but I am hopeful.”

Paul also mentioned that he has been pitching new content ideas to Nintendo, including a pitch for a Super Mario orchestra which he’s hoping to bring to life. Let’s all hope this isn’t the dawn of the final day for this wonderful show, or for other Nintendo symphonic showcases.

Having seen great success incorporating music and imagery from across the Zelda series, including a...

The Champions’ Ballad has brought lots of great new features to Breath of the Wild. Perhaps none is more exciting than the Master Cycle Zero included within the DLC. To celebrate, My Nintendo is offering some awesome new Zelda-related rewards too!

For just 50 Platinum Points each you can get wallpaper featuring the Master Cycle Zero or a group shot of the five champions. These will be available until March 31 in 2018, so you have plenty of time to earn those points!

My Nintendo has also announced these new discounts and rewards for various Zelda games, which are available until February 10:

  • “Breath of the Wild: A Wide World” 3DS Theme (20 Gold Points)
  • 40 percent discount on A Link to the Past for 3DS or Wii U (250 Platinum Points)
  • 40 percent discount on Tri Force Heroes for the 3DS (120 Gold Points)
  • 40 percent discount on Skyward Sword for the Wii U (50 Gold Points)
  • 40 percent discount on Majora’s Mask 3D for the 3DS (120 Gold Points) (available until January 3)

If The Champions’ Ballad has built your appetite for Zelda to the point that no Mighty Banana recipe can cure your hunger, then these My Nintendo points may be the perfect rewards for you!

To the surprise of many, the second DLC pack for Breath of the Wild was revealed and released during The Game Awards 2017. However, even more shocking was the footage of Link riding what appeared to be a beefed-up version of his motorcycle from Mario Kart 8. A recent interview by Nintendo (available exclusively through the Nintendo Switch’s News channel) with the producer and director of Breath of the Wild, Eiji Aonuma and Hidemaro Fujibayashi respectively, explains this curious inclusion, as well as the Ancient Saddle and Ancient Bridle upgrades for horses.

When asked about the Master Cycle Zero, Aonuma mentioned it was his idea to include it. He explained that before he began riding a motorcycle, the world felt much smaller to him and being able to navigate with a bike made it seem vast and full of possibility. He said he felt a similar feeling of freedom when walking around in Breath of the Wild, so he thought adding a bike would translate well into the game. The staff loved the idea, and so the Master Cycle Zero came to be.

Fujibayashi added that he was concerned whether or not developing the bike was even possible, or if it would break the game. In the end, the staff discussed what they felt would be a suitable reward for completing the DLC and the bike seemed to be the best prize they could offer players.

Nintendo also asked the pair to talk about the new horse gear and whether any other sets of armor or abilities couldn’t make it into...

Possibly the most exciting aspect of the recent Champions’ Ballad DLC for Breath of the Wild, aside from the fact that it launched suddenly and unexpectedly during the Game Awards, is the introduction of Link’s new motorcycle.

The Master Cycle Zero is a fun new addition to the game, and to celebrate, Nintendo has released some beautiful artwork of Link drifting across Hyrule on his new hog.

The most striking thing about this art to me is the possible reference to the Japanese animated classic, Akira. The pose is identical, with the hands gripped at the handlebars, the leg extended and foot touching ground, dust billowing from the wheels and the intense stare towards the viewer.

Many forms of media have paid homage to Kaneda’s iconic powerslide over the years, and it’s very cool to see Nintendo do their part.

Have you discovered Overclocked Remix yet? I’ve been following their album releases for about ten years now, and they never disappoint. It’s a crazy community of video game-loving musicians that criticize the heck out of each other’s work over multiple drafts until their music is top notch. In the video game music world, you know you’ve arrived when you’re a posted artist on

In early August, there was a free album (all OCRemix albums are free, by the way) posted with 18 eclectically remixed A Link to the Past tracks. It’s pure gold, and I’ve been listening to it for weeks now! I don’t have the ability to do each song justice in one post though, so let’s just start with one, okay? How about the opening track “Timeless Journey”.

While jamming out to this beautiful, epic, orchestral medley I was super impressed with the flawless transitions from theme to theme. It builds from one melody to the next without suffering from melody-itis, growing into a crescendo that leaves you with tears.

Yes, I’m totally geeking out about this track, but I promise I’m gushing because it’s that good!

Even better, while doing my gratis private investigation into this particular mix’s upbringing, I found a story behind the song so interesting that it’s almost as cool as the song itself. Prepare yourself for a tale of a hard-working, self-taught multipotentialite who, after years of practice and a decade’s worth of patience, has crafted an entire album stuffed full of cinematic orchestral Zelda pieces.

It’s an album made from...