When we think of student accommodations we usually picture humdrum interiors of undistinguished décor and monotonous repetition, sensible spaces that cater to students’ basic needs. Not so with Dutch hotel group The Student Hotel (TSH) whose approach to student housing is radical in both concept and aesthetics.

In Hong Kong, living space is a precious commodity so making the most out of relatively limited square footage is essential for local interior designers. For this recently renovated apartment in a PokFuLam high-rise, a residential area on Hong Kong Island, interior & branding design company OFGA has gone one step further. Striking a graceful balance between openness and privacy, the apartment has been designed as an unfolding canvas where the continuity of space is as important as aesthetic uniformity.

Housed in a historic building in Linz, Austria, Rossbarth is a new restaurant by two young chefs, Sebastian Rossbach and Marco Barth whose core mission in the kitchen is to combine familiarity with novelty. Inspired by the chefs’ culinary philosophy, Austrian interior design studio destilat has created a space of monastic simplicity and modernist minimalism that feels both timeless and contemporary.

Russian artist Gregory Emvy likes to think outside the box so it's not supersizing that his latest series defies categorization by walking a fine line between painting and sculpture. Working with an eclectic palette of marble, concrete, copper and wood, dexterously merged together in rectangular inlays-cum-reliefs, his recent work hovers between abstraction and figuration. Featuring an assortment of contrasting textures – rough vs. smooth, polished vs. brushed, warm vs.

From the street, the Clerkenwell home of architects Anna Liu and Mike Tonkin in North London is undistinguished from the adjoining spruced up late Georgian houses. But enter inside and it’s a whole different story where white idiosyncratic interiors give way to a retro-futuristic back yard. Called the Sun Rain Room, the extension is both a lush garden and a sun room where vegetation, water and light come together in a lyrical space of shifting reflections where the pair can enjoy London’s mercurial weather.

Housed in the historic, Grade II-listed St Thomas Church in London Bridge not far from The Shard, Duddell’s new London outpost, the first outside the original, two Michelin star, award-winning Hong Kong venue, is an authentic Cantonese restaurant that combines a culinary experience of extraordinary refinement with a regular rotation of eclectically curated contemporary artwork.

At first it sounds absurd, a contemporary art collection housed in a Nazi-era, air-raid shelter, but on second thought it makes perfect sense; for is there an expression of our humanity more deserving for safe-keeping than art? This being Berlin, it is also a reminder that although history cannot and should not be forgotten it can be creatively engaged with.

When London based architect Roberto di Donato was commissioned to renovate an apartment located in an early 20th century listed building in Valencia, Spain, he approached the project both as an architect and as an archaeologist. Meticulously uncovering multiple layers of past interventions to bring to light the original building fabric, he has neither discarded nor concealed his findings but rather incorporated them into a design of modern elegance that celebrates the building's history.

MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2018 is looming bright in the horizon… are you all set for the grand event? 

Eschewing the revivalist aesthetic that many public venues in the centre of Seville champion, Casaplata restaurant and cocktail bar by Spanish architects Lucas y Hernández-Gil espouses a radically modernist sensibility of raw sophistication that combines the grace of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi’s visual language with the grittiness of an urban aesthetic.

Located in a residential area south of Rennes in northwest France, Pritzker Prize winning Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira’s newly built Church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande is a bold synthesis of extruded geometric forms that both reflects and expands on the architectural language of the residential blocks that monotonously surround it. Known for his poetic treatment of modernism, Siza’s sculptural use of concrete and light results in an awe-inspiring space that speaks of spirituality and piety.

Discovering Taiwan”, which opened its doors in November of last year, is a permanent exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum that draws from the Museum’s collections as well as the history and culture of the island’s indigenous populations and the institution’s Japanese founders in order to celebrate both Taiwan’s rich natural and cultural heritage and the Museum's centenary.

Situated among the dramatic karst terrain of Yangshuo, China, an otherworldly, verdant landscape of winding rivers and limestone hills growing like giant teeth out of the green floodplains, and housed in a century-old sugar mill, Alilia Yangshuo is a new luxury resort that celebrates the rich history of its industrial past while seamlessly blending into its stunning surroundings.

It would seem impossible to summarize in just four words a venerable company like Florentine watchmaker Officine Panerai, an establishment whose roots date back to 1860 when Giovanni Panerai opened his watchmaker's shop on Ponte alle Grazie and whose timepieces, designed in Italy and hand-crafted in Switzerland, masterfully combine elegance and functionality with craftsmanship and precision.

Located on the 28th floor of a residential tower in Kiev, Ukraine, this newly renovated apartment by local interior designer Olha Wood combines a modernist aesthetic of sleek, clean lines with a soft palette of warm timber hues and pastel colours. Complemented by an “indoor garden”, the elegant interiors of romantic minimalism are the perfect backdrop to the panoramic views of the city.

Part of the seventh Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture that opened in December of last year, His House and Her House, is a conceptual installation by Shanghai-based architectural practice Wutopia Lab that has transformed two small buildings in an urban slum of Shenzhen into a conversation about the contrasting roles of men and women in the kitchen and how this is reflected in dietary habits.

Cyborgs have always seduced the human imagination with the endless possibilities that a merger of man and machine entails. From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Fritz Lang’ Metropolis to Blade Runner and Robocop, the union of the organic and the synthetic conceal an inherently utopian vision of self-determination, and the freedom to go beyond the rigid classification of human identity that society has imposed.

Located in Queens Park, a beautiful inner-city Sydney suburb of Victorian and Federation homes and lush urban green spaces, this family house was thoroughly renovated by local design practice Alexander &CO with great attention to detail, transforming the century-old building into a light-filled residence of contemporary comforts and subtle elegance.

Taking over an industrial warehouse in Shanghai, China, the new headquarters for UOOYAA, a Chinese clothing brand catering to an edgy, youthful female audience, reflects the brand’s streetwise identity and its buoyant creativity. Designed by Chinese studio X&Collective Design as an "unfinished space", the premises blend an urban vibe with contemporary sophistication, creating a space that both enchants and inspires in its elegant simplicity and jovial composition.

The Pilgrim, which opened its doors in November of last year, is a hotel located on Norfolk Square in Paddington, London that aims to reinvent the concept of hospitality by looking both to the future and to the past.