Located in Calle de Serrano, the epicentre of Madrid’s high-end shopping where international luxury brands meet artisanal boutiques and designer shops, the new flagship store of Spanish leather goods house Malababa eschews the sleek glamour and loud braggadocio of the typical luxury retail experience for an unrefined elegance of natural textures and hand-made craftsmanship that embodies the brand’s design philosophy.

Lebanese-born, Kuwait-based artist Ali Cha’aban is as much a sociocultural commentator as he is an artist. He’s also fast emerging as a fashion photographer, shooting for Vogue Arabia and the Fashion Prize winners’ collections.

Lilla Hyttnäs, a picturesque, timber cottage in the Swedish countryside where Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson lived and worked in the late 19th and early 20th century, stands worlds apart from the great Pacific garbage patch, a floating vortex of debris in the Pacific Ocean that exemplifies the ecological disaster wreaked by oceanic plastic pollution.

At first glance, Healing Stay KOSMOS looks like it came straight out of a science fiction movie where man, fleeing some global calamity in the distant future, has settled on a new, pristine, earth-like planet. Contrary to appearances, this filmic setting is located on Earth, specifically, on a volcanic island 120 kilometres east of the Korean Peninsula.

Walking through Canberra, the entirely planned modernist Australian capital, complete with a large artificial lake, you tend to forget that about a century ago there was nothing here except verdant hills and eucalyptus forests, or as locals call it “the bush”. Founded in the early 20th century and mostly build after WWII to a mid-century architectural aesthetic, Canberra is a modern metropolis engulfed by a natural landscape of wild beauty. The city’s split personality, where the natural co-exists with the man-made, was the inspiration behind the design of “

Houston-based artist Kevin Peterson creates hyper-realistic paintings that nevertheless seem dream-like, indeed just one of the many juxtapositions that his work grapples with such as bondage versus freedom, support versus restraint and resignation versus persistence.

"A Shade of Pale" is an ambitious London exhibition that brings together new photographic work from ten distinct artists. Far from turning it into another group show however, where the selected works are united under a common theme or concept, curator Carrie Scott has chosen instead to create a diverse visual ecosystem of antagonistic yet co-existing aesthetics that vie for viewers' undivided attention.

Located in Cascais, a coastal suburb of Lisbon, Portugal, that combines the historic aura of a royal retreat with the cosmopolitan vibe of a beachfront resort, “Hostel in Parade” occupies a century-old villa that Lisbon-based studio Aurora Arquitectos have renovated in reflection of the town’s hybrid nature.

Perched on the cliffside above the Mediterranean Sea in Cap de Creus, a rocky peninsula off Spain’s Costa Brava a few kilometres south of the French border, Sunflower House is both blessed with breathtaking views and saddled with a sun-deprived orientation that also leaves it completely exposed to the region’s punishing north winds that can reach up to 180 kilometres by hour.

If we had to choose one word to summarize the work of the late fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa it would be timelessness. Exquisitely crafted and sumptuously feminine, the haute couture creations of the Paris-based, Tunisian designer were the product of a very personal creative process that defied the rules of fashion, ignored trends and fads, and even eschewed the system of biannual seasons that high fashion is structured on—Alaïa famously showed his collections when he felt they were ready.

Nestled deep in the pine forest on the hills above the lakeside community of Valle de Bravo two hours from Mexico City, “Entre Pinos” or “Between the pine trees”, is a group of five vacation houses harmoniously integrated into the natural landscape.

Johannesburg-based, British-born street artist Sonny has established a name for himself with his evocative, hyperrealist spray-painted murals that combine an exotic iconography inspired by the wildlife of his adopted country and an intricate colour palette of hundreds of hues.

Combining the euphoric ebullience ushered in by the advent of spring with the ecstatic anticipation for a white Christmas, Milan Design Week (MDW) is an annual celebration of design whose week-long, multi-venue, kaleidoscopic congregation of cultural wonders evokes an awestriking experience that can only be described as religious.

What more suitable venue to host a design exhibition that explores the importance of heritage than the eight-centuries-old castle of Schloss Hollenegg, an architectural palimpsest of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and neo-classical elements.

If street art’s central tenet is visibility, granted by the wide audience that a public location entails, then American street artist Thrashbird’s latest project, located miles away from any populated area, is an act of subversion both in content and form.

Established by eminent champagne house Moët & Chandon in Australia’s Yarra Valley, one of the world's premier wine growing areas, Domaine Chandon has been making méthode traditionelle sparkling wine—namely champagne, just not from Champagne in France—for over thirty years.

There is an uncanny quality in Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi’s work that stems from the fact that what you see is as important as what you don’t see. Part architecture, part artwork, part hallucination, his ethereal constructions immerse the visitor into a dream-like environment that demands to be mentally re-constructed rather than visually consumed.

Inspired by El Lissitzky, a key figure of the Russian avant-garde movement in the early 20th century, ELIT PROUN BAR is the result of a creative collaboration between London-based architectural practice Carmody Groarke and Wallpaper* Handmade.

Designing the interiors of an entire house is in many ways less of a challenge than designing a studio apartment where the limited space demands ingenuity, astuteness and precision and when every single aspect of the design has to thoughtfully considered both in its each own right and against the overall scheme in order to balance the demands of functionality, comfort and elegance.

Taking its name from a street of culinary delights in Macau, Rua da Cunha Macau Hotpot is a ten-year old Beijing restaurant that serves a blend of southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines inspired by the owner’s hometown.