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I, like many people, fell in love with the concept of multi-functionality long before I knew what it really was thanks to a little 1980s cartoon called Inspector Gadget! The weird and wacky detective had all sorts of multipurpose tools at his disposal and I imagine if he had a wallet, it’d be a lot like this one! It’s called CLIPPY and it’s perhaps the most versatile and useful wallet out there.

This pocket-size, magnetic, multi-tool can be used for a variety of handy functions like keeping your headphone cables in order, marking your book, acting as a paperclip, and even as a fidget device! Of course, it also keeps your cards and cash clipped and organized. Available in any imaginable Pantone color, you can customize yours to your precise style preference!

Designer: Ivan Shmatko for aiia

You’ve probably heard of biomimicry as a design trend but have you ever heard of animal architecture mimicry? Designed just for bird watchers of the Pape Nature Preserve in Latvia, Glint is an architectural exploration inspired by the way birds build their own nests and other structures. It utilizes this unique form of wildlife mimicry to place steel, timber and OSB in a similar form as a bird’s nest.

The resulting organic shape blends in to the serene setting of the park. Perched high above the ground, visitors can view bird specimens and other wildlife from the comfort of a sturdy vertical platform where they can enjoy and appreciate nature without disturbing. Check out the elevations and renderings. They’re works of art in themselves!

Designer: Keremcan Kırılmaz & Erdem Batırbek

Do you remember the old-timey Windows screensaver called 3D pipes? Imagine turning that incredibly hypnotic graphic into an actual product. That’s the 3D Shower by Duratex for you. This rather “different” looking shower head uses asymmetrically arranged geometric wefts to create a shower head that’s functional, but unique to look at. Designed to look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, the shower head has a modern avatar and tends to leave one curiously observing and plotting the flow of water from its curvy, pipe-esque design. Nothing about the 3D Shower is traditional. Not even its manufacturing technique. Made using 3D printing, the shower head uses thermoplastic resin, giving its quirky shape a different color, material, and finish. All in all, a very memorable product!

The 3D Shower is a winner of the iF Gold Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Duratex

My facebook feed, prior to Fb’s shift to personal updates and friend posts, was filled with two things. Gadgets, and cryptocurrency. So it isn’t surprising that this Crypto Heater video popped up in my news feed a while back. I refrained from jumping onto the bandwagon and talking about it until now… because only recently, something struck me. Something rather clever, I’ll admit.

This is the Qarnot QC-1. It’s a heater, but it’s different. It doesn’t just generate heat, it mines cryptocurrency. In fact, the very fact that it mines cryptocurrency is what makes it produce heat. Here we struggle with heated CPUs after opening 15 tabs on Google Chrome, and on the flipside, you have a heater that relies on this very phenomenon. Basically, the QC-1 generates heat for your room as a by-product, but what it really does is mine crypto-coins without having you bother understanding the complicated process of currency mining.

The heater costs $3500 and lets you select your coin of choice and mines it (sending it to your wallet) while heating your room. Here’s where my brain begins working. Why does it cost $3500? For the guys at Qarnot, here’s something I thought you should know. I’m no expert here, but hear me out. You charge people $3500 for a machine that makes money for them. Why not charge them the bare minimum? Enough to cover material, production, and shipping costs… and then give them just 10% of...

The Fucktron Glass Keyboard doesn’t just have a funky name. It’s also quite functional! The latest in a trend of stretched display devices, it can be used as a keyboard, shared/full display, or even as a game console itself! Thanks to its transparent OLED display with a touchscreen surface, users can change the keyboard layout, background and color schemes with the click of a button. Not only usable as an input device, it also transforms the keyboard into a vibrant aesthetic element that adds flair to your desk top!

Designer: Sputnik Goods

Whether you grew up gaming, chances are your parents use the line “why don’t you do something with your life!” at least once. With the D’Or gaming drone system, now you can tell them you are!

It explores the concept of gamification to rid the air of harmful pollutants so we can all breath cleaner, healthier air. The drone itself is equipped with the latest filtration and ion purification as directed by the European Space Agency. Viewing through an app on their smartphone, users can control the drone in a sort of augmented reality space, playing a variety of integrated games solo and versus other players. The more air they clean, the more points are awarded. Leaderboard and ranking features also encourage more cleaning!

Designers: Kavithasan Patkunam & Samay Sigamani

The concept was also developed as part of the KTH Innovation startup incubator in Sweden.

Designed and engineered to purify the air around us by using high-efficiency filter systems that are used in the International Space Station or ISS, which is currently orbiting around the earth.

The filter systems are integrated seamlessly into the propulsion units of the drone.

Computational Fluid Dynamics tools such as Ansys CFX and Fluent were used to understand the fluid motion/flow through the filters and the propellers.

A winner of the 2018 iF Gold Award, the Gluey pen from Bosch brings all new ease to adhesive crafting! Like a jumbo Sharpie pen, it fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its tactile, oversized grip. This comes in handy when you’re looking for precision placement of any of the 5 distinct color options that transform your glue from a construction material into decor itself!

It breathes new life into your crafting creations with vibrant huge of Evergreen, Lagoon Blue, Smoky Grey, Cupcake Pink and Marshmallow or other variations like glitter glue! This sticky solution sable on a variety of materials like paper, plastic, wood, glass, leather and more. Best of all, the wireless design is compact enough to throw in any bag, backpack or craft kit and heats up in just 60 seconds so you can get to gluing!

Designer: Bosch

Run this comparison for me. Imagine having to pay for electricity every month, all your life. Electricity to power your phone, laptop, tablet, watch, etc. Or imagine the flipside. Owning a solar panel and a battery, and not having to pay for electricity, but rather, capturing your own.

Flextech has truly spearheaded the solar-friendly-consumer movement. Their range of solar panels (which we’ve admired and spoken of at length) help you tap into our solar system’s largest energy source to power your lives. Their latest offering, the SunPack backpack, is the most useful in their series of products. Giving you storage for your devices as well as the means to charge them.

If you hate electricity bills or having to look for plug-points, and you love backpacks, the SunPack may just be the best backpack for you. With Flextech’s powerful, weatherproof solar panel integrated into it, just being outdoors is enough to generate electricity! Designed to seamlessly integrate (and show off) Flextech’s solar panels, the bag comes with all the features you’d want from a good backpack. Compartmentalized storage, waterproof design, anti-theft locking, RFID blocking pockets for your cards, and integrated USB and headphone jack for juicing your devices and listening to music on the go. What steals the show, however, remains Flextech’s solar panels. Designed to be hardy and flexible, the panels are waterproof, dustproof, and generally weatherproof. Designed with an undulating texture, the panels can capture solar power efficiently at any time...

Designed with an aesthetic that’s instantly memorable, the Karlmann King SUV is a “Ground Stealth Fighter” with a design that one could characteristically and literally describe as edgy. It ditches the organic, aerodynamic design that most cars go for, and opts for something polygonal and frankly, beastly.

Created by a worldwide team of nearly 2000 designers, developers, and engineers, the Karlmann King SUV is based on the Ford F-550 chassis and packs a 6.8-Liter V10 gasoline engine. Each automobile is hand-made, requiring 30,000 painstaking man hours to piece together. Made to look like an absolute monster, the exterior is crafted from carbon fiber and sheet steel, with an optional bulletproof coating. With that sort of armor and aesthetic, the Karlmann King is the kind of vehicle you’ll look at with feelings of awe coupled with a hint of fear. The price of that feeling?? Close to $4 million.

Designer: Karlmann King

Never thought you could put a chess set in your back-pocket, right? I mean, sure you could download a chess app, but where’s the fun in tapping at a screen as opposed to actually moving chess pieces? Innovo’s card chess set was literally designed to fit a game of tactile chess into your wallet! The 3D printed card-shaped, card-sized design comes with everything you need, from a board to all 32 chess pieces. Just snap the pieces right off their support structures (you differentiate the black and white players by the holed and non-holed pieces) and plug them right into the board. The board doesn’t come with the checkered pattern but it does have a grid made on it, so your gameplay won’t really get affected. It even comes with additional slots outside the board to dock pieces that have been eliminated from the game.

The Card Chess Set is great for carrying around and using in what I can only assume is an unexpected chess-based-emergency… or just showing off, to be honest! My only gripe is that you don’t really have any place to keep the chess pieces after your first game, since you’ve snapped them off their support structures. Anyone got any solutions?? Let us know!

Designer: Kiriakos Christodoulou (Innovo Design)

How does Vader like his tea? Burning hot! Although he doesn’t complain if it’s Luke-warm either…

The Fowndry’s hilarious, quirky kettle pays tribute to one of cinema’s most popular villains. Designed with a silhouette that uncannily resembles Vader’s helmet, the Darth Vader Kettle comes made in Stainless Steel and Plastic, has a 1.7L capacity, and a whistle that the creators describe as being powerful enough to “awaken the Force”!

We’re loving every bit of the adaptation, especially the handle that was designed to resemble the grip of Darth Vader’s lightsaber. Great for brewing up some tea or boiling water “with barely suppressed rage”, the Darth Vader Kettle is an officially licensed product and becomes available from the 19th of March, although pre-orders are open right now!

Designer: The Fowndry

Click Here to Buy Now

Click Here to Buy Now

Whether you don’t have time to make it to the masseuse or you’ve got a significant other with stingy hands, it’s important to treat yourself to a good massage every once in a while if not for the good feels, for the health benefits. This is especially true if you’ve got a desk job or are confined to a seat all day. Designed with this in mind, the Relacher Muscle Massager includes a neck and shoulder massager, posture detector and a mobile app that work together to ease back and shoulder pain.

Unlike other devices that simply correct posture by alerting the user when they’re slouching, the massage feature also soothes and relaxes the muscles to release tension and stress. Don’t worry, if you get too relaxed and start slouching it will send an alert direction to your smartphone. Using the dedicated ReLacher app, users can see how their posture is progressing and customize their massage type to fit their unique needs.

Designer: Shuang Lin

Neither have we discovered Atlantis, nor has the Parthenon sunk yet! This is the Parthenon Seawall, a structure designed by Waterstudio led by Netherlands based Architect Koen Olthius, inspired by classical Greek architecture. Designed to resemble the iconic temple of Athena, the Parthenon Seawall was created to harness tidal energy, turning water current into usable current (get it?)! It employs the familiar stacked pyramid structure with each pyramid being made to house three turbines (that rotate in alternate directions). The flow of water turns the turbines, and the energy generated is stored in its upper concrete platform.

It’s alternate rotating pattern also helps it do something rather important. The Parthenon Seawall can also break currents, preventing large waves and tides from damaging coastlines. The alternate rotations disrupt the water flow, becoming a protective barrier against damage caused to vulnerable coastlines, harbors, or riverbanks.

The Parthenon Seawall can be placed along coastlines to not only protect them but also harness energy in the process. Its upper surface can be used as a riverfront too, creating a space for greenery, and even human recreation! Ticks all the boxes, doesn’t it?!

Designer: Koen Olthuis & Waterstudio

UPDATE: less than 72 hours left, grab yours now!

The beauty of art and design is their ability to inspire and spawn new creations born from old, like a phoenix rebirthing. Now if you ever thought that wallet design could take influences from architecture, it would sound outwardly absurd, but just look at the RIN Wallet and you’ll see how design influences carry seamlessly from one form/discipline to another.

The wallet comes with a textured exterior who’s free-flowing organic patterns aren’t just great to hold, they even create a slight bit of friction in one’s pocket, allowing you to feel as the wallet slips in or out. The visual and tactile detail, therefore, adds not just to the beauty of the wallet, but also becomes a feature integral to safety. The organic pattern draws inspiration from textured walls often used in modern interiors and exteriors, creating a play of light that gives it a flavor of contemporary architecture, and in turn creates something absolutely new.

Open the wallet and you’re greeted with a criss-cross of lines that give the wallet a third dimension. Looking like a two-point perspective grid, the lines are stamped into the leather, adding texture to the wallet that feels more real and unique than the grains of the leather. It gives the wallet a sense of depth as the human eyes perceive it as a three-dimensional plane.

This one-of-a-kind aesthetic is achieved by melding together three types of leather and the...

Is it a bike? A trike? A scooter? The TF1 is actually all three! This transforming kids trike/bike hybrid instantly transitions from a three-wheeled design that’s perfect for training into a two wheel bike. Its pedals can also be removed so it becomes a push scooter little ones can ride. Not only does it adapt as children’s skill evolve, it grows with them thanks to an adjustable saddle and handlebars. For added safety during training, its rear wheels rotate inward and outward to lock it in place and keep it from rolling uncontrollably.

Designer: 700Kids

Samsung’s been all about making the television pretty both when switched on as well as off. 2016’s Serif TV may have kickstarted the movement, and I’ve been pretty vocal about how much I hated it (a subjective opinion), but what Samsung does now, two years later, is nothing short of remarkable. Its latest series of QLED TVs come with what’s known as an ambient mode, that through the power of image capturing and incredible algorithms, turns the TV invisible, barring the beautiful thin bezel that you barely notice!

The Samsung TV’s Ambient mode is pretty marvelous since it does a rather believable job of making your television seem like glass. Relying on the QLEDs to produce near-real-life color reproduction, the TV can replicate the color of the wall behind, and it even comes with a weather indicator and clock that seem to float off the surface of the wall (cleverly even applying a calculated drop shadow effect on the visuals as well as the TV’s bezel, taking into account the tv’s thickness). What you’re left with is a TV that literally looks like a black-bordered piece of glass. Have a patterned/textured wall behind your TV? Never mind! Samsung’s Smart Things app allows you to click a picture of your television and its background with your phone and the television’s AI runs algorithms to generate a map that calculates AND aligns the pattern behind the TV. It’s just magical how the TV’s colors...

Nike collaborated with Taiwanese architect and engineer Arthur Huang to redesign the Air Max shoe-box, making it sustainable and responsible. For Arthur, the Nike Air demonstrates a perfect balance between performance and sustainability. “It cushions while at the same time reducing material usage.”

Reflecting the need to work with material very cleverly and judiciously, Arthur’s new shoe box design for the Air Max turns “pollution into solution” by being recycled completely out of milk containers and coffee lids. The HDPE box comes with a stackable structure and is much more memorable and reusable than the traditional cardboard box. It comes with a dual lid structure that lets you store both shoes independently. Holes in the packaging allow you to get a glimpse of the product before purchase, and even can be used to turn the box into a backpack or a handbag by simply introducing ropes.

The new shoe-box in many ways pays tribute to Nike’s no-wastage Flyknit technology by heavily minimizing its own footprint. Additionally, it’s designed specifically for the NikeLab Air Max 1 Royal which too is made from recycled materials.

Designer: Arthur Huang (Miniwiz) for NikeLab

It’s natural that technology will make everything more and more portable each year. So it really isn’t much of a surprise that the massive amplifier from years back is now small enough to fit right into your pocket!

The Jamstack gives electric guitarists the freedom most acoustic guitarists experience. Not being able to jam or play without a massive amplifier or a power source, the Jamstack now lets electric guitarists tap into the power of their smartphone, using its inherent CPU to process audio signals which then come playing out of the Jamstack, a guitar-mountable, pocketable, pocket-friendly 10W amplifier that you can carry around with you right in your guitar case.

Designed to attach itself right to the belt plug of your electric guitar in literally 3 seconds (making it universal and INCREDIBLY handy considering setting up can take near an hour), the Jamstack sits at the edge of your guitar’s body, away from your hand so you don’t accidentally hit it. It connects to your guitar via your smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows compatible) or even your iPod Touch, and works with the dozens of apps across the platforms to power your guitar from the popular Amplitube, to even apps like Yousician, letting you learn the instrument in a uniquely tailored fashion. Using the Jamstack means virtually not needing any other instruments as your phone can play backing tracks/vocals/drums while you riff away. All the effect layering you need can be done in-app,...

Admittedly, when I first saw this, I thought, a beauty mirror with a speaker – that’s kind of interesting. Turns out, it’s so much more than that! This futuristic design is actually equipped with an array of sensors that detect your face’s unique skin condition and then dispenses the appropriate eye cream, moisturizer, toner, sunscreen or other topical solution you need to maintain healthy skin! Better yet, the smart design connects wirelessly to the internet to stay abreast of the weather and time of day and makes calculations accordingly to ensure you’re protected whether it’s sunny, dry or humid outside. Of course, it will also play your favorite tunes too. GENIUS!

Designers: Hongseok Seo, Minkwan Seo & Jo-Young Choo

We measure and take special care of everything we put in the bodies of our children. From food to drink, we make sure they get exactly what they need and go to great lengths to keep the unhealthy stuff away. Then what about the air they breathe? Air quality has progressively gotten worse since when we were children, with polluting chemicals being only a small part of a very large problem. The air holds suspended particles of smoke (tobacco, car-smoke, etc.), bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like aerosols, benzene, etc.

Designed to look almost like a playful monster who eats up everything bad, the PLIBE (showcased at CES 2018) is a child-friendly air purifier that uses cutting-edge plasma ionization technology to purify the air in one’s immediate surroundings. Its monstrous avatar is engaging and playful, becoming almost like a child’s friend (in every sense!). The PLIBE clips anywhere, from a stroller to a bassinet/crib, working for 7 hours on a single charge. Its Plasma ionization purification means it doesn’t use any anti-pollutant chemicals/disinfectants or chemical-coated filters to clean the air. The plasma ion generator doesn’t need replacement either, and can be used indefinitely. It just needs manual cleaning once a week.

Running on a simple battery that can be charged via MicroUSB, the PLIBE is ideal for both outdoors and indoors. The air we breathe now is dramatically worse than what we breathed as children. With new pollutants...