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The actor hardly ever wears shoes—a fact his co-stars were all too happy to discuss.
The internet is an essential tool for democracy in the modern era. And that's why the government wanted to tax it in Uganda.
Some look back at the ’80s and recall Ronald Reagan, glam metal and The Breakfast Club — a time of weird hair, ridiculous fashions and a thaw in the Cold War. See also: Your Favorite Sci-Fi Flicks, From Metropolis Through the ’50s Best Sci-Fi Flicks of the ’60s, ’70s, According to You When prodded, \[…\]
WATERFORD, Michigan — Not everybody wants a shiny new guitar these days. A few connoisseurs want one that looks like it’s taken more abuse than Keith Richards. Nailing the look and feel of a vintage guitar takes time. Guys like Vince Cunetto and Bill Nash, both known for their high-end “aged to perfection” instruments, make \[…\]
RAICES, which received more than $20 million in donations through a viral Facebook campaign, wanted Salesforce to drop its contract with a US border agency.
Ernesto Benavides hangs out of helicopters to document the devastation inside Peru's Tambopata National Reserve.
On Friday, John Collins—aka The Paper Airplane Guy—will attempt to break his own world record for paper airplane flight distance.
Humans are going to live on the moon eventually. So how are we going to *move around* there?
Sending a robot into the icy depths and getting it back alive can be more challenging than communicating with a Mars rover millions of miles away.
No one seems to have listened to the Theranos founder in her own words. Until now.
Aviation companies like Sikorsky are working on self-flying helicopters, a technical ordeal that makes robo-planes look easy.
It's a parent’s job to think her child is exceptional.
Trump has denied or downplayed Russia's attempts to influence US democracy three times this week—and that has very real consequences.
New York City’s latest bill is part of a long campaign pitting hoteliers against the home-sharing site. But success in New York is crucial—regardless of the consequences and costs.
Amid frequent customer data exposures, Amazon Web Services is pushing to spot errors and promote access control.
The European Commission ruled that Google had unfairly used its Android operating system to harm competitors and consumers.
Just like groups of birds or insects, these drones organize themselves into cohesive groups—a so-called "emergent" property of their individual actions.
Reddit wants to bring its communities closer together. Its solution: throwing it back to real-time chatrooms.
Jeff Bezos may be the richest man of the modern age, but he built his e-commerce empire by playing freely with new ideas—not disrupting swaths of industries
French artist Guillaume Hebert creates hybrid images that blur the differences between media.