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Recent polling indicates President Trump and the GOP are likely to be blamed for a shutdown — but not if the public believes the immigration issue is the reason for the impasse.
Republican leaders, with help from President Trump, cobbled together enough votes to overcome an internal revolt in the House and pass a bill that would keep the government open through Feb. 16.
A funding lapse would mark the first time there has been a shutdown, with federal workers furloughed, when the same party controlled Congress and the White House.
If they misbehaved, the 13 siblings living in a California home would be tied to their beds, officials said, using ropes at first but later chains and padlocks. Over time, officials said, the periods of confinement grew longer, and the children would not be released to use the bathroom.
Carl Higbie, a senior official at the agency that runs AmeriCorps, had a history of disparaging minority groups during radio and podcast appearances.
The decision means that this year’s elections are likely to be conducted under the 2016 boundaries that a lower court found unconstitutional and in which Republicans hold 10 out of 13 congressional seats.
The Washington region is the only metro area with three locations to make the initial cut of 20 cities vying for the headquarters and 50,000 jobs.
On his trip to Pennsylvania, the president followed a path blazed by his White House predecessors by mixing campaign politics with official presidential business. Government watchdogs have raised red flags over such dual-purpose jaunts and who pays for them.
Since the start of flu season in October, nearly 6,500 people have been hospitalized, according to the most recent data from the CDC, and 20 children have died.
The suit is fraught with legal and political risks for both sides. Several Democrats have expressed concern that antitrust officials could be seeking to block the $85 billion deal because the Trump administration has been highly critical of CNN, which is owned by Time Warner, a charge that the White House and Justice Department have denied.
The decision not to renew the Temporary Protected Status came after the Department of Homeland Security determined that the conditions justifying their presence following a 2010 earthquake “no longer exist,” according to a senior administration official.
The money had been used to settle a lawsuit against the club, according to a new tax filing. The charity also confirmed in the filing what Trump said last December: He plans to shut down the foundation once the attorney general’s investigation is complete.
Residents, Nigerien officials and analysts say it is clear that the U.S.-Niger team was operating in an area where many villagers sympathize with the Islamist militants or are forced to assist them. It is not clear how aware the soldiers were of the threat.
The study from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center said the bill would add $1.3 trillion to the national debt over a decade, even after accounting for new economic growth from the bill.
A mother’s refusal to talk about her mixed race only fueled her daughter’s curiosity. How had she deceived her racist white husband? Why was she so fearful and ashamed of her black heritage? The mystery only intensified as her daughter tried to sort truth from fiction.
The MSNBC host says Democrats alienate the white working class by talking about it sneeringly. “You call them ‘deplorables?’ They hear it. You bet they hear it. ... ‘Thank you. I’ll be voting for the other guy this time.’”
The deal could set the stage for something entirely new: thousands of autonomous vehicles ­transporting customers without a human ­operator, the beginning of a ­multibillion-dollar robot revolution that could dramatically reconfigure how people get around.
In voicing their indignation, hunters were careful not to blame the president. Instead, they faulted animal rights advocates, “hysterical anti-hunters and news media outlets.”
The agency is expected to release new details this week, ahead of a vote in December. The plan could reshape the entire digital ecosystem by giving Internet providers more control over what their customers can see and access online and how quickly they can do it.
Acting for the first time in more than a decade, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology redefined high blood pressure as a reading of 130 over 80, down from 140 over 90.