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The Broncos general manager's remarks about having offered a contract to Kaepernick, only to be spurned, didn't quite tell the full story.
Her life was marred with crushing trials and tribulations. Perhaps her turbulent personal life fueled her music, which was often victorious but often tinged with searing pain.
A plan from the Bureau of Land Management includes a proposal to possibly sell 1,600 acres in Utah. The bureau is legally required to identify federal property suitable for disposal, a spokesman said, but critics disputed that assertion.
Washington's new quarterback had an eventful debut in Thursday's preseason game against the Jets
The film's portrayal of eighth grade is spot-on, but is about more than the horrors of middle school.
Proposal would have aligned school with NCAA guidelines, but Wallace D. Loh rejected change.
Amazon's potential purchase of Landmark Theatres can be compared to its purchase of Whole Foods--until it can't
Jurors began deliberations Thursday in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who faces 18 counts of bank fraud and lying — and the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison. The jury will resume deliberations Friday.
The move comes as the head of the NSA and CyberCom recommends the two organizations stay under one leader for at least two years.
Citing security concerns and “European values,” six countries have now passed laws that partially or fully ban face veils in public places.
More than 300 newspaper editorial boards across the country answered a nationwide call to express disdain for President Trump’s attacks on the news media.
Democratic norms erode as the president uses his authority to bully critics.
It looks like rainbows, smells like sugar and feels like money.
Animal rights lawyers contend that the neglected animal should be allowed to sue
The award-winning singer and Kennedy Center Honor recipient spent five decades dazzling music fans and often performed at major events in Washington.
Simon & Schuster, the publisher of the former Trump aide’s explosive tell-all, called a letter from a Trump campaign attorney ‘an obvious attempt to silence legitimate criticism of the President.’
Scientists have detected smoke in the air here.
If you think a racial slur is the only way to determine whether the president is racist, you haven't been paying attention, and you don’t understand what racism is.
With extra effort, a married couple is preserving a romantic routine amid Metro's chaos.
So make a decision based on what your gut is telling you. Then focus on the joys.