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Gazans are struggling to finance their daily lives. Young people — unable to pay for weddings or homes — are delaying marriage, figures show. Universities say students are dropping out because they cannot afford the fees. Unemployment is nearly 50 percent, according to figures from the Palestine Trade Center. “We are on the edge of economic collapse,” said Judge Mohammed Nofal.
First a church, now a Waffle House: A town on Nashville’s outskirts is shaken by recent attacks. Both shootings involved a young man storming into a crowd with a gun, and both involved an unarmed hero who stopped him.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who had pledged to oppose Mike Pompeo, tweeted about President Trump’s outreach and his newfound support for the secretary of state nominee moments before the committee’s vote began.
The development, coming just two days before Ronny Jackson was scheduled to testify before the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, appeared to put his confirmation in jeopardy.
Toronto police took a 25-year-old man in custody after a showdown, captured on video, in which he told officers to “shoot me in the head.” Police have not identified a motive. Canada’s public safety minister said he saw no reason to raise the national terror threat level, but officials said they would need a long investigation into one of the country’s bloodiest mass killings.
The oldest living president barely survived being shot down over the Pacific as a Navy aviator.
Since 2012, Israeli is believed to have launched more than 100 strikes on suspected Iranian-linked positions in Syria, and now the two Middle Eastern foes are inching toward open war there.
The duchess headed home looking beautiful and rested. The rest of us who gave birth know what's up.
The White House appears to be leaving open the door to a presidential pardon — which would only be necessary if there were a crime to pardon.
French President Emmanuel Macron’s long-shot diplomatic mission to persuade President Trump to preserve the Iran nuclear deal began with smiles and, yes, a handshake, which masked the difficult discussions underlying the visit.
After a video went viral of white officers wrestling a black woman to the ground, local police said they followed protocol and the department is “not choosing to take any action at this time.”
Doctors said they hoped that the patient, an Afghanistan war veteran injured by a roadside bomb, would regain “near-normal” urinary and sexual functions.
In his career working for the Secret Service, the agent saw the Vietnam War, three political assassinations and the riots of 1968. Fifty years later, he looks back and reflects on the turmoil of the era.
Syrian doctors and rescue workers shared graphic images of men, women and children they said had been killed or wounded in the attack. President Trump said Russia and Iran "are responsible" for backing the Assad regime, and a top aide did not rule out a U.S. military response. Syrian media and Russia both denied the involvement of Syrian troops.
The company's disclosure that its search tools were used to collect data on most of its users could create new legal vulnerability.
Voters see the prime minister as the best chance to push forward a right-wing, nostalgic vision of Europe.
An HBO movie debuting this weekend again opens debate about the legendary coach’s role in failures to stop sexual abuse incidents.
“If you are going to be out there in the arena and make yourselves the champions of this cause, people are going to have the right to argue back,” Maher said on his show, “Real Time With Bill Maher.”
The envoys' departing video is laced with disappointment and sorrow but equal optimism about maintaining a good relationship with Russia.
On “Saturday Night Live,” Baldwin's Trump loves “Roseanne” and is haunted by the “Donnie Darko” rabbit.