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President Trump signaled that Turkey could face additional consequences for holding an American pastor amid an intensifying dispute between Ankara and Washington.
Chinese and U.S. negotiators are drawing up a road map for talks to end their trade impasse culminating with meetings between President Trump and Xi Jinping in November.
The president set policy that let his nation gorge on foreign loans, granting his wish of a brawny economic expansion. Now it is paying the price. The economic turmoil shows how hard it is for countries to emulate China’s model of authoritarian capitalism.
Syria’s last opposition stronghold is bracing for a regime military offensive, after airstrikes and shelling killed dozens there in recent days and the United Nations warned of a possible humanitarian disaster.
Berlin and Athens have agreed to allow Germany to turn back undocumented migrants at its border and return them to Greece if they have already applied for asylum there.
The U.S. announced sanctions on two Myanmar military units and four border guard and police commanders for their alleged roles in ethnic cleansing of religious minority groups, including Rohingya Muslims.
Malaysia’s weakening economic expansion has spilled into Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s new term, with quarterly growth at its lowest level since 2016.
As trade disputes continue, the promising U.S.-China energy relationship is compromised.
Hostile forces in the Middle East are targeting American pilots with laser pointers at a growing rate, imperiling aircrews and reflecting a problem more widespread and longstanding than the Pentagon has previously acknowledged.
Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was gaunt, ailing and angry when he met aides at a secret ISIS conclave last year, one attendee recounts from prison, offering a rare glimpse into the inner-circle tensions as the caliphate crumbled.
Saudi Arabia has agreed to contribute $100 million in aid to U.S.-backed coalition efforts in Syria, the State Department said.
A Vatican spokesman expressed “shame and sorrow” about the allegations of abuse by more than 300 Catholic clergymen in Pennsylvania over 70 years that were detailed in a grand jury report released Tuesday.
The new U.S. special representative for Iran said the Trump administration is prepared to impose sanctions on all countries that buy oil from Iran after a deadline in November, including China, the top importer of Iranian crude.
The Trump administration warned Thursday that it is prepared to impose more penalties on Turkey if it doesn’t release an American pastor facing 35 years in prison on disputed espionage charges.
Malaysian officials believe China has been harboring one of the world’s most-wanted financial fugitives, the financier the U.S. Justice Department alleges is at the center of the $4.5 billion theft from a Malaysian development fund.
President Trump said that negotiations have stalled over his attempt to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement and that he is no longer in a hurry to overhaul the pact.
U.N.-run schools that educate hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children may not be able to operate for the full school year, officials said, pointing to a funding shortfall as the U.S. freezes tens of millions of dollars and presses changes to the agency’s mandate.
Finger pointing over the deadly collapse of a highway bridge in Italy intensified Thursday as Italian and European authorities sought to assign blame for the disaster, which cost at least 38 lives.
Turkey’s attempts to stabilize its embattled financial markets have borne some fruit this week, sparking a relief rally in the lira, but investors are still looking for ways to hedge against any new shocks.
China’s leadership stepped up efforts to assuage public anger over a vaccine scandal, dismissing a provincial vice governor and ordering an investigation into a former senior drug regulator.