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French President Emmanuel Macron used an address to a joint meeting of Congress to issue a plea to President Donald Trump and the U.S. to maintain its role as a global defender of democracy and human rights.
A large part of North Korea’s underground nuclear test facility is unusable due to the collapse of a cavity inside the mountain after the latest test-detonation occurred, according to Chinese seismologists.
As President Moon Jae-in of South Korea heads into talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday, expectations of lasting progress are decidedly modest.
Yemeni rebels are increasingly targeting Saudi Arabian oil facilities, threatening the kingdom’s economic engine and adding another layer of geopolitical tension that is helping push oil prices to their highest levels since 2014.
A clash between former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan’s military and judicial branches is shaking the country’s fragile democracy.
The suspected driver of a van that plowed into pedestrians on a busy Toronto street was charged in an Ontario court with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 charges of attempted murder.
Three Mexican film students kidnapped more than a month ago were killed by a drug gang that then dissolved their bodies in acid, according to officials, the latest incident of the grotesque gang violence rocking the country.
President Donald Trump said he was sending a delegation of his top economic advisers to Beijing next week to try to settle trade disputes that have upset U.S.-China relations and rattled markets world-wide.
Trade disputes and a stronger currency are threatening a hard-fought economic recovery in the 19-nation eurozone, potentially delaying a move by the ECB to follow the Federal Reserve in increasing short-term interest rates.
Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, promoted several junior ministers, including one who is seen as a possible successor.
A student at an elite Chinese university accused the school of trying to muzzle her #MeToo activism in an open letter that set off a scramble by the country’s censors.
The South Korean president’s chief of staff is a former student activist who previously voiced skepticism about the U.S. and was jailed for aiding the enemy. Thirty years on, he is a top North Korea policy maker, shaping the detente with Kim Jong Un.
As economic growth returns to Greece after a decade of crisis, so are some businesses that once wrote the country off.
Aid agencies are seeking billions of dollars to help Syrian civilians cope with the devastation caused by a conflict that could worsen as rival foreign powers compete over diverging strategic interests in the war-ravaged country.
An Indonesian court sentenced a political power broker to 15 years in prison for his role in one of Indonesia’s biggest-ever graft scandals, a significant win for the country’s anticorruption agency, which has survived repeated efforts to limit its reach.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited survivors of a deadly tour-bus crash, which killed dozens of Chinese tourists, and personally offered condolences to China’s ambassador in Pyongyang.
President Donald Trump could well come face-to-face with the same agonizing question looming ever since Pyongyang first tested a nuclear device: Will the U.S. be content merely to contain a nuclear North Korea and deter it from ever using the bomb it now possesses?
Can Trump change—or kill—Nafta on his own? Presidents have a constitutional right negotiate treaties, but Congress sets duties and tariffs, sometimes lending powers to the executive branch
President Sergio Mattarella kicked off a fourth round of consultations among political parties to try to form a new government, as the likelihood of brokering a deal fades nearly two months after national elections.
French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Washington for the first state visit of Donald Trump’s presidency, in an test of whether personal chemistry between the two leaders can bridge a yawning policy divide.