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This is a short sponsored video I made for Sotheby's. They asked me to capture the vibes of Bodega Bay, California. I hope you like it!

Cast: Kelly Needleman

Tags: california, documentary, short film, travel, ocean, landscape, nature, colorful, vibes and narrative

La Vengeance en Héritage développe l'histoire, les causes et les fondements de la vendetta au travers d'exemples emblématiques du monde méditerranéen : Corse, Sardaigne, Sicile, Albanie et Crète.
Un film de Christian Argentino / 2017 / 52' / Une production Acrobates Fims & France Télévision

Cast: Acrobates Films

Tags: Christian Argentino, Acrobates Films, Vendetta, Vengeance, Méditerranée, Corse, Albanie, Sardaigne, Grèce and Crète

Releasing June 2018

Set in a small Texas town, a young black woman becomes the prey of a cult — a cult built on a secret that runs skin-deep

Morgan Calhoun
Brandon Mayhew
Emily Hileman
Michelle Wiesner Williams
Loretta Calhoun
Bri Ward

Producer: Peyton Fowler
Executive producer: TAMARIND
DP: Parker Foster
Steadicam Operator: KC Kennicutt
Sound recordist: Dimitrios Aerts
Key grip: Garrett Hardy
Gaffer: Spencer Campbell
Grip: Jhad Francis
Grip: Amanda Rodriguez
Production Designer: Lauren Shilling
Art Director: Jon Birondo
Sound design: Larce Blake
Composer: Andrew Asemokai
SFX make-up: Jadzia Sanchez
Hair: Chin
Costume: Nicole Lefteau
Director/Editor: Ciara Boniface
DIT: Bobby McGuire
Script supervisor/ PA: Dylan Nyguen
Assistant director: Kenny Severson
Assistant camera: Sunny Perera
BTS video: Israel Fowobaje
BTS photo: Cody Prenn

Cast: Ciara Boniface

Regia Luciano Colavincenzo

Cast: Luciano Colavincenzo

Tags: video art, video arte, sperimentale and experimental

This is one of many of my fine, feathered friends. I think it is a sparrow (but I am not sure).

Cast: Microdac

Tags: backyard, microdac, bird, woods, eating, panasonic, lumix, ZS70, Powerdirector and Cyberlink

A make-believe club consisting of kindred spirits worldwide who respect the earth and who love one another.

Cast: Microdac

Tags: nature, ocean, virginia, beach, love, earth, microdac and microdacism

Cherry blossom season is a magical time in Japan, and after years of wanting to see it first hand we finally got the chance during the Spring of 2018. This is a short film compiled of footage shot around Tokyo over a period of three weeks.

One of the most interesting things about this project is how the edit evolved. Initially, we were going to do something a bit faster paced. But then I found the clip of the man dancing at the beginning, and was shocked at how closely his movements matched up to the beginning of Tomita's rendition of Clair de lune (even before any editing had been done). Needless to say, this took things in an entirely new direction; one in which the imagery flows in a more experimental/meditative manner.

For us, this is just another example of how important it is to keep an open mind when working on run and gun projects like this. It's easy to get caught up in a specific vision of what you want (or what you think you want), but often times the universe has other ideas, as long as you listen :)

Panasonic GH5
Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8
Panasonic 12-35mm
Helios 44-2
GoPro Hero 5
GoPro Karma Grip
Final Cut Pro X

Isao Tomita - Clair de Lune (originally by Debussy)


Tags: video art, experimental, ...

in the deserts of mexico, cactus is to be found. with the amazing ability of surviving in the hardest environments, maybe this plant has something to teach.

all video works by pp
no music copyrights,
just using it with respect for the master musicians, and for personal use

Cast: padelis p.

Tags: desert, cactus, mexico, magic, peyot and padelis p

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© PixartStudios

- “History Timeline” is an easy to use AE CS6 project Useful to create the Documentary Videos, Organization Timeline, Timeline Videos, promos, openers, intros

- Create your Slideshow or Presentation about History and Memories to evoke nostalgic feelings among the viewers.

- Useful to sum up the last year to present at your organization’s meetings, presentations or present the reports or the efforts at annual meetings and show the progress of the project and display the major events that happened in previous years at your organization or your society.

- You can use it on your YouTube Channels and Video Blogs and show your viewers about the history and bring back the sense of nostalgia.

- Also used to create a documentary video of your organization and its efforts.

- Useful to create video or photo slideshow, showreel and other special events

Project Features:

- AE CS6 and above
- Full HD 1920×1080
- Modular Structure. 12 Scenes
- Easy Global Control to On/Off Grunge Textures, Headings, Titles texts and Sub Titles and light leaks
- No Third Party plugins used
- No Pre-renders
- The project is well arranged with markers and comments
- Simple to use
- Easy to modify and customize
- Easy PDF Help file with reference images and font details included

Cast: After Effects Templates

Tags: cinematic,

SOSPESI è un video di Ground's Oranges
con Valentina Lodovini, Lorenzo Urciullo, e la partecipazione straordinaria di Franco Mudanò.
Regia: Zavvo Nicolosi
DP, VFX: Mark Twain
Produzione: Dimitri Di Noto
Assistente alla regia: Marco Riscica
Best boy: Riccardo Nicolosi
Lettering: Alfredo Maddaluno
Si ringrazia: Giuseppe Milone, Elisa Marchese, Giulio Milone ed Emilio Messina.
Iscriviti al canale:
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Cast: Ground's Oranges and ZAVVO

Tags: indie, italy, horror, colapesce, evil dead, sam raimi, dario argento, lamberto bava, mario bava, killer, psycho, woman, woods, 5d markIII, raw and magic lantern

I close my eyes to avoid finding an abandoned house in that glance...
All rights reserved by Mora Amaro La Loba & Marcus Nalgaber
Mora Amaro La Loba - Downtempo

Cast: Onacarom Music

Tags: nu music, lounge music, nu electronic, romantic song, sad song, new wave, love music, relaxing music, music to love, music for love and sad ballad

"hard times for dreamers"
Shot in our room in Marrakech

Starring: Celia (
Dir / Edit: Jean Amb (

Cast: Jean Amb

Tags: mode, 16mm, kodak, film, 35mm, super8, blonde, rock, beautiful, sexy, fashion, design, losangeles and california

Daily experimental...
Element 3D and After Effects.

Cast: Gary Bird

Tags: malachite, daily, experiment, opener, titles, after effects, e3d and motion design

Element 3D in After Effects.

Cast: Gary Bird

Tags: adrift, experiment, particles, space, abstract, e3d, after effects and motion design

Here's the winners of the Horror and Sci/Fi for the NSAEN 2017. Submissions start in July 2018!

Cast: Brian T Shirley

Tags: Promo, NSAEN Film Festival, Independent Movies and Film Festivals

Music: Justice - D.A.N.C.E.(fazerock Bassline Edit)

Cast: Kento Fukuda

Tags: Rotoscope, Animation, Experiment, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Mark Gonzales, Video Days, Skateboarding and Skateboard

Daksha Devi, nos invita a conocer su cocina vegetariana, vegana, hindú, consciente.

Daksha Devi invites us to her incredible kitchen in Tigre, Buenos Aires.

Cast: Fauna&MotionLab

Tags: food, conscious, chef, vegan, vegetarian, daksha, krishna, buenos aires, argentina, tigre, kitchen, cocina, indian, eat and natural

The blue flowers are invading!

Cast: Richie Blasco