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Hello and a happy Friday to you! Today I have the limited edition essie Gel Couture Wedding Collection by Reem Acra for you. In case you didn’t know (and I didn’t until now) Reem Acra is a well known fashion designer, especially in the bridal world. She makes some stunning dresses!

Overall the formula was pretty good with these. I will say a few are on the sheer side, so if you want them opaque, I suggest three coats or a ridge-filling base coat and two-three coats, depending on your nails.

picture perfect

picture perfect is an ivory white with golden shimmer. This is two coats and I would have liked it better with three I think.

getting intricate

getting intricate is an eggshell blue creme. This too could have used either a ridge-filling base coat for me or three coats. Pretty shade though!

you’re golden

you’re golden is a light yellow/gold metallic. This is two coats.

Yo friends, I’ve got a great nail duo for you today! The Nails Inc Champagne Shine Nail Polish Duo features two new complimentary nail shades. One is a shimmer with a holographic flash and the other is a magical duochrome.

Nails Inc generally has a very good formula and these were no exception. Both were just two coats and I had no problems. The duochrome shade (Fizz-ical) could possibly be a pain if you don’t use thin, even coats because it wants to show brush strokes, so don’t let it!


Fizz-ical is a peachy/tan to yellow/gold duochrome with golden shimmer. It’s a very strong duochrome, always changing, and even though it’s kind of an unusual color, I like it.

Straight To My Head

Straight To My Head is a muted rose gold/tan with loads of shimmer and a slight holographic shine. The holo isn’t super intense, but overall the polish is super...

Hello Internet friends and happy Tuesday to you! Today I have the new Zoya Sunshine Summer 2018 Collection, which comes out May 1st. This collection features twelve new  summer shades. Most of these are cremes, but we do have a couple shimmers and two glittery “toppers.”

As far as formula, nearly all of these swatched nicely with just two coats. One shade did need three coats, and the toppers were just one coat when used over another color.


Jack is a beige/tan creme.


Missy is a bubblegum pink creme.


Minnie is a coral pink creme.


Sandy is a flamingo pink creme.


Saldana (over Sandy) is an iridescent shimmery pink topper with light blue...

Hello and another TGIF to you! I wanted to bring this to the blog ASAP since they go on sale today and they are limited edition! I am talking of course about the YWP Posse Collaboration! The YWP Posse Collaboration is a collab with brands Different Dimension and Glisten & Glow and YouTuber Nicole from Young, Wild and Polished. It is an LE collection featuring four amazing nail shades, two from each brand.

I was really excited when Nicole told me about this because she is really awesome and these are two of her favorite indie nail brands, which I also happen to love. The formula was really great with all four shades. I only used two coats for each shade with no problems.

Cam Fam

Cam Fam is a purple to a minty blue duochrome with shimmer. This is the only one that could potentially go a little sideways if you don’t use thin, even strokes, as it is a wee bit brush-stroke-y. But absolutely STUNNING.

Hello there and a happy Friday to ya! Today I have the newly reformulated Jesse’s Girl Lipstick 18, which comes in twelve brand new shades. They come in black shiny tubes with the bottoms corresponding to the actual lipstick shade, which I always find very helpful. They come in either a semi-matte, creme or sheer/creme formula and have that kind of old-time-y lipstick scent that you either love or hate.

Victoria, Yesenia, Penelope, Georgia, Angeles, Krystal

Victoria is a light nude/pink with a sheer creme finish.

Yesenia is a rose pink with a sheer creme finish.

Penelope is a bright bubblegum pink creme.

Georgia is a deep rose pink creme.

Angeles is a deep plum with a semi-matte finish.

Krystal is a warm-toned medium pink with a creme finish.

Christina, Ventura, Carmen, Niki, Veronica, Elizabeth

Christina is a light mauve with a sheer creme finish.

Ventura is a medium berry with a semi-matte finish.

Carmen is a deep brick red with a...

Hello and a happy Tuesday to you! The Pixi Dulce Candy Collection is a collaboration with Pixi Beauty and the YouTube vlogger Dulce Candy. It features an eye/cheek palette and a lip/cheek palette. The eye/cheek palette called Cafe con Dulce includes nine gorgeous, buttery shades. The lip palette, called Dulce’s Lip Candy, also features nine shades for lips and cheeks. Cafe con Dulce ($24)

Dulce’s Lip Candy ($24) Brillante, Dulce, Caramelo, Piruli, Pan Dulce, Estrella, Bon-Bon, Tamarindo, Morenita (over primer)

Brillante is a light shimmery peach.

Dulce is a medium peachy/gold shimmer.

Caramelo is a medium golden copper shimmer.

Piruli is a medium rose pink shimmer.

Pan Dulce is a light warm pink shimmer.

Estrella is a medium mauve/pink shimmer.

Bon-Bon is...

The OPI Grease Collection Summer 2018 shades made my heart skip a beat when I first saw them. Actually the idea of a Grease collection made my heart skip a beat because I have been a huge fan since literally 1980, when I was around 8 years old. But let’s NOT talk about Grease 2, which I saw in theaters when it came out in 1982. I HATED it because I wasn’t aware that Sandy (Olivia Newton John) and Danny (John Travolta) weren’t in it, so I was upset and have kind of hated it ever since, haha! The OPI Grease Collection Summer 2018 consists of 12 new shades in various finishes and three “Leather Like Finish” shades. I swatched all of the pale shades over a ridge-filling base coat and they were all just two coats. In fact, everything in this whole collection swatched with just 2 coats and I had no problems. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes is a milky, soft white creme.

Happy hump day! Today I have the new Urban Decay Double Team Special Effect Colored Mascara shades. Urban Decay Double Team Special Effect Colored Mascara comes in five shades, but really it’s more like ten because each one has two colors! For most of these one side features a bright cream shade and the other is a complimentary sparkly metallic “top coat”. The only one which had two totally different colors is Dime/Goldmine, which features a metallic silver on one side and a metallic gold on the other.

Dime/Goldmine, Junkshow, Vice, Deep End, Gonzo

Some really fun bright shades here! And of course you can mix and match them and also use them in your brows if that’s your thing. I don’t believe these are billed as a “waterproof” formula, but they were really hard to remove from my skin! I am testing them now...

Hi there! Today I have something new for me, but not a new collection. It’s the Enchanted Polish Time To Pretend Collection. The Enchanted Polish Time To Pretend Collection features six nail shades that have an “Ultra Holo Duochrome” finish. This collection has been out for awhile and I have been drooling over their shades for actual years. I think I have just one shade from them which someone sent me once as a nice gesture and I believe it’s one of the other ones photographed here.

The two first polishes in the above photos are not part of the Time To Pretend Collection, but I wanted to throw them into the photo anyway. The first is called Djinn In a Bottle and it’s a holographic top coat. The other is Dime Piece, which is swatched below.

Enchanted Polish Dime Piece

Dime Piece is a silver holographic which is very strong and beautiful. This is two coats.

Hey party people of the Internet, happy Monday! Today I have the MAC Patrick Starrr Me So Fleek Spring 2018 collection for ya! The MAC Patrick Starrr Me So Fleek Spring 2018 collection is one of two new “Full Face Kits” from Patrick Starrr + MAC – The other one is called Me So Chic. These kits each include an eye shadow quad, a powder blush duo, a lipstick and a Lipglass.

These are decorated gorgeously in light matte pink packaging with tons of pink and purple flowers and Patrick’s signature decorating the outsides of them. One of the most spring-ish collections I have seen in awhile!

Eye Shadow x 4 Play With Me

Hello friends and happy Friday to you! Today I have the new, soon-to-be-released Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Highlighter Palette. The Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Highlighter Palette was inspired by their best-selling highlighter shade named Sin. Inside the pink and purple palette with roses all over is a large mirror, three highlighter shades and three blush shades.

Three of the shades are new (Kiss Off, PSA and Spotlight) and three are classics (Score, Paranoid, Sin.)

Kiss Off, Score, Paranoid, PSA, Spotlight, Sin (over primer)

Kiss Off (new) is a soft rose pink matte.

Score is a peachy-pink with light shimmer.

Paranoid is a bronze with gold shimmer.

PSA (new) is a bronze/rose gold shimmer.

Spotlight (new) is a light peach with gold shimmer.

Sin is a pale nude shimmer with a gold shift.


Hello and happy Wednesday to you! Today I have the limited edition essie Spring 2018 Collection. This collection features six new shades, which are mostly cremes. They were inspired by a spring sailing trip down the coast – what coast, I have no idea. No matter, they are mostly really great shades.

I used two coats for all these swatches, however one of them, pass-port to sail (which is slightly shimmery) really needs a ridge-filling base coat under it or three thin coats. No problems with any of them other than that though.

pass-port to sail

pass-port to sail is a sheer ivory with white shimmer. Since they do describe this one as a “sheer” shade maybe you would like it with two coats. I think three would look better as I prefer more opaque colors.

perfect mate

perfect mate is a bright coral pink creme.

bon boy-age

bon boy-age is a muted mint green creme. LOVE!

Hello there and a hopefully happy Monday to you! Today I have the Cirque Colors Desert Bloom Spring 2018 Collection for you. If I could use just one word to sum up the Cirque Colors Desert Bloom Spring 2018 Collection it would be: Stunning. It’s a collection comprised of nine new shades all inspired by desert wildflowers, sunsets and the landscape. Six of the shades are gorgeous sparkly shimmers and the other three are muted cremes with black specks. Love!

As far as formula, everything was really great with just two coats, and I had no issues with any of them. One of the shimmery ones would look better with three coats on some people, but all the rest here were just two coats.

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana is a light lavender with copper shimmer and holographic sparkles. As you can see this was a little patchy on my super-ridged nails, so three coats would work better for me.


Wildflowers is a muted greyish/lavender with copper shimmer and holographic sparkles. This is so gorgeous and one of my favorites....

Hello beautiful people of the Internet, how are you? Long time no see, at least on this platform!

I took a much needed blogging break for a few months and I am feeling *into* it once again. However, I make zero promises to you. That’s because I don’t want to feel the immense pressure to post something the second I get a new collection anymore. That, alongside the whole changing world of social media in general, led to a major burn-out for me. It was no fun anymore. I didn’t really WANT to post new things, but felt I HAD to. That’s completely the opposite of how this all started to begin with and I am trying to get back to that feeling of fun, excitement and creative-ness that I felt in 2008 when I started this hobby.

Having said that, don’t expect this to be all nail polish and makeup swatches anymore. There are a couple reasons for this. Honestly, swatching nail polish is my least favorite “chore” of the entire blog and it’s SO damaging to my super dry and brittle nails now. Of course I still will be posting swatches, just not 100% of the time. As far as makeup, I am feeling a bit over it lately. Inundated. Overwhelmed. Bored. After awhile it all starts to look the same and honestly, all I wear 90% of the time...

Hello and a happy Tuesday morning to ya! Today I have the KBShimmer Holo-day Collection 2017 for you.

The KBShimmer Holo-day Collection 2017 features eight new shades, all with a holographic sparkle to them. Some of these have linear holo and some have scattered holo. All took just two coats to cover beautifully and I have no complaints about the formula!

Up To Snow Good

Up To Snow Good is a pale grey with slight blue shimmer and holographic sparkles throughout. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of snow, and I think it does a great job of that.

You’re Brew-tiful

You’re Brew-tiful is a light latte-brown with linear holographic sparkles.

Deck The Claws

Deck the Claws is bright red “mega flame” holographic sparkle.

Jewels Of The Trade

Jewels Of The Trade...

Hi there everyone!

Today I have a post featuring a “Majesty Diamonds Blue Diamonds Topaz Manicure“. The last time I did a post like this you guys loved the Mystic Topaz I showed off, so I figured this one would make you happy as well!

When they approached me to write another post with a piece of their jewelry this time I wanted to do a “winter” kind of look. My favorite colors of winter (or the holidays) are blue and white, not the typical green and red, and it so happens that I LOVE blue topaz. Once I saw this 3 1/4 carat round cut ring with 75 white topaz stones in it, I knew it was the one I wanted to work with.

I decided to pair it with a pale blue creme (Morgan Taylor Gaston And On And On) then top just the tips with a silvery holo sparkle (China Glaze Techno). This reminds me of the...

Happy Wednesday and day-before-turkey-day! Today I’ve got the Lottie London Holo Duo Chrome Lip Lacquer shades.

Lottie London Holo Duo Chrome Lip Lacquer isn’t holographic, of course, that’s just a marketing gimmick and it applies only to the packaging. However, these are very duo chrome-ish, glossy, comfortable and really awesome! I picked them up at Ulta online having never heard of the brand before. The shades looked so nice and I am glad I took a chance on them.

Twist, Goals, Iconic, Shade Twist, Goals, Iconic, Shade

Twist is a peachy pink/gold metallic.

Goals is a bright lavender pink with blue shimmer.

Iconic is a deep red-based purple/blue.

Shade is a brown with heavy green.

These are really very pigmented, so do not expect a sheer wash of color. They are extremely glossy and have a non-sticky finish. Yay! Twist is the only one which looks...

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I have the essie Gel Couture Holiday 2017 Collection for you.

The essie Gel Couture Holiday 2017 Collection is comprised of just three new Gel Couture shades. One is a gorgeous metallic shimmer and two are cremes. The formula was really great with all of these, and each one covered in just two coats.

Gold Gilding

Gold Gilding is a rose gold/mauve metallic shimmer.

Rue De La Ruby

Rue De La Ruby is a bright red ruby creme.

Amethyst Noir

essie Amethyst Noir is a deep burgundy plum.

All three are nice shades, but for me the most interesting and unique one is Gold Gilding. The other two are probably more dupe-able. One bonus for me with the Gel Couture line is I LOVE the flattened, rounded brush. It perfectly matches my nails and I don’t have to work as hard to get a nice, neat manicure.

You can find the essie...

TGIF people of Earth! Today I have the Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette for you!

The new Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette features fifteen eyeshadow shades. There are ten “regular” shades (nine of them are new) and five “transformer” shades, which turn colors into a shifty, multidimensional color. It comes in a gorgeous purple palette with a holographic shattered glass design on the front and a large mirror inside.

Now the idea of transforming eyeshadows isn’t anything new. In fact I have two other palettes (one from the 90’s) that did the same thing. One was the Sebastian Trucco AngelFace Holographic Colour Collection and the other is the more recent Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette. And I’ve got some comparisons below for ya!

Top to bottom: Bleach, Shifty, Space, Mind Game, Blur (over primer)

Bleach is a yellow/gold


Happy Wednesday and welcome to the new essie Winter 2017 Collection!

The essie Winter 2017 Collection features six new shades with various finishes. It’s a nice collection overall, and each one only required two coats to fully cover. I had not a single issue with any of them and there is one in particular which blew my (and people on Instagram‘s) minds!

Suit & Tied

Suit & Tied is a sandy beige creme.


Social-Lights has a light gray base with a warm amber shimmer. STUNNING!

Be Cherry!

Be Cherry! is a bright cherry red creme.

Ring In The Bling

Ring In The Bling is a ruby red shimmer.