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Hello and a happy Tuesday morning to ya! Today I have the KBShimmer Holo-day Collection 2017 for you.

The KBShimmer Holo-day Collection 2017 features eight new shades, all with a holographic sparkle to them. Some of these have linear holo and some have scattered holo. All took just two coats to cover beautifully and I have no complaints about the formula!

Up To Snow Good

Up To Snow Good is a pale grey with slight blue shimmer and holographic sparkles throughout. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of snow, and I think it does a great job of that.

You’re Brew-tiful

You’re Brew-tiful is a light latte-brown with linear holographic sparkles.

Deck The Claws

Deck the Claws is bright red “mega flame” holographic sparkle.

Jewels Of The Trade

Jewels Of The Trade...

Hi there everyone!

Today I have a post featuring a “Majesty Diamonds Blue Diamonds Topaz Manicure“. The last time I did a post like this you guys loved the Mystic Topaz I showed off, so I figured this one would make you happy as well!

When they approached me to write another post with a piece of their jewelry this time I wanted to do a “winter” kind of look. My favorite colors of winter (or the holidays) are blue and white, not the typical green and red, and it so happens that I LOVE blue topaz. Once I saw this 3 1/4 carat round cut ring with 75 white topaz stones in it, I knew it was the one I wanted to work with.

I decided to pair it with a pale blue creme (Morgan Taylor Gaston And On And On) then top just the tips with a silvery holo sparkle (China Glaze Techno). This reminds me of the...

Happy Wednesday and day-before-turkey-day! Today I’ve got the Lottie London Holo Duo Chrome Lip Lacquer shades.

Lottie London Holo Duo Chrome Lip Lacquer isn’t holographic, of course, that’s just a marketing gimmick and it applies only to the packaging. However, these are very duo chrome-ish, glossy, comfortable and really awesome! I picked them up at Ulta online having never heard of the brand before. The shades looked so nice and I am glad I took a chance on them.

Twist, Goals, Iconic, Shade Twist, Goals, Iconic, Shade

Twist is a peachy pink/gold metallic.

Goals is a bright lavender pink with blue shimmer.

Iconic is a deep red-based purple/blue.

Shade is a brown with heavy green.

These are really very pigmented, so do not expect a sheer wash of color. They are extremely glossy and have a non-sticky finish. Yay! Twist is the only one which looks...

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I have the essie Gel Couture Holiday 2017 Collection for you.

The essie Gel Couture Holiday 2017 Collection is comprised of just three new Gel Couture shades. One is a gorgeous metallic shimmer and two are cremes. The formula was really great with all of these, and each one covered in just two coats.

Gold Gilding

Gold Gilding is a rose gold/mauve metallic shimmer.

Rue De La Ruby

Rue De La Ruby is a bright red ruby creme.

Amethyst Noir

essie Amethyst Noir is a deep burgundy plum.

All three are nice shades, but for me the most interesting and unique one is Gold Gilding. The other two are probably more dupe-able. One bonus for me with the Gel Couture line is I LOVE the flattened, rounded brush. It perfectly matches my nails and I don’t have to work as hard to get a nice, neat manicure.

You can find the essie...

TGIF people of Earth! Today I have the Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette for you!

The new Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette features fifteen eyeshadow shades. There are ten “regular” shades (nine of them are new) and five “transformer” shades, which turn colors into a shifty, multidimensional color. It comes in a gorgeous purple palette with a holographic shattered glass design on the front and a large mirror inside.

Now the idea of transforming eyeshadows isn’t anything new. In fact I have two other palettes (one from the 90’s) that did the same thing. One was the Sebastian Trucco AngelFace Holographic Colour Collection and the other is the more recent Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette. And I’ve got some comparisons below for ya!

Top to bottom: Bleach, Shifty, Space, Mind Game, Blur (over primer)

Bleach is a yellow/gold


Happy Wednesday and welcome to the new essie Winter 2017 Collection!

The essie Winter 2017 Collection features six new shades with various finishes. It’s a nice collection overall, and each one only required two coats to fully cover. I had not a single issue with any of them and there is one in particular which blew my (and people on Instagram‘s) minds!

Suit & Tied

Suit & Tied is a sandy beige creme.


Social-Lights has a light gray base with a warm amber shimmer. STUNNING!

Be Cherry!

Be Cherry! is a bright cherry red creme.

Ring In The Bling

Ring In The Bling is a ruby red shimmer.

Hello and a happy Monday to ya! I hope you had a great weekend. The Too Faced Pretty Little Planner 2018 is on the agenda today (get it?) so I hope you enjoy!

Pretty Little Planner 2018 is an Ulta exclusive. This set comes in a zip-around blue and gold case and includes a 15 Color Eye Shadow Palette, a mini Better Than Sex Mascara, a 2018 planner and cute stickers to go with it!

Top to bottom: Good Girl, Rise & Shine, Why Not?, White Christmas, Secret Santa, Silent Night, Werkshop (over primer) Top to bottom: Coffee First, Snooze...

Happy Thursday to you! Today I have the Kat Von D Fall 2017 Collection for you to drool over.

The Kat Von D Fall 2017 Collection includes a variety of different things including the Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette, Shade + Light Face Contour Refillable Palette, Saint and Sinner Eau de Parfum and I have also included three brushes here which are the Edge Creme Contour Brush, Powder Contour Brush and Glimmer Effect Eye Brush.

Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette $48.00

The Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette is an eye contouring palette with 12 neutral shades organized by neutral, cool and warm toned shades. Some have lots of sparkles, some not as much. It comes in a gorgeous sleek black palette with a large mirror inside.

Hi there! The Cirque Colors Holiday 2017 Collection launches November 17th (pre-orders are on now!) ready for some beautiful colors?

This collection features six gorgeous shades, five of them are limited edition,  two are temperature sensitive color-shifters and two are back just for this collection. All six colors are really beautiful and almost of them all were just two coats with zero problems with application.


Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah in Danish, which means cozy) is a sheer blue with a copper pearlescent shimmer. GORGEOUS! This was one of the ones which required three coats since it’s sheer. But it’s so worth it.

Winter Bloom

Winter Bloom (back for this collection) is a mint green with sparkly holographic flake glitter. This is two coats.

Hey there and a happy Tuesday to ya! I have the Too Faced Best Year Ever 2018 Collection for you on this fine day.

Too Faced Best Year Ever 2018 Collection comes in a limited edition gold and pink makeup bag (which smells EXACTLY like a new Barbie, which I LOVE) and inside you will find 3 Full Face Makeup Palettes a mini-sized Better Than Sex Mascara and a How To Glamour Guide.

I Believe in Pink features pink and purple shades and a  bright pink  matte blush.

Natural Beauty includes brown shades and a tan bronzer with golden sparkles.

Super Fun Night includes light and dark smokey shades and a pale champagne highlighter.

Top top bottom: Snowgirl, Mink Pink, :Pink Rink, Pink Christmas, Spoiled Rotten, Wish For It, Pink Poinsettia (over primer)

I Believe in Pink.

TGIF folks! I hope you are at the end of your work-week and ready for the weekend and some MAC Grand Illusion Liquid Lipcolour swatches!

On this Friday afternoon I have six of the fourteen soon-to-be-released MAC Grand Illusion Liquid Lipcolour shades. They describe these as “holographic lip gloss packed with iridescent pearls” but they really aren’t holographic, that’s just more marketing hype that so many makeup companies use nowadays. They are either iridescent, duochrome or metallic though, and have a really nice feel.

The wand is a soft, flat double-sided one that applies a nice amount of color per swipe.

Broken Halo, Twinkle Twink, Electric Rainbow, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Gilded Age, Space Bubble

Broken Halo is a light silvery grey with iridescent pink pearl

Twinkle Twink is a vivid coral with gold pearl.

Electric Rainbow is a opalescent pink duochrome with gold pearl.

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect is a emerald green with iridescent pearl.

Gilded Age is a bronze gold metallic.

Space Bubble is a blackberry red...

Happy Thursday!

Today I have the ONLY genuine gold nail products on the market for you, and it’s called 24 by RGI 24 Karat Nail Lacquer.

There are a few products I tried out with both the genuine 24 karat gold and they also have pure silver dust as well. The gold items I tried are the 24 Karat Nail Lacquer Duo, 24 Karat Gold Flecks and the 24 Karat Gold Nail Art Striper.

24 Karat Nail Lacquer

The 24 Karat Nail Lacquer Duo ($50.00)  includes the gold polish and a super shiny, quick-dry top coat. I swatched this over black and used two thin coats. It’s super sparkly!

24 Karat Nail Lacquer

It’s November 1st, can you believe it? What happened to this year? And the last one? And the last one? UGH, time flies.

Anyway, today I’ve got something I had never tried before and it’s the Lottie London Stamp Liner. I picked 3 of them up from the Ulta website a couple weeks ago because I saw them and was highly intrigued. There are actually 4 of them (the one I didn’t get is a musical note shape) and each one comes with a regular felt-tip liner and a stamp with a shape on the other end. I picked up the heart, moon and star ones.

Hey there and Happy Halloween! I have a very un-Halloween-ish post for you today, haha! I have kind of bypassed it and gone straight to Christmas.

Today I have the Jessica Phenom Holiday 2017 Collection for you. Actually there are 3 versions of what you see above. There is the White Opal Phenom Kit, Rare Rubies Phenom Kit and Red Beryl Phenom Kit. Each kit comes with a mini base coat and full-sized top coat. Or you can buy just the nail shades themselves.

These all swatched really nicely with just two coats and I have zero complaints.

White Opal

White Opal has a clear base but is basically a full-coverage glitter. There are small white glitter pieces amongst shimmery gold.

Red Rubies

Red Rubies is a bright, festive red shimmer.

We are closing in on Friday, can you feel it? I have the new limited edition Anastasia Prism Eye Shadow Palette for you on this almost-Friday, hope you enjoy seeing it!

This limited edition holiday palette features fourteen shades and is encased in a black and gold velvet palette with a large mirror inside as well as a dual-ended eye shadow brush.

The palette features seven ultra-matte shades and seven metallic prismatic shades.

Top to bottom: Lucid, Eden, Unity, Sphinx, Osiris, Sphere, Obsidian (over primer)

Lucid is a white gold with pink duochrome.

Eden is an ultra-matte coral pink.

Unity is an ultra-matte ochre.

Sphinx is a metallic bronze.

Osiris is a deep violet with red reflect shimmer.

Sphere is an ultra-matte electric green/yellow.

Obsidian is an ultra-matte black.

Top to bottom:...

Hey there ladies and gents, I hope you are well! Today I have some of the China Glaze Fall 2017 Street Regal Collection shades for you. I picked these up on the Ulta website recently. These five seemed like the most interesting ones in my eyes so they are the ones I chose, though there are twelve shades total in the collection.

The formula is frickin awesome with all of these. All of them swatched nicely with just one to two coats.

Born To Rule

Born To Rule is a bright cobalt blue creme. This is a little watery but just two coats does the trick.

Baroque Jungle

Baroque Jungle is a deep cool-toned emerald green with lighter green shimmer. This is two coats.


Hello there and a happy Tuesday to ya!

Today I have the Zoya Winter/Holiday 2017 Party Girls Collection. This collection includes twelve new colors that consist of a few cremes, some beautiful shimmers and sparkly metallic shades. While there are some classic holiday reds in here, it isn’t all red, green, gold and silver, which is nice. Some of the shades are fairly non-holiday-ish, and they are my faves!

As far as coverage everything here was two coats with the exception of Nadia, which was three.


Kelsey is a bright cerise pink creme.


Danielle is a dark periwinkle creme.


Landon is a deep aubergine creme.


Ming is a scarlet red creme.

Hi there and a happy Monday to ya! Today I have the newly released Urban Decay Heavy Metal Makeup Collection Holiday 2017 pieces for you, most which are limited edition, so get ’em whilst you can!

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Makeup Collection Holiday 2017 features a new Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette, a Metal Meets Matte Vice Lipstick Palette and Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in 11 shades. As the name implies, a lot of the items here are metallic and/or glittery.

Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette ($55)

Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (limited edition) features twenty new and exclusive metallic eyeshadows. It comes in an interesting and new palette which has the eyeshadows on either side of a large mirror. It slides out of a purple metallic case. These all have a very pigmented metallic foiled effect.

It’s Thursday and today I’ve got the Kokie Cosmetics Fall 2017 Nail Polish Kit for you to check out!

The Kokie Cosmetics Fall 2017 Nail Polish Kit features six creme shades, all with the adorable black and white striped cap with a little elephant on it. I love these caps because they are super cute AND they completely stand out in my vast collection very easily. This brand also has a wide variety of cosmetics, which I have yet to try, but am definitely curious about!

These are all very autumnal shades and they all cover really nicely with just two coats. I feel like damn near every collection lately has covered with two coats and I am not having any issues. I swear I am not just saying that, it’s really true!

Cafe Ole

Cafe Olé is a light, warm-toned tan/brown shade.

Sage It Isn’t So

Sage It Isn’t So is a medium, cool-toned sage green/grey.