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When was the last time you literally had to stop for a second (or a few) to think about how to use an app or a specific feature? Exactly. You see, most of the popular apps we use on a daily basis have such an intuitive and well-optimised user experience, that we do not even […]

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Push notifications are a contested issue in the UX design community. For marketers, they are a great way to get users back into your app, give them a gentle reminder or send them your latest offerings. However, for some users, push notifications are a nightmare which kills productivity and hinders the user experience. The world […]

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The logout experience is oft-overlooked in our increasingly logged in lives. Typically (and perhaps understandably), greater UX focus is placed on getting users in than ushering them out. Unfortunately, this lack of focus means that user logout experiences are lacking. Think of the last time you created a digital account. It is a safe bet […]

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You are not the only one using your designs. Every day we use graphic communication design from reading letters which have come through the post, or the newspaper in the morning, to reading and using information at work, to travelling and navigating in the environment. How can we include as many people as possible when […]

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More and more companies realise that seamless user experience is key to successful branding. UX is no longer the sole domain of designers. Instead, it is a company-wide concern. The truth is, it takes an entire team to build a first-class product, so UX designers need to be excellent collaborators. In today’s business landscape, UX […]

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As UI designers, we are confronted with design problems every day. Knowing how best to tackle these issues means investigating, analysing, testing and prototyping solutions until we get the answer that fits our user’s needs. UI design is less about making something look attractive (although it helps) and more knowing how to create a valid […]

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When it comes to a solution you are using, ‘if there’s something weird, and it don’t look good, who you gonna call? … Tech support!‘ (yep, that was a reference to Ray Parker Jr.‘s Ghostbusters theme song) Technical support teams bust user issues day in, day out. They serve on the front line for product […]

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