There’s a big difference between actually being a jerk and thinking someone is simply because they’re OK with themselves.

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From fresh newbies to Kona medalists, advances indoors are changing the way triathletes are embracing the sport.

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Mix it up in the pool this weekend with this creative set from coach Sara McLarty.

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Dr. Allen Lim shares a simple recipe for beet juice that you can use as a drink, or to add some nutritional oomph to your favorite meal.

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A solid core training routine is key for multisport athletes of all levels.

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Downtube h8ers rejoice!

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The right tribe will make you a better athlete.

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Enter to win a Quintana Roo PRSix Disc Electric Blue bike valued at $9,600!

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Our guide features 165 of this season’s hottest products extensively tested by a panel of expert reviewers.

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This sprint training plan keeps it simple so that someone with no swim, bike, or run experience can successfully reach the finish line.

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Considering the high incidence of race-day GI distress among triathletes, it’s worth exploring the “rinsing protocol.”

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Despite its benefits, some athletes are reluctant to begin strength training.

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Use this solid set to lay a strong, race-season, brick foundation.

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Ideally for every hour of time change, you should arrive an equal number of days ahead of the race.

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Your sports nutrition plan is only as good as your foundation nutrition plan.

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Meredith Atwood shares her advice on what can be the most overwhelming part of your first triathlon: the apparel.

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Stay warm on your next ride or run with these quality options.

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Noted triathlon coach Tim Crowley shows us the assisted pull-up, a terrific old-school upper body strengthening exercise with a twist.

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Find semi-scientific answers to your most pressing questions, each month in Triathlete magazine.

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The answer: This special-edition, $20K speed demon.

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