So this week I'm at the Hearthstone Championship Tour to see who wins this year's tournament. (I'm pulling for DocPwn!) We recorded an episode that's about a ... around 2/3 of an episode thinking I'd be able to add some Blizzard interview content in there but scheduling didn't really work out. Instead, we chat about some of the more relevant news stories of the week and just generally have a great time podcastin' for about 45 minutes! Also, I'm continuing to tweak our recording process, so audio levels should be even better this week (I hope).

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The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game in a review, the game with the best graphics, or really any other quantifiable "best" thing. Instead, it's more just us picking out the single game out of the week's releases that we think is the most noteworthy, surprising, interesting, or really any other hard to describe quality that makes it worth having if you were just going to pick up one.

These picks might be controversial, and that's OK. If you disagree with what we've chosen, let's try to use the comments of these articles to have conversations about what game is your game of the week and why.

Without further ado…



Developer 10tons has gained quite a reputation for making stellar dual-stick shooters. This started way back in 2003 with the excellent Crimsonland which they brought to mobile back in 2014, but more recently they've had a string of hits with Neon Chrome, Time Recoil, and their newest release JYDGE [$4.99], each offering a unique spin on the dual-stick shooter formula. This week amidst a bunch of great new releases it seems all anyone was talking about was how awesome JYDGE was, and I can...

Arena of Valor [Free], the latest mobile MOBA to take iOS devices by storm, finally has its first big licensed character hitting the US version of the title. Starting today, players can start the journey to obtain Wonder Woman, the DC-licensed Amazonian Warrior. Starting today, a multitude of quests are now available that will each bestow Wonder Badges. The quests range from a wide variety of objectives, most of them centered around trying all the different types of battles (3v3, 5v5 etc) as well as objective based quests (Defeat a tower in battle). Unlocking Wonder Woman will require a total of 76 Wonder Badges, meaning that players will need to continually check in on quest statuses and ensure that the login quests are all cashed in as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman as a hero is a Warrior/Control character with a high amount of Constitution and Ability Damage. Her abilities include the Lasso of Truth which stuns enemies and either pulls Wonder Woman to them or them to her depending on how much HP the afflicted enemy has. Other abilities include Sword and Shield and Bracelets of Submission, which both offer additional Control techniques (stunning and slowing). Like a lot of tanks, Wonder Woman certainly has a learning curve but can be an force to be reckon with in the right hands.

Japanese developer Wonderland Kazakiri released a really fun dungeon crawling RPG called BlockQuest [Free] back in September of 2015. It was an isometric, voxel-based, tap-to-hop game in a similar vein to Crossy Road, and the absolute glut of games that were trading off the success of Hipster Whale's mega hit probably made it pretty easy to gloss over BlockQuest when it came out. However, despite utilizing that tried and true formula, BlockQuest was a really great game that stood on its own merits as it wasn't just another endless high score chaser but a full-blown RPG with pre-designed worlds and a full character progression system. It's like somebody took an RPG and stuffed it into the shell of Crossy Road, and it turned out beautifully.

About a year later, Wonderland Kazakiri released a follow-up title called Dungeon of Gravestone [Free] which was pretty much just an improved version of BlockQuest that received a ton of updates throughout 2017, including its most recent update from November which added iPhone X support. Now the developers want to take their BlockQuest series in a pretty exciting direction with BlockQuest Maker, a game which Shaun got to briefly see back at Tokyo Game Show last year. Basically BlockQuest Maker is exactly what it says on the tin: You can make your very own dungeons and play through them, just like in...

Last week a pretty cool trailer caught our eye for a game where you sail boats made out of giant bananas, a giant hot dog, a bathtub, and many more silly items. The game was very appropriately titled Silly Sailing [Free], and it's now available in the App Store ready to fulfill all your silly sailing desires. I downloaded the free game to give it a quick spin and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with just how fun it is. You tap the left or right side of the screen to turn your boat in either direction, and there's a bar at the bottom of the screen which you'll drag left or right to close or open your sail. The trick is harnessing the wind properly to propel your boat forward, and there's handy arrows showing you exactly how the wind is bouncing off of your sail.

It's surprisingly complex but really satisfying once you get into the groove of steering your boat and using your sail properly. It took a few minutes to get the hang of things, and I'd suggest hopping into the Free Sailing mode for a while until everything clicks. Once you're comfortable with the mechanics there are 16 different courses to race on, and the game will pit you against 3 other ghost racers, presumably a mixture of actual ghost times recorded from real players and some AI routines, to see who can make it to the finish line first. You'll...

Last month I told you the tale of my strange love of arcade game attract screens while also simultaneously telling you about Frost Pop Corps' upcoming game Ninja Attack! What is Ninja Attack!? Well, it's a throwing star game inspired by the bonus level in the old arcade classic Shinobi and has you furiously tossing ninja stars, and eventually other odd items like bullets and paper money (make it rain!), from a first-person perspective in an effort to nail all sorts of crazy enemies who are coming at you from all directions. Frosty Pop describes Ninja Attack! as "If Hunter S. Thompson was head of the art department at the Sega Corporation Ltd. in the early 80s, what would the bonus round in Shinobi look like?" Here's that trippy trailer again in case you missed it before.

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As you can see Ninja Attack! has a very stylized look and in addition to unlocking new things to throw at enemies you'll also be able to unlock various color themes, more than 30 of them in fact. In addition to that, the game will have an augmented reality mode so you can throw ninja stars at weird enemies in the real life locations of your choosing. Anyway, all this is to say that Ninja Attack! finally has a set release date, and it'll be coming on February 8th. However, the game is also up for...

After rumors circulated for years that it would be coming to mobile, this past November Greenheart Games' fantastic simulation Game Dev Tycoon [$4.99] really did arrive on the App Store. In it you'll open up a game development business and create all sorts of games in the hopes of bringing happiness to your customers and maybe even turning a profit while you're at it. Game Dev Tycoon was heavily inspired by Kairosoft's all-time classic Game Dev Story, but offered up a different enough spin on the formula that it was a welcome arrival on iOS. We loved it in our 5 star review and also made sure to include it on our list of the Top 100 Games of 2017. Now our Android friends will be able to get in on the fun as well when Game Dev Tycoon launches on Android on January 31st.

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Back when Game Dev Tycoon was just a desktop game you may remember it making headlines due to its extremely novel and amusing take on anti-piracy protection. Basically Greenheart released a special cracked version of their own game and uploaded to pirating sites themselves. This version was essentially unwinnable, as at some point during your game dev career your games would be pirated so much you'd start hemorrhaging money and eventually go bankrupt. Being that Android is a much easier platform to pirate games on...

Jigsaw puzzles are fun, but they're also kind of a pain in the butt. First of all you need kind of a lot of space where you can put them together, and if you're not going to finish a whole puzzle in one sitting then it's going to be taking up that space until you're finished. I remember not using our coffee table for a whole month as me and my roommates slowly pieced together a particularly difficult puzzle. Then there's the problem of losing or bending pieces, which can ruin hours of work. Similar to board games with their many pieces to keep track of, puzzles have benefited greatly from touchscreen devices becoming popular. Sure, it's not quite the same as doing a puzzle in real life, but you can carry dozens of puzzles with you in your pocket and you're never going to lose a piece. It's pretty cool. One of the best digital puzzle apps around is Zimad's Magic Jigsaw Puzzles [Free] which has been offering literally thousands of puzzles to players for several years now. This week they announced a partnership that piqued our interest as the latest update to Magic Jigsaw Puzzles adds in some of your favorite Cartoon Network personalities. Check it out.

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Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, and The Powerpuff Girls are all included in this latest update, and more...

Slime Pizza [] is a new game coming from Neutronized and Nitrome. Nitrome already brought us some great games like Tower Fortress recently and 2018 is beginning with some Slime Pizza. You play as a delivery boy for Slime Pizza and your ship has crash landed with all the pizzas missing. The video teaser shows off some physics that look familiar to what I’ve seen in LocoRoco and the likes.

Slime Pizza looks to have loads of uniquely themed levels and secrets. The aim is of course to make sure pizzas are delivered to customers on time or they get their money back. One thing I most definitely grateful for here is the lovely icon. It is very elegant despite oozing literal slime.

You can pre-order Slime Pizza [] right now for free on the App Store. It is scheduled to release on January 24th. It is free to play and will have ads but you can remove the ads with a one time in app purchase.

There's a surprising lack of quality boxing games in the App Store, but developer Koality Game added one to the list when they released their excellent arcade/sim hybrid Prizefighters [Free] just over a month ago. Taking cues from the classic Puch Out! in terms of presentation and core mechanics, Prizefighters actually plays a whole lot differently and features a really satisfying career mode and progression system for your boxer. And despite being released so late in the year, we still picked Prizefighters as one of our Top 100 Game of 2017. It's really good! In just that short amount of time since it came out, Koality has already released several updates for Prizefighters tweaking and polishing the experience, the most significant of which has landed this week.

This update adds even more customization options to Prizefighters, and you now have the ability to change the colors of the ring ropes, the mat, and the ring posts. Oh, and most important of all, you can now customize the color of the stripe on your boxer's shorts! You're also now able to change the name and country of origin of your opponents in Career Mode, in case you want to beat the snot out of your boss or something. There are also new flag options added for Albania, Brunei, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Lebanon, and Paraguay, which should make our Lebanese friend Metalcasket pretty happy. While somewhat superfluous, I actually love all the customization options in Prizefighters as it's...

After some time in soft launch, World of Warships Blitz [Free], Wargaming's second biggest game after the very popular World of Tanks Blitz, has finally hit all seven seas of the App Store. So, if you feel like sailing and blowing things up, you can now go ahead and do it for free. In World of Warships Blitz, you get to pick a variety of World War 2 ships from the USA, Japan, Russia, and Britain, and play either random multiplayer battles, Co-op Battles (where you and other players fight against the AI instead of other players), Campaigns inspired by historical naval events, and Ranked Battles. World of Tanks Blitz players can tell that World of Warships Blitz offers more content than its tank brethren.

In terms of gameplay, World of Warships Blitz has you controlling a variety of ships ranging from Battleships and Cruisers to the big old aircraft carriers. You play in a variety of maps and usually have to either capture specific points on the map or take out all the opponents. Some ships carry torpedo tubes, which forces you to go up close and personal, while with others you can bomb ships to oblivion from quite far away. The heaviest ships are easier to control on a touchscreen, given that you don't have to do a lot of swerving like you have...

Things are still a bit slow on the App Store, as usual, in January. Everyone went wild releasing their games before the holiday freeze, and we're setting the odds and ends that for whatever reason didn't make that cutoff. As far as made up holidays are concerned, today is Ditch New Years Resolutions Day, which seems pretty apt. We've had 17 days of working out or whatever else it is we said we'd do all year. That's enough.

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Here's all the new games that have been posted to our forums so far:

I've spent the whole day on a plane, so I haven't had any time to pour through my usual feeds to find all the new stuff... So...

Back in August of last year, Daylight Studios brought their quirky simulation game Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! [$4.99]from desktop to mobile, tasking players with creating a successful weapon shop from the ground up and expanding it across a wacky land of potato people while providing adventurers with the weaponry they need for their various quests. While the game had a dedicated fan base on desktop that loved having a version to play on the go, many wondered whether any of the additional content released for the desktop version would ever make its way to the mobile game. Well, today Daylight has announced that the DLC pack titled Spud Tales: Journey to Olympus will be arriving on both iOS and Android this Friday, January 19th at a price of $1.99.

What exactly are Spud Tales? As Daylight describes, "Spud Tales are missions that place you in various scenarios with different end goals, objectives, and difficulty levels. The aim of the game is to complete all the objectives of the specific scenario. Scenarios will be a lot more difficult to complete than an ordinary play-through, so be weary of your $tarch and managerial decisions!" The Journey to Olympus tale in particular follows Herclueless, the hapless son of Zeus, as he attempts to forge a weapon "worthy of a God" and punch his ticket back into Olympus.

A point-and-click adventure game cobbled together from repurposed Renaissance-era paintings and public domain classical music is not something I knew I needed in my life, but then I saw the trailer for Joe Richardson's Four Last Things and I instantly wondered how I've lived so long without it. Since I could never come up with a better description for the game as Richardson has already done, I'll simply quote him when he describes Four Last Things as "kind of like if Monkey Island had been made in 16th century Flanders by a time-travelling Monty Python fanboy." Watch the trailer and you'll see just how on-point that description is.

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Four Last Things began life as a submission in Game Jolt's Adventure Jam 2016, and following a lot of awards and praise and a Kickstarter campaign it was turned into a full-fledged game and released on Steam in February of last year, where it has garnered very positive reviews from players. It seems like a natural fit to bring point-and-click adventure games from desktop to mobile, and that's exactly what Richardson is doing on January 25th when Four Last Things arrives on both Android and iOS at a price of $3.99. It looks gloriously silly and when things like "Nonsense" and "Piffle" are listed amongst its features you know you'll be in for a good time when Four Last Things arrives next week.

Hello, gentle readers. It seems like our previous ranking lists have gone over pretty well, so I'm going to be carrying on with them on a semi-regular basis. The topic this time around is the JRPG genre, an admittedly wide umbrella that I'm restricting simply to make it a useful label. What we are looking at here is a ranking of games that follow closely in the footsteps of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and their ilk. Turn-based battles, melodrama, interesting characters, a plot that has a start and a finish, and things like that. If the combat system involves real-time action, it won't be on here. If it's an endlessly-updated free-to-play game, it also won't be on here. As odd as it may seem, these games do not have to be from Japan. This is not the final word, and your list can be (and probably is) different.

One caveat: I'm only including games that include 64-bit support at the time of writing. The deadline for 32-bit apps has long passed, so this list wouldn't be terribly useful if I included those. I've limited myself to 10 games for this list, and only one entry per series. Rather than go through the headache of trying to rank them in a particular order, I'm just going to list them alphabetically.


Adventure to Fate: Quest to the Future

It’s Full of Sparks [Free] is the latest release from prolific App Store publishers Noodlecake and developer Dabadu Games, and it’d be understandable if there were lingering doubts about whether quantity would eventually come at the expense of quality, and if some titles would make less of a bang amongst the iOS community. Thankfully, It’s Full of Sparks lives up to its name - from the outset, Dabadu Games have made a game full of sparks, new ideas and an abundance of charm from start to end. While a ‘platformer’ in the loosest sense of the word, It’s Full of Sparks suits the iPhone and iPad perfectly with its simple but incredibly solid central premise, and inventive level design means it remains engaging even as the novelty begins to wear thin.

In It’s Full of Sparks, you control one of infinite sentient firecrackers on their quest to discover the meaning of their cruel, cruel existence and, ultimately, stop exploding. To accomplish such a task, you’re put in control of one such firecracker, and at first can only run left or right. However, you’re quickly introduced to red, green and yellow environment-changing glasses, which conjure up and conceal similarly colored obstacles and utilities at the press of a button. For example, a red spiked wall obstructs the path between your firecracker and the end goal (represented, comically enough,...

Some developers just demonstrate a knack for certain genres and decide to stick with them. It's not a bad way to go, and since Rayark has already given us several quality rhythm games like Cytus and VOEZ, it's only natural that the studio might want to revisit that particular music-saturated well again. Happily, what it's come up with in Cytus II [$1.99] is the best kind of sequel, one that should please fans of the first game while also assuring you don't require any knowledge of it.

What you do need is fast fingers, because Cytus II starts out challenging and only gets harder from there. It's not so much the intricacy of the game mechanics because there are only a handful of things you're asked to do to tap notes in time with the music. The presentation is unique, though, because instead of the stereotypical style of notes falling down from the digital heavens, this game features them popping up in different spots around the screen as a line traverses it vertically. You always get a sneak peek at what's coming next like in classic rhythm games, it's just done in a different fashion.

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While you're eased into this presentation in the sparse but fulfilling tutorial during the game's opening credits, it doesn't prepare you for all the different ways Cytus II throws notes at you the further you delve into it. You'll find yourself holding...

Developer Kevin Ng created a smash hit back in May of 2013 with the stylish and frantic Impossible Road [$2.99], but several months before that he was also involved with a cute and quirky side-scrolling platformer called Food Run. This was an auto-running style of platformer, and while it didn't necessarily reinvent the wheel or anything it was one of the more polished and quirky runners on the App Store. It was also novel for being both level-based and fully premium, unlike most of its contemporaries, and it just gushed with fun and personality. Unfortunately Food Run eventually went the way of the dodo, but Ng has resurrected this old favorite with a completely remade version called Food Pals [$2.99] which just hit the App Store earlier today.

As you can see in that short trailer, Food Pals is cute as all get out, and much like the original game it bucks the trends of most runners by offering 38 hand-crafted levels to play and no ads or IAP of any kind. Also that is some kick ass polka music. Besides all the running and jumping you'll do in Food Pals, you'll also want to collect all the stars strewn about the level as well as any other food items you come across (your Food Pals) so...

I'll admit I have a juvenile sense of humor, but working in mobile games so long makes you a bit adverse to poopy and fart stuff. There's just so many games that hang their hat on natural bodily functions that it's grown a bit stale. But pooping to propel yourself through the vastness of space? I'm always on board for that. And that's pretty much the premise behind Yum Yummy Superlicious, the silly name of the upcoming game from Toronto-based studio Tendril. You'll play as Yum, a plucky little… creature thing, as he (she?) eats their way through an endless supply of food that's floating around in space for some reason. You'll then poop to propel yourself forward to gobble up even more food while avoiding things like crazy monsters and space junk. Check out the trailer.

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Of course, all that pooping inevitably means you'll be leaving… little bits of yourself all over, and you're going to want to avoid those, too. Unless you're into that sort of thing. Which is fine. I'm not judging you. Anyway, Tendril is currently looking for beta testers on our forums, so if you're interested in checking this one out and helping shape the final version then drop by and send them an email to get on the beta testing list. Otherwise look for Yum Yummy Superlicious to launch at some point in the near future.

Something caught my eye and I meant to tell you all about it earlier this week, but dang it all if the week hasn't just slipped on by me and here we are already at Thursday. Better late than never, I guess. Anyway as you might already know I'm a massive fan of Mooff Games, as they've somehow been able to capture that special sauce that makes games so fun and dress them up with all sorts of silly parodies of pop culture and video games. Their Toon Shooters [Free] is a riff on classic horizontal scrolling shoot 'em ups, Maximus [Free] is like a love letter to brawlers like Golden Axe, and Blackmoor [Free] is something of a hybrid fighting game/platformer which feels a lot like Castlevania and Street Fighter II had a lovechild. They have other games too and all of them call back to a gentler time in gaming and feel like the types of games you'd make when you were a kid if you were able to make games as a kid. Anyway, I absolutely adore Blackmoor and Mooff is currently in the midst of creating a sequel, which they've recently shown off on their Twitter.

Scrolling through their timeline it's not totally clear if this is in fact going to be called Blackmoor 2 or Dungeons of...