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It’s Saturday night, and Sega just announced a Yakuza Kiwami 2 localization ⊟

Sure! It’s coming out August 28 for $50, in the neat Kazuma Kiryu/Ryuji Goda steelbook shown up there.

Kiwami 2 is a remake of Yakuza 2 in the Yakuza 6 engine, featuring a new Goro Majima chapter and new minigames (like Virtual-On, the cabaret and Clan Creator minigames, and even simulated Toy-Lets). 

I’m not even done with Yakuza 6 yet. In fact, now that I think about it, Yakuza 6 has not even been released yet.

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Whoa hey, Sega Genesis Classics has online multiplayer ⊟

I like Genesis games just fine, but I have several collections already (and a bunch of cartridges and stuff). So I didn’t know if a new PS4/Xbox One Genesis collection was for me. But then I saw this line in a PlayStation Blog post:

You’ll be able to play the multiplayer titles like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, either on the couch with a friend, or online with anyone in the world.

Pardon my language, but hot diggity. This is the kind of transformative feature that’s going to get me to buy another compilation when it comes out May 29.

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Tozai porting Lode Runner Legacy to Switch ⊟

This voxel Lode Runner looked so neat when it was announced for PC. The only real problem I had with it has now been solved, with this Switch version.

Tozai Games has added a new 2-player split-screen mode for this version, with each player using one of the Joy-Cons (or one player using a Pro Controller). It’s coop! “By working together, you and your teammate can capture gold that is impossible for a single player to earn.” 

You can also make and share levels online. Make some easy ones so I can finally, as an adult, learn to play Lode Runner.

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Help, Penny-Punching Princess is out next month ⊟

Just yesterday I was wondering when this cute NISA game would be out. Well, it’s April 3, on Vita and Switch. I am deeply overwhelmed by the Switch release schedule, which is of course one of the better problems to have. 

At this point, even if I only wanted to play quirky games like this, there would be too many. I’m still excited to… bribe bosses!?

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Ohhhhhh Runner3 is out May 22 ⊟

The Switch/PC release will be available digitally, with a fancy Switch physical version published by Nicalis, containing all this stuff. A light-up Commander Video? I don’t know why I need that but I need that!

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Runbow brings 9-player platforming to Switch April 24 ⊟ 

That’s the digital release date on PS4 and Switch – a retail version will be out June 14 with bundled DLC and “goodies” of some sort. 

All multiplayer modes can be played by up to 9 players simultaneously online, while it features 8-player local multiplayer madness on Nintendo Switch as well as 4 player local chaos on PlayStation™4.

This was one of the Wii U eShop’s standouts – man, remember the Wii U? 

Also coming from 13AM Games in April – a Switch port of the Game Boy-style single-screen Pirate Pop Plus!

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When the message is “I prefer the European SNES button colors” ⊟

This is the messenger bag for you.

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This Switch arcade stand is very charming ⊟ 

It’s not really designed to look like a real cabinet, but it still evokes “arcade” in a very fun way. The Face-to-Face Arcade Stand by Columbus Circle holds two Switches and two sets of Joy-Cons for multiplayer. It’s a lot cheaper than a real cabinet (at around $75,) but still pretty impractical, which is honestly the point.

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Switch 5.0 firmware update adds Kirby, ARMS icons ⊟ 

It’s not an exciting update, but Kirby and ARMS fans will appreciate it! Here’s the full changelog Nintendo posted for 5.0.0:

  • Facebook and Twitter friends that also use Nintendo Switch can now be added through Friend Suggestions
  • Using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, add specific software titles to your whitelist to exclude them from the console’s Parental Controls Restricted Software setting
  • Captured videos in the Album will be restricted by Parental Controls depending on the Restricted Software setting and Software Rating Organization
  • To keep the Parental Controls PIN private, the default method for PIN entry has been changed to entering using the Control Stick and buttons instead of the on-screen number pad
  • Select from 24 new ARMS and the Kirby series icons for your user
  • Digital software purchases made from a PC or smart device will start downloading sooner than previously, even if the Nintendo Switch console is in Sleep Mode
  • Receive notification when pre-purchased software is ready to play
  • Filter News to view only unread news or news from specific channels
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller grip colors will now display in the Controllers menu

Some have noticed that it also includes stuff regarding future hardware and current hardware vulnerabilities.

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Feeling personally attacked by this tweet ⊟ 

Like many who are in love with their Switch, I want everything to release on the system – XB1/PS4 titles, indie PC gems, and, yes, even 3DS-exclusives. Everything just feels more convenient on the hybrid console than its handheld sibling, from capturing screenshots to live-streaming with my current setup.

But Jordan’s tweet has stayed with me for a few weeks now, and I couldn’t bring myself to complain when Nintendo announced WarioWare Gold, the biggest entry for the microgame series with fully voiced characters for the first time, as a 3DS exclusive last week. The portable has earned this WarioWare game, and it deserves to still have your attention.

After all, the 3DS was there for us when we were dying for a Link to the Past sequel (and a way to play those N64 Zeldas on the go). It was there for us when we needed Fire Emblem to make a comeback. It introduced the eShop, bringing us Shovel Knight, Attack of the Friday Monsters, and SteamWorld Dig. The 3DS gave us Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Who are we to complain about Nintendo asking us to play 300+ WarioWare microgames on a portable that’s given us so much these past seven years? Wouldn’t that be the least we can do?

Besides, as Bob Mackey points out, it just makes sense for Nintendo to keep putting its games on the system even in the...

Another new Switch case from Waterfield ⊟ 

Nintendo Direct dropped last week, so it’s time for me to really dig into… this accessory announcement. Waterfield, who makes the really excellent CitySlicker case, has one more permutation to fit any possible Switch needs, with this $129 SwitchPack. Its two zipper pockets are designed to hold the Switch, plus a Pro Controller, straps, AC adapter, and even a small USB battery thing to recharge your Switch. That’s the idea, anyway. 

There’s also a new, limited red/gray colorway for the CitySlicker, which I think is meant to evoke the NES colors. 

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Preorder Octopath Traveler’s pop-up book ⊟ 

Releasing with the Switch RPG on July 13, this $99.99 “Wayfarer’s Edition” includes the game, a double-sided cloth world map for Orsterra, a soundtrack CD, a replica of the Leaf Coin in-game currency, and an 8-page pop-up book with item compartments. Preorders for the pack just went up on Amazon.

Square Enix put out a Octopath Traveler trailer yesterday showing off two new playable characters, Tressa the Merchant and Alfyn the Apothecary:

Just think of all the people who will be impressed when they see the spine of this bougie-looking “book” sitting next to all of your Naruto manga on a shelf.

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Finally, an action figure of Game Center CX’s Arino ⊟ 

The S.H. Figuarts toy of Shinya Arino includes multiple different faces – most of them expressing suffering of some kind, appropriate for Arino’s lot as the guy locked into old video games in a crummy office.

He’s surprisingly well articulated – the many joints of this figure suit a superhero type character more than a “despair in a chair” character. It’ll ship in December, but I haven’t found import preorders yet. Via @sasuraiger.

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Super Smash Bros. on Switch in 2018 ⊟ 

And Inklings are in it! Breath of the Wild Link! Can’t wait for my sword to break mid-fight. 

Mario’s there too, but that one seems less surprising. You can see hints of who else is in the game by zooming into the silhouettes.

So yeah, it’s real y’all.

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Undertale announced for the Switch ⊟ 

No release date or window (the announcement said “coming eventually” lol), but the cult RPG is coming to everyone’s favorite system at some point!

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Code of Princess EX on Switch this summer ⊟

The 3DS brawler by Umihara creators Studio Saizansen is being remastered for Switch, with upgrades including “HD graphics, a local co-op option and numerous other gameplay additions and enhancements,” according to publisher Nicalis. “These improvements include smarter AI, updated balancing, a new character leveling-up system and overall better playability.”

Somehow I missed in the marketing for the Atlus 3DS version that this game is set in the kingdom of DeLuxia, which Princess Solange defends with the sword DeLuxcalibur. Maybe this information will be of use to you.

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Nintendo Direct dropping tomorrow ⊟ 

It’s nice to have things to look forward to, even if it’s just a streaming video discussing more things to look forward to. The Nintendo Direct airs 5PM ET on March 8, and should have some new Switch/3DS games to fill that 30-minute runtime, along with previews of upcoming releases like Mario Tennis Aces.

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Yakuza 6 is a virtual arcade paradise ⊟

It’s a new engine, but Yakuza 6 is the best yet in the series for vintage experiences. The Club Sega arcades in the in-game neighborhood of Kamurocho do contain modern games, like Virtua Fighter 5 and a version of Puyo Puyo based on the beautiful, smooth, cartoony Puyo Puyo Tetris.

But the Club Sega located in Theater Square has been updated since Kazuma Kiryu last visited the neighborhood, with a selection of retro arcade cabinets that makes this the best Sega collection since Sega 3D Classics on 3DS.

The arcade features lovingly rendered (and of course fully playable) cabinets for OutRun, Super Hang-On, Fantasy Zone, and Space Harrier. These were all in Yakuza 0 but not so centrally located, and not as extras alongside newer games.

And I couldn’t take selfies with them in Yakuza 0. That’s a big deal.

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A paper Switch mahjong privacy partition ⊟

It’s cardboard game accessory season, between that other thing and this truly beautiful invention for the game Handy Mahjong: a printable template to divide the Switch’s screen so two people can play mahjong without any devious screen cheating. There’s not a printable template for the TV mode version, but I think the picture of a thing on a hanger in front of the TV gets that idea across. 

Handy Mahjong: it’s not just a clever name.

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Enjoy these very good Breath of the Wild wallpapers ⊟

From Nintendo’s Japanese Zelda twitter. It’s been a year!

In other Japanese Zelda news, a very nice-looking 5-disc soundtrack will be released in Japan next month.

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