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For humans, the neck is one of the most vital areas of the body and it is also one of the most vulnerable. The neck supports the full weight of the head which can make an injury to the neck immensely painful. Injury in this area can cause stiffness and immobility in all or part of the neck. It is also common to have some discomfort and/or tension in the neck due to spending long periods of time leaning over or exhibiting poor posture. However, there are many different treatments for stiff neck and its associated soreness, as well as practices to prevent them or reduce their overall length and severity.

Common Causes of a Stiff Neck

Issues with the neck are never pleasant to deal with. Since there are so many different potential causes for a stiff neck that it can sometimes be very difficult to determine the precise cause of the irritation. Unless the discomfort begins right after an incident such as an auto accident, a fall, or first thing after you wake up then pinpointing the exact cause will be more difficult.

The more universal causes of neck immobility or strain will usually heal within a few days due to the...

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Once upon a time, it was thought that activities like resistance training or weightlifting were out of the question for expectant mothers. In actuality, maintaining a fitness program throughout your pregnancy comes attached to many benefits. You just need to make a few modifications, and you’re good to go.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of continuing to focus on core and strength training, even while you’re expecting. We’ll give you some suggestions as to where to start and what exercises are best as well.

Why Strength Train While Pregnant?

As any mother can tell you, pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time in your life. However, it can be challenging for a number of reasons. Strength training can help ensure both your pregnancy and your soon-to-be life as a new parent go as smoothly as possible.

  • Mild strength training makes it easier to keep excessive weight gain at bay during pregnancy.
  • You’ll also be better suited to lift and carry your new baby, plus lots of baby equipment as well.
  • Your state of mind and overall sense of well-being will receive a much-needed boost.
  • You’ll be better equipped to deal with the stress of pregnancy and life as a new mom.
  • Strength training will drastically increase your chances of sidestepping common...

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, John Michael Bric

This week we take a moment to review the Herculin Extreme Pre-Workout supplement by EBN Sports Nutrition.

Item: Herculin Extreme Pre-Workout
$54 USD (450 grams)

Retailer: EBN Sports Nutrition

The current supplement market is flooded with hundreds of different pre-workout products. Many of which claim to offer the best performance enhancement solutions, when all they really do is provide you with some generic amino acids and caffeine.

My point it, finding ‘the right’ pre-workout formula can be a complete raffle these days.

One of the many products i’ve tested in recent months is the Herculin Extreme Pre-Workout by EBN Sports Nutrition. Unlike many other items on the market, Herculin Extreme has a small point of difference. By using specific ingredient blends, it aims to provide three targeted areas of improvement. They are:

  • HEAT Activator Matrix – This blend is designed to induce serious thermogenic properties and boost your energy levels. It contains taurine, green tea extract, and N-Acetyl Tyrosine.
  • Anabolic Activator Matrix – This blend contains testosterone boosting ingredients such as tri-creatine citrate as well as Carnosyn and different chain amino-acids.
  • Vascular Igniter Matrix – This comes with magnesium phosphate, L-arginine...

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Functional fitness training can be a transformative experience, especially for someone who goes from being overweight and never exercising, to someone who is fit, active, stronger and healthier than ever before. It’s the high intensity and versatility of the training regime that makes it so accessible to people, but it is also those qualities which can potentially increase risk of injury.

There are a handful of common injuries to watch out for while functional fitness training. Knowing them can help you be proactive about protecting your own body:

Lumbar Spine Strain

The lumbar region of the spine, or lower back, is so often the location of back pain because it is connected to so much of the body. Problematic mechanics with the feet, knees, and hips can intensify low back strain. So too can poor posture and bad habits like “text neck” (craning your neck and head past your shoulders when looking down at your smartphone).

When it comes to Olympic lifting, however, it’s the potential hyperextension of the lumbar spine region when deadlifting or squatting that pulls and strains low back muscles. Combined with a weak core, tight hip flexors, and a lack of dynamic warm-up prior to lifting and you have a recipe for muscle strain, inflammation, and pain. The more your lower back muscles have to...

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The popularity of CrossFit has been on a steady rise over the last decade. As more and more people learn about the benefits of the fitness program, the more and more we see functional fitness included into regular gym/fitness regimes.

I have been a fitness trainer for a long time, and I have seen many trends come and go. But I can tell you with confident that CrossFit is not a ‘fad’, and is here to stay. However, just like any other training program, it comes with many challenges, and this is more so for beginners. I have seen people start, only to give up after a couple of weeks. I have also seen others train for months with little progress

If done correctly CrossFit is one of the best training programs. In my many years of experience, there are certain mistakes I often see beginners make. These simple mistakes can not only hinder progress, but can also put yourself at risk of injury.

Here are some of these common mistakes CrossFit beginners should try to avoid.

#1 Doing Things Too Fast

Many people walk into a CrossFit box for the first time with a strong background of lifting weights or other gym workout...

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, Contributor

A paleo recipe gives you the flexibility you need in your kitchen to experiment with different methods of preparation. There are different dinner options that will be ideal for all types of people, and this does not mean you will need to spend a lot of time preparing the meal. Learning about different paleo dinners you will appreciate the beauty of simplicity while deriving the ultimate pleasure of culinary mastery.

This week we give you a recipe from leading paleo chef D. Scott Carruthers, a professional whose career has revolved around foods.

Here is his recipe for the delicious, and healthy, spicy tuna and tomato burgers:

Spicy Tuna & Tomato Paleo Burgers

Ingredients and Method:

  • Tuna – 1 cup
  • Finely chopped Spanish onion
  • Finely chopped small red chilli
  • Crushed garlic clove
  • One egg
  • Tomato paste – 2 tablespoons
  • Coconut flour – 1 tablespoon
  • Pepper and salt to taste
  • Avocado
  • Lettuce
  • Extra chilli
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Fresh coriander

With your oven preheated to 350 F, line you baking tray with parchment pepper and place it aside.

Put all the burger ingredients in a medium size bowl then stir to form a uniform combination.

Use your hands to carefully roll to flatten the tuna mixture so you can make six uniform-sized burger patties, which you will put into the preheated baking tray.

You can then place in your oven to cook for...

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, Contributor

Is a perfect diet plan for weight loss just a myth?

A stern ‘No’ is the right answer from the professionals. Some people may not agree with this answer because they may have spent a lot of time, money, efforts to find the perfect plan for weight loss, but with a little or no success. However, one of the most important things for a diet plan is to start eating what is right and remove the misconception of eating less. For example, when you stick to the basics you will realize that the most efficient health foods have been right there in your kitchen all the time. So what goes wrong here? Well, from the many things that most people fail to consider, let us take a look at some of the most important things that you should never miss out in your diet plans.

What is involved in weight loss?

Weight loss and gain are two different things that rely on one important factor; consumption and expenditure of calories. If you want to lose weight, you will need to take in fewer calories compared to your regular intake and try to burn more calories. It is best to have a calorie budget so to speak, and always helpful to eat within this set budget. The...

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, John Michael Bric

The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games have come to a close with the “Fittest Man and Woman on Earth” crowned for another year.

In the men’s half, American Mat Fraser claimed back to back titles finishing well ahead of his nearest opponent in Brent Fikowski. While it was a thrilling finish to the women’s division with Tia-Clair Toomey narrowly edging out fellow Australian Kara Webb to claim the crown.

This was the first time the CrossFit Games had been held outside of California, and Madison, Wisconsin sure didn’t disappoint. The new arena and backdrop proved a big hit for spectators, with the ‘fan experience’ improving yet again.

Heading into the fourth and final day of competition, Fraser had all but already secured the title in the men’s half. However, the four-time podium finisher was taking his foot off the accelerator finishing 3rd, 1st and 2nd respectively in the final three events.

With Fraser well ahead the competition turned to the remaining two podium finishes. With three top five finishes in the final Events, Fikowski managed to claim the runner-up crown, while Australian Games debutant Ricky Garard (brother of Ben Garard) held on to claim third.

Familiar names Noah Ohlsen, Scott Panchik and 2015 Games champion Ben...

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, John Michael Bric

This week we take a moment to review a new range of Positrim protein bars by NUTRIWAY®:

Product: Positrim Protein Bars.
$69 AUD (9 pack).

Manufacturer: Nutriway/Amway.

There is no shortage of protein bars in the fitness world. Walk into any CrossFit gym, supermarket or health food store and you’ll be sure to find  a section dedicated to protein bars. The problem is, with so many bars available to the public, which one should we be taking? And what protein bars should we be avoiding, if any?

I suppose the best way to answer that, is to find the protein bar that best suits your needs. Every person is different, and everyone has a unique body that is different to others. But if you’re someone who is trying to lose weight, while also trying to maintain muscle size and tone, then the formula shouldn’t be too difficult: find a bar that is high in protein and essential fats, and low in sugars and carbohydrates.

One of these bars is Positrim Protein Bars by Nutriway.

Positrim Protein Bars are designed to help people lose weight while also maintaining a good athletic physique. The bars are made from high

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, John Michael Bric

Maple Pumpkin Muffins

This week The Rx Review is going to give you a recipe to bake some organic, paleo and highly nutritional maple pumpkin muffins.

This recipe is certainly for anyone who craves sweet treats, that are also hearty and healthy. It’s also ideal for anyone who loves pumpkins, or even squash foods. Since pumpkin and squash are in the same family (they are both Curcubita and gourds) you could even substitute the pumpkin for squash if you want to try something a little more exotic. However, we think the pumpkin offers a more hearty and appetising final product!

Rather than bake a typical chocolate muffin which is high in refined sugar, carbohydrates and cholesterol, why not try making some maple pumpkin muffins instead?

Our recipe is very easy to follow and will ensure you have some healthy, hearty and filling muffins to show for at the end of your bake.

They go great with a coffee at the beginning or day, or even after dinner. And you also don’t have to feel too guilty having them before bed as they are quite low in sugars and carbohydrates.

  • 1 cup coconut flour
  • ½ cup maple syrup
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • ¾ tsp allspice
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 12 eggs
  • 1 tbsp + 1...

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Recovering from sports related injuries can be a long and sometimes extremely painful process. This is why prevention of these injuries is so important. There are numerous different devices to help prevent and avoid different injuries for each joint, bone, and muscle in the body. If you have sustained an injury you can gain back some mobility and strength by using aids such as physical therapy and braces where they apply.

For people that have been injured there are also many different exercise regimens or routines that can be extremely helpful in making your very own come-back. It is critical for anyone who gets injured, no matter how severe or how minor, not to give up on themselves.

Recovering From Knee Injury

Knee injuries vary in severity and recovery time. Some injuries to the knees can be immensely painful and have long recovery times, while others may have very short recovery times. As with all injuries seek medical attention and advice first and foremost and be sure to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor or physical therapist.

The time it takes for a person to recover will differ from person to person because everyone’s body is different, and each body reacts differently to injury. Each person reacts differently to injury as well,...

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, John Michael Bric

This week we take a moment to review the self mobility product called the TimTam Power Massager.

Item: TimTam Power Massager V1.5
$399 USD

Manufacturer: TimTam

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first got my hands on the TimTam Power Massager to review.

During my time working in the fitness industry i’ve used and reviewed all kinds of massage tools from foam rollers to vibrating trigger point devices and many more in-between. However, I had never come across a ‘power tool’ massage device until I got my hands on the TimTam.

Put bluntly, the TimTam is essentially a power tool that is designed to be used as a self-massage tool. It is loud and scary looking to some, but most importantly, it’s effective!

According to the TimTam website, the power massager V1.5 is:

“Our second generation powered handheld massager. It has the same amazing power as our first generation massager and now includes our patent pending threaded shaft that improves its durability and overall performance. The TimTam Power Massager massages muscles to help break down knots, increase blood flow, and release stored lactic acid.”

Included in each TimTam Power Massager are:

  • A V1.5 TimTam Power Massager
  • 1 Li-ion Battery
  • 1 Batter...

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, John Michael Bric

This week we take a moment to review Rootz Paleo Protein Superfood.

Item: Rootz Paleo Protein Superfood
$55 USD (567 grams)

Retailer: Rootz

In a marketplace that is completely crowded with protein powders, it’s good to see a brand stand out from the rest with a ‘point of difference’.

Rootz Paleo Protein Superfood has just that. Rootz is unlike many powders we see these days that are full of chemical fillers and average protein content. Its Paleo Protein Superfood is made up of a variety of organic sources and natural ingredients with the aim of promoting the growth of lean muscle mass and overall health.

According to its website:

“Our Paleo Protein-Superfood contains egg white protein, hemp protein, and sacha inchi protein, combined with a blend of all natural superfoods to provide delicious post-workout nutrition that promotes the growth of lean muscle mass and overall health. This product contains only the cleanest ingredients available, and can be consumed as a post-workout protein shake or as a complete low calorie meal replacement at any time during the day. The Paleo Protein-Superfood contains a full spectrum of nutrients that will rejuvenate your body and get you ready...

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It was only a few months ago The Rx Review first heard about The Paxter – a brand new all-in-one hygiene container, perfect for travelling athletes.

We were initially quite impressed with the design, which allows people to carry their favourite hygiene liquids (shampoo, conditioners, cleanser etc.) as well as their toothbrush and other bathroom essentials in one container!

The multifunctional container is perfect for travelling athletes who want to be able to carry all their needs in one container, or for those who need to shower on-the-go after training sessions etc.

The Paxter is roughly the size of a shampoo bottle and doesn’t take up much room in any gym bag. It has the ability to carry enough liquid (approx 95ml) to last an average user 2-3 weeks and is made from sturdy, unsqueezable plastic, which means it will never leak when squashed inside your gym bag.

Apart from carrying liquid, the Paxter also has a waterproof compartment that can store a number of small items like cotton buds, tweezers, nail clippers, vitamins and more. Items like keys and jewellery can also be kept in the waterproof section so they don’t get lost or stolen.