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 Though it's been almost 3 years since Wylla got better and started living her life like a normal cat, not a day passes that I don't think about how grateful I am that she is healthy and here.  Our girl turns a whopping five years old today.  FIVE! A wonderful milestone -- she's had more healthy years than not.

It's funny to think back to when we first met our Wee Wylla -- that adorable odity, the stoutest of all the Stouts,  the cutest thing ever.

When we first saw this little face we had no idea what was to come -- we did not know then that she would soon be ours.

And thank goodness she did join our family -- I can't imagine our world without Wylla in it.

She brings levity to each day with her bright trills and well-timed dramatic flops.  She offers great companionship and provides comfort and good cuddles. She's such a dear friend to Bean and spares her from boredom.

Our life is better with the sweet presence that is Wylla.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Wylla Francis Stout!   We're so happy to have this day to celebrate!  We wish you many happy, heathy years to come!

Here she is:
One month,...

Last Thanksgiving Day, the kittens that belong to these paws, Marigold and Poe Starling,  met their future fathers, David and Shawn, at our Holiday Feast.

David and Shawn will be joining us this year, along with a houseful of friends and family to share another meal. We're looking forward it and are scurrying around today to get everything prepared for the event. There's shopping to do, pies to bake, cleaning, crafting -- the list goes on and on!  

And while we're checking things off of the list, in the back of my mind, I'm thinking about all that we have to be thankful for this Season.

You all are at the top this list. Thank you for being patient and supportive while we've been wading through all that happened this year.  Your kindness and love helped us tremendously.  We appreciate you so much.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, dear ones.  We hope you're spending tomorrow with a table full of good food and love. We hope you're happy, healthy, and feeling peace.  We wish the same for your critters and loved ones, too.  

Much, much love,

Laurie, Craig, Charlene Butterbean and Wylla.

We carved pumpkins and put them on the porch, but that's the extent of our Halloween decorations this year.  We usually do a lot more to celebrate the holiday, but this year it just didn't seem to happen.  

I come out of floral retirement in the fall to do two events for a client, and the first is happening tomorrow. It's huge, and I'll be working in the basement arranging flowers instead of passing out candy to our trick-or-treats this year.  I think if the party wasn't happening I would have felt a little more inspired to hang some bats and spider webs.  

We've had lots of fun over the years getting into the Halloween spirit with kittens and the big cats. If you click HERE you can find all sorts of spooky posts to entertain you today.

Have a fun day, everyone. Keep your kitties safe.  And, of course, beware of ZOMBIES.

OH, and because I'm knee-deep in flowers, I'll be posting pretty light on Instagram. If you care to follow my floral adventues, you can visit my personal Instagram page HERE.

I'm happy to announce that our dear Butterbean is much feeling better. Her anxiety level has returned to "normal, " and things are once again, looking good in the litter box.  She went and visited her doctor on Tuesday, and we got a positive report.
We're hoping that's the end of the Big D, but should it return, we'll take her in for an ultrasound to see if there's some sort of underlying issue.  The poor girl has had so many visits to the vet this year -- I guess that just happens as our kitties age.

That was a hard couple of weeks for her, and I'm so glad things are better. Her Hyperesthesia kicked into high-drive and she was having such a hard time relaxing.  I'm so happy to see her comfortable once again.  She's returned to her happy, purring self.  

I think Wylla is really glad to have her sister back to normal, too. Bean was so easily agitated when she wasn't feeling well and had zero tolerance for her pesky little sister.  There were a few spats and eventually, Wylla figured out that it was better to keep a safe distance from Bean, so that's what she did.  They're back to romping, chasing, playing and snuggling just like they used to do.  Of course, there are still a few spats every now and again, but that's just part of their...

As promised, I've got an update on the other two of the Patmore Four -- Mavis and Bee!  Here they are (pictured above) shortly before their adoption. Mavis is on top and Bee is on the bottom.

Their mama, Parvaneh, sent us a nice long update with some sweet photos to share with us.

Here goes:

Wow, the girls are already a year and a half old! They still are just as sweet as the day that I first met them and their personalities have blossomed. They have been given different names, but I wanted to make sure I paid homage to their kitty committee names, too, and gave them little alter ego monikers. Bee became Dottie "BB Gun" St. Clair, and Mavis became Rosie "The Maverick" St. Clair. I chose the St. Clair name as it's a reference to a female mob boss and I just liked naming them after a powerful woman.

They are still as cuddly as ever and love to crawl into your lap when you're watching a movie, or hanging out in the living room with friends. Rosie has a tendency to sleep right on my head and keep me company in the mornings, but is also the one who is very insistent about her morning dining schedule and will meow relentlessly and gently pat your face to make sure you...

Bernadette was a repeat customer. She adopted Ramon (previously known as Ramona and currently known as Hugo) first, then six months later, adopted his buddy/brother Ernest (now Walter).  She sent us a sweet update for us today:

Hugo (Ramon), now 2.5 years old, is the cuddly lap cat that I've always wanted! Whether on the couch or at bedtime, I can always count on Hugo for snuggle time. He also likes to help me pick out my outfit each morning and insists that I pick him up when standing in front of my closet when deciding what to wear for the day.

Walter (Ernest), soon to be 2 years old, is my elusive runner. He likes to cuddle with us, but only after we've showered. He tries to escape to the outside world by darting out the door when we come home and then only goes so far before immediately turning around and running back into the house towards safety. He still really loves his orange pom pom balls from his IBKC days and we find them in the water or food dish. When Walter does decide to let us hold him, he is a purring machine complete with plenty of air biscuits!

Getting a second kitten to keep Hugo company was one...
WAY back in 2009, we hosted the adorable Drapers.  The left our nest in pairs -- Gordon and Millie were adopted by Kelly.  Luella and Perry were adopted by Mimi and her family.

From left to right: Luella, Gordon, Millie and Perry.

All four of grew to be gorgeous big cats, as you can see in the photos below, and both parties report their kitties bring them lots of happiness.

Here are Luella and Perry!

And here are Gordon and Millie!

It's crazy to think that we've been doing this for ten years now! I started this all on a whim and never expected it would grow to what it is today.

We wouldn't be still doing this without you -- you keep us going. Thank you for all of the love and support, the sweet words and comments, the kind emails, the donations to our fundraiser, the follows, the shares, the likes, and just for showing up here each day.

Most of all, thank you for keeping this place safe, positive, snark-free and feel-good.  You are the nicest people on the internet. Seriously, you are.

Ten years is a mighty long time, and I'm proud that we're still here. In this time we've hosted 229 kittens -- that's 57 litters total.  We've found homes for kittens 222, sadly, lost three babies, sent three to a rescue to treat their ringworm, and kept one.

We've shared 3,746 blog posts, taken over 500,000 photos, used 4.75 tons (yes tons) of kitty litter, had 15 million visits to our blog, and raised $895,366.17 for homeless cats and kittens.

To celebrate our ten-year blogiversasry, I thought it might be fun to share a picture of every single litter we've hosted, so here they are, in the order that we met them.  I do get a little teary seeing all of these babies on one page.  I struggle to remember the names of each, but all still hold a place in...

Katy and Jerry, who adopted Thurston (Saucer) and Norma (Binka) Easterbrook are very dear friends of ours, so we get to their kitties often.   I've shared updates Saucer and Binka before, and many of you have commented on their sleek, lovely coats. They are beauties, for sure, and two of the shiniest cats I've ever seen!

They're sweet, too, and it is always a pleasure getting to spend a little time with them.  Whenever we do,  there's always a game of fetch with Binka, and when his curiosity gets the best of him, Saucer will always appear and share his awesome belly.

Here's our update from Katy:

Our sweet kitties celebrated their 6th birthday, and every day we enjoy their company. Binka is curious, outgoing, motherly, slightly bossy and sweet. She nearly always comes right away when called and knows exactly when we are talking about her, chiming right into the conversation with well-placed meows. We call her B for short, Queen B, and occasionally Beagle, because she still loves to fetch. She loves to exercise with us in the mornings and meets us on our yoga mats with her ball. I often think of her as a spiritual teacher because she is energetic, physical and always up for an adventure yet when you pick her up she has...

Pictured above are Sidney and Mose Fishkin on their adoption day.

We were so happy when Tiffany, Bill, and Vivian adopted the precious Fishking twins -- we knew they would offer a wonderful life to these kittens. About a week after they left our nest, Mose gave them a scare with a health crisis.  We felt so bad they had to go through something like this out of the gates but were so grateful that Mose was in their capable hands. Thankfully they caught it early, acted fast, and got him healthy.

Here's the story and an update from Tiffany.

Shortly after we adopted the brothers, Mose fell ill and was diagnosed with pneumonia. We faithfully gave him nebulizer and shower-steam treatments, and he put up with them well, sometimes even purring through the steam. Meanwhile, Sidney would swat the nebulizer tube and had a deep distrust of the shower. He wanted to liberate his brother from the humans and their torturous contraption. I started calling Sidney "The Scrapper" because he was having none of it. He was very feisty. My daughter disputes this account, but until my dying day I will swear that I determined to win Sidney over with The Love Treatment, and it worked. Within a week of serious cuddles and babying, his personality shifted, and the scrapper was tamed.

Mose was another story. Although he has always...

Remember the Dinichi family? They were with us during the last fundraiser and I know they were loved dearly by the whole IBKC community.  No surprise -- they were absolutely adorable AND there were a couple of polydactyls in the pack.  We love our polys 'round here!

I'm so excited to share updates on three of our four Dinichis today.

First up, handsome Russle "Spud" Dinichi.

Here he is as a young lad.

Here he is now! MY GOODNESS! Look at those giant lobster claws!!

Here's an update from his mama, Lisa!

I have always been intrigued by ginger kitties and it was always my hope to be owned by one, but there was never one available when our family was thinking of adopting a kitten. So, a little over a year ago, a beautiful ginger polydactyl boy popped up on the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Blog. My family notified me of this and I was strongly encouraged by my hubby and daughter to throw my hat in the ring. I was reluctant, given that we already had a 70-pound dufus dog (Stanley, about...

 I've been working hard trying to organize ten years of kitten photographs and have been spending lots of time in front of my computer. Usually, I float around the house with my laptop but because I'm shuffling things around on external hard drives, the cords are keeping me tethered to my desk.

Thankfully, I have my ever-present Wylla to keep me company.  With this little beauty by my side, even the tedious task of organizing hundreds of thousands of photo files is bearable!

It's horribly dark, windy and rainy right now, but before the storm moved in, we did get a few sunny afternoons. I took these photos earlier in the week when the days were still bright.  Wylla is beautiful year-round, but I do think she looks loveliest in the fall light!

Fall is Charlene's season, too, but she has been keeping a lower profile and is still not feeling her best. Hopefully, her GI issues will be resolved soon and we will have our normal girl back.  For now, we'll keep doing all we can to figure this out and get her through it while trying to minimize her anxiety and keep her comfortable.  Thank you for well-wishes for our Girl.  It's nice knowing you are out there and rooting for our girl!

We always joke that you can set your watch to Charlene's daily drop in the box but about two weeks ago, things changed, and she's been experiencing a stretch diarrhea.  We took her to the vet, and we put her on Metronidazole, hoping that would clear things up.  It hasn't yet, so we've started another round of it.  She also got a B-12 shot, and she's on a probiotic, too.  Doc found bacteria in her fecal sample, and we're hoping that's what causing diarrhea and the antibiotics will clear it up soon. Her blood work looked really good.

You can tell she isn't feeling great. Bean's hyperesthesia kicks in when she's uncomfortable at all, and I think the irritation caused by 12 days of diarrhea is making her twitchy and anxious.  She's been over-grooming and will wake from a deep nap to spontaneously clean herself.  We've temporarily boosted her Gabapentin which helps with her hyperesthesia and plugged in an extra Feliway to calm her. Without kittens to care for, I'm able to dedicate a lot of time to her comfort and well-being, so I do what I can to ease her when she's having an episode.

Though she's not feeling her best, she does have happy moments. She's been enjoying the sunshine, the furnace, and all the entertainment that fall brings -- like bustling squirrels and falling leaves.

I hope things return to...

 I didn't get a lot of photos of the Waddells while they were with us.  When they moved in they were filthy little things and don't like to take pictures of kittens in that state.

They had their baths and there were really just a few days before things started spiraling down, and once that started, I didn't do a lot of documentation.   I wish I could have got a formal family portrait before they left, but I didn't.  But I did get a couple of them all together in the hands of our friend, Sarah.

These aren't the greatest photos in the world, but I'm grateful to have a few images of these dear things from this period of time.

I thought I might be sharing a little more on the blog, but I've been struggling to post. I have a couple of stories to share -- like...

We received the most wonderful surprise in the mail the other day --- three itty bitty Waddells. One had a tail and two were without, of course.

They were knit by our friend Leigh and they were a gift from her dear family.  She included a very sweet message, too

Thank you for this touching gift, Leigh. We will treasure these always. They will serve as a sweet reminder of not only the dear beings we knew so briefly but also the of the love and kindness that surrounded us when they passed.

Your thoughtfulness lifted our spirits -- thank you for this.  


I spent a lot of time cleaning, editing, and rearranging the room once occupied by kittens. I hung a new pair of blinds in the windows that filter the fall light beautifully.  There's a soft new rug on the floor.  I made a little window seat and covered it with a comfy quilt and the girls have really enjoyed having this new vantage point that looks into the backyard and vegetable beds. The squirrels are working overtime right now so they've been offering lots of entertainment for Wylla and Charlene.

This room is a comfortable space and we've all been spending a lot of time inside of it.  It's very peaceful and serene.

We are all doing fine.

Of course, we were all very sad about all that happened, but we're moving away from that and now we're in the "well, what's next?" phase of processing.  And honestly, I don't know what's next.

When Panleuk enters your home, there is a mandatory one-year period of waiting before you can foster again.  Even after a thorough cleaning, the virus can live in porous surfaces for up to a year, so we're sidelined for now to prevent future litters from becoming infected.

But there's a very big part of me that's thinking we might be through with fostering. I'm not 100% sure, and not making up my mind about the future right...

 When they first moved in with us, nothing seemed out of the ordinary with Annabel, Rosalita, and Chip. They came to us with a touch of diarrhea -- but that's completely typical for kittens transitioning from liquids to solids. Things are always a little rocky during this stage of kittenhood.

Every time I entered their room, they raced to the cage door, climbed the bars, and screamed their baby cries.

"HOORAY! IT'S YOU! We've been waiting for YOU!" they sang until I opened the door, plucked them off, and put them in my arms.  It was always a warm welcome with this crew -- they were very good at making you feel loved.

Each meal they were served a plate of "kitten gruel" -- a mix of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) and wet food. They would eat a little on their own but didn't take in enough by themselves to fill their bellies, so they required a little hand-feeding by syringe to top things off.  They weren't gaining weight, but they weren't losing weight, which was good.

Their activity level was great -- they scampered and chased each other like kittens of that age should. They played with furry mice and mylar balls. They discovered the joy of scratching cardboard.  They made biscuits on their fuzzy blankets and each other.  They were a little wobbly at times, but I don't think that was due to...

With a heavy heart, I'm sorry to announce that we've lost Annabel, Rosalita, and Chip.

It all happened within a 36-hour window, and as you might imagine, our hearts have been shattered into a million bits.

I'm not in a place to tell the whole sad story right now, but they left the earth peacefully and knowing that they were loved. I need to do some processing first, and when I'm able, I'll tell the whole tale.

I know this news is shocking and sad. More than anything, I wish I didn't have to share it with you.

XOXO, Laurie

Well, things aren't going well here right now. I don't have the time or headspace to tell the story, but I've got some very sick kittens on my hands.  I will update here when I can. XO, Laurie

Our Waddells were kind of a mess when they moved in with us --- hand-feeding and diarrhea will make that happen fast.  I hate to subject them to a bath unless absolute necessary, but with those crusty bums and mugs, they were in dire need of a good cleaning.

Poor sad, wet kittens, I'm sorry you had to go through this!  Thanks for being so good  -- I know it wasn't a lot of fun.