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It’s an exciting time - you’re back in the dating game. But that also means you have to do that thing where you meet someone for the first time and also advertise yourself as a stable person for two hours. A.k.a., the first date. You need a bar that’s not so fancy it’s uncomfortable, where you both can hear each other and ideally have great drinks. From cocktail bars to wine places to a divey spot with a jukebox you’ll use to prove your superior taste in music, LA has plenty of great first date options to get this relationship started off right. Here are our 17 go-to spots for the occasion. Don’t screw this up.The Spots Checker Hall ...
If Chicago is a car, Edgewater is the middle seat. Andersonville and Lake Michigan always get the windows, and Edgewater is stuck in between, with nowhere else to go. But this small neighborhood has plenty of spots worthy of your attention. Here are the best places to eat in Edgewater.the spots Mango Pickle Edgewater ...
Maybe you don’t like eating breakfast several hours later than usual while being surrounded by people who justify drinking large quantities of vodka and sparkling wine by mixing it with orange juice. Or maybe you generally like brunch, but you don’t currently want to be in a loud place where people are having mild panic attacks trying to decide between pancakes and eggs. That’s when you can use this guide. We’ve pulled together a bunch of places where you should be able to eat a low-key weekend meal, probably pretty efficiently, without having to speak to more than one person. Maybe two, tops.the spots Little Skips ...
Cafe Mocha is on one of the busiest corners the East Village, but it’s an under-the-radar American spot that serves things like omelettes and sandwiches during the day, along with charcuterie and some pastas at night. It’s a good place to get some food and read a book at a small table or the bar, or sit outside and people watch on 2nd Avenue.
House of Small Wonder is an easy place to miss. It’s an unmarked space a couple blocks from the Bedford stop in Williamsburg, surrounded by restaurants full of people wearing Stan Smiths. When you realize that this place isn’t a yoga studio and walk inside, you’ll find a cafe serving French and Japanese breakfast and lunch items like a croque madame and rotating sashimi bowls. There won’t be groups of people photographing their bacon Bloody Marys here, but you may feel the need to take a picture of the huge tree growing up through the floor in the middle of the space.
Win a spot for you and your plus one to ARTXFOOD, a private supper club series by ARTCUBED, in Hollywood this May. Experience a 4-course meal by Richard Blais inside an art installation by Greg Itoo. The dinner series begins on May 11th and we’re only giving out 10 tickets, so enter now for a chance to win a spot for you and a guest. Everyone who enters but does not win will still receive 10% off tickets, should they choose to purchase them. Learn more about ARTXFOOD here. Good luck! Richard Blais + Greg Ito on ARTXFOOD from ArtCubed LA on Vimeo.
When you want to live on the edge and let the winds of fate dictate what ice cream you’re going to consume, you have two options: blindly opening the grocery store freezer and grabbing a random pint (or tub of frozen gravy) or going to Polly Ann. Show up, have one of the scoopers spin the wheel, and take what you’re given. OK fine, you can actually choose the one it lands on, or one of the options on either side of it, but in any case, it’s a good way to get out of your vanilla rut. This is by far the best ice cream option in the Sunset.
Standard Mexican fare from the people behind Nick’s and Tacko. We’re all about the street tacos here, especially the carnitas and carne asada. Taco Shop is an excellent place to watch sports, and to really pad their resume, they also serve pretty great breakfast burritos on the weekends.
“We should move to LA” is something people say when they get back from a sunny weekend in Venice. The weather is nicer, the beach situation is better, and the tacos are more plentiful. But after a sunny Sunday drinking beers and eating at Hook Fish Co., you’ll also be considering looking at real estate in the Outer Sunset (provided you don’t already live there). Until you remember about the other 340 days of the year. In a quiet corner of the city a few blocks up from the beach, this tiny shop is doing big business, even on foggy days, and for good reason: the fish is fresh, the people are laidback, and the place just makes you feel good. You order at the counter, and can pick from the concise menu of mains (tacos, burrito, sandwich, fish and chips) with a few seafood staples to start (crab cakes, poke, ceviche). Focus on the burrito and fish tacos, because they’re pretty close to perfect. The fish (fried or grilled) is high-quality, and the topping-to-filling ratio is always right - enough to feel substantial without drowning the seafood main event. Housemade corn tortillas for the tacos and a light grill on the burrito are the touches that bring these from good to great.
Belltown has a lot going for it. It’s extremely close to downtown, but manages to be way more fun - in part because there are so many great bars to choose from. That’s where we come in. Whether you want to lounge somewhere swanky with excellent cocktails, spend a date night doing wine and appetizers, or just find the fourth coordinate on your pub crawl, we have a Belltown drinking establishment for you. Unless you want a reptile-friendly place where you can hang out with your new boa constrictor over a mojito. You’re out of luck on that one.THE SPOTS No Anchor ...
Get off the train at Penn Station, and you’ll find a bunch of tourists and commuters who don’t like being surrounded by tourists. And if you walk 10 blocks north, you’ll wind up in Times Square: land of billboards, large crowds, and aggressive people in off-brand Disney costumes. But in between, there’s the Garment District. This neighborhood has fewer tourists and upset commuters, plus there are a bunch of restaurants in the area where you actually want to eat - like an Ecuadorian lunch counter, an underground izakaya, and a huge Italian spot where you can bring your boss when it’s your job to choose a restaurant and you don’t want to get fired. For all the best options, just look at this guide. This guide is presented by the Garment District. All restaurants have been selected by the Infatuation editorial team.the spots Parker & Quinn 64 W 39th St ...
Married dates are different - you’re no longer nervous about finding the perfect outfit to wear, or afraid of where things are going (unless you count being scared of stopping at that always-crowded supermarket on the way home). Your dinner companion can even tell you there’s something in your teeth without initiating a days-long text thread with your friends. In other words, going out to dinner with your spouse is pretty great. But even if you already have a routine of favorite neighborhood restaurants and takeout options, you should still make the effort to try some new date-night spots. After all, you have nothing to lose. Unless you’re in trouble for erasing the entire contents of the DVR. In which case, you’d really better choose the right place. (We know most of those shows were two years old, but now probably isn’t the time to mention that.) Radio Anago 226 W Kinzie St ...
What would happen if all the fish in the world were suddenly raptured into fish heaven? For starters, every sushi spot would probably become a lot more like Beyond Sushi. This is a counter-service place that’s perfect for a quick lunch, and they specialize in sushi rolls that don’t actually have any fish. Instead, they use stuff like mango, avocado, and burdock root, and the results are actually very good. They also do some wraps and salads, and pretty much everything here will make you feel reasonably healthy.
When the sun comes out and you accidentally start thinking about the beach while you’re actually in Midtown, go to Luke’s Lobster. There are a few of locations around the city, and they’re all good for a quick lunch or a snack that will make you feel like you’re in Montauk.
Some places, you will most likely never know about unless you happen to work in the area. El Sabroso is one such spot, and you’ll find it behind a freight entrance on the ground-floor of a large building on 37th Street. It’s open from 7am to 5pm, and it’s there to serve a good, affordable lunch when you need something better than whatever brown-paper-bag thing you were planning on eating at your desk. The food is Ecuadorian, and your meal will most likely consist of some kind of protein (pork, oxtail, goat, etc.) over rice with a side of beans. There are also a few seats in the plain, industrial-feeling space, if you need to eat your roast pork away from your workplace.
Venisalvi is the sort of place that you stop into when it’s raining outside and you happen to be passing by. You’ll have a snack and a glass of wine while you wait out the rain, and you’ll probably think to yourself, “Hey, this place is pretty nice.” This is just a tiny wine/bar cafe on a stretch of 38th Street that doesn’t have many neighborhood spots like it, and it’s good for a drink or a casual date night.
For a sandwich or some matzoh ball soup in the Garment District, go to Ben’s. This is actually a mini-chain with a few locations in the tristate area, and they serve all your deli classics like pastrami, chopped liver, and potato pancakes. There’s also a larger menu of stuff like burgers, steaks, and salads, and everything here is, unsurprisingly, kosher.
Maybe you had a day at work that made you want to sell all your possessions and become a drifter, or maybe you just had to chaperone a few tourists to the top of the Empire State Building. A beer and some wings will make you feel better, and you should get them at Bonchon. This is a Korean chain with locations around the country, and, while they have some things like pork buns and bibimbap, the reason you come here is for the double-fried wings and drumsticks. Get them spicy, and hang out for a few minutes.
Casa Nonna is the sort of place where you can plan a last-minute dinner for your boss or some clients when you need something nice in the Garment District and you don’t want to get fired. The food is Italian, and while it isn’t the best you’ll find in NYC, the pastas are solid, there are plenty of options, and they have a side eggplant parm that’s one of the better ways to get a serving of vegetables. The space is also huge, with a bunch of big round tables and leather booths, and at any given time there will probably be at least three boat owners here.
It’s a question we get asked all the time. Where should I be eating in London right now? If you’ve thought that recently, you’ve come to the right place. The Infatuation Hit List is your guide to the city’s best new restaurants. And when we say ‘best’, we mean it. We’ve visited each of these restaurants on several occasions and personally vetted them to find out which ones are worth the time and effort. Crucially, we’ve also left countless others off that we don’t think you should bother with, regardless of what a dozen restaurant PRs and Instagrammers have insisted - being a new opening doesn’t automatically qualify a spot on the list. The Hit List is our record of each restaurant that’s opened within the last year that we highly recommend that you try, and we’ve arranged it in chronological order with the newest places at the top, and the oldest at the bottom. New to The Hit List as of 12/4/2018: Kudo, Linden Stores and P FrancoThe sPots 1 ...