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Loreley is a beer garden, but not the pre-clubbing kind like the one you’ll find at The Standard. This place is more traditional, and it feels like the average beer spot you’d find on a side street in Germany. It’s a great place to hang with a group (either at a table inside or in the big backyard), and there’s also a little private room that you can reserve down below. In terms of food, they have your usually beer-garden-type stuff - things like pretzels, sausages, and schnitzel fingers, which we assume are traditional.
The Shakespeare is a bar in Midtown that doesn’t smell like a wet dog or a dozen sweaty people. It’s in the bottom of a little hotel a few blocks from Bryant Park, and it’s a great place to know about if you ever have to meet friends in the area. It’s cozy, like an upscale pub in a small English town, and they serve a full lunch and dinner menu with stuff like poached salmon and shepherd’s pie.
If you’re looking for a place to meet a big group in Chelsea or The Meatpacking District, The Tippler might be your least-worst option. We aren’t saying it’s a bad bar. It isn’t. But it can get pretty busy, and you might wind up talking to a group of drunk people in matching Vineyard Vines vests. The place is beneath Chelsea Market (you use a side entrance and go down some stairs), and it’s a somewhat upscale pub/lounge with some tables along the walls and lots of space to stand around, mingle, and take birthday shots.
Opened by the same team as The Jeffrey, you can also count on Fools Gold for an excellent beer and whiskey selection, as well as some bar food that’s much better than it needs to be. Use Fools Gold to please everyone from beer nerds to the two friends in your group who still feel the need to go to Piano’s every weekend. For everyone else, Fools Gold is in that perfect spot on the border of the LES and the East Village, so your crawl possibilities are endless.
You like to drink, and you like to hang out with all your friends. But sometimes it’s hard to do those two things simultaneously. In NYC, big spaces are about as hard to come by as a Knicks fan who doesn’t like Kristaps Porzingis. So where do you go when it’s 6pm on a Friday and you and all your work people want to drink away the memories of a terrible week, or when it’s 9pm on a Saturday and all 12 of your friends have been too lazy to make a plan but now everyone wants to go out? You don’t need us to tell you about The Standard Biergarten or Radegast or Houston Hall - here are some other (better) ideas for where you can roll up and drink with a big group.The Spots The Spaniard ...
There’s a lot to like about brunch. There’s booze and pancakes, and everybody’s in a better-than-usual mood because it’s the weekend. But it can also be a complete and total pain in the ass. If you didn’t think to get a reservation, or you aren’t out of bed and at a restaurant by 9am, your Saturday is going to be spent waiting in long lines with every other hungover person who didn’t get their sh*t together. And all you really want are some eggs and coffee and cheap champagne anyway. So skip the lines and head to any of these 19 spots where the wait times are minimal and the food is still exactly what you need.the spots Little Pine Restaurant ...
If you think about it, Treadwell Park is sort of like a daycare center for adults. It’s an indoor beer garden with ping pong, pinball, and TVs for watching sports. There are plenty of large picnic-style tables, so if you need a place to meet your summer camp friends on the UES, it’s great for that. It’s also a little nicer and cleaner than your average beer garden, and they serve a ton of German/American bar food. You should, however, expect a crowd if you’re coming at a peak time like brunch.
When you need a backyard the size of a football field, try The Well. You can invite all your friends here, even the ones you don’t like - and, if it’s cold outside, there’s also a big indoor space. This place used to be a factory of some kind, and it’s a great spot to bring a group of people in East Williamsburg. Maybe have a birthday party here. Just be sure to check the schedule online to see if there’s a party or a show that requires tickets or cover.
Lot 45 is the Bushwick equivalent of the Jane Hotel. It isn’t quite as put-together as the Jane (it’s more of a warehouse), but there are some couches and chandeliers and, on weekends, you can get some dancing done here. At night, there are DJs, with occasional themed dance parties. So if you’re looking for a place to get a little rowdy with a group but you don’t want to have to go to a Manhattan bar and deal with a line of half-drunk people who claim to know the DJ, try this place. Just be aware that there might be a cover.
When it comes to Italian food, you have a lot of fantastic options in SF - from fast-casual pasta places and neighborhood pizza spots to very fancy restaurants that require waking up at midnight 30 days in advance and/or giving up your firstborn child to get a Saturday night reservation. Don’t waste your time on tourist traps or Amici’s - follow our guide to the city’s highlights instead.the spots Fiorella Richmond ...
Located under Chalk Point Kitchen, The Handy Liquor Bar is a cocktail bar and jazz lounge of the “let’s pretend Prohibition just ended” theme. There are almost no bars of this sort in Soho proper, so keep this one in mind when you need a spot west of West Broadway.
Botanica looks like a cross between a dive bar and the Central Perk cafe from Friends. That is not meant to be a joke - it actually does look like that: velvet couches, but also grimy floors. It’s an ideal place to gather a group, especially before 8pm, when well drinks are $4 and everything else is very cheap too.
You know the bars where the bartender is like, “Just tell me what you like, and I will make you a CURATED COCKTAIL suiting your tastebuds”? The Randolph is not like that. This is a modern cocktail bar, in that there’s a cocktail list with $15 drinks that have names like “Pom Selleck,” but without so many of the pretenses. It’s always relaxed but lively, and is a good place to stop into on a Friday night.
A cozy, comfortable Belgian beer bar with a great patio. Not a rager by any means, but a place we’d recommend to grab a drink and have a low-key catch up with friends.
We’re pretty sure no one uses the word “lounge” to describe bars anymore, but it seems appropriate for Sweetwater Social. This is a big, below-ground spot that tends to have a lot of action at peak times, and it’s best used for larger groups. Bonus: you can play shuffleboard here.
This below-ground tiny dive (with maybe 10 seats) is a craft beer nerd’s dream. If you worship Pliny The Elder, come here.
Servicing the NYU crowd’s need for both coffee and wine, VBar is a quiet little spot we’d recommend for catching up with a friend or a solo drink.
NYU’s version of Cheers. But divey-er. Triona’s will satisfy all your basic drinking and sports-watching needs. They also have specials throughout the week, including $10 pitchers of Bud Light and Miller Light from 12-7PM on Sundays and 1-8PM on Mondays.
What was once the famous Gaslight Cafe is now a dark and vibey little cocktail bar. It’s a great spot for a low key, high-end drink with a friend or someone you’re trying to make more than a friend. Combine with a visit to Dante for ideal MacDougal Street date moves.
Head down the stairs past that flashing “On Air” sign and you’ll end up in a graffiti-covered cave of sake. Tables fill up quickly here, so don’t come with a big group, but this is one of the coolest and most unusual rooms in the city.