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Above: Dropshot, inspired by Andy Murray. All photographs: Addie Chinn Even if you’re one of the ‘enough-with-the-fancy-menus-already-can-I-just-order-a bloody-drink?’ brigade, we’re thinking that despite yourself, you’ll find something to like about the new one at Scarfes Bar. Very much in keeping with the sophisticated but ever-so slightly quirky drawing room vibe of the place, it’s been […]
Drinks photography: Addie Chinn We’re not here to tell you not to drink alcohol. Why would we? It’s what we do for a living. But we’re not here to lie either. A healthy relationship with alcohol means knowing when to stop – whether when you’re out for an evening or after one too many social occasions. […]
Spring has sprung… hasn’t it?? We’re still not entirely impressed by this weather, but at least the days are longer, which means even MORE time for cocktail drinking! With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best things to do and places to head to, now that April has arrived. Drink This: Le […]
The Chivas Masters is now in its fifth fabulous year. And it’s the competition for those bartenders who appreciate that their craft is about so very much more than the ability to make great drinks. Of course, the Chivas cocktails they make have to be creative, delicious and showcase the unique aspects of the spirit, […]
This Saturday, don’t be alarmed to see an abundance of comedy Guinness hats and giant shamrocks spilling from the interior of rowdy pubs… St. Patrick’s Day is back once again! The Feast of St. Patrick – which falls on the death day of the foremost patron saint of Ireland – has been adopted for those […]
Back in the day you could call Punches many things but sexy wasn’t one of them. That was before the deeply seductive Punch Room opened at The London EDITION. Tucked away from bustle of the Lobby Bar, entering the wood panelled room is like walking into a well-kept secret – so cosy, elegant and relaxing, […]
The Chivas Masters Cocktail Competition 2018 is open for entries.
Above: Team DrinkUp London: l-r: Emma Murphy; Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne Well, it’s about bloody time… International Women’s Day (8th March), has finally become ‘a thing’ and now there are all kinds of events and happenings in honour of the occasion. We’d like to add our tuppence worth too by rewinding back a few […]
Above: Siren’s Call (St-Germain, bergamot, mango, Suze, Sassy Le Cidré Poiré) Who doesn’t love it when someone pushes the boat out to ensure you, their guest has the best possible experience? Something that shows they’ve thought of every teensy detail; something so special that you just have to share it with your friends? Cocktail menus […]
Ahhh March – the evenings are noticeably lighter, and the days get warmer (mind you, with the recent cold snap, we’ve yet to believe it…). Plus we can’t be the only ones who feel a renewed desire to head out into the world (bye bye, Netflix binges!) So here are some great events, openings and […]
We haven’t seen one yet but it’s only a matter of time before International Women’s Day (8th March in case you didn’t know and if so, shame on you!) gets Hallmarked. But who needs cards when you can celebrate the power and brilliance of the female species with a cocktail created by some of the […]
Outstanding rums, iconic bitters, a delicious Amaro, hypnotic steel bands, gorgeous sunshine, breath-taking scenery, not just one but two amazing carnivals and a whole lot of big fun. It can only be one thing – the final of the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2018. The Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge started out rather modestly in the […]
Lorenzo Antorini of Charles H Bar in Seoul continues his chats with friends of Charles H. Baker Jnr. Here he talks to Iain Griffiths, co-founde of Trash Tiki and Mr Lyan. Illustration: Rick Kim @reecc; photography: @jessicafradonophoto) You’ve worked in some game changing  bars, from Eau de Vie in Melbourne, to Bramble in Edinburgh, with White […]
Ahh, the Margarita. Classic, Tommy’s, salt-lined, frozen… no matter how you enjoy it, there’s one thing for certain – we’ve taken this tequila-based tipple to our hearts. So much so that 22nd February has been declared (Inter)National Margarita Day! There are various myths and stories surrounding the origin of the Margarita – was it named […]
Above: Last year’s Diageo Reserve GB World Class Bartender of the Year 2018, Jamie Jones Wake up people! It’s time to start flexing your bartending muscles, both mentally and physically, as entry for the Diageo Reserve GB World Class Competition 2018 is officially o-p-e-n. As you might expect with a competition of this stature, only those […]
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether that means cosying up with a loved one, having a Ryan Gosling film-fest, heading out on a mate date or disregarding the whole thing as a trick made up by greeting card companies… it’s still a chance to drink some cupid-inspired cocktails. We’ve rounded up the […]
February is finally here! And whether or not you were doing Dry January, getting over the Most Depressing Month of the Year is still cause for celebration and more than a couple of cocktails. We’ve rounded up the drinks, events and collaborations taking place in London this month. Espresso Martini pancakes at The Book Club What: Booze-soaked […]
The first of Lorenzo Antorini’s chats with friends of Charles H. Baker Jnr sees him talking to award-winning writer, bartender and owner of Fort Defiance bar and café in Red Hook Brooklyn, St. John Frizell. Illustration: Rick Kim @reecc; photography: @jessicafradonophoto) How and when did you become a fan of Charles H. Baker Jnr? The full […]
Above: Guest editor Monica Berg. Photographed by Beth Crockatt at Dandelyan What are your thoughts on flavour? The dictionary defines it as ‘an indication of the essential character of something’. Monica Berg devotes the whole of our 26th issue to it. “Flavour is everything; a life without it would be both boring and empty,” says […]
By Lorenzo Antinori from Charles H. Bar at the Four Seasons hotel, Seoul Illustrated by Rick Kim The idea for this project came up last year as I was approaching my 30th birthday. Not that I have ever paid much attention to age or birthdays for that matter, but this year it just so happened that […]