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I was in the bathroom at the movies when someone let out the longest and loudest public fart I’ve ever heard in my life, and everyone went quiet for a second in that way where you couldn’t tell if they … Continue reading
Just walked into my office, which is still filled with loud industrial blowers and dehumidifiers used to dry the water damage from the series of leaks and floods and I found a new medium sized puddle on the floor from … Continue reading
If you’ve been following here you know we had an upstairs sink overflow which flooded through my office ceiling and then our washing machine broke the same day and flooded the laundry room and kitchen and I’ve been living with … Continue reading
This is going to be even more confusing than normal.  It’s been a week, y’all. You know how at the beginning of every year half the people you know pick a word for the year?  Like PASSION, or THRIVE or … Continue reading
So yesterday I insisted that I could hear rain but no one else did and turns out the upstairs sink was overflowing and there was water pouring out of the ceiling of my office BUT AT LEAST I WAS RIGHT … Continue reading
My cat (Rolly) does this thing where she finds socks and washcloths and carries them around in her mouth like they’re baby kittens and yowls these loud muffled meows until she finds me and then she drops them at my … Continue reading
I was just thinking that I bet everybody has that one thing you REALLY wanted but never got and your neighbor had one but they were bored with it so you didn’t get to play with it as much as … Continue reading
If you’ve been here long enough you can tell that I’ve been wavering in and out of a depressive period for awhile now.  I know it will pass.  I know it lies.  I know to hold on.  It stops up … Continue reading
This is not a real post.  It’s just a quick update on three things: 1. This week I’m on The Hilarious World of Depression, which is one of my favorite podcasts ever.  I sound completely insane, but I suppose that’s … Continue reading
I never do paid posts but I’m doing this one for two reasons.  1) Because I was already going to write about this.  Stick with it and you’ll see why in a second, and 2) because the 8th Annual Jame … Continue reading
Last night it snowed. That might not seem like much to you but snow is rare here.  Rare as diamonds and – in my opinion –  more beautiful.  The newsman said it’s the first real snowfall here in 30 years … Continue reading
Hey.  You. Are you struggling to buy a toy for your child this year holidays?  Are you wanting to help others?  Do you like ecstatic taxidermied heads in santa hats?  If any of these apply then you are in the … Continue reading
I feel it in my bones. The rain that hasn’t come. It doesn’t make sense but it’s true. I wake up at 2am and my hands ache and throb. I can feel my pulse in my feet. My wedding ring … Continue reading
Our community is amazing.  It’s so strange and lovely and large that sometimes I just watch it from the edges and feel lucky to be a part.  If you are here you are a part of that community, even if … Continue reading
If you are new here and you don’t know Juanita Weasel and all of her wonder then click here to meet her and then go here to bask in her memed glory. Now that you know the backstory, check out … Continue reading
I have chronic insomnia and in some ways it’s fine since most of my work gets done at 2am because I can’t sleep because my mind keeps reminding me of the time I accidentally ate a live fly in front … Continue reading
So I was in the drug store waiting for a prescription when this woman asked me, “You drink the baby?”  And I was like, “I don’t drink babies,” but I didn’t say that out loud because it seemed like English … Continue reading
If you don’t use Facebook just ignore this.  It’s just an FYI I wish I’d known before. I’ve had a couple of people recently ask me why I don’t blog anymore and that seemed weird because I’ve never stopped blogging … Continue reading
Victor is finally home from Japan and I didn’t set the house on fire or eat any of our pets while he was gone.  Yay for the small things! He always comes back from his annual trip with weird gifts … Continue reading
Victor is still in Japan so life is still weird and I’m continuing to share my daily journey with him on instagram. Quick flashback to three days ago if you have been dunk since then (no judgement): Today the shop … Continue reading