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Tom Ford Summer Soleil 2018

The Details Tom Ford Summer Soleil has launched. Now online Beautylish Neiman Marcus ...

Soft Glam

Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette ($42.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a new, warm-toned neutral palette with mix of mattes and s himmers. There are several shades repeated from the permanent line (Orange Soda, Dusty Rose, Sienna, Noir as well as the Modern Renaissance palette (Tempera, Burnt Orange, Cyprus Umber), so those who have a more extensive stash of the brand’s neutral shades may find there’s quite a bit overlap. I expect that it will work well as a go-to palette for some and others will find too many dupes within their collections already.

The quality was good–not a slam dunk–and most of the issues were minor or improved over a primer (e.g not 100% opaque but buildable, shimmers that were better over primer or with a dampened brush, and so forth). The shimmers were weaker than I expected on their own–they weren’t as dense or as creamy as some of the brand’s more recent shimmer eyeshadow releases.


Spring Break (36)

Sephora Spring Break (36) Lipstories Lipstick ($8.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a medium, rosy plum with warm undertones and a cream finish. The lipstick had opaque pigmentation in a single layer and applied evenly and smoothly across my lips. It had a lightweight, creamy texture with some slip, but it adhered well to my lips and stayed on for four and a half hours. It was lightly hydrating while worn.

Top Dupes
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  • Haul: Cover FX Power Play Foundation, Guerlain Parure Gold Radiance Foundation, Anastasia spring collection (except bronzers), Hakuhodo brushes
  • Weekend plans: It’ll be the usual for me, which means blogging (mostly writing is the goal).
  • What was the last live event (concert, play, etc.) you went to?: We saw Hamilton earlier this month! (It lived up to the hype!)

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Viseart Petite PRO Palette 2

The Details These new additions to Viseart’s color range are flawlessly-blendable, color-true eyeshadows in a smaller packaging format that’s ideal for artists or makeup lovers on the go. These versatile, pigment-rich colors in matte, satin, and shimmer textures were curated from Viseart’s heritage Parisian formulas to create day to evening looks that look as stunning in photographs as they do in person. Now online Sephora ...

Stila Monarch Glitter & Glow Highlighter ($30.00 for 0.20 oz.) is light, icy lavender with multi-colored sparkle and pearl. This shade had a sheerer base but seemed to be very illuminating on the skin and looked almost opaque–a little went a long way. It had a thin, watery texture that dried down quite fast, so I had to work quickly, and it clumped a bit in places and emphasized my skin’s natural texture at times. The finish was sparkling and almost metallic, but it did not have as much dimension from a normal viewing distance, just occasionally when I looked close-up and tilted my face. It was a bit more apparent when layered over something pink or purple (like a blush).

Like others in this formula, it could not be touched after it dried down without resulting in product lifting away swiftly (and it would take any base products underneath it!, too). If left alone after it was applied and dried, it stayed on well for nine hours with minimal sparkles that had traveled to other areas of my face.

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Cheers to the Beauty

Coloured Raine Cheers to the Beauty Eyeshadow Palette ($50.00 for 0.71 oz.) is a large palette that contains 12 eyeshadows and one highlighter. Almost every shade had rich color payoff, while most were blendable and easy to use with good wear (without primer). I think the palette worked best when I incorporated some softer, lighter and more mid-tone shades, particularly when working with some of the cooler-toned shimmery shades in the palette, but it could definitely be used together for a cohesive look if one enjoys dramatic and more contrasting color combinations.


There are certain types of brushes that I tend to rely heavily on a specific brush and have less options, and this post reflects that.  I’m not sure if it’s merely because I love them so much and don’t love others nearly as much, but these were the ones I use often and stood out to me when I went to compile my favorites!

I would love to hear about the brushes you can’t live without for foundation, concealer, and powder — share your picks in the comments!

For Liquid/Cream Foundation

Maybe it’s old school, but I actually still apply my foundation with brushes over sponges (like the beautyblender).  I alternate between various beautyblenders and brushes, though.  I have found that angled, stippling-style brushes to be less foolproof compared to the ones below, and I have moved away from natural or natural-synthetic blends when it comes to heavier products like foundation.  I prefer very densely-packed, synthetic brushes with rounded edges that work well for spreading, diffusing, blending, and light buffing on the face.  Because they’re synthetic, I don’t have to baby them when it comes to washing, and I can use stronger cleansers to get all the foundation out in no time at all.

Long-time readers may notice that I did not mention Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and while I love my original one, I loathe the second one...

Happy Friday! Each week, we share our beauty hauls, talk weekend plans and learn a little about each other. Let's Chat!

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  • Haul: Sisley Double Tenseur Gel, J. One Jelly Pack, J. One Black Jelly Pack, Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation, Marc Jacobs Lip Cremes x5, Marc Jacobs Seamless brush (just no), a dozen or so MAC brushes
  • Weekend plans: The usual: writing reviews, taking photos/swatches! I’m a homebody by nature, and I like being productive, so it works out
  • Earrings, necklackes, bracelets, or rings?: Earrings, of course!

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Pat McGrath Sublime Bronze Ambition MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette

The Details

This lavish collection of shades features extreme blendability and adherence for pure color intensity. The creamy, soft shadows ignite metallic, pearlized pigments and amplify color. Experience an emollient-like texture and sensorial feel that glides on with one-stroke, fully-pigmented, opaque color saturation and a polished, bright, multidimensional finish. March 7th Pat McGrath ...

Bite Beauty Unearthed Collection for Spring 2018

The Details This season, award-winning Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick rolls up its sleeves and gets dirty, with Unearthed—a collection of fresh shades inspired by the natural, gritty beauty of young root vegetables just plucked from the earth. Once again, Bite redefines liquid lipstick with its handcrafted, moisture-rich, high-pigment formula. Bite’s most nourishing lipstick, Amuse Bouche, gets liquified, while offering rich, high-impact color and creamy, comfortable application that glides on with unprecedented precision. Created by hand in small batches, Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick is made with natural monoi butter and coconut oil, melting at the temperature of your lips to glide on for ultimate wear and a satiny finish. The shades of this lipstick are defined by modern, wearable colors, and this collection is no exception. Once again, Bite gives everyday lip color an unexpected twist. ...
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Kat Von D Lolita Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick ($19.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a muted, medium-dark pink with warmer undertones and a semi-matte finish. The color payoff was fantastic–actually opaque!–with a dense consistency that was smooth, velvety, and lightweight and had just enough slip to apply without dragging on my lips. It wore well for five and a half hours but was a bit drying after four hours of wear.

Top Dupes
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Viva Glam Sia

MAC Viva Glam Sia Lipstick ($17.50 for 0.10 oz.) is a rich, medium-dark red with neutral-to-cool undertones and a matte finish. MAC described it as a “warm” red, though it looked cooler on me and occasionally, neutral, but it had a pinkish base when I sheered it out.

It had rich, opaque pigmentation that covered my lips with smooth, even color in a single stroke. The texture was dense, slightly firm, but it slid across my lips in a fluid motion with moderate pressure that avoided dragging. It was lightweight, thin without being clingy, and it sat well on my lips. The color was still going strong after five hours of wear, and it was neither drying nor hydrating over time.

Top Dupes ...

Fire Side (11)

Sephora Fire Side (11) Lipstories Lipstick ($8.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a deep brown with warm undertones and a cream finish. It had opaque color payoff that applied evenly and smoothly across my lips and never tugged during application. The lipstick had a lightweight, creamy (but not slippery!) consistency that had a bit of substance to it so it seemed to smooth out most of my lip lines. It stayed on nicely for five hours and was lightly moisturizing.

Top Dupes

Bite Beauty Rhubarb Amuse Bouche Lipstick

Today, I’m asking for your Best Mauve Lipsticks (specific shades, please!).  The 10 most recommended Mauve Lipsticks are listed below, and the list will automatically update as more recommendations are made!

You can view all recommendations here, where you can also refine recommendations by things like price, skin type, skin tone, etc. and share your own recommendations. If you think you might be making recommendations often, consider registering and filling out your profile as the form will pre-fill with your profile information for you each time!

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10 Best Mauve Lipsticks ...

The right blush brush is really dependent on what product one’s trying to apply! A very pigmented blush often requires a less-dense, more feathery brush for foolproof, buildable application, whereas a lighter or sheerer blush works better with a denser brush. It can also depend on whether one’s naturally a bit heavier handed or lighter handed, as it may mean that going for a less-dense brush is more or less ideal.

I would love to hear about the brushes you can’t live without for blush and bronzer — share your picks in the comments!

For Light Application

These brushes are airier, less dense, and have very soft bristles, so the end result is more gradual, buildable pigmentation/shimmer.  They are ideal for use with softer powders (nothing too dense/cream-like) as well as for very pigmented, more contrasting blush shades where being able to pickup less product to build up coverage is desired.

SUQQU Cheek, Wayne Goss The Air Brush

  • SUQQU Cheek Brush ($123.60) is a feathery-soft brush with a rounded, tapered edge that diffuses color onto the cheek in a gradual manner.  It’s smaller in size (compared to most cheek brushes), so it can still offer more precise placement while still delivering a sheerer application of product.  I use this interchangeably with highlighters and blushes (particularly good for more pigmented blushes).
  • Wayne Goss...