Following reports that he was still using his old, unsecured Android handset after becoming president, the White House said Donald Trump finally switched to an iPhone last year. But according to Politico, Trump isn’t listening to his advisers when it comes to using mobile devices in a secure way.

In collaboration with Micron Technology, Intel has announced it is ready to start shipping the first 4bits/cell 3D NAND dies. The increase in density allows for 1 terabit of memory per die and is currently the most capacity-dense flash memory ever produced.

Tesla is facing more problems with its Model 3, but this time it isn’t a manufacturing issue. Consumer Reports has said that it will not recommend the electric sedan due to several issues, the main one being its braking distances. The highly influential magazine said the car braked slower than...

Just as the shadow of Meltdown and Spectre was starting to fade, a new variant of the latter chip flaw has been disclosed. Microsoft and Google researchers discovered the vulnerability, which has been dubbed ‘Speculative Store Bypass (Variant 4). Like other variants of Spectre, it exploits speculative execution to expose...

If you’re a fan of laptop gaming, then here’s some exciting news from Razer: The company has just announced the next version of its Razer Blade, which it says is the world’s smallest 15.6-inch gaming laptop. It’s also unveiled the Razer Core X; a new external graphics enclosure that can...

In the world of mechanical keyboards, big brand names like Corsair, Razer, HyperX, etc., take the bulk of the limelight. But what if I told you that every part of a keyboard can be customized? This goes far beyond the aesthetics, so if you're not one for making compromises, it...

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has decided to retire its short-form rating system.

Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked membership program appears to be on the way out the door. The electronics retailer in a leaked internal memo announced it would no longer be accepting new members into the program and sure enough, the landing page for the service no longer offers a way...

The computer mouse is a device that many of us take for granted. The mouse has become so ubiquitous that even old-timers like me, who can remember lumbering around an old monochrome monitor furiously pounding commands out on the keyboard tend to forget how revolutionary the mouse was.

Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, have signed a multi-year agreement to produce movies and television shows for Netflix. Financial terms of the agreement were not published.

Fortnite has taken the Battle Royale genre by storm lately. Last month, we reported the game's mobile port had raked in a whopping $15 million in microtransaction revenue within its first month on the App Store.

(Image courtesy Amelia Holowaty Krales, The Verge)

Although the high-end PC gaming community is still eagerly waiting for information on Nvidia's rumored GeForce GTX 1180, there's some more immediate good news for budget-conscious gamers.

A small group of iOS developers is challenging Apple’s App Store policies. The Developer’s Union was formed to “advocate for sustainability in the App Store.”

The internet has always been a bit of a wild place. For many users, this is a good thing - due to the relatively unbiased nature of search engine and social media algorithms, virtually any website or social media post can gain widespread attention if it captures the interest of...

Resident Evil 7 is heading to the Nintendo Switch, Capcom has revealed, although perhaps not in the format (or territory) you’d hoped for.

It's clear Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is beginning to grow tired of the Cambridge Analytica data privacy debacle.

It seems that neither side of the political spectrum is a big fan of Facebook. While those with conservative views have long accused it of bias, there are now some on the left who want to break up the social network’s “monopoly.”

AT&T is borrowing a page from Amazon’s playbook. The nation’s second largest wireless provider recently launched the AT&T LTE-M Button, a physical button for business customers in the same vein as Amazon’s Dash Buttons.

It’s easy to forget that even if a Kickstarter project meets its funding targets, the investment you made doesn’t guarantee a final product. That’s the situation faced by thousands of backers of the Ossic X headphones, who won’t be receiving their devices or refunds after the company announced it was...