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Jeff Walker just released his Product Launch Blueprint, which includes an 18-page PDF and a training video. This walks you through the process that Jeff uses for his million-dollar online launches. You can get it now for free at this link:

Product Launch Blueprint Video + PDF

This is Lesson 3 of the Launch Workshop, which is still free for now, but only for a few more days. You’ll just need to opt-in to access the training materials.

The PDF is very detailed and beautifully laid out. It breaks the launch process into a series of mind maps, so you can see how all the pieces of a successful launch fit together. It’s a very nice visual guide in my opinion, so you may want to print it out as well.

Next week Jeff opens enrollment for his advanced Product Launch Formula 2018 class, but for the next few days these video lessons and PDF Guides are free.

It’s best if you watch the video while you go through the Product Launch Blueprint PDF since they’re meant to go together.

You can get it all here, and be sure to opt-in first:

Product Launch Blueprint Video + PDF

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I know that a lot of my blog readers are interested in passive income, and many of them are already building (or living off) passive income streams. Some people, however, complain about being stuck because they don’t know where to start. One issue that comes up is: Where do I even begin?

I get it. There are so many ways to generate streams of income, especially online, that it feels like you’re swimming in a huge pool of possibilities. Should you start with ebooks? Build a website? Create an online course? Make an app?

Even if you somehow make a choice and get started, you might doubt if you’ve made the right choice, and you might get distracted from it and not finish. That happens to a lot of people. Confusion sets in. They get derailed.

Furthermore, what if you don’t have the skills to do anything promising yet?

As Neo said, the problem is choice.

There are just too many possibilities. Too many different directions. And a lot of those directions could be dead ends for you.

Okay, that’s a real issue. It truly is. But we can solve this. We know it’s solvable because lots of people are already doing it. How did those people do it?

Here’s the secret you may not know. The people who succeed on this path have the same issues and concerns you do. They all had to face that same demon of a problem regarding where to get started. They can and do have doubts along the way,...

My coach, Jeff Walker, has a brilliant strategy that lets you launch and sell a product online before you’ve actually created it, even if you have no following or list to start with. He posted a free video to show you how to do it step by step. This video will only be accessible for a few days though, so please watch it now if you’re in the mood for an adventurous new way of thinking about life and business:

Jeff’s “Seed Launch” Strategy

I used this strategy – and yes, I learned it from Jeff – to pre-launch Conscious Growth Club earlier this year. CGC is still being developed, and we have a ways to go before the full launch, but we’ve had almost 100 paying members in our club-in-progress since April. If you’d like to know how to successfully pre-launch something while it’s still in the idea phase, watch Jeff’s video, and he’ll explain how to do it.

You can use a similar strategy to launch an online product, such as a book or course, before you’ve actually created it. Artists and musicians are doing successful seed launches too. There are some key advantages to a seed launch, such as knowing whether an idea will sell before you do the work of implementing it. When your product or service is fully complete, you can launch again and have even more sales.

In this video Jeff will also share his launch stacking strategy, which you can use to string multiple launches...

A common problem many readers encounter when trying to build new income streams is how to get attention and drive traffic to their new product or service. You may write and self-publish a new ebook, for instance, but it won’t sell well if no one knows about it. So how do you turn your idea into a decent income stream, especially if you don’t have a following yet?

Fortunately there’s a reputable guy who can teach you how to handle the marketing and sales side of this challenge, and you can learn a lot from him for free in the next several days.

Jeff Walker is currently offering a free video training series to teach you how to do successful product launches. He offers these trainings once a year, and they’re only available for a short time (like 10 days or so).

Jeff Walker and Product Launch Formula

Jeff is an Internet millionaire many times over, doing numerous multi-million dollar launches of his own. He’s a well-known teacher in this field. Almost a million people have watched his video series in previous years. He does live events too; I’ve been to two of his events so far.

I met Jeff in person last year in L.A., and I’ve been a member of his coaching group since October 2016, paying $12,000 for the privilege. That may sound like a lot, but I’ve already earned back more than 10x my investment by applying what I learned. It’s fair to say that Conscious Growth Club wouldn’t...

Do you ever feel you should be further along on your goals and projects, given how much time you’ve been spending in your workspace?

To enter a state of high productivity, we know that it’s important to avoid distractions and really concentrate deeply on a task or project. You want to enter the state that Cal Newport refers to as Deep Work, and it’s best if you can maintain this state for at least a few hours at a stretch. If you can do 3-5 sessions of deep work per week, you’ll often achieve stronger results than you would with 40+ hours of busywork. You’ve probably observed this pattern in your own life already. But of course the challenge is to enter this flow state consistently and to stick with it for extended periods.

The amount of time you spend working is irrelevant. It’s easy to find people semi-working for 30-60 hours per week without achieving meaningful results for their efforts. Pushing yourself to work longer hours is almost always counterproductive if you aren’t getting strong results from the time you’re already putting in.

When you work too many hours per week, you’ll almost inevitably get sucked into busywork that doesn’t move the needle forward. You’ll have that sinking feeling that weeks are passing by, but your results are lagging behind.

There are many possible solutions to this situation. One is to focus on your strengths and outsource everything else you can. Another is to use goals and deadlines to enforce better...

Jeff Walker shares a short video about a pattern he’s noticed: Highly successful business owners have a habit of investing in personal development.

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Did you know that 29% of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral died last year?

Imagine a forest about the size of Germany, and almost a third of it dies in one year. That’s essentially what happened in the ocean next to Australia. And it’s been happening all around the world.

Coral is very sensitive to global warming and starts dying when the surrounding water temperature increases beyond a certain point. It’s expected that most of the world’s coral will be gone within 30 years. Since so many fish depend on coral reefs, that would ultimately mean the collapse of a huge branch of our tree of life. And yes, we apes are responsible for this.

There’s a pretty powerful documentary about this called Chasing Coral, which just came out today. It’s from the same team that made Chasing Ice a few years ago. If you haven’t seen either, I’d recommend both. The footage can be emotional to watch – you may be surprised to find yourself crying – but ultimately I think it will inspire you more than it disempowers you.

Here’s a trailer for Chasing Coral.

What’s the single most useful thing you can do to be part of the solution? Switch to a plant-based diet if you haven’t already done so. Skip the flesh, and eat lighter and cleaner.

Unless you run a coal-fired power plant and can choose to shut it down overnight, or you’re making documentaries like these to raise awareness, nothing...

For the next 36 hours only, Ryan Eliason is sharing his entire training (4 videos, a webinar recording, and 4 PDF downloads) all on one page, and you don’t have to register or opt-in to get it. Tens of thousands of people recently took advantage of Ryan’s free training, and now he’s conveniently giving the whole thing away on one web page.

Here’s what’s on the All Access page:

  • How To Make A Lucrative Career Out of Profound Service (PDF)
  • The Visionary Entrepreneur Blueprint (PDF)
  • Client Attraction and Enrollment Formula (PDF)
  • 7-Figure Case Studies (video)
  • The 3-Step Visionary Entrepreneur Game Plan (webinar)
  • And several more videos

Get the videos, webinar, and PDF downloads

Note that this page will only be available for the next 36 hours. Ryan is in the middle of a launch that ends tomorrow, and after Friday night, these materials will no longer be available for free. So download/watch them now while you can.

I also encourage you to check out Ryan’s complete Visionary Business School training program, which guides you through the process of creating an impactful, heart-centered business with several months of instruction and coaching. Ryan only runs this program once a year, and the 2017 enrollment period is only open for the next day and a half.

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If you’re interested in building some online passive income streams so you can finally quit your boring job for good, a quality service to help you achieve that goal is Solo Build-It (SBI). They’re currently running a 33% off special from now through July 5th. That’s a great deal for the complete solution package they offer.

During this time the price of an annual SBI subscription is $197 (instead of $299), and SBI for WordPress is $97 (instead of $149).

SBI is an all-in-one service for starting an online business. It’s been very popular with readers because it combines tools, education, and social support into a single package. See my SBI review for details.

So many people have told me they credit SBI as the service that got them started on this path, so they could finally break free from any need for a regular job. Many eventually progress to other online income strategies once they get the hang of earning income this way, but it usually takes people a while to get the mindset and know-how to actually do it. I really think that SBI’s strength in this space is helping beginners get into action and start seeing results.

SBI has a 90-day money-back guarantee, so it’s easy to try it and see if it’s a good match for you. When you build something cool with it, please let me know about it. I enjoy hearing success stories. 🙂

Check it out here: SBI Independence Sale.

The post...

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost control of your life and that you’re spending too much time dealing with someone else’s agenda for you?

Last year I read an interesting book called The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter, which is about a resurgence in analog technologies such as vinyl records and camera film that were once thought to be obsolescent. Many people have found that doing everything digitally isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and analog solutions still have some nice advantages. One of those advantages is that analog solutions can give people a greater feeling of control of the experience.

A print book doesn’t interrupt you with notifications about a new book you might like. An analog camera doesn’t distract you with a text message while you’re trying to take a photo. If you review your goals on index cards instead of your computer, you won’t see stock updates while looking at your goals.

Is Software Interrupting You?

I’m very comfortable with technology since I was introduced to my first computer in 1981 and started learning to program that same year. I’ve been using email and the Internet since 1989, I know at least a dozen programming languages, and I’ve been generating income online since 1995. I have the latest iPhone, an Apple Watch, and plenty of other devices. I’ve been immersed in that world for decades.

I’ve notice an odd trend though.

When I was younger, I’d always run software according to my own timetable. I...

Do you have a tendency to eat the same foods over and over?

Are you aware that it’s much better for your overall health, mental functioning, and immunity to take in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, and seeds? Eating the same limited foods repeatedly increases the chance that you’ll miss out on certain micronutrients, including many that haven’t been identified or studied yet. A nutritionally restricted diet also increases your susceptibility to disease.

Our forager ancestors moved around a lot and ate nutritionally different wild foods wherever they went. With the rise of agriculture, however, our diets became much less varied. Grocery stores now showcase essentially the same foods in every aisle: wheat, sugar, corn, soy, etc.

Even fruits and vegetables have been hybridized over millennia to become the modern foods we see today, and many foods that look different are actually hybrids of a common ancestor. Broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and cabbage are human-created hybrids of the same plant. Humans have hybridized plants to emphasize certain traits, often making them bigger, sweeter, hardier, and easier to cultivate.

When was the last time you ate a wild banana with seeds in it? Do you even know what a wild banana looks like? If not, Google wild banana to take a look.

Upgrading Your Nutrient Profile

A few weeks ago, I saw Dr. Joel Fuhrman at the Health Healing Happiness conference in Las Vegas since we were both speaking there. You may have heard of his well-known book...

Many people find it really challenging to finish a 30-day trial when wanting to build a new habit or explore a new lifestyle possibility, such as eating vegan or getting up at 5am. People often give up after a few days, lacking the discipline (or so it seems) to follow through on such commitments. And of course quitting early denies these people the benefits of completing these trials.

Let me share some tips that I use to keep going when a 30-day trial becomes challenging. Most of these involve adopting an empowering mindset before you begin.

Make the Initial Decision Carefully

Committing to a 30-day trial is a decision. The word decide comes from the Latin decidere, which means “to cut off from.” When you make a decision, you’re surgically removing all other branches from your possibility space, leaving only one branch to explore.

When you decide to do a 30-day trial, you’re deciding not to stop before you’ve finished the full 30 days. There is no option to stop in the middle. A 30-day trial is 30 days long. If you’re not ready to go the distance, you’re not doing a 30 day trial. You’re doing something else perhaps, but a 30-day trial requires a minimum commitment of 30 days.

When you decide, make it clear to yourself that you’ve decided. Know with certainty that you’re going to do all 30 days. Use the language of certainty when you frame this decision to yourself and to others. You’re absolutely going to do...

When you have a satisfactory answer to a big question related to the nature of life, the universe, and everything, the real challenge is integrating that answer into your daily life. How can you act in alignment with your most important values and beliefs?

Accepting Misalignment

The first step is to notice misalignment. Ask yourself this question: Where do I feel out of alignment right now?

Where are the misalignments? In which areas of life do you not feel that your best self is shining through?

When you recognize some of these misalignments, accept them for what they are. Accept the truths you’re observing. Try to treat truth alignment as a separate phase from love and power alignment. Don’t worry about exploring your desires and taking action in a new direction until you’ve accepted the truth that your current path is out of alignment.

Have you ever experienced that moment of clarity when you realized that you absolutely needed to transition out of your job or relationship, only to watch yourself delaying action for months? In such circumstances people are often tempted to justify their actions by pretending they’re okay with their current situation.

Don’t pretend. Don’t justify. Let the situation be lousy, and admit the truth to yourself.

Next, work on accepting the consequences of your truth. You’re probably shifting towards a major transition, one that will create ripples across all areas of your life. There’s no getting around that. This type of transition is a big deal, and it’s going to take courage,...

The benefit of asking the big questions is that sometimes you can use reasoned logic to answer them. There are a few big questions that I’ve successfully answered to my satisfaction, and I don’t expect my answers to change with the passage of time.

Is Reality Objective or Subjective?

One of those big questions is whether this reality is objective or subjective. I eventually understood that the answer is always going to be unknowable when asked from the perspective of a conscious being. Even if I die and remain conscious and aware in some form of afterlife, I still won’t know the answer. Even if I somehow live forever and become the most powerful and omnipotent being imaginable, I still won’t know.

The reason this question cannot ever be answered with a firm yes or no is rather simple. A subjective reality can simulate an objective one, and vice versa. So there’s no way to know if there’s another container of the opposite type one level below your current reality.

If this container effect sounds unlikely, notice that you already experience it when you have a nighttime dream. During such a dream, you’re in a subjective world. Your dreamscape is supposedly happening in your imagination.

If you believe that your waking world is objective, then your physical brain is doing the dreaming, so there’s an objective layer beneath your subjective dream world. Events in that objective world could even interfere with your dream, or they could influence how the dream turns out. Something...

When I was younger, I decided that I didn’t want to reach my deathbed feeling like I’d missed the whole point of this life. I realized that in order to avoid that problem, I’d have to create a connection between exploring the big questions and my everyday life.

What Are the Big Questions?

The big questions are yours to discover and explore. Here are some of mine:

  • What is the nature of this reality? How does it actually work?
  • Is this reality objective (a world of objects and energy that I inhabit as a physical being with consciousness) or subjective (a dream-like world where consciousness is primary and everything sensory is a simulation within this greater consciousness)?
  • What will happen to me when I die?
  • How long might I be able to extend my life here, and in what form?
  • Can I trust this universe? And what does it mean to trust or distrust the universe?
  • Is the universe itself conscious in some way?
  • What is intimacy? How deep can intimacy go with another person? How well can I know someone?
  • What exactly am I? Am I this body with a consciousness? Am I this consciousness that contains a body that I can animate?
  • Why do I seem to be present and aware?
  • Why am I here?
  • Who are the best people for me to connect with while I’m here? How will I recognize them?
  • How can I merge the objective and subjective lenses to make better decisions? And can I consistently practice the ability to use both lenses in key situations?
  • How much...

When I checked my email this morning, I was puzzled to see several messages with subjects asking about Las Vegas or if I was okay. I figured I’d better check the news, and I soon learned of the shooting that happened at the concert across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

I know the location well and was at the Mandalay Bay a few weeks ago. It’s on the south end of the Vegas Strip about 20 minutes from where I live. Four of our workshops in 2011 and 2012 were held at the Tropicana Hotel just a short walk from the concert area.

I’d imagine that most of the concertgoers were probably tourists visiting from out of town, so this event will likely affect families in many different cities.

My reaction to this isn’t one of fear, anger, or shock. I learned about this through expressions of caring from friends wanting to check in, including some I haven’t heard from in a long time. By the time I learned what happened, I was already primed to be in a state of caring.

A few days ago, I was decluttering my garage and sorting some items to donate. I came across a CD from a musician named Rafael Bejarano. Rafael and I met when we spoke at our mutual friend Rich Litvin’s wonderful coaching event in 2013. I loved Rafael’s music, which he played at...

Today is the last day of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula sale, which itself is a 7-figure launch. Since I bought this program last year and have been involved in the PLF community for almost a year now – and since I’ve received some questions from people who are on the fence about getting it – I recorded a video this morning to share TONS of detail about what it’s like on the inside.

I’m sharing this to help you get clarity on the decision regarding whether or not this would be a good fit for you, so it’s not salesy at all, which I think you’ll appreciate. The purpose is to make the decision easier for you, whichever way you go.

Yes, seriously… this is 94 minutes, and I really did record it just a few hours ago. It was only last night that I decided to do this, so I know it’s a bit last minute. I also know that it’s a big decision whether to get PLF, and I have a lot to share about it that could be useful. This would only to be of interest if you’re seriously considering getting PLF and would appreciate some honest truths about what it’s really like before deciding.


Here’s what I cover in this video:

  • How to make the decision rationally and intelligently
  • Understanding PLF’s premium pricing
  • What the experience is really like after you buy
  • My insights and advice on PLF’s courses and...

Here’s a fun and lively 22-minute video that explains how to generate high-volume sales for an online launch in only 5 days.

How to Rock Your “Open Cart”


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Well huzzah! The new 2018 version of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula just went on sale this week. He’s including some terrific bonuses, making for a seriously tempting offer. I have to say that his sales video is just masterful. I already own PLF, and he makes me want to buy it again. 🙂

I bought PLF last year, and I can honestly say it’s one of the few products that truly improved my results – dramatically even, since I did my first six-figure launch earlier this year, thanks to what I learned from PLF and from Jeff’s community.

I know it’s a big decision to get involved with PLF. It’s an investment. There’s a lot to it. It comes with coaching. There’s a big community around it. It really is a big decision… a big deal indeed.

If you step forward with this, you’re embarking on a journey that’s bigger than you probably realize. I share this as someone who faced a similar decision last year.

This is the kind of thing that can change the direction of your life for many years to come, and it really does have that effect on people. I’ve talked to dozens of people from this community in person at two of Jeff’s live events (Oct 2016 and April 2017), and I heard some amazing stories. You can see some of those stories in the PLF case studies.

I’ve seen some wild things happen in this community while I’ve been involved in it. I love...

Jeff Walker’s free online workshop that teaches you how to do successful launches ends in a few days, so be sure to access it now if this interests you. You can complete the workshop in about 90 minutes.

Jeff is an Internet millionaire many times over. He’s the inventor of the famous Product Launch Formula, and he offers this free workshop only once a year. His specialty is teaching people with no following and no list how to start doing 5- and 6-figure online launches. I did a 6-figure one earlier this year by using Jeff’s approach, so I can attest that it’s effective. I’m also active in Jeff’s community and see different people doing such launches pretty much every week.

If it seems extraordinary to do a launch that earns you an extra $50K or $100K or more in a week or two, then you could probably use more ambitious friends. There are stay-at-home Moms doing this sort of thing. Jeff himself started as a stay-at-home Dad and began doing launches from home, as you’ll soon see in his videos.

This free workshop will show you how all the pieces connect, and you’ll surely start thinking about how you can do this too. I think it’s easy to understand how it works because Jeff is great at explaining it. Of course there’s work involved if you want to pull this off, but that part is surprisingly straightforward… hence the name Product Launch Formula.

Enjoy the workshop! I think you’ll find...