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The unique style of artwork from the far east has inspired creatives around the world. One of the popular figures from Chinese mythology that has become a symbol of the culture is the Chinese Dragon. Unlike the winged reptilian dragon creatures from Western mythology, the East Asian dragons have more of an animal-like appearance with long, slender bodies, four large legs and bearded heads. In today’s inspiration showcase I roundup 30 brilliant illustrations and paintings of Chinese Dragons from a range of talented artists.

Shenlong Fan Art by Sceko Soriano C

Chinese Dragon by Annie Hryshchenko

Dragon Hexagrams by Ofen Hu

Chinese Dragon by Gregory Moreira

L’Etiquette Cover Illustration by Bene Rohlmann

Chinese New Year City of Sydney by Chrissy Lau

China Dragon Illustration by Vetalik Chepelnikov

Season Dragons by Maria Sergunina

Jade Dragon by Lydia Praamsma

Air Canada Dragon by Shingo Shimizu

Feng Shui by K. Schiavone

Access All Areas members are being treated to 3 huge Lightroom Preset packs this week, courtesy of Exposure Empire. These HDR, Pastel and Mono Lightroom Presets are usually sold as individual products, but Exposure Empire are kindly donating all three for Access All Areas members members to download. Each set contains 20 effect based on each pack style. HDR provides a fast and easy way to create high dynamic range effects; Pastel gives your photos beautiful soft colour pastel effects; and the Mono presets apply awesome monochromatic effects with a range of strengths and styles.

Exposure Empire provides photographers with premium quality Lightroom presets. They currently offer 21 different packs of presets, and they also sell a bundle that includes all of those packs (a total of more than 500 presets). The bundle gives you a great variety of different types of effects that you can start using with your own photos.

Find out more about Exposure Empire

60+ Lightroom Presets for Premium Members

These 3 collections of Lightroom Presets contain over 60 effects in total. You’ll find a variety of styles in each set alongside detailed instructions on how to install and use the effects. The presets are compatible with Lightroom versions 4, 5, 6, and CC (not compatible with Photoshop), on both Mac and PC platforms, and can be applied to RAW and JPEG images.

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to have fun creating a retro style poster based on the artwork of old VHS cassette covers. We’ll use Illustrator to construct the design with text and shape elements, then we’ll quickly send the final artwork over to Photoshop to give it an aged appearance with texture overlays. You can find plenty of inspiration from Google Images and Pinterest, where you can pick out common aesthetics and mix and match the different elements to create your own custom design. The artwork I’ll be producing in this tutorial features the popular trend of colourful stripes and retro shape patterns, combined with simple text elements that represent the various features displayed on the authentic examples.

Vintage Paper Texture Pack –

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It’s that time of year when Spoon Graphics gets a little older, with 2018 marking 11 years of tutorial creating, freebie sharing and article writing on what started as a blog that was attached to my portfolio website in 2007. Every April I take some time to reflect over the past 12 months and talk about how things have changed. Last year marked a decade of Spoon Graphics, so let’s take a look at some fresh stats and figures another year on after that big milestone.

I always start these anniversary posts with links to my previous yearly celebrations. It’s interesting to go back and see how my blog has evolved:

Average Stats of Late

Traffic change: -14.8%
Top Content: 20 Free PSD Templates to Mockup Your Poster Designs (2014) & 25 Adobe Illustrator Brush Sets You Can Download For Free (2016)
Email Subscribers: 141,780 (up 16% from 2017)
YouTube Channel Subscribers:...

Access All Areas members have a great collection of Lightroom Presets to download this week, courtesy of Photonify. The Portrait Photography Presets Collection contains 20 presets which have been specially designed to enhance portrait photos. It includes many different styles to choose from to create the perfect photo. Each preset has been carefully constructed by a professional photographer and Lightroom expert, to ensure they suit many different types of photo and camera brands.

Photonify is a Photographer’s Marketplace for digital goods which sells Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions. Check out the site where you can open your own shop, purchase Bundles and also test out their free lightroom presets.

Find out more about Photonify

20 Portrait Lightroom Presets for Members

The Portrait Photography Lightroom Presets collection is an absolute must for portrait and fashion photographers who wish to adjust tones, improve colors and contrasts of their shots. You can use this collection to speed up the post processing process and give your shots some interesting styles. Each preset works with both JPG and RAW images and is fully editable so you can further refine the result. This presets collection is compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC.

Download this file

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This new bundle features a vast array of best-selling textures and patterns, each specifically designed to give your work more impact. This collection is the most affordable way to take your textures and patterns library to the next level, with a 99% discount the regular price of $3684 is reduced to just $29 for a limited time only. The depth and quality in this collection is amazing. From high-res space images, to delicate patterns, marble, glitter, leather, grunge, watercolour and so much more, this is a truly comprehensive library. All textures are high-res, sharp and beautifully versatile. The patterns are pixel perfect, gorgeous and ready to be dropped into your designs.

With textures and patterns forming such integral parts of a design, it’s important to ensure you have the appropriate licensing when using them in your artwork. You’ll be glad to hear that all the products in this bundle are covered by an Extended License, which gives you the confidence to use the resources in all your commercial and client work, as well as within artwork available for sale, such as prints and merchandise.

Buy The Diverse Textures and Patterns Collection

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I have a new set of messy design resources for you to download for free today! These 10 ink splatters can be used to add drips and stains to your designs, or even to produce blood effects for horror themed artwork. They come as a set of Photoshop Brushes, which can be saved directly in Adobe Photoshop for immediate usage; and as individual PNG textures with transparent backgrounds, which are also compatible with other image editing software.

In the download package you’ll find a Photoshop ABR file containing all 10 ink splatters as Photoshop Brushes. Once installed, these brushes will be saved in your brushes library for fast and easy use. Simply select a splatter, alter the brush size and rotation in the Brush Settings, then apply the graphic with a single click with any colour you choose. There’s also a legacy version of the Photoshop Brushes with a maximum size of 2500px for older Photoshop versions. Alternatively, open the individual 300ppi PNG files with transparent backgrounds and paste the splatter into your artwork. These image files are ideal for other image editing software where the brushes might not be compatible.

Download My Free Splatter Brushes & Textures

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In today’s Photoshop tutorial we’re going to have some fun creating an abstract piece of artwork that features the Pixel Sorting effect, which is a type of glitch art that’s usually generated by computer code, but we’ll be replicating the appearance with Photoshop’s built in filters. If you search for pixel sorting artwork on sites such as Pinterest you’ll see some great surreal artworks where the effect is combined with a normal photograph, usually with these extended pixels drooping from a pair of sunglasses or in place of a subject’s entire face. That’s exactly what we’ll be producing in this tutorial, an abstract art piece that features a female face with long glitchy pixels that extend vertically from her sunglasses.

Woman Taking Selfie –
Group of Friends Hanging Out –
Free DuoTone Gradient Presets –
Free Pixel Sorting Photoshop Action –

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I find nautical themed artwork so interesting because there’s a whole load of history that provides a foundation upon which these artworks are based, from the imagery of historic ships and equipment associated with sailing, to the mythical creatures and popular sayings from the sea. There’s also historic ties to some of the visual styles used too, such as the art of vintage sailor tattoos. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 25 first-rate nautical themed designs and illustrations that feature imagery relating to ships, sailors and the sea.

Anchor Deep by Yondr Studio

The Kraken Battle by Derrick Castle

Caviar by Olga Vasik

Harbor Tattoo Gallery by Mike Arthurholtz

Sailor Jerry by T Wei

Sailor Tattoo Shirt Designs by Sebastian Mellen

Bukowski by Yeaaah! Studio

Destroyer by Yuriy Skorohod

The Deep Dark Sea by Joshua Noom

A Great Ship by Joshua Noom

Octopus by Tyler Champion

Access All Areas members have a great collection of vector flower assets to download this week, courtesy of Freepik. This “Jasmine Flowers” pack contains a variety of patterns, backgrounds and ready-made card designs that can be used to quickly create beautiful floral artwork. Each file comes as an Illustrator AI (and alternative EPS) file, which can be used as a foundation for your design, or broken down to use each vector flower graphic as an individual asset within your custom artwork.

Freepik is home to over 1.4 million free graphic files, including everything from vectors and PSD files to Stock photos and Icons. All the resources are designed by Freepik themselves, so you’ll find loads of exclusive items that just aren’t available anywhere else! Get 20% off their annual plan with the code: FREEPIK20.

Find out more about Freepik

Jasmine Flowers Vector Graphics for Members

This “Jasmine Flowers” pack for Access All Areas contains a total of 18 ready-made card designs featuring a range of colourful floral vectors, along with 4 repeating flower patterns. The assets come in Vector AI and EPS format, which can be scaled to any size, or opened within vector compatible software such as Adobe Illustrator to break the artwork apart into individual elements for custom use.

Download this file

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Spark your creativity with this ultimate collection of artistic resources, featuring incredible fonts, gorgeous watercolours, cute illustrations, stunning effects packs and so much more. All the items have been selected from the most requested suggestions from the community, to produce a huge bundle of the most popular creative assets currently available. At an incredible 98% off, this is a great opportunity to equip yourself with some quality tools that you can use for years to come.

The Ultimate Creative Design Bundle has a combined total value of over $1300, but all these resources can be yours for just $29 thanks to the 98% discount. All the tools are supplied with Extended Licensing too, which means you’re safe to use the assets within your commercial and client work. This is a limited time offer so if you like the look of any of the items featured, be sure to make the most of the discounted price. A single design resource product can often cost as much as this whole bundle at its regular price!

Buy The Ultimate Creative Design Bundle for $29

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In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to create a vibrant piece of vector artwork featuring three dimensional type from an isometric viewpoint. This isometric type effect is commonly combined with bright colours to produce a fun design style. Adobe Illustrator is the perfect tool to create such an effect; the 3D Extrude & Bevel tool easily generates an accurate isometric layout, then the artwork can then be broken down into individual vector shapes for easy customisation with colourful fills and detailed patterns.

The isometric type artwork we’ll be creating in this tutorial features a faux-3D effect generated by the Extrude & Bevel function, which we can then customise by breaking apart all the faces into individual shapes that can then be recoloured to produce vibrant artwork. The addition of a shadow helps ground the text to further simulate the three dimensional appearance, while additional patterns help enhance this flat illustration style.

Create a new document in Adobe Illustrator and set out your type. Any font can be used, but a simple sans-serif, or even making a ‘pixel-font’ effect by manually placed squares on a grid provides the best result.

Give the text a mid-grey fill, so when we apply the Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel effect, the shading of the different faces will be visible.

In the 3D Extrude & Bevel options, use the Isometric Top preset...

Last week I showed you how to create a slimy text effect in Adobe Illustrator, so I thought I’d cover a similar topic this week but in Photoshop instead. The vector Illustrator artwork is quite flat, whereas you can achieve much more realism with gradients and filters in Photoshop. The effect we’ll be producing in this tutorial is a glossy text effect made out of some kind of gooey yellow substance!

Rainy window photo –
Buy the No. Seven font used in this video –
Premium quality fonts bundle for 99% Off –

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Just like stickers, t-shirts and pin badges, embroidered patches are a trendy fashion accessory designers love to produce with their custom designs. They come in all shapes and sizes, some with multiple colours; others with simple mono designs. Common uses include novelty promotional items, saleable merchandise, or souvenirs for events. What I personally love about these creative examples in this showcase is seeing how the digital design is replicated in thread, which transforms the artwork into a tangible little item with wonderful patterns and textures.

Strike First Patch by Derrick Castle

Tribal Headdress by Derrick Castle

Denver’s Best Stuff Patches by Tron Burgundy

Lucid Dreamer Patch by Jeff Finley

Crystal Child Patch by Jeff Finley

Conspiracy Dealer Patch by Jeff Finley

PA Patch Coalition by Caleb Heisey

Patch Co. by Caleb Heisey

FFF9 Patches & Pins by Luigi Maldonado

WDCo Patch by Adam Wiedman

Jean Jacket Accessories by...

Access All Areas members have a devilish set of Photoshop Brushes and bonus Grit Textures to download this week, courtesy of Mixergraph. These 20 rough brushes have been handcrafted from real ink to simulate analogue print effects. Use them to add distressed outlines and borders to your artwork, and combine them with the selection of bonus gritty textures from the Mixergraph Thrasher Collection to add even dirtier effects to your designs.

Marc Pallàs is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Barcelona. Influenced by the skateboard and underground lifestyle, as well as the the punk rock and hardcore culture, Marc enjoys creating illustration material for bands, merchandise, posters and album covers. Alongside his advertising campaigns and business branding projects, Marc also shares his tools as creative design resources. In his Mixergraph store you’ll find a range of brilliant Brushes and Textures for Adobe Photoshop, all aimed at helping you create the grunge art style.

Find out more about Mixergraph

20 Brushes from Hell for Premium Members

This Brushes From Hell pack contains 20 easy to use Photoshop Brushes with varying degrees of roughness. They’re all pressure sensitive too, which makes them great tools for illustrators who enjoy digitally drawing with a pen tablet. Also included is a bonus selection of 4 high resolution grit textures from the Mixergraph Thrasher Collection, which perfectly complement the distressed style of...

We all love having a vast library of quality fonts to work with, but they can often be far too expensive for the average designer to afford. While the high price tags do justify the quality and craftsmanship that goes into premium typefaces, the total soon adds up when you’re trying to establish a varied collection. This brand new Design Cuts bundle brings you a range of the world’s most popular fonts from a select group of hugely respected type foundries. The massive 99% discount brings the $3055 cost down to just $29 for a limited time, making it an ideal opportunity to upgrade your font library while saving a fortune!

Discover some of the world’s most popular sans, script, vintage, hand-drawn and display fonts, all in one unbeatable collection. This bundle is a true gem for any font lover – featuring best-selling fonts from world renowned type foundries such as Latinotype, URW++, My Creative Land, TypeMates and many more. It contains 16 versatile and professional font families (featuring a total of 495 individual fonts), perfect for adding exceptional typography to your design work. Many fonts include extra weights, styles and stylistic alternates, and some even include bonus/extras packs, containing additional creative resources.

Nimbus Sans

Buttermilk Farmhouse



Avast ye swabs! I’ve been working hard a brand new collection of free design resources to share with you all. The Pirate Pack contains a mixture of vector graphics and ready-made logo templates for Adobe Illustrator, to help you quickly create pirate themed design material. Easily build logos, emblems, party invitations, t-shirt designs and more! You’ll find 50+ graphics all with a pirate theme, such as swords, sea creatures, skull & crossbones and a bottle of rum, along with a couple of rope and chain brushes and a number of pirate skulls with a selection of beards, hats and eyepatches.

My free Pirate Pack contains 50+ vector graphics of various piracy related items and 4 ready-made logo and badge templates that can be used as a base for your own identities or customised directly.

  • Nautical Vectors
    Copy & Paste these elements to easily build pirate themed designs of your own.
  • Rope & Chain Brushes
    Apply these brushes to paths in Illustrator to create ropes and chains of any length.
  • Banners & Scrolls
    Use the Type on a Path tool to add your own text within the banners.
  • Pirate Skulls
    Build your pirate mascot with a choice of headwear, beard and eyepatch.
  • Ready-Made Templates
    Use these preset templates as inspiration for your own compositions, or edit the text to customise the graphic.

The assets are supplied primarily as Adobe Illustrator AI files, but an EPS document is included for...

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to have some fun creating a gooey slime effect with some custom type. You could apply this to your own hand lettering pieces, but I’m going to be using a ready made font, which I’ll be customising with the vector drip shapes. Once the outline is complete, we’ll then add some bright colours to make the ooze radioactive, then use a simple trick with the brush tool to draw some highlights.

Buy the No. Seven font used in this video –

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The Ampersand is loved by all types of creatives! Its shape has evolved into a variety of styles since it was conceived as a ligature of the letters ‘e’ and ‘t’ from the Latin ‘et’ for ‘and’. You can find a range of ampersand designs across different fonts and typefaces, from cursive script variants to more abstract and experimental styles that stray away from the original ‘et’ shapes. The Ampersand is commonly used as the main subject of art pieces too, where it is appreciated purely for its aesthetics rather than as a form of language. In today’s showcase I present 35 creative examples of the ‘&’ character which have been beautifully decorated to produce interesting designs and illustrations.

Adobe Ampersand by BURO UFHO

Ampersands by Katt Phatt

& Alliteration by DUSK.

Chocolate Ampersands by Jamie Clarke

Playpersand by Ana Porta

Ampersand Food Groups by Dan Beckemeyer

Ampersands Type Treatment by Anthony James

Esperluette Freaks by My Name is Wendy

Today at Apple: Ampersand by Maggie Enterrios

Access All Areas members have a fantastic pack of Black and White Photoshop Actions to download this week, courtesy of UnicDesign. These 50+ Actions turn your photographs into high quality black and white images with a single click. There’s three groups of effects, 21 BASE Actions, 11 ADJUSTMENTS, and 19 PRESET COMBINATIONS to provide an extensive collection of options to generate a unique result every time!

Marko Kozokar is the professional graphic and web designer behind UnicDesign and tutorial instructor at Envato Tuts+. UnicDesign is a brand that creates high quality graphic and web design products with focus on Photoshop Actions, with which anyone can create amazing, advanced photo effects in just a few minutes, without any previous experience with Photoshop. Currently there are over 13,000 happy customers of UnicDesign products all over the world and this number is growing rapidly!

Find out more about UnicDesign

Black & White Actions Pack for Members

This Black & White Actions pack is an extensive collection of 50+ Photoshop Actions. The Actions folder contains an extraordinary list of options and settings to generate the perfect image with custom effects, such as ‘High Contrast’ and ‘Infrared B&W’, as well as a range of options to produce selective color effects that preserve a specific hue during the black and white conversion. Experiment by combining the various filters from the BASE and ADJUSTMENTS...