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In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you a cocktail of Photoshop filters that produce a pretty cool watercolour style effect. One of the best features of this effect is it uses a Smart Object to allow the styling to be added to live text, this means you can go back and edit the wording and fine tune the settings to alter the result.

Ivory Off White Paper Texture –

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Old packaging designs from previous centuries provide the ultimate vintage design inspiration. The best way to achieve realistic vintage effects in your modern artwork is to study the aesthetics of authentic examples. These relics were once every day household products with ordinary packaging artwork for the era, but as design styles and printing technologies have developed, designers are now finding new appreciation for the classic look. Check out these rare treasures and make note of the colours, layout and typography to inspire your own vintage style designs!

Fonts are fundamental to every design and creative project, although finding well-made fonts can not only be really tricky but really expensive! The fonts in this new bundle usually sell for thousands of dollars and regularly top every best-sellers list, but for a limited time only you can grab this incredible collection for just $29. The Definitive Font Lover’s Collection features some of the most popular fonts across every discipline, whether you’re working on a clean graphic design brief, an elegant invite, a bold website or vintage artwork, this bundle is packed full of stunning fonts to cover you for any project.

At full price this collection of premium quality typefaces would usually cost $3316, but thanks to the 99% discount you can add them to your library for just $29. The Definitive Font Lover’s Collection contains 17 typefaces with a total of 377 individual fonts. They’re all professional grade tools with many fonts including extra weights, styles and stylistic alternates, and even some bonus/extras packs, containing additional creative resources.

Franklin Gothic

Classico Pro


Diploma Script


Heading Pro

Rustic Resource Collection


Golden Youth Font Duo

Rockeby SemiSerif

In today’s Photoshop tutorial we’re going to have some fun changing the weather in a photograph by adding a heavy rain shower. The effect works best on night shots of dark streets to give the image a dramatic mood. We’ll amplify the subtle light reflections on the pavement to simulate the appearance of a wet surface, then add three layers of rain drops, each at different sizes to achieve the illusion of depth.

The photo I’ll be working with is a shot of an dark urban street. The effect works the best with nighttime photos because the darker background helps makes the raindrops visible. Dark street images also produce great results by turning the photograph into a scene from a dramatic thriller!

Open your chosen image in Adobe Photoshop. We’ll first work on making the surface appear wet, which will complement the raindrops to achieve a more realistic effect. Go to Select > Color Range and choose the Highlights selection method.

Move the Fuzziness and Range sliders while observing the preview thumbnail to find subtle selection of the floor highlights. The brightness of these areas will determine how wet the street will appear!

Create a new layer, then fill the highlights selection with white using the CMD+Backspace shortcut. Press CMD+D to Deselect.

Change the blending mode of the white layer to Color Dodge, then reduce the layer’s Fill to around 50%. You can...

Access All Areas members have a lovely new font to download this week, courtesy of Jen Wagner Co. Milan is a gorgeous and classic all-caps sans serif that looks stunning in just about every context. Use it for logos, print, collage, body text, and more! It looks absolutely beautiful when paired with Minion Pro Italic and adds a really cool modern-meets-vintage look to any piece.

Jen Wagner is a designer of all types based in Nashville, TN. She produces useful e-courses as part of her masterclass to share everything she has learned in her 9 years as a designer to help newcomers design like a pro. To equip designers with the tools they need, Jen also has a shop full of amazing fonts and design resources, including fun hand written typefaces, complementary font duos, and classic serif & sans serif styles.

Find out more about Jen Wagner Co

Milan Vintage Sans Serif Font for Members

Milan is a classic all caps sans-serif to suit your every need. It comes in TTF and OTF formats and includes uppercase letters, numbers & punctuation, and a selection of non-English characters for international language support.

Download this file

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To finish off every year I enjoy taking a moment to look back at my content from the past 12 months to compare how all my articles, tutorials, freebies and videos performed in terms of view counts. This is my greatest hits collection for 2017, broken down into individual top 10 roundups for each category. Did you miss any of these most popular posts? Which one from the list was your favourite? Or was there a particular piece of content you found really useful that didn’t make the cut?

My most popular content from 2017

Video tutorials uploaded to the Spoon Graphics YouTube channel now receive more attention in video views than my written content tends to acquire in website traffic statistics. With 167,699 views, my video showing How To Animate a Still Photo in Photoshop takes first place as my most popular post of 2017. Interestingly, the equivalent blog post containing the embedded video, which is sent out to all 130,000+ Spoon Graphics newsletter readers, received just 8,779 views. It just goes to show how YouTube helps push my content to a much larger audience.

From my website content alone, my roundup of 45 T-Shirt Mockup Templates You Can Download for Free gained the most exposure with 77,943 visits. This is followed by my How To Create a Watercolor Painting Effect in Photoshop tutorial with 61,922 visits and my 12 Free Cinematic Photo Effect Actions for Adobe Photoshop with 51,766 vists.


The key to vintage design is to have a wide range of authentic resources, that actually date from the era you need. It can be difficult to source genuine ephemera, but in this bundle has you covered! All the products in The Eclectic, Vintage Design Library have been sourced from vintage books and sources, from the past 200 years. The Lettering Library is filled with a wealth of inspiration waiting for you to rediscover and repurpose. If you’re a font lover, there is a wide collection of stand out vintage fonts that are perfect for any vintage design. Hand collected and scanned vintage illustrations are all expertly converted into a range of formats for the contemporary designer. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to access a vast library of rare vintage resources, that are made with the utmost care and quality.

This bundle brings you more than 20 vintage fonts, an incredible lettering library, textures, decorative elements, vintage brushes, illustrations and engravings (vectorised for your needs) and handy vintage photo actions. It’s an eclectic library for any vintage design lover.

Buy The Eclectic, Vintage Design Library for $29

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I regularly use grainy textures in my artwork, but typically I’ll import a JPG or PNG texture file, which can be time consuming and cumbersome to use. To provide myself with textures I can use on-demand, I’ve produced a brand new set of grit and grain textures in the form of Photoshop Brushes. Once installed, these 15 Brushes are ready for action in my Brushes panel, so I can quickly distress my designs with a single click. You’re totally welcome to use them too, so go ahead and download them for free!

This set of Grit & Grain Photoshop Brushes contains 15 individual textures, comprising of 5 Light, 5 Medium and 5 Heavy textures so you can apply just the right amount of grunge you desire! They’re really handy for quickly adding grain to a background, or using within a layer mask to erase portions of your artwork for a gritty appearance. Not only are Photoshop Brushes immediately accessible via the Brush tool, you can easily change the colour and size, which would otherwise take a few extra steps with a basic image texture.

Download my Free Grit & Grain Photoshop Brushes

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Access All Areas members have a really unique set of resources to download this week, courtesy of Irene Demetri from Youandigraphics. These Color Splash Instagram Templates are designed in a square format specifically for Instagram posts. They can be ideal for both personal and commercial accounts, online shops, fashion bloggers, lifeystyle bloggers, beauty posts, launch posts, or anyone who just wants to make a bold statement!

Irene Demetri is a Graphic and Digital Designer. She loves creating a range useful resources for other designers in her Creative Market store specializing is seamless vector patterns. You can find many selections of patterns that have multiple applications and are easy to use for your projects, including the Color Splash Patterns used in these Instagram template designs. You can follow her on Instagram for all the latest product updates and on Pinterest for some great inspiration resources.

Find out more about Irene Demetri

Instagram Templates for Premium Members

This pack of Instagram Color Splash Templates contains 10 PSD files with editable text elements, 10 JPG backgrounds with no text, 10 ready-made JPG template designs, and the Libre Baskerville font to preserve the typography of the original designs.

Download this file

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In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial we’re going to create a furry text effect by combining a real fur texture image with type, then we’ll use a clever Photoshop Brush trick to eliminate the hard edges from the type to give it a fuzzy appearance with lots of tiny hairs. My example uses the fur of a tabby cat, but you can use the same process with any animal pattern, such as Cheetahs, Zebras and Tigers for a cool safari themed type style.

Cat Fur Texture –

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Over recent years the revival of futuristic art styles from the 1980s have proven to be a popular modern design trend. Highly reflective chrome effect logos with vibrant colours high-tech surroundings are common traits of this aesthetic. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 30 stunning retro designs with 80s style chrome text effects. See how this gaudy art style has come back into fashion as part of the retrowave/synthwave movement.

Rad by Justin Mezzell

Cyber Monday by Justin Mezzell

Cyber Week Continues by Justin Mezzell

Futuralbum by Justin Mezzell

Pulse Power by Justin Mezzell

A.D.D. Since ’83 by Thomas Hatfield

Deifuser by Tom Potter

Vector Hold by Michael B

VHS Glitch by VHS Glitch

80s Style Logo by Mikkel Larsen

Kenzologo by Kenzo Art

Mirko Hirsch by Kenzo Art

Neon Nox by Kenzo Art

I have a great free icons collection for all Spoon Graphics readers to download today from Swifticons. Included in this freebie are the Gadgets & Tech and Activities categories in Outlined and Filled styles. The graphics come in a wide range of file types, including AI, EPS, PNG (in both @1x & @2x resolutions), Sketch and SVG. They’re really handy resources to have available for any website or interface design projects you might need to work on.

Check out the full Swifticons collection for over 2,480 premium icons, covering 22 categories in 6 editable styles. The range is constantly being extended with new categories, and you get free lifetime updates so every new addition can be added to your library. Swifticons have a couple more sample packs available on their website, or Spoon Graphics readers can get the full set for 30% off with the code SPOON30.

Download the Swifticons Freebie

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Access All Areas members have a best selling textures pack to download this week, courtesy of Trailhead Design Co. These 22 Subtle Grit textures feature an assortment of light grain, dirt and specs in a variety of useful formats. Choose between the Photoshop PSD with textures on transparent layers, Illustrator AI file containing scalable vector textures, individual Bitmap TIFF textures, and a Photoshop Brush set featuring each texture with faded edges for easy blending.

Nathan Brown is the professional designer/illustrator behind Trailhead Design Co, a brand that represents high quality design products that are intended to provide designers with a means to output their best work in the fastest most efficient manner possible. All Trailhead Design Co. items are carefully constructed, by hand, with extreme attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Find out more about Trailhead Design Co.

Subtle Grit Textures for Premium Members

Every texture in the Subtle Grit pack has been carefully crafted by hand for a uniquely authentic look. With so many file formats to choose from, they’re extremely versatile and compatible with both Photoshop and Illustrator. Use them within masks to erase your artwork, overlay them to create dirty surface effects, or layer up the textures to produce unique results every time!

Download this file

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In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to play around with various shapes to build a simple little rocket spaceship. We’ll use basic shapes to not only make creating the illustration easy, it also gives it a stylised, cartoon like appearance. After building the outlines we’ll add some colour to bring it to life, then I’ll show you some techniques for producing different kinds of illustration styles.

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Overprint is a printing technique where two or more inks are placed over the same area, which allows the ink colours to mix and create an additional hue. Creative artwork can be produced by overprinting a second image over an existing print using a different colour. Wherever the inks overlap, a third colour is produced according to the subtractive colour model. Typically the effect is produced manually using screenprinting techniques, but it can also be easily replicated in digital design software using the Multiply blending mode. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 25 stunning designs with colourful overprint effects that cleverly combine multiple artwork into one.

Main Street Constructivism by Steve Bullock

Piece De Resistance by Steve Bullock

Walk the Moon New Orleans by CATHARSIS

Hoan Gig Poster by Matt Fletcher

Those Who Drink Beer by Nate Azark

Congrats Cubs! by Forefathers

Festa Major de Sant Boi by Marc Pallas

LIVE+EVIL by Jeanna Fourie

Letterpress 21st Birthday Card by Hannah Packard

Access All Areas members have a wonderful collection of vector Christmas lettering messages to download this week, courtesy of Freepik. Each one of these 6 type pieces contains a festive message, accompanied with vector elements and graphics. Use them to quickly create Christmas greetings as part of promotional design material during the run up to the holidays, or use the individual stars, wreaths, leaves and berries as assets within your own custom artwork.

Freepik is home to over 1.4 million free graphic files, including everything from vectors and PSD files to Stock photos and Icons. All the resources are designed by Freepik themselves, so you’ll find loads of exclusive items that just aren’t available anywhere else! Get 20% off their annual plan with the code: FREEPIK20.

Find out more about Freepik

Christmas Lettering Messages for Members

These 6 Christmas Lettering Messages come in Vector AI and EPS format, which can be scaled to any size, or opened within vector compatible software such as Adobe Illustrator to break the artwork apart into individual elements for custom use.

Download this file

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Fantastic quality vectors are fundamental building blocks for all designers. That is why it is so important to have a great selection of vector tools at your disposal, and this bundle gives you just that and so much more! This supply kit would typically cost you $2995, but for the next 2 weeks it’s available for you for just $29! Discover thousands of vector brushes, illustrations, textures, patterns, shapes, florals and more, in a variety of styles including festive and vintage! Also included is a stunning selection of fonts that will compliment your new vectors perfectly.

The Totally Artistic, Vector Supply Kit is a collaboration with the best vector designers in the business to bring you this all-new bundle with 1000s of the best quality vectors you can find today, without the hefty price tag! It offers a huge variety of inspiring, creative vector elements, including hand-illustrated graphics, vintage and festive illustrations and fonts, decorative flourishes & florals, logo creators, brushes, monster creators, geometric shapes and much more.

For a full look at the massive range of items this collection includes, and for some inspiring ideas on how these assets can be used to create stunning artwork, check out the complete deal page. You’ll also discover more information about the full licensing included with these items, and unlimited support available from...

Don’t you just love those old superhero comic book covers? The early ones are really cool, especially the titles that were illustrated in a blocky 3D type effect. Follow along with today’s tutorial to reproduce a superhero comic book style text effect, similar to the original Superman title logo. We’ll lay out the text in Photoshop and generate a 3D appearance with some clever layering techniques, then bring the effect to life with bold colours and a halftone print effect.

The text effect we’ll be creating in this tutorial is based on the original Superman comic book covers. It features a blocky 3D appearance, distorted with a slight bend and coloured in bright red, blue and yellow. To complement the retro comic book look, an overlay of halftone dots helps adds some texture to the clean digital artwork to reflect the aesthetic of low quality comic book prints.

Begin by opening up Adobe Photoshop and create a new document. I’m working at 2000x1300px. Fill the background with a pale yellow colour, such as #edde8e.

Use the Type tool to set out your superhero name in a bold font. I’m using a typeface named Phosphate, but any strong geometric sans-serif will do. Use the Small Caps option to scale down all the characters with the exception of the first letter.

In my example I’m splitting my Super Hero text...

Access All Areas members have a lovely new script font to download this week, courtesy of NREY. Barbara is a brushpen typeface with a flowing handmade style. It’s a great font choice for designs that require creative lettering with a combination of subtle irregularities that give it a handwritten look, while also featuring some elegant details such as swooping ligatures and curly terminals.

Andriy Dykun is the Illustrator and font-maker known as NREY. He shares a range of typefaces in his Creative Market Store, covering a variety of type styles, including plenty of detailed blackletter and gothic display fonts.

Find out more about NREY

Barbara Script Font for Premium Members

The Barbara script font comes in TTF and OTF formats, as well as a WOFF file for webfont use. It comprises of latin A-Z characters and numerals, along with a selection of punctuation glyphs.

Download this file

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I recently shared a free resources kit for creating felt effects within your designs, so I thought I’d use that subject for today’s video and show you how to use the tools to create cute craft inspired artwork. What we’ll be creating is a cute dinosaur character in Adobe Photoshop, that makes use of the Styles, Brushes and Patterns from my free Felt Craft Kit. The tools make it easy to apply these textures to your artwork to give it a realistic fuzzy fabric appearance, with little details like stitches to complement the hand-made look.

Download my Free Felt Craft Kit –

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