Autonomous cars are the future and promise safer roads and fewer accidents, but they are far from perfect right now. Uber’s autonomous car killed a pedestrian recently and now an autonomous ride from Mobileye, a company owned by Intel, has run a red light and the driver failed to stop the car. The incident happened while testing in Jerusalem in … Continue reading
There is no longer any doubt about. 18:9 screens are the norm, from the most expensive flagship down to the cheapest entry-level phone. In India, Samsung just announce the Galaxy J6, so far its most affordable Infinity Display device. Now Alcatel is doing the same for the US market. Announced back at MWC 2018, the Alcatel 3V is the wallet-friendly … Continue reading
A new study has discovered a first for our solar system. The first known permanent immigrant from another solar system has been discovered in the form of an asteroid orbiting Jupiter. This is the first known asteroid to be captured in our solar system that originated from another star system. The asteroid is known as (514107) 2015 BZ509 and scientists … Continue reading
Bosch has been at work on new safety systems for motorcycles that will make motorcycling safer. One of the things it is working on is a sliding mitigation research project. The goal of this project is to give motorcyclist a chance to right a bike that starts to slide on a road due to hazards like wet leaves, oil, or … Continue reading
Most US consumers still get their phones from carriers because of subsidies. It makes the purchase feel less expensive than it really is, even if the total is almost always a lot more than retail. OEMs and retailers have tried to come up with ways to wean buyers away from that tradition. Amazon’s answer is the somewhat controversial Prime Exclusives … Continue reading
Despite the growing threat from AMD’s Radeon Vega, NVIDIA continues to enjoy a period of popularity in no small part thanks to its aggressive push in the machine learning market. Of course it hasn’t forgotten about regular consumers and, in fact, has a new graphics card for them. That said, there is nothing really groundbreaking with the new GTX 1050 … Continue reading
This morning Razer revealed two major upgrades for two major products: the 2018 Razer Blade (15.6-inch) and the new Razer Core X. They also announced a few accessories that work between the two major products. The Razer Blade takes what worked with previous generations of Razer Blade ultra-thin gaming laptops and made it all better – 1920 x 1080 or … Continue reading
Once upon a time, it was easy to tell smartphone tiers apart simply by looking at them. Premium phones looked luxurious while less expensive ones looked, well, cheap. Samsung, however, is seemingly closing that gap just a bit. At least when viewed from the front, the new Galaxy J6 and Galaxy J8 look deceptively expensive, at least from the front, … Continue reading
2018 immediately started off on the wrong foot for Intel and, consequently, the computing industry at large. Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities plagued modern processors, mostly from Intel but also from its rivals, even on some ARM chips. They can never be fully fixed without an entirely new CPU architecture, so all we’re left with are mitigations to lessen the probability … Continue reading
Wi-Fi meshes are now the hot thing in home networking. Once just a feature in offices and more sophisticated environments, home networks have become just as complicated to require their assistance. There is no shortage of Wi-Fi meshes from popular router and networking equipment makers, but, while more open and flexible, they may not always work with ISPs proprietary technologies. … Continue reading
Ebook or e-ink readers are far from dead, especially considering how tablets themselves are struggling for survival. Digital paper devices are, instead, going through a transformation, incorporating new features that were once limited to touch screen tablets like iPads and Androids. Sony’s DPT Digital Paper series is one this new breed of e-readers and a smaller, more portable version is … Continue reading
Is Samsung really turning over a new leaf and becoming a better-behaved Android manufacturer? Once the biggest cause of fragmentation, Samsung has admittedly been trying to better conform with standards and expectations while still remaining uniquely Samsung. Now that might extend even to its wearables with rumors of a new “Galaxy Watch” looming over the horizon. This, according to some … Continue reading
Syfy recently cancelled hit TV show The Expanse due to the limited rights it has for the show, and now Amazon is in talks to acquire it. The series has been called one of the best TV sci-fi shows ever, and we’ve known since the cancellation announcement that series producer Alcon Television Group planned to shop it around to other … Continue reading
The Federal Aviation Administration has approved Boeing’s futuristic folding wing design intended for future 777X jetliners. Once launched, these will be the first commercial jets to feature hinged wings, which will rotate and point skyward after the plane touches down. The Boeing 777X is the company’s next evolution, one that builds upon both the 777 and 787 Dreamliner. The 777X … Continue reading
The following is a OnePlus 6 Review Companion – this is the article you read after you’ve seen some opinions on the phone. This is a rundown of 10 items of interest for the OnePlus 6 buyer – just before buy, once you’ve bought, and once you’ve got the device in-hand. This device appears first online in less than 24 … Continue reading
The United States Postal Service has unveiled new stamps it will be launching this summer, ones that revolve around a hot 80s trend: scratch-and-sniff scents. The scented stamps will feature images of iconic summer treats, such as popsicles and fudge pops, also including the scents that come with each unique treat. It’s a first for the Postal Service, and one … Continue reading
Bank of America is getting on the artificial intelligence bandwagon with the launch of Erica, an AI personal assistant that helps customers manage their personal bank accounts. Though Alexa and Assistant can do many things on your behalf, they can’t get into your bank account and that’s where Erica comes in…at least for BoA customers. With it, those users can … Continue reading
Tesla’s Model 3 may be its most affordable car, but concerns over braking performance has seen the electric sedan miss getting the nod from Consumer Reports. Latest in a series of ongoing tensions between the testing company and the EV-maker, the decision comes as Tesla announced it was almost ready to open the order books on even more expensive versions … Continue reading
Sonos has launched a new series of bundle sets that include both speakers and turntables, enabling new customers to get entire systems for their home or office. The bundles range from two-speaker sets intended for two rooms all the way up to four speaker bundles, entertainment sets with soundbars, and even a couple bundles that include turntables. The company is … Continue reading
Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable has seen a quiet price cut, dropping in price by almost a quarter amid rumors of a shake up in iPhone and iPad charging. Although Apple includes a USB-A to Lightning cable in the box with each iPhone and iPad, it has also had an option for those wanting faster charging, just as long as … Continue reading