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Hello! Today I’m sharing 3 big things I’m changing to run faster, stronger and better this year on the podcast. They’re kind of like my running resolutions for the new year.  And I’m sharing a printable Running Log and Meal Planner if you want to join me.


Even though I’ve been running for a really long time I’ve gotten away from the basics. This list can help anyone get back to working out after some time off or start a new exercise plan. These are surprisingly simple things that will help me show up for every run, get in a good workout and see results.

Are you adding anything to your running routine this year? Taking anything out?

3 Things I’m Changing to Become a Better Runner This Year

1. Workout first thing in the morning. Strength or warm up before running if I have time to wait before the sun comes up.

Specifically: Run as soon as it’s sunrise and safe. Don’t start working until after my workout is done.

2. Keep a running log …  Include my workout, how I felt and...

Hello! Want to go on a trip with me?

Not a trip where I fall… I do that enough on my own.

Nope. This is a trip down memory lane… c’mon! I’ll bring snacks! (Well, I’ll bring a recipe and we can get snacks on the way.)

In 4th grade I had a big assignment on “My Favorite Food”. The entire class had to do a report, poster board and presentation in front of the class. The presentations took so long I remember we watched them over several days.

I knew pretty quickly what food I’d choose. I wanted something I really liked to eat, that could be made different ways and would make for an interesting presentation. While other kids in my class chose ice cream or their mom’s mac ‘n cheese… I chose… potatoes.


My first thought was – French Fries! And then I started to think about all the other ways you could eat potatoes…. mashed potatoes, potato tacos (one of my Grams’ specialties), chips, potato salad…

I didn’t care that they’re also a great source of carbohydrates to fuel running – this was long before I ever thought about running! But I think it’s a fun lil fact since I still love them today.

And now I feel even better about eating them because potatoes are a...

Today I’m talking with Dr. Jason Karp aka the Google of Running (or at least that’s the impromptu nickname I gave him during the interview)! Karp is a Running Coach with a PhD in exercise physiology and a master’s in kinesiology. He’s written several books on running including – Run Your Fat Off  – it’s basically a guide to weight loss through running. That’s what we’re talking about today!

But this is NOT all about quick tips on losing weight. This interview talks about the benefits of running, how to get started running, how to get the best workout and more. It’s interesting even if you don’t want to lose weight because we talk about a lot of weight loss myths.

I ask him questions about everything from how to start running ….  does high intensity exercise burn more calories …. how to speed up my metabolism and more! Check it out and let me know if you have any follow up questions. And if you are triggered by the sound of this podcast episode please skip it and we’ll hang out on Friday (I put out new podcasts on Tuesdays and Fridays).

Warm Up: My New Year’s Resolutions…

1. Get ready everyday. Dress and do my hair/make-up good enough to do a video / run into an ex / not be...

Hello! I miss you! How’s it going? I’ve been MIA over here and was going to wait until the New Year to come back with posts but I got sad and wanted to say ‘Hi!’! Hope all is well and you are having a great holiday. Let me know!

Here are my random thoughts I’d love to share today… this is what’s important to my brain movies right now. It helps to share and I feel like we need to catch up!

1. I am Santa Monica!! Or at least I was on Christmas…

I put my super cheap Santa Claus costume to good use by training my reindeer … I mean reindogs…


2. I don’t really love...

Hello! Today we’re celebrating all the awesome running and fitness accomplishments of 2017!

Warm up: Need a last minute gift for a runner? Or yourself?

Check out this list of Last Minute Gifts for Runners that will get here in time for Christmas!

Run Wins for 2017!

My run win for the year is the Boston Marathon but for reasons beyond the race.

The Boston Marathon has been a dream for me for a long time. And I really want to share some personal stuff that made it challenging and emotional for me beyond running. Check out the links below for more info and background.

Boston Marathon video updates on YouTube <- these are the vlogs and videos on my training for the Boston Marathon and the fun Hyland’s Challenges.

In this video I talk about how I almost wanted to back out of running the Boston Marathon. I didn’t go into detail but talk about the struggle.

I’m obsessed with the Starbucks Spinach, Feta and Egg White Wrap but it’s not super convenient to go there all the time.
So I made a homemade version that might actually be a little better! Plus I can save money and make it healthier or add tons of Sriracha – something seriously lacking at the Starbucks condiment bar…

(Posted on Run Eat Repeat’s Instagram – check it out for comments.)

Starbucks Egg White and Feta Wraps Recipe

Recreate one of Starbucks’ most popular foods with this easy diy wrap recipe! It’s a healthy version of one of my favorite menu items. A few Trader Joe’s favorites make this super easy to throw together in 5 minutes! Boom. Try it and let me know if you added Sriracha.

Spinach and Egg White...

Hello! Anyone else super last minute with their holiday shopping? Well, I am. And I blame it on the fact that I get distracted every time I go to buy gifts for the people on my list… and end up browsing for things I’d like.

But that means I have a very thorough list of Last Minute Gifts for Runners. These are all things you can get in time for Christmas if you have Amazon Prime – they have free 2 day shipping. Everyone has Amazon Prime, right? (I’m serious, it makes my life 1000% easier and is super convenient and I feel like everyone I know has it.)


I made a list (of gifts for runners). You can check it twice. And get on buying presents for you favorite (or 2nd favorite) runner!

Last Minute Gifts for Runners:

1. Tom Tom Spark Running Watch – comes with wireless headphones! I’m a new convert to wireless headphones and I LOVE them! This running watch is a heart rate monitor and plays your music. Boom. (Order now to get in time for Christmas)

2. Beanie with blue tooth headphones – I’m always cold and I love listening to podcasts. Two birds, one stone plus a beanie.

On today’s podcast I’m talking about my FAVORITE Holiday Foods and why I don’t care that they’re 1 million calories.

But first – what’s your biggest Run Win for 2017?? Let me know!

Leave a voicemail with your name and tell me… What is your best running accomplishment of the year?

The # is 562 – 888 –1644

or email me with RUN WIN in the subject line

My favorite holiday foods:
  • Eggnog
  • Tamales
  • See’s Candy
  • Cookies!
  • Any other special baked good

These foods are indulgent and high in calories and probably don’t pack a ton of vitamins or protein or fiber… but they are ‘sometimes foods’. And that some time is the holidays.

Today I’m talking about why I don’t feel guilty about eating all the Christmas cookies and other treats. Nope.

“Most people are worried about what they eat from Christmas to New Year’s when they should be more concerned with what...

Vegas is an inside/outside cat. I’d say he spent an hour or two outside everyday. But after getting into a bad cat fight recently I need to keep him inside all the time now. It sucks because he doesn’t understand why he is being forced to stay inside.

It also sucks because he thinks I’m a tonta and just forgot how to let him out so he tries to remind me over and over and over and over in the morning and at night (his usual go outside times)… He meows at me > then at the door > then back at me > trying to get me to follow him to the door because I obviously didn’t understand…

A few people left me Instagram messages suggesting I get him a cat condo or different cat toys. And someone mentioned a cat game where they have to do something to get their food. Basically I need to entertain him and stimulate his lil cat brain.


So the first thing I thought to do was… give him away.


I’m looking into all the suggestions on how to transition a cat that was used to going outdoors to being inside all the time....

Today on the podcast I’m taking with someone affected by the massive wildfires in California. I’m hoping Oprah shuts the fire down asap. And a local half marathon was cancelled due to the fire.

Warm up:

Vegas is begging to go outside. Too bad. And he has a faux-hawk. Maybe he wants to show off his fancy new haircut.

Why I said I was a hypochondriac in the intro…

Do I have pink eye or am I just the worst? (Or both??)

And why am I still eating dirty grapes considering I…

Got super sick after going to Panama and think it was because of grapes…

Found a black widow spider in my grapes!!?


The main thing…

Fires in Southern California Fundraiser AND Virtual 5K Fundraiser

The fires in southern California are still raging. The Santa to the Sea Half Marathon was cancelled. The fire in the Ventura area is called the Thomas Fire and is only 10% contained right now. Firefighters are estimating it will be weeks before they have it...

Here’s a list of my favorite running books. I love audiobooks (and podcasts) while running – and these are about running too. Not all of my favorite running related books are available in an audio format but I’m including them.

Also – if you are not sure what books your favorite runner has already read get them an Audible Membership and they can pick their own book Boom.


Running Motivation…

How Bad Do You Want It by Matt Fitzgerald – Audio Version  <- I met him at the Boston Marathon! I loved this book!

Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong – not available on audio

The Inner Runner by Dr. Jason Karp – audio version of The Inner Runner

Running Books – Tips and Training Plans to Run Better and Faster

Run to Overcome by Meb Keflezighi and Dick Patrick – audio version Run to Overcome

Chi Running  by Danny Dreyer – audio version of Chi Running

Hello!!! How’s it going? I feel like it’s been forever since I did a regular blog post! And it’s almost a week into December and I haven’t done my favorite running, food and random post recap from last month!

(This pic is Vegas last week, he’s still on the mend)

Random Life Things Going On So Far This Month…

1. Pears are in season and amazing. Get some. Let them get ripe (if they aren’t when you buy them). Eat. You’re welcome.

2. What are your December goals?

3. It was SUPER WINDY here yesterday and the crazy weather knocked out my power last night. Luckily I had already had most of my usual 88 night time snacks so I didn’t need the microwave to make popcorn.

4. Vegas is doing okay and slowly getting back to his usual cat self.

5. I’m struggling with some relationship issues and really trying to be aggressive about moving on from my mistakes, not repeating them, not living with guilt and growing.

6. I’m obsessed with my heated wrap neck thing –  I’ve been using it every night and now randomly during the day when I’m cold. Love.

7. Is ‘This is Us’ sad? I loved everyone’s suggestions for what to watch now (I finished Mad Men and it left a void in my redhead heart) but I don’t want to see...

Hello! I ran the Lexus Lace Up Half Marathon in Riverside yesterday! I’m doing a quick recap on the podcast today.

But first… let’s warm up!

Vegas Update…


Lace Up Riverside Half Marathon Recap {Podcast}

Lace Up Race Series – last one for the year!

– My Half Marathon finish time: 1:45:40 – pace: 8:03

Felt good. Wanted to use this as my speed work for the week. Slowed for a second to talk to Pam. No kick at the end.

– Theme: Reindeer Run!

– Course: Hill at the start and a few nice sized hills during the race but I wouldn’t call it hilly.

– Weather: Cold! For me (and me only).

– Runner perks: So many runner perks!!

Reindeer Antlers. Santa Hats. Santa was there! Food trucks. Gear check. Red tee. Free print outs of...

Turkey Trot Quiz!

Question: Who can run faster… A Turkey or Usain Bolt?


– A turkey can run up to 25 miles an hour.

– Usain Bolt has TONS of gold medals. Tons.


Answer: Usain Bolt – it averages that he can run 27.8  miles an hour in a 100 m dash.


Fast Running Tips Podcast – Gear:’

Is your running gear interfering with your workout?

Wearing workout clothes or running clothes that are too tight, too big, too heavy, don’t keep you warm, overheat you, bounce around… mean you’ll be fussing with it while you run.

If you need to stop and constantly readjust something while you run it’s interfering with your workout and getting faster. Check out this list and make sure your gear isn’t standing in the way of you giving 100% on your next run.


Check if Your Need to Update Your Running Gear…

1. Is it appropriate for the weather TODAY?

2. Does it help keep me visible and safe? – Can others see you? – Can you see others?

3. Does my

Hello! I have a super amazing good cause and giveaway to share today! I’m a huge fan of giving to a special cause or donating instead of presents and the World Vision Gift Catalog let’s you do both!

You can give a gift to someone in need on behalf of someone special on your list.

When you buy gifts for the people on your list from the World Vision Gift Catalog  it will also help children and families in need worldwide. World Vision works to tackle poverty and injustice all around the world providing food, medicine, clean water and more.

THIS. This this this is what giving should be about.

Check out the World Vision Gift Catalog Here.

A rep from World Vision sent me an amazing gift basket with some of their most popular gifts that give back.

This is the infinity scarf…

And I’m loving the Vietnamese Tote  and Wrap Around Ring. Since the ring is a wrap design I can wear it on my ring or middle finger. Boom. And it fits on my right hand – rings never fit on my right hand!

Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Run Eat Repeat podcast! And the first episode after Pile on the Miles!!

Check out my Instagram for winners of the Scavenger Hunt!

And if you haven’t yet – please fill out this Pile on the Miles Survey to help me improve the challenge, podcast and blog next year! It really helps me know what direction to go from here. Thank you!!

Warm up:

My Thanksgiving… made the usual cornbread casserole, mushroom casserole and sweet potato casserole.

Shopping for the holidays… or for yourself?

Check out this post for sales on my favorite Running Gear. It has both clothes, accessories and running electronics.

And Advocare brought back the Variety Packs of Spark and Rehydrate for their holiday special!! Check out this post on the Advocare deals for the holidays.

The good stuff:

My mom is big on not fighting before...

Hello!! How are you? Hope you had the best Thanksgiving!! I’m just checking in for a second to share the super sale from Advocare. They only offer discounts and the Spark and Rehydrate variety pack once a year – so if you’re interested definitely get it now.

1. Rehydrate is my favorite electrolyte replacement drink for running and working out. You can use it during your mid-distance and long runs or after a super sweaty session.

You definitely need to figure out your fuel and hydration plan if you’re training for a half marathon or full marathon. This is a good option for your water bottle. If you’ve never tried it before – check out the variety pack with 5 flavors.

If you already have your favorite – get it now and make sure to use it in training. You need to know how much fuel and hydration your body needs (this changes based on distance and weather)....

My Favorite Running Gear Sale and Discounts

From head to toe these are my usual running gear picks. I change it based on the weather and distance I’m running so there are a few options depending on that…


Visor – I usually wear a ProCompression Visor  // If I didn’t have that I’d wear  a visor like this with a sweat wicking band

Running Sunglasses:

Adidas Sport Sunglasses

Oakley Women Sports Sunglasses – Love that these are cute and sporty


Long sleeve wick wear top from Danskin Now   // Long Sleeve wick wear top from RBX  // or similar

Sports bra:

Danskin Now Sports Bra high impact  //  Champion High Impact Sports Bra


I love Road Runner Sports’ long shorts  // and Road Runner Sports Capris for the winter (note: California winter, you might want their pants) //


ProCompression socks – either in the short version or marathon socks.

Running Shoes:

Skechers Go Run Shoes  //  Brooks Ghost Running Shoes  //

Running Gear Accessories:

Running Belt from

Running a holiday themed race or fun run this season? Well, it’s the perfect time to take your running gear up a notch and sport a colorful holiday inspired costume! The Lexus Lace Up Riverside Race is December 3rd and good time to welcome the holidays with some red and green gear.

Still hesitant? Here are 5 reasons to run a holiday race in costume…

1. Make new Running Buddies…

Dress up like a reindeer and find the rest of your pack… or run in a elf costume and ask other elf-runners what they’re working on in Santa’s Workshop. It sounds a little cheesy but on race day there are tons of high fiving strangers and random  chatting in the porta-potty line. A fun costume  is a great conversation starter.

The nervous energy of race morning can make us want to talk and connect with fellow runners. And wearing something fun is an easy way to lighten the mood and focus on fun. Even if your new friendship only lasts 6.2 miles (or maybe 13.1) – it makes the race a more memorable experience.

This is it! You made it!! It’s the last day of the Pile on the Miles Challenge for this year! Congratulations!!

It’s National Gingerbread Cookie Day….

My favorite running quote (right now anyway): Running Tips:

You can give another runner ONE tip. What is it?

Well… it kinda depends on what their goal is…

For a new runner I’d say go slow. Slower than that.

For someone who wants to run a half marathon or marathon… If I can do it – YOU can do it.

What do you do when you feel like quitting? Have a mantra? Trick? Other??

Cry. Cuss. Not necessarily in that order. Then, tell myself to show the hell up and push.

What’s your secret to staying motivated?

I love running. There’s no secret to that. I think you should find something YOU love and do that. Then, you might have to push yourself in a long training run if you have a goal but if it’s just for health or fitness you’ll look forward to it.

Instagram Running Scavenger Hunt: